Tanti Auguri, Gian! Happy 25th!

If We Can Dream: Elivs with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (2015)                                                                           

This is a very special day because a very special person that I love is celebrating his “25th” Birthday!! Sometimes life gives us treasures in the form of loving people. You are one of those gifts and I am thankful everyday that you’re a part of my life!! Have a fantastic and memorable day celebrating your Special birthday with your family, friends and your fans who adore you…including me!!
Lots and Lots of Love, Joan Brenin ( The Granny Groupies

Principe mis mejores deseos en tu cumpleaños. Deseo que sigas con esa salud fisica y mental que te hacen un bello ser. Felicidades! Natalia Figueroa

Gianluca, Happy Birthday on Feb. 11 – You should know that Jeannette (Il Volo Fan Faire in Las Vegas) has a birthday on Feb. 11 as well – so Happy birthday to both of you. By the way, my Choral group will be singing in your home town this summer in July. If you are in town, come over and hear us. The Chorale will sing in the Montepagano area July 22, 23, & 24. One concert may well be in the church in the town center. Myron Heaton

Happy Birthday. Continued success. Beautiful voices. Ilona Kiss

Gianluca Happy birthday Sara Hunter

Dear Gianluca,
Your voice, elegance, personality, and charm are the things I love about you! I call you the romantic one, (Ignazio the playful one, and Piero the mysterious one). Have a wonderful birthday celebration with your lovely family and friends! Thanking you for your sacrifices of long days, lots of travel, being away from family and friends and of course the dreadful meet and greets😁. I will fulfill my one and only item on my bucket list Feb.22 in Ft. Lauderdale and Feb 24 in Tampa when I get to meet the gentlemen of IL Volo.😁 Sally McConnell

Congratulations Gianluca, wishing you a wonderful birthday full of love, happiness, fun and laughter.
You are a lovely man, kind, caring, talented, skillful and with a magnificent work ethic, we admire you tremendously. You have the best voice in the world, especially when you give us those strong deep notes or the velvet soft tones. You sing with such passion it hits straight into our hearts.
I have listened daily to the 3 of you for 7 years now and you always disperse my worries, lift me on the bad days or make the good days blissful. I cannot thank you enough. Sue and Graham Hemshall (England)

Happy 25th Birthday Gianluca!! Wishing you many more healthy, happy birthdays and continued success. We love you! : Carol Santarsiero

I wish you Gianluca a happy birthday thank you for making the end of Laval show unique by wearing the Rockets hockey sweaters hugs Lucia Tobia

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIANLUCA! You are quite a young man, much more success & love! Ann Calderone

May you have an extraordinary day and year, Gianluca! Happy Birthday! #25! Tanti Auguri! Lucy Hadley

Happy Birthday, Gianluca! May the next 25 years be as successful and full of love and surprises as these 25 years have been. Tanti auguri! Maija

Happy Birthday Gianluca! Your voice and the music keeps getting better. Best Wishes always for the rest of this tour, and for the next 10 years. Love and Prayers always, Love, Donna Pothier

Congratulations 💖🤗🥂🍾 Agnes Letterfors

Gianluca Happy Birthday and every day. My hope and wish for you is continued success in all you do, whether the wonderful Il Volo or family or personal loves in life. Your talent and personal goodness fills the world as you travel through it. May God Bless you and hold you closely in his arms. See you March 7. Kay Roseff, an Il Vololover.

