The Return of John from CT


I’m Back!

It’s been over a year since my last post due to my crazy work schedule, my new photography hobby, spending time in Colombia, South America and in Yorkshire, England. Now I finally have the time to get back into full “Il Volo” mode. Needless to say, the boys have been with me every day, safely tucked in the playlists of my iPhone, constantly at my side through all my adventures, the endless late nights at the office, providing joy and comfort during all the great times and some pretty difficult ones as well. Before I go on to review the two concerts that I recently had the great privilege of attending, I’d like to mention a few other topics that have been on my mind.

Music Makes The World Go ‘Round

I was born in 1961. As a kid I was always surrounded by music at home. I grew up with The Beatles. I SO wanted to BE Paul McCartney. I worshipped John Lennon. My late teens and 20’s found me dancing to the beats of Blondie and The Pretenders in the new wave rock clubs of downtown New York City. Then it Was Springsteen and Billy Joel. World music. Latin Music. Colombian Folk. I even went through a country music phase as well. As a “grownup”, my tastes moved towards adult contemporary culminating with an absolute love for Adele. My 50th birthday surprisingly brought me to an appreciation of some classical music. I’ve been through them all. Every genre, every stage of my life zigging from this and zagging to that. And then on the morning of February 15, 2015, it happened. My Italian language study group accidentally stumbled upon the YouTube video of the boys singing “O Sole Mio.” Everything stopped. Who were these guys? Was there more? We discovered all their songs. This was very different – for me personally, they made an instant and profound impact. Those voices. The harmonies. The melodies. The lyrics. Their personalities. I had to hear ALL their songs. I had to STUDY them. I had to translate them. I had to dissect every word they said and every note they sang. At the same time, my interest in European travel and Italian cuisine and culture were at its peak. Every aspect of my life was starting to weave itself around Italia. Then came the irony of ironies: “Notte Magica” and Florence. Opera. John listening to opera! And then– “Musica che resta” – Music that remains. Music that lasts. They say in life they save the best for last. I am so grateful that during my life’s journey I had all this music to follow me around. You should be too. Music is wonderful. Music is important. And if this is the music that will matter to me for the rest of my life, then I’m happy. Very happy.

“Amame” and the Spanish market

As soon as most of us heard the songs on the Spanish language “Amame” album, many of us probably scratched our heads and thought of only one thing: “Why?” As a native Spanish speaker, I’ll tell you why. There are 400 million native Spanish speakers in the world. Figure out how many are female and how many are under the age of 20. That group just became an instant audience for Il Volo. Ever see the videos of screaming girls at the airports in Mexico City and Buenos Aires and Santo Domingo waiting for the boys to arrive? Instant audience. The modern reality is that musical artists generate a large portion of their income form touring. And more song sales generate more ticket sales. And to generate those song sales you need larger audiences. Do you think the “business” of Il Volo is going to survive with only traditional Italian “Bel Canto” songs and “Pop Opera” hits? It can’t. It won’t. This was pure marketing genius. And I proved it to myself with my Spanish speaking friends and relatives. I played “Amame” for them. They immediately acknowledged it sounded “different.” And the difference became clear. The voices. The talent. The arrangements were catchy and fun, the boys stood out even when their voices were submerged in the tropical Latin rhythms. While today much of this genre of music is laced with negative themes and/or sex, the boys did it with thought-provoking, positive ideas such as dedication, romance, love, overcoming life’s difficulties etc. I introduced them to their other music. My “audience” expanded their musical horizons just like Il Volo expanded ours. They were hooked. If this is what it takes to maintain their commercial success and longevity, I’m all for it and we should all appreciate it.

Five Years for John. Ten Years for the boys.

My five years with the boys brought me to concerts in Connecticut in 2016 and 2017, Verona in 2017, and Rome in 2019. Finally, “The Best of 10 Years” tour had arrived with two concerts for me, the first on Feb. 1 at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut (Row 2 Orchestra) and the second as a gift at the Wang Theater in Boston on Feb. 3. (Row 1 Orchestra).

A reminder of some of my previous “Il Volo Concert Rules”: #1. Buy the best tickets you can possibly afford. Start saving NOW for the next concert. The reality is that not everyone can afford a $500+ Meet & Greet Row 1 or Row 2 seat, but believe me, it is worth it. Seeing them 10 feet away from you – seeing every movement, every expression, every twinkle in their eyes is an experience you will never forget. #2. Don’t waste time holding up a smartphone trying to record it all. You will miss out on a lot. Concentrate on each individual word and the sounds you are hearing. #3. Learn some Italian. It will add a new dimension to what you are experiencing. #4. If you are doing the Meet & Greet, prepare! After all these years I still see fans walking up sheepishly to the boys shaking their hands, taking the official photo, and slink away in disappointment. Practice what you are going to say. Don’t waste valuable time convincing them that your grandmother’s house in Italy was in the village right next to theirs. Instead, thank them for the joy they’ve brought into your lives. Tell them which is your favorite song. Give them a big hug. They are so friendly and approachable. Your time with them is about 30 seconds. Make it memorable!

