We understood why Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero chose the name Il Volo, (The Flight) because they are always traveling by plane, they move here and there, from one continent to another, who knows how many hours of travel they will have accumulated, really a lot.
And in fact, the photo posted on Instagram by Gianluca tells us that they are flying to Brazil.
But what are they going to do in Brazil? There has been talk of a private event, but surely they also participated in a TV show: São Paulo with Patricia Poeta where they promoted the new dates of the 2023 South American tour.
In the first video, Patricia presents Il Volo and they perform a song from Il Mondo a capella.

In this second video, Patricia tells the story of Il Volo, how they met in a talent show, she says they are two tenors and a baritone and they sing pop-opera.
It is almost always Ignazio who replies in Portuguese, he says that it is a great responsibility for them to sing their musical genre because they want to make it known to the new generations who may not know it, and Ignazio explains that they try not to lose the music of the tradition that is part of Italian culture.
Patricia compliments Ignazio who speaks Portuguese.
Gianluca greets Paula Fernandes, with whom they recorded GRANDE AMORE, then they talk about the 4 tour dates that will be done in Brazil in 2023 and at the end they sing GRANDE AMORE.
In this video Il Volo and Paula Fernandes : GRANDE AMORE.

And here are the four dates announced during the show:
March 8 and 9 – Sao Paulo
March 11 – Rio De Janeiro
March 17 – Porte Alegre
March 18 – Curitiba
A couple of photos taken in Brazil.
In the meantime, the dates of the book signing events have been confirmed here in Italy, here they are:
A book to read and listen… with the heart 🎵
🚀 The guys from Il Volo meet the fans for the presentation of the book “Il Volo. What I Carry in my Heart”, published by #RaiLibri
⏰ December 14  Feltrinelli Turin, Piazza CLN, 5.30 pm, Turin
⏰ 16 December  Mondadori Megastore, 5.30 pm, Milan
⏰ 21 December, 7.30 pm, Bologna
⏰ December 22  New Europe Library I Granai, 5 pm, Rome

………..and I will be in Milan!!!! ☺☺☺

In addition, this nice and fun interview has been published which I translate for you. Article – Click Here

Il Volo: Our selfies with Lady Gaga. Sharon Stone a true friend. The fans who try? Many

Who is it of the three who said “Hello!” to the Pope? Name out.

Piero: Who do you think did it? Huh?”
Gianluca: Okay, I confess it. But in 2014 I had just come of age, emotion betrayed me. However, His Holiness answered me “Hello”, as if nothing had happened. At the third meeting, in Panama, in 2019, I even asked him for a photo together. Done”.
Piero: I swear that in a few years I will write a book about our embarrassing moments .There are also those who, at the hearing in St. Peter’s Square, fell asleep behind sunglasses, next to Lewis Hamilton… right Ignazio?
Ignazio: “I woke up at 3 and a half in the morning to arrive in Rome at 7, I was destroyed, and my eyelids closed.”
A chat for four voices with Piero Barone (29), Ignazio Boschetto (28) and Gianluca Ginoble (27), or the three tenors (better, two tenors and a baritone) of Il Volo, a group born in 2009 in a talent show for children (Ti Lascio una canzone ). After that, with a victory at Sanremo 2015 in his curriculum vitae — adored or snubbed, with no middle ground — quickly enrolled in the “international star” category with guaranteed sold outs, in perpetual travel around the world: only in the last few months a frenetic tour between Canada, USA, Japan and Australia. To close with a trio of Italian dates (December 15th in Turin, 17th in Milan, 23rd in Rome) and with the Christmas concert from Jerusalem (Magical place), on the 24th in prime time on Canale 5.

On your phone you have a barrage of selfies with Lady Gaga.

Piero: Here we are, see? It must have happened five years ago, in the kitchens of a hotel in Washington.

And how did you end up in the kitchen?

Piero: There was a charity event with the Italian-American community. Outside people were going crazy, to be safe we hid in there with her. Gianluca and I, because Ignazio was sleeping as usual. Lady Gaga was very nice.”

And you’re very, very good friends with…

Piero: The great Placido Domingo, just met in New York. We always keep in touch with Laura Pausini.
Ignazio: And Sharon Stone. We met her in Montecarlo, we feel it all the time.

And one day in 2012, at the hair salon on Canyon Drive, Los Angeles…

Piero: We were on tour with Barbra Streisand. While they fixed my hair, I made conversation with a beautiful lady next to me. “You know, we sing at the Hollywood Bowl tomorrow.” “Congratulations, you are very good”. The hairdresser leaned over and whispered in my ear: “You know who it is, don’t you? Did you recognize her? It’s Priscilla Presley!” I returned the compliments immediately. And we invited her to the concert. From that moment, whenever she can, Priscilla comes to listen to us, a great friendship was born.