Happy Birthday 🎈🎁🎉 May GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS, Mary Rothlis

Dear Gianluca, our long wait is over and we are so happy that you are back touring in Canada and the US. It has been 10 spectacular years of beautiful music, memories and love! Wishing you peace, love and happiness on your 25th birthday. God bless you always. Looking forward to seeing you at RCMH and in Bethlehem on your birthday! Margaret Ladolcetta

Gianluca Wishing you the very best on your 25th Birthday. You are the perfect blend for the two Tenors. You guys are a special team. The most amazing part of this is you with your velvet voice can reach into the tenor range, you set the pace. The blend is quite extraordinary. God Bless on your Birthday! Vincent Padovano

Happy birthday! Thank you for sharing your life us with that beautiful voice with us.. God bless you every day in every way. Joan Bohata


Happy Birthday, Gianluca, from Vancouver Island, Canada. May your happiness be even greater than the joy I have had from you – the pleasure of listening to your gifted voice and following the lives of you and your “soul” brothers. You all have a wonderful life ahead of you. Lesley Newall

Como dejar de pasar tu cumpleaños y no felicitarte? Toda la felicidad del mundo para mi amor chiquito. Casi estamos en el mismo tiempo, solo con 50 años de diferencia. Pero somos acuarianos y esos nos une en sentimiento, proyeccion de la vida y actitudes ante ella. Felicidades mi chico amado favorito! ❤️ Aidita Fornias

Have the best day ever! I wish you sunshine on rainy days, a heart full of love and your forever person❤️❤️ Peggy

Happy Birthday your voice is so relaxing to me and your talent is incredible, all three of you. My sister and I will see you all in Texas. Jackie Lewandowski

Dear Gianluca, there is nothing even close to what we can give you in return for what you are giving to us….. wish you so much love and happiness your heart can hold. You are beautiful, talented young man! Good luck with your new piano, sure you will be good piano player soon! I will see you with my Granddaughter (her first time) in RCMH, than in Chicago and M&G in Florida Feb 22.
Have a wonderful 25th celebration! Fan from Florida. Irene Kumbar

Happy b day Gianluca have a fine and nice day, my birthday was 8 Februari It was nice I was on vacation in Spain and now you are on a very busy agenda , I saw you and of course Ignazio and Piero too in Düsseldorf and than in Taormina . Hugs and kisses for your birthday on 11 Februari enjoy and have fun . Greetings from a fan member from Belgium 🎉🎂🎊🥂💋💋💋 Tine

Dear Gianluca,
On February 11 is your Special day, May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with Happy Memories.. wonderful moments and shining dreams. I Love the Sparkle in your eyes and the Beautiful Smile you have..Happy 25th Birthday and Wish you All the Best in life, with a Happy Healthy Blessed success and more more Birthdays to come..Happy.. Happy.. Birthday!! Leonora Araniego Il Volo fans
From Frankfurt- Germany

Happy 25th Birthday. It seems like yesterday you were 13. Time goes by quickly. JoAllan Tsyitee

Happy Birthday! May you have many many more and continued success Can’t wait to see you February 22 in Florida. Beverley Foster

Happy Birthday! I’m loving the smiles I see on your face, the laughter that is bubbling out of you, the greater self confidence that is glowing from you and your beautiful voice. Jeanette Hicks

I pause for a moment on this special day, happiness and joy are what I want. Happy birthday you handsome man. Now let’s sound on this day, love. From Claudine , Il volo Member from Belgium

Happy 25th Birthday, Gianluca. I wish you a wonderful celebration on February 11th. Can’t wait until February 6th to see you, Piero and Ignazio perform at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on February 6th, for your adoring fans! Blessings from Elisa Marie, Il Volo Fan Club Member

Happy Birthday Dear Gian…I wish for you all the happiness and love your beautiful heart can hold.💙 Eleanor Biehl

Happy 25th birthday. May this year be very special for you. Maureen Longo

Dear Gianluca,
Sending you Happy 25th Birthday greetings from San Diego! Wonder if you remember the Lettomanopello postcard I gave to you when you came to San Diego several years ago, Blessings to you and your wonderful family. Maria and Alan Hahn

Dear Gianluca, I want to wish you a very Happy & Healthy 25th Birthday. May God Bless you and your family. I will be at the concert in Tampa. You were so nice to me last time at the Meet & Greet (I was the lady in the wheelchair). I couldn’t get tickets this year for the M&G, I was told it was sold out. Keep singing with that beautiful voice. Alice White in Florida