New rule for 2020: Register with the Official Fan Club and go to the soundcheck. This is a MUST. The modest yearly fee is worth it and you also get to meet other fans from around the world online. I met a couple of lovely ladies from the club in the lobby and we had a great time in advance of the concert. The Boston soundcheck started at 5:20pm when they escorted us into the empty theater and we got to sit in the tenth row and take it all in. There were about 20 fan club participants and the check lasted about 20 minutes. They rehearsed different passages from a variety of songs to be performed. They adjust the system volumes and the lighting and the orchestra members get to prepare and adjust their instruments. It is so cool to watch. And then, when they were done, the boys jumped off the stage and came down to hang out with the fans for about 10 minutes. Think about it. 20 fans. 3 Il Volos. 10 minutes. Everyone had plenty of time to joke around and chat and hug and take selfies and ask them questions. It was incredible! And it is basically FREE! They do announce at the beginning that there is no guarantee that you will have time to interact with the boys depending on their time restraints but I think it’s worth taking the chance. Afterwards, we were allowed to exit the theater into the lobby until the 715pm-730pm door opening. Use the time to mingle. I met the Mintons and others. Share your stories.

It is important to note that the current tour is comparable to a “Greatest Hits” record, spanning their entire career. Although I would have loved to hear more selections from their recent “Musica” album, I feel the setlist was a good selection of older and recent, classic and modern, Italian and English (plus two in Spanish), dramatic and sentimental, calm and vibrant. Each show lasted approximately 2hrs 5min without any intermissions.

The setlist of 26 songs was as follows, with a slightly different mix between Connecticut & Boston: Nessum Dorma, Granada, Il Mondo, Un Amore Cosi’ Grande, Surrender, Memories, Bridge Over Troubled Water, No Puede Ser, Arriverderci Roma, My Way, Caruso, Maria, Mattinata, O’Paese d’o Sole, Delilah, Core ‘ngrato, People, Smile, ‘O Surdato ‘nnamurato, Tonight, She’s Always A Woman, Where do I begin (Love Story), Mamma, Libiamo ne’lieti calici, O Sole Mio, Volare, and finally, a triple long Grande Amore while they jump around the stage waving at everyone until the climactic end.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. They get better year after year. Just when you think they’ve reached new heights, they top themselves each time. Their voices have matured. Their performances are nearly flawless (except when Ignazio fumbled the opening to Grande Amore and burst out laughing). They are a joy to watch as they joke and chat between songs. Jump up and give them the standing ovations they deserve; they will acknowledge them and they do appreciate them. Yell out “Bravo” at the top of your lungs, or “Bravi” if more than one is on stage. They love that stuff and they will deserve it. They are the same humble, down-to-earth, professional, enchanting group of guys that we all know and love.

And finally, as fast as it came, it all passed by, and came to an end. The lights come back on, and your head is shaking back and forth not believing what you just heard and saw. “The Best of 10 Years”. Oh yes. It was.


45 thoughts on “The Return of John from CT”

  1. Welcome back John. I absolutely loved your story and agree with everything you recommend. These 3 are very special and I can hardly wait for the 2 west coast and 1 Las Vegas concerts I have tickets for. I hope they sing forever! I have not heard too much about signing up for sound check. I hope i will get a chance to do that. Thanks for sharing your observations.

  2. Thank you Jana and all the Flight Crew for posting my latest novel. It’s been wonderful reading everyone’s reviews and stories and I hope you all enjoyed mine. I promise more to come.

    I’d like to take this time to mention a special friend, Annmarie D. We worked together in the same company and during one fateful lunch break in the cafeteria, i handed her my headphones and played her “O sole mio” and “E piu ti penso.” When I saw her reaction to the boys, I had to gather all my strength not to choke up and get too emotional. It was just as incredible as it has been for all of us to be introduced to this very special talent.

    Even after her retirement, we went to concerts together and just recently, to her first Meet & Greet. She hasn’t stopped talking about meeting the boys and how their music helped her get through some very difficult times in her life. Hopefully she will be able to share some of her stories on this site as well. Long live Il Volo!