Do you like Elvis?

Piero: What questions: yessss.

Quick self-portrait of you as a child.

Piero: Very lively, too good, I hated solfeggio (voice practice) but now I thank those lessons. I deafened my brother who was trying to study.
Ignazio: I sang pretending that the curtain knob was a microphone.
Gianluca: At the age of 10 I was already asking myself existential questions. Who I am? Why was I born? What meaning will my life have? I found an answer to the latter: the meaning was given to him by music.

Three teenagers who meet overnight in America, under contract with Universal Music. Imagine if you had disliked each other.

Piero: Ignazio and I bonded immediately, between Sicilians. Then with Gianluca, it came naturally.
Gianluca: Everything went very fast, we didn’t even realize it so much. On the plane to Miami I looked out the window and I couldn’t believe it, total euphoria”.
Ignazio: The next day I had them take me to Mel’s Diner for an American breakfast.
Piero: I lived two parallel lives. There the parties with Beyoncé and Quincy Jones. Back in Italy, I didn’t tell anyone anything, for fear of sounding crazy, but I was terrified it would end.

In 2013 sold out Radio City Music Hall.

Ignazio: Only a year and a half before, standing in front of the entrance to the theatre, we dreamed, one day, of going up on that stage.
Gianluca: The important thing is to always go forward, to keep up with the times, otherwise it’s easy to end up like Nikka Costa. (famous child singer which was never heard from again)

Victory in Sanremo with “Grande Amore”.

Gianluca: Until then we were only well known abroad, not here in Italy, difficult to accept. It was the perfect opportunity, the revenge of bel canto which hadn’t had success at the Festival since the days of Bocelli.
Piero: An absolute joy. In Catania, many were waiting for me with placards, it was a beautiful party. Going home every now and then helps me find balance, makes me feel like the most normal person on the planet. In the summer I always go fishing with my friend Enzo, we go out by boat at five in the morning, I love to see the sunrise. Last time I caught a 5 kilo sea bass.

The Volovers, i.e. your wildest admirers, how far of madness have they reached?

Gianluca: There is someone who tattoos our names and surnames on his skin. Who follows us in every stage of the tour around the world. And who is waiting for us at home for hours.
Piero: One day, in the gym in Phoenix, I was running on the treadmill. Next to me was a girl who was training. Half past seven in the morning, I was still sleepy. Suddenly I focus on an inscription on her ankle. “It looks just like my autograph.” It was,” (if I’m not mistaken he’s talking about Marie)

Do they try?

Ignazio: “Avoglia…. (certainly..).

Who of the three hooks up the most?

Gianluca: We can’t say it ourselves.

Do they knock on the door in the hotel?

Ignazio: If I don’t know her I won’t open. And then I took a vow of chastity. (laughs)

Quarrels between you have we collected?

Gianluca: It happens in times of stress. But we have learned to control ourselves, before it happened more often.
Piero: In Santo Domingo, we were in the car, I didn’t feel well, I was sweaty. “Gianluca, come on, close that window, the draft is hitting me”. And he did, but then, a minute later he lowered it again, I would have killed him.
Gianluca: Yes, but it was 40 degrees outside and we didn’t have air conditioning.
Ignazio: I always eat last, these two often leave me nothing, not even rice. They are thin, but they eat anything.”

You have lost 34 kilos. How?

Ignazio: I closed my mouth.
Piero: We were at the breakfast buffet in New Zealand and… “
Ignazio: “No, in Kuala Lumpur».
Piero: Oh well, in any case Ignazio suddenly said to me: “I want to lose weight”. “Bravo, then come with me to the gym, train, work hard. And from that day on he became a sex symbol….
Ignazio: Now I’ve started training again after two years, I’ve put on 13 kilos again. Waivers? No. We eat healthy. Piero is intolerant to pork, so we don’t eat it either. And all three of us can’t stand dairy products.
It takes a beastly physique.
Piero: Travelling a lot, discovering the world is a privilege. I love running, wherever I go I ask the concierge and get advice on the best routes. Once Ignazio also came and I almost had to carry him back on my back».
Ignazio: In Matera, it was terribly hot, 7 and a half km of ups and downs.
Gianluca: I train in the gym and walk, I don’t run.

The worst flaw of the other two.