Happy Birthday Gianluca and Wishing you safe journeys and lots of joy.! <3 You share the same birthday as 4 of my family members. Happy 25th. Sandy Giles Harrisburg, OR USA

Happy Birthday you bring a lot of pleasure to this old girl Thank you for your beautiful voice Donna McLeod

Happy Birthday Gianluca. Wishing you a year filled with much success, good health, and happiness. Enjoy your tour in the USA. Love your beautifully expressive vocals. Susan Medal

Happy 25th Birthday Sweet Gianluca! God Bless You with good health, success, safety, and love this coming year! You bring so much joy into our lives. Nicole Kenna

Happy Birthday to the best baritone in the world. Tanti Auguri Gianluca, Rose Marie Paliobeis

Dear Gianluca,
Everywhere you go, you fill up the place with smiles. This is why, for your birthday, I wish that life always gives you a reason to smile, for as long as you live! Happy Birthday! Ineke from South Africa.

Dear Gianluca,
Happy 25th birthday! You have a busy challenging and demanding life and I hope you are blessed with many more years of success. Love your beautiful velvet voice. Jeanette Hicks


Dear Gianluca: Can it be that you are celebrating a milestone birthday?? #25 Well Buon Compleanno and Tanti Auguri to a very talented and handsome young man. Each year you add to what already is a very impressive resume!! I look forward to seeing you in concert in Chicago and Tampa🎼🎼🎹🎹❤️🎂
Annette Naples, Fl

Happy 25th Birthday Sweet Gianluca. God Bless You with health, success, safety and love this year. You bring so much joy into our lives ~Nicole, Ohio, USA ❤️

Buon Compleano Gianluca. I wish you all the best and hope this Birthday is the best one ever!! Thank you for all the pleasure you give to others. So looking forward to meeting you and Ignazio and Piero in Ft Lauderdale February 22nd. Marion Ferrari

Buon Compleanno, Gianluca! You are such a sweet and special person that I wish you every happiness that life has to offer! ️
Mary Minton

Hi Gianluca. As you turn 25 I want to wish you the happiest of birthdays ! You deserve all the best and I hope your whole 25th year is blessed with happinesses, success, and love.
Janet Dong, San Francisco

It’s your turn to join the quarter century club . You all have accomplished so much in a short time. I was very happy to learn you had chosen “Mi Mancherai” and “She’s Always a Woman” for your solos. They too are also among my favorite songs and can’t wait to hear them in person. I hope you find a great place to celebrate.
Buon compleanno 🥂

Ti voglio bene,
Angelica Rosas
Las Vegas, NV

I wish you happiness in your life and lots of success in your career.
Happy Birthday!

Ti voglio bene,
Ines Rosas
Las Vegas, NV

Dear Gianluca,
Very happy quarter-of-a-century birthday. Wishing you a long, healthful, productive life personally and professionally. Buon compleanno. You don’t know this but thank you and your Il Volo brothers for easing me through my recuperation from open heart surgery last January. I watched your videos almost every waking moment. Your music is very therapeutic. Have a great life. I will see you at your March 3, 2020 concert. Your devoted fan, Doris Jaffe


Dearest Gianluca, My sincere Happy Birthday wishes to you celebrating your 25th Birthday. My goodness, all you have achieved these past 10 years, and so many of your dreams have come true. Your loving ways and kindness to us sharing your life, family, friends and beautiful country, have brought so much joy to each person you touch through your voice and generous ways. With faith and God’s help, may you be strengthened and comforted each day in all you pursue. Love from, another Nonna , Harriett in Chicago, IL.”  