    1. John I can never ever thank you enough for bringing them in to my life! As I have said to you, they have gotten me through 7 years without my husband! And knowing he saw them before me on daytime tv while he was at home on oxygen, really makes me happy to know that he did love them! When he called me at work to tell me about them, I said someday I’ll see them on tv! Never thinking that you, John, got me so interested and so in love with them! My husband did say when they were teens, that they will go far with their talent! Maybe he knew something before even they knew! But was he ever right and I know he is enjoying them from heaven and is happy for me to have the chance to go to their concerts! Thanks to John, I have seen them 3 times and hope to see them more! The first time I heard the songs that John brought in, I did get very emotional. I imagined my husband watching them and enjoying them! I listen to them and watch all the videos nightly, they make me smile! Some of the songs give my goosebumps, goosebumps!!!! Watching them right now as I write! Can never get too much of them! Made them each faux fur scarves and gave them to Barbara at the meet and greet! Hoping they got them and hoping they like them! Again John, I thank you with my whole heart! You are a true friend!!

  3. Welcome back, all so nice to read and yes indeed the difficulty of becoming an official member, even if you can only catch a glimpse of close by, that is also a dream for me. Maybe that dream will come true in Dusseldorf, really look forward to it, but still have to be patient. Thank you for the nice words, we love those guys, greetings from Belgium

    1. John, welcome back. I was waiting for your review and I knew you couldn’t just write two words. What you wrote is fantastic, and it’s all true!
      I too have been following Il Volo since 2015 and the anxiety it takes to discover all of them is so common to all of us, and as I scrolled through every comment, every review, I found yours and, thanks to that, I arrived at Flight Crew.
      I wondered who the lady in the M&G photo was with you, now I understand, and I repeat, who listens to Il Volo, is fascinated by it.
      Thanks for talking about the CD Amame, which I defended with such energy.
      It is true that they can sing anything and they absolutely must do this, because the imprint they give is so different and certainly in the best sense.
      Thanks again for your words, who knows, maybe one day we will meet, obviously in a concert of Il Volo.

  4. Great review John and good advice as well. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you for that. It is a fitting tribute to those unique, passionate, engaging young men who thrill us with their music and their presence. Those voices! That harmony! Oh my, just brilliant!

  5. Dear John! Every word you wrote about your experiences over the last 5 years with the boys, were so, my experiences, too! My emotions, how they grew from year to year, hanging on every note, every word…I can just say, “ditto”.
    I was born 1955 and in my life, I went through all these music genres, as you did, just not in the same “direction “.
    Still, I couldn’t live without music to sing or humm along with, even if I just do it in my mind, as not to disturb others…
    Yes, these boys are precious. They can sing everything, and how!!!
    They seem unique to me, because of their variety and the perfection in every performance.
    They awaken the urge in me to learn Italian and I, too, ‘disect’ every word translating new songs they bring out.
    My situation is not as lucky as some, that can take time out for concerts. I have seen one up to now, Düsseldorf 2017 and my il volo sisters from back then are like family for me. They keep me up to date on the boys are the sweetest people I have the pleasure to know.
    John, your words express all my emotions of il volo, that I am unable to write down so beautifully. Thank you!!
    Astrid from Bavaria

  6. Thanks John for your beautiful words about our boys. I have followed them for years. My daughter started it all with their DVD from Detroit as a Christmas present. I have been hooked ever since. I get to see them for the first time in concert in Dallas. I’m so excited. I do want to go to the sound check. I need to check out the Fan Club page. I hope they have the information I need. This is a dream come true. I listen to their music everyday. I want to learn Italian so I understand this beautiful music. One day I want to go to Taormina and see their concert. I love them. They always seem so humble and great with the audience.

  7. To John: Your wise suggestions about the Meet and Greet Were very informative. The guys have no time for personal stories yet they would be so polite to listen. If I had been at a Meet and Greet, I’d just tell them with enthusiasm how wonderful they are–voices like I never heard before. I too went through phases of “Oldies” music, the Beatles and the entire “revolution” from English singers, then Billy Joel, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Country and so on and so on. In between, my Godmother took me to the old opera house in New York City and I was fortunate to enjoy Pavarotti and all the famous opera stars. So 10 years ago when I first heard Il Volo, their music, I gravitated to their sound, and their music is virtually all I listen to.
    I went to the February 6th 2020 Il Volo concert at Radio City Music Hall
    and the play list was the same as the one you mentioned–a mixture of Italian favorites and American songs. I too would have liked to hear more from their cd, La Musica,” however i loved all their songs, and the finale, “Grande Amore” went on and on for about five minutes while the audience screamed with delight, and we did not want it to end. They yelled out to us, “We Love you New York,” and we replied, “We Love You too!” I can’t wait to see them again. I must catch up on my Italian to better understand the words to some of the songs. I have to say when Piero sings his part in O Spole Mio–wow! Just awesome.
    Thanks for your post. Elisa Marie from N.Y.