Gianluca: Piero is too rational, Ignazio too instinctive. Both touchy.”
Ignazio: Me? It is not true! Gianluca is too perfectionist, Piero stubborn.
Piero: Gianluca is long-winded, when he gets fixated on something he doesn’t stop talking until he’s convinced you, the next day I’m terrified of meeting him at breakfast and that he’ll start over.
Ignazio, on the other hand, keeps everything inside and at the last moment he explodes and says things in your face. It would be better if he spoke clearly from the start. And then he is late, forgets his appointments, falls asleep.
Ignazio: No, you’re a big pain in the ass.”

Mishaps on stage?

Gianluca: Ignazio fell and so did I, tripping over a folding chair.
Ignazio: It happened to me to go out on stage holding a cell phone instead of a microphone.
Piero: In Budapest, the twelfth piece Ave Maria, I start to sing but my voice does not come out. Ignazio looks at me wrong. He thought you were joking. I had caught a cold snap from a big fan that shot freezing air. We had to interrupt for about twenty minutes, the time to take some Bentelan. (medicinal)

Neither rapper nor trapper. Critics say that you make “old men’s music”.

Gianluca: It’s right to respect every opinion, criticism is good. But we go on doing what we like most, which makes us and millions of people happy.
Piero: Before, negative comments made us nervous, they were hard to digest, now they’re good for us. But there is a subtle difference between criticism and offense.

Fear that one of the three decides to break away and continue his career alone?

Gianluca: We are not a classic band with a frontman. But three singers, three leaders.
Piero: We know very well that our strength is the group. People want to hear all three together. And even if, during the concerts, everyone has their own space, we too know that united we are something else.


Il Volo will be a guest on the TV show VERISSIMO with the sweet Silvia Toffanin, Sunday on Canale 5 at 4 pm. It will certainly be a nice and kind interview.
And finally, enjoy this promo video, which advertises the “Christmas in Jerusalem” event, it will be fantastic!!
Daniela 🤗
Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Thanks Daniela and Patti for this posting. Great to hear some of their thoughts about each other, but there is still an underlying fondness among them.

    Did I hear correctly from a good friend that Ignazio and Anna are an item again??? A reunion in Brazil???? Still think there is a lovely Italian girl waiting to be discovered by Igna and hope it’s soon!!! Dol.

    1. I think that was one of those false rumours that are doing the rounds (again)! I read it one day, then read the opposite the next day. I do rather like Anna, though it must have been doubly difficult for them being two worlds apart.


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  4. Thank you Daniela and Pat for this report. I really appreciate the translations of various interviews, because each interview reveals a little bit more about the three singers. I love it when they describe each other! Never malicious, but with a touch of fondness. They know where their strength lies – in being together.

  5. Thank you Daniela and Pat for another look into thier lives ,i am glad to hear about thier different personalities ,they are great guys ,will one day get to see them in concert ,do you think they will come to England


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  7. Grazie Daniela per questo post. Ho adorato l’intervista. Finalmente avrò il piacere di assistere ad un concerto con Il Volo. Il 18 marzo andrò a Curitiba, dato che il tour non include la mia città, Recife. Aspettando quel giorno!
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  9. This is so wonderful! Daniela and Pat thank you for all you do and always finding more ways to let us in on the inside with the guys…..reading what they say and learning more about each of them is such a wonderful gift! I enjoyed the videos, the one with Silvia was so fun. I always worry about all the travel they do, they have to be often so exhausted . I wish all Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio and their families and friends and all of you and management a beautiful Christmas with family and friends and a New Year that brings Peace, prosperity, good health and always safety with my love, Carol🎄❤️🫶🏻🙏🏻🎼

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    Estoy muy confundida podrían decirme si lo que leí, es falso?

    1. Sofia, I had read that Ignazio had had health problems and for this reason he decided to lose weight, but not that it was due to a serious illness, however I will try to find out.

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    1. Hello, Ellie! There are more and more of “us young ones” in the Il Volo fan group. As you’ve probably read before (many times) I’ve had my 90th birthday in early May and just love these young men to pieces!! Hugs from Dol.

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    3. Ellie, I’m so glad you like our posts and keep you company, but when the subject is Il Volo, it’s always nice to read about them. Age is just a number and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are really lucky to have so many grandmothers!!

  13. Dol, you are 90? Wow! I don’t remember reading that. You are amazing! I love these boys as my own grandchildren, and I’m sure you do too….
    These young men are fortunate to have so many “grandmothers” praying for them….all three are so extraordinarily gifted with extraordinary talent besides being good and kind to their family, friends, fans, and each other. Have a good evening, Dol, and stay well. Ellie

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