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IL VOLO in the US by Daniela

IL VOLO is in the United States!

After the photo shoot in New York, they flew to Miami.

Here is Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca at the South Florida PBS for the special recorded in Matera.

Let’s enjoy these short videos.





US 01

US 02

US 03

US 04

Then they were guests at the Despierta America television program . . .

 . . . where they received a beautiful cake for their 10 years.

US 05

But how beautiful they are! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

US 06

They also sang “GRANDE AMORE”.


And yesterday they were at the PBS in Chicago.

(Click on each photo to enlarge it.)

(Thanks Judy Paullin Thurman, for publishing these beautiful photos of Diane Laske Varsek and Christine Nelson)

And now, they’re already in Atlanta!! 😁

US 18

And what about this beautiful rediscovered friendship?

Thanks Richard Jay-Alexander for your post with these beautiful words. 😘

(He was the producer of the first special PBS We Are Love and also of other events.)

US 16

About Last Night ….
THE BOYS of IL VOLO are in town and we got to have a lovely dinner and catch up at Morton’s in North Miami. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are looking great and singing better than ever (LIVE) as they are now in their early to mid 20’s. I first learned of them and worked with them when they were teenagers. Also, their longtime road manager & friend, Barbara Vitali was with them and it was nice to catch up, reminisce and look to the future. They have now been together as a group for TEN YEARS and have a new PBS special that you should look for … IL VOLO: Ten Years. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS. I LOVE THESE GUYS and the foundation of our work and our friendship was rock solid, which is why we still stay in touch and see each other. Hey … BTW …. New York!!!! They’re playing RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL in February and are almost SOLD OUT … so get your TIX! They are the REAL DEAL!

US-17.png(Image made by Xinjie Wang)

Ok, will there be a next stop over Atlanta? We’ll see.

Moreover, many of you, will be seeing the Matera concert on television, write me your comments, for better or for worse.



(Credit to owners of all photos and videos.)

Il Volo Off Stage: Traveling, Being Healthy and Quiet Moments


Can’t Go To New York Without Going to Central Park

Gianluca = This morning we make a walk in Central Park, it’s a wonderful day today, no longer as cold as the past few days.


Ignazio = The long road 9.7 kilometers surrounding the park


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Gianluca = And after the sushi, the ciurrascheria, meat, fish, now finally a nice plate of pasta as it should be, guys, it’s important.


Have you wondered about the lapel pins that they guys are wearing?  Daniela say: “Is the stylized image of a flower and is the symbol of Lardini,” WHY THE FLAGSHIP IS ALWAYS SIGN LARDINI BADGE “(Lardini quote)”


Traveling with Sleepy Bus

From today we are traveling with the Sleepy Bus with a new traveling companion our Conductor Joseph Modica

From Piero



Get Some Rest

Ignazio wrote:
And when that last reddish light beam will leave the horizon comes the night to keep us company waiting for the same beam of light there is to do new company ..


It’s Hard Work Being Healthy on the Road

Piero=What have you done
Ignazio = 1 time
Piero = How Many Calories
Ignazio = 612
Piero = Are you still alive
Ignazio= Uh, more dead than alive


Bonus Footage~~Grande Amore

The song is covered during a wedding in Germany, again making someones special day perfect


Il Volo Professional ~~ Live in Concert North America Tour 2016: Albany, Porta a Porta andBrooklyn

Il Volo Music Website
Il Volo Music Website





It’s been a busy couple of days for Il Volo.  A concert in Albany, appearing remotely from Barclays Center on Porta a Porta to celebrate the show’s 20th year, and then performing for the audience last night.  Enjoy!  There is more video content at my Facbook Page here.

~~ Kelly



New Album cover_zpsbkmri62c



Video:  Interview; Albany, NY; Wamc.org


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Diego Basso
Diego Basso Faceboook



Porta a Porta

Mama Ginoble
Mama Ginoble



Photos: Il Volo North American Tour 2016/New York ~~ Il Volo – Italian Fan Club





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Il Volo Professional ~~ Il Volo in New York; Etihad Gala and “Extra” Appearance

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo

Hey, Everyone!

We know that Il Volo is in Mexico right now, but they had a short stop in New York to promote the new launch of Etihad’s service between New York and Abu Dhabi.  They also made an appearance on the TV show, Extra, interviewed by AJ Calloway.

I think that even though the guests at the gala were talking around them, they had a great appreciation for the guys and their music.  😉

Thank you to all of our affiliates and Lydka for helping me out with videos! ~~ Kelly


Il Volo coronates  Etihad  Airways launch of new service between New York City & Abu Dhabi in style:


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(click to see entire gallery; thanks, Lydka!)



O Sole’ Mio


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Grande Amore


A Gala Attendee’s Assessment…

Il Volo Professional ~~ Back to the USA…For Now


Hey Everyone!

Il Volo is back on American soil, and how sweet it is!  Even though I am nowhere near where they are and will not be seeing them this trip, it always makes me feel happy that they are here.

I know they enjoy being here and never forget us…as evidenced by their Facebook post on September 11, an infamous day for Americans:


How sweet they are!  Grazie Millie, for remembering us and for showing us support as we think of that tragic day!


Jim Masters Facebook
Jim Masters Facebook


Il Volo is making the rounds between PBS stations and interviews for “Il Volo — Live from Pompeii” and the new album, so they are busy boys even now; they never have a rest, it seems, and yet they are as gracious as ever.  They’ve been greeted by fans and are smiling as big as ever.   Have a look at their run so far…

~~ Kelly






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Il Volo ~ A Tour by the PBS Stations in US ~~ All About Il Volo



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