The fifth stage of the Il Volo World Tour was certainly the most coveted stage for Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero.

How much emotion in remembering the first time these guys had hoped one day to be able to perform in THIS theater, and now it is their third time, and it is sold out!




Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, very excited and beautiful and elegant in their velvet jackets.


Watch these beautiful videos taken by Nanktat whom we thank very much.












Nice photos, thanks to Deborah Georgini Beaupre. 😘


(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)

In the audience present, in addition to our many friends, there was also Placido Domingo with the family, Gianluca himself announced his presence. 😊



Master Grani with Placido Domingo. 😊



At the concert there were also three friends: Deborah Georgini Beaupre, Jeannette Giglio and RoseMarie Paliobeis, beautiful in this photo together.😘


And here are some photos of our friends at the Meet & Greet:


Jeannette and Deborah


Judy Thurman


RoseMarie Paliobeis holding in his hands a sheet that says “HI , PIERO, IGNAZIO  AND GIANLUCA, I AM ROSE MARIE FROM CLEVELAND OHIO MEMBER OF IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW”, how sweet you are RoseMarie! ❤️


And here is the RoseMarie review:

We went to the sound check. We were only 30. The boys came down from the stage to greet, shake hands and Gianluca hugged. We stayed and waited for the show. It lasted two hours and they sang all the old songs. None new. But nice!


And here the beautiful review of Elisa Marie, grazie mille!!

Hi Everyone!

I just attended the February 6th Il Volo sold-out Show at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. I love you Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero–you put on an awesome. wonderful, magnificent concert, with great songs, tremendous strong voices, humorous moments that I found myself jumping up and down from my seat to applaud you after every single song. The ending — Grande Amore was so thrilling. You related to us so well –when you said “We love you New York” I hope you heard us scream out that we love you back –a million times over, Please come back to New York as soon as you can.

All my love and appreciation–IL VOLO FOREVER!!

Elisa Marie from Warwick, NY


Even RCMH has passed.

After a long wait, everything ends in a few hours.

A great event and another nice concert.

The road is still long, Atlantic City next stop!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

28 thoughts on “IL VOLO WORLD TOUR: RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL by Daniela”

  1. Thank you, you brought the concert to me. I am so grateful. Piero so singing love story just. takes my breath away. You guys are amazing. Love to you.

  2. Daniela, in my short review I meant to say fantastic as always, not just nice. The sound check was more intimate than the meet and greet, which was as usual, very quick. We were asked not to hug or kiss the guys in order to protect them from catching any colds, flu etc. Totally understandable. Piero asked me to give him the lucky charm I give him every time I see him and said he would put it in his jacket pocket for the concert. He must have because he was magnificent as were Igna and Gianluca. Now onto Detroit. Ciao.

  3. I found the concert on youtube and loved being able to be “part”.
    The boys sang their hearts out and Ignazio was crazy as always.I think he has lost too much. His face is so thin.

    1. Yes, Ignazio looks great but maybe a little too thin. I put my arm around his waist at the N.Y. M/G and was surprised at how thin he has gotten. Maybe since going Vegan? Just so he stays healthy.

      1. I also have noticed lately, that Ignazio’s face is so thin. I’m sure he is in great shape, but it takes something away from his handsome smile. I didn’t know he is vegan-wonder why he made this dietary change? Seems a little drastic for someone who loves food and is on the go, burning lots of calories at every concert.

      2. Mark, I don’t think Ignazio has become vegan, maybe he has moderate eating fatty foods. During these long and far from home tours, in particular, it is best that they maintain a healthy diet.

    2. Yes, Regina very beautiful concert, and Ignazio really very thin, I hope he does not exaggerate, but in reality he is very satisfied with his new line.

  4. Dear Daniela…
    My heart is full and yet it hurts…full from the excitement of the beautiful photos and videos of the guys I love!!! Some day I will be attending in person…just to see Gianluca and maybe be lucky enough to get a hug is a dream if mine, even at my age…I still appreciate a beautiful man who makes me want to be a beautiful woman, again and forever. Thank you for sharing so much so that we can feel the love, too!! Enjoy the rest of the time here in America, and continued safe travels!!! Much Love!!
    Eleanor from America!!!