Thank you for all you doing, a great fan member off IL Volo from Belgium. I want to wish Gianluca a happy b day, and I am going to the concert on 16 of June in Düsseldorf and then on 4 of September in beautiful teatro greco in Taormina. Greetings to you all and of course Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca and the all crew of IL Volo ️ Verstuurd vanaf mijn, Tinne De Vroe

Caro Gianluca,
sei una persona davvero speciale, sempre gentile e premuroso, mai sopra le righe. Sei una vera bellezza, dentro e fuori, e che dire della tua splendida voce,entra nella nostra anima e fa vibrare ogni cosa.
Gianluca il tempo passa, ma la tua personalità rimane la stessa. Ti prego, non cambiare mai.  TANTI AUGURI , buon compleanno Daniela Perani


Gians 25th BD pat w


Dear dear Gianluca,
I am grateful and enthusiastic to celebrate your quarter century birthday! You are a precious blessing to me and all your fans. I wish you all the joys, celebrations, and fulfillment that will make your heart sing as beautifully as your voice. May this year be a treasure and a pleasure for you. I look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas! You are deeply loved and appreciated! Jeanine DuBois



My birthday wishes to Gianluca
Dear Gianluca, I wish you to be always surrounded by decent and trustworthy people, who as well help you develop your incredible talent and entertainment skills. Wish you to become great composer and sing for us your beautiful melodies till the end of the world… and one day more.
When you sing, you spread beauty and love into the audience. I wish you to stay that sweet and humble, because it makes you an extraordinary artist. I know you become greater artist than your idols Presley and Sinatra… I simply know that 😉 Warm greetings from Poland, your true fan Alicja

Dear Gianluca, To the latest piano man, congrats on learning the piano, it is not an easy thing to conquer. You can now join your brothers at the keyboard! We wish you all the joy, happiness, sunshine, and all the good things life can bring. We wish you another 25 years of passion and music, enjoying what you love!  The Detroit Il Volo Gals: Jana/Chris/Virginia/Donna/Lorna/Sharon/Barb D/Barb T/Magdalena/Jeannette


Gianluca, I’m so sorry I did not get to give you this wish in person this year.  Wishing you the best of everything, always.  ~~ Love, Kelly

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  1. Cara Gianluca, on your 25th Birthday, I am sending you all my love today, February 11th and from the deepest bottom of my heart I wish you all the happiness you deserve for giving so much love and unforgettable happiness to all your millions of fans whose hearts skip a beat whenever we hear you sing, whether we see you in person at an Il Volo concert or on our CDs or on YouTube. I now have listened to you every day. Along with Piero and Ignazio your music has made me happy when I am having a down day–my day is turned around with the click of a button on my cd player. I have followed Il Volo for ten years when you were just young boys. Now you are grown men, but your wonderful personality, your humble character has not changed. You were always handsome,charismatic and so very kind. After seeing you perform with your “brothers” at Radio City Music Hall this past February 6th, I cannot express how magnificent the show was. I loved your solos, especially “Bridge Over Trouble Water” which has had a special meaning for me since 2012 after losing my wonderful husband. He loved your music too. Have the most wonderful celebration for your 25th Biirthday and the Ten Best Years of Il Volo. God bless you, Piero, Ignazio, and your families. Have a great tour! Love, your devoted fan forever, Elisa Marie from Warwick, New York.

  2. Thank you, Kelly, for the wonderful video! And thank you, Jana, for gathering and entering all the birthday wishes from everyone!

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Sweet Gianluca,
    You and your “brothers” bring peace and joy to all that hear your voices, feel the genuine warmth of your smile and your love and appreciation of the fans. You cannot remember all whom you meet, but everyone who meets you will never forget it. Respect and Love ~ Helene, New Jersey ~

  4. My birthday message is missing in the first part of this post. Got lost somewhere along the way or someone did not enter it in.
    But my best wishes to you Gianluca for a great 25th year.

  5. My birthday message is missing (I sent it Feb 4th), but I sincerely hope Gianluca had the most wonderful birthday ever! Can’t wait to see the boys in Tampa on Feb 24th! – Allene in Mn.

  6. My birthday post is missing also. I posted it on Jan. 6th. Happy Birthday dear Gianluca!
    Jane from Minnesota

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