    1. Eleanor, I’m glad I was helpful, and I’m sure one day you will embrace the beautiful and good Gianluca, but did you hear his voice? Fantastic !!

  5. Just got back from another successful concert, NY really showed them how we love them and they returned it back with calling many times ‘we love you NY’, I hope they will be back soon. Looking smart and elegant in their black velvet tuxedo jackets, looking better than ever if that is even possible! I had been in their concert in open arena, but the acoustic inside the RCMH is so enormous, you almost feel like whole house is trembling in its foundation. They started with Nesum Dorma, followed by their signature song Il mondo finishing with Grande Amore. What an another unforgettable concert, only sad thing was it had to ended… just have to wait and see what they have in ‘their sleeves’ for 2021. Well, I still will see them in Chicago and Tampa, and will be able to compare those three concerts. Thank you all for pictures, videos, comments of such a exiting night!!

    1. Irene, it’s great that you were there, and you still have two nice chances to see them. The concerts, have this effect, in the end there is a sense of emptiness …. all over !!

  6. Wonderful post Daniela, thank you. And thank you to Nanktat for great videos and to Deborah Georgini Beaupre for great pictures. This post is a keeper!

  7. Thanks for sharing the pictures from NewYork! I finally got to see the guys in Boston, they were so good and I had great seats! Can’t wait to see them again! I need to meet some of the followers to go with,I went with my sister this time, I am sure she wants to see them again, I got her following them now! I guess it was good the seats weren’t to close to the stage 😂

    1. Liz, I am happy that you and your sister liked the concert too, we always say that those who have the opportunity to hear them live, cannot remain indifferent to their sublime voices.

  8. Thank you Daniela, what a fantastic review of the concert. I felt like I was there while reading your post. Great pictures. I’ll see them on the 24th in Tampa and June 29th in Barcelona. I will post my pictures if they allow us to take some. Tampa is very strict. ❤

  9. Seeing Deborah Georgini Beaupre’s videos, brought me back to the concert at Foxwoods. heaven to hear those magnificent voice in person. RCMH,another awesome show and great article. Thank you.

  10. Thank you Daniela for the photos of Deborah Beaupre and the beautiful videos of Nanktat! I felt like I was at this beautiful concert again. I had a very good seat and it was a night to remember. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were magnificent! The crowd was so enthusiastic and loved every song. I couldn’t stay seated and had to stand after every song. And the last few songs had many of us up and dancing and most people singing along to Volare and Grand Amore. I could see their faces very clearly and they looked so pleased to see us singing along and showing them our love which they returned. I had three friends who came and saw them in concert for the first time and they loved them. As you said, to see them in person is an unforgettable experience!
    I also went to the soundcheck and met some nice young people waiting to get in. Ignazio came first to say hello to each person, then Piero and finally Gianluca. It was very kind and lovely of them to do so.
    I will be going this evening with my son to see them in Bethlehem for which I am very grateful!

    1. Margaret, I’m so happy for you. The concert was beautiful and finally you American fans too, get up and dance and sing with them. It is certainly a joy for them to see you like this.
      Tonight you will do it again !!

  11. What an amazing experience to see them is this fabulous theater. I probably won’t ever get there but this post is the next best thing. And when I see them in 17 days in Dallas I won’t even be thinking of NYC!

  12. Well, Bravo to you that made it to this concert. I envy you. I saw the very first Radio City concert years ago and it was great. I will be looking forward to the maturity level of vocal output after these years have gone by. The little clips on youtube show that it is wonderful . Looking forward to the Vegas concert.
    My secret suggestion to them is to schedule a residency in Las Vegas. So many great singers are doing that now days. Come stay for two weeks and sing about 6 to 8 concerts (with off days in between).

    1. Myron, RCMH is in the wishes of many singers, and not everyone succeeds in this goal. Il Volo is the third time and the excitement is always sky high.
      Their voices become more and more beautiful and, I hope, they have some nice surprise for Las Vegas.

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