  8. Dear John, how wonderful to have you back. This is a great review. You have been sorely missed. I am on my way this afternoon to Detroit today for my 2nd concert, the first being RCMH last week. The guys (no longer boys) were magnificent. I have followed them since the Pompei concert in 2013. Fortune has looked down on me over the years and I have been able to attend many concerts. Did I mention I am almost 81 years old. Music has always been a love of mine, I can listen to any genre, any language, and find something I like. The spectacular Amame Songs are on my phone, I know Gianluca said they would never sing them, something must have gone wrong there but I don’t know what. Yes, I wish they would have included a couple of songs from Musica Che Resta, maybe they will in Florida. Anyway, I love the guys, my Il Volo sisters and brothers and I hope you continue to write for The Crew. Ciao!

  9. Thanks for the information on sound check John. I have been asking how to register for Atlanta for a month. Hope I get a reply soon.

  10. First, John, it was great meeting you at the Boston concert! Next, I agree with everything in your post, especially to buy the best seats you can afford. I have been to 8 Il Volo concerts, 2 in the third row and the rest further back in the orchestra and seeing them up close is an incredible experience!
    My husband and I also grew up loving all kinds of music and for me growing up in an Italian household I was also exposed to all the Italian classics. So we have quite a diverse interest in music and have attended many popular concerts over the years, in fact, we were at an Air Supply (remember them from the 80s) concert the night before the Il Volo Foxwoods concert.
    We discovered Il Volo in May, 2011 when they were guests on American Idol singing “O Sole Mio”. We were blown away by these 16 and 17 year old boys and I searched the internet to find any information I could on them. The rest, as they say, is history. We have seen them in Boston, Connecticut, Orlando and Verona, where we met Daniela and a few other Flight Crew Members. It is so nice being able to make new friends at their concerts. We are now looking forward to seeing them in Taormina in September!

  11. Wonderful review John!I loved every minute of the Toronto concert. Their energy and love was amazing. I thought since it was a 10 year concert they should have had a bit more representation from 2018 (Amame) and 2019 (Musica) but that is just a minor observation on my part. Whatever they do is priceless!

  12. John, a very comprehensive and enlightening report thanks.
    The only aspect I disagree with and have for a long time is, if the guys become more interested in selling as many CDs and DVD’s as possible for the all mighty dollar, then they risk loosing their unique essence or brand as they call it now. They have repeatedly said they love “Bel Canto” and wanted to reach back into the past and bring forward the beautiful old Italian songs to reintroduce to the younger generations. This and their youth set them apart very successfully. I think this is why their concerts are sold out everywhere. If they want to sell as many albums as possible, they will lose themselves, their essence will evaporate. They may as well learn to sing in Chinese or Indian, both large markets. If Beverly Sills had gradually transitioned from Opera to Country Western, she would have lost herself, her essence and brand. The novelty of them being young boys singing like well trained adults has past and they are now known for the melodic and even nostalgic with a lot of showmanship.
    I am by no means a music critique expert, but I know that if you have a favorite flavor of ice cream, you will order it most every time, no matter how long it’s been around. Of course, this is all in my opinion and I am only one of millions who love this trio. And I bet more of them are younger than we know.

  13. Hello!! I definitely want to see and hear the boys in my lifetime! I would love to go to Italy to see them but I’ll take a trip to anywhere on earth if they are there! I admit Gianluca is my forever love. He and his beautiful voice, his emotion, his honesty, sensitivity in a man, and passion are the reasons I am still alive. I can only dream…

  14. Thanks for a wonderful and very informative article I bought a M&G Ticket for Feb22 since I am over 75 figured I might not get the chance to go again so went for the best ticket In just 10 days I will fulfill my dream of seeing these amazing, awesome guys

  15. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am also glad to find someone who agrees that the boys should not be criticized for making records to please their young and Spanish fans. I love AMAME and I am 84 years old.

  16. John, I so very much enjoyed your report!. I can’t wait to get out of frigid and snowy Minnesota and go to the Feb. 24th concert in Tampa. I have been a fan of our boys since the Detroit special in 2009. They have kept my 84 year old heart jumping for joy ever since. – Allene

  17. John, is that 30 second at M&G for each of the boys, or 30 second total? That would not be enough even to see ‘hello’! Will see them 15th in Chicago and 24th in Tampa, working hard on my speech, nervous already….
    all you said in your beautiful article is everything I feel only I would not be able to express it the way you did, wonderful! Just got back from RCMH, what a experience!! But must admit, little disappointing with the repertoire, would drop few well now in US songs and replace them with beautiful classical Italian songs and one or two opera aria, few songs from their 10 year album and obviously Amame which I love. But what ever they sing, it is always absolute perfection, love all their songs!
    Thank you, John for your marvelous commentary.
    Irene from Florida

  18. Thanks to all for your kind comments. It’s great to have a forum like this where we can share our stories, ideas, and dreams.

    To Mark: You make some very valid points above. I too would be discouraged or saddened by the pure, blatant commercialism of the kind you described. If the “boys” had recorded a Chinese language CD just for the sake of increasing sales in China, I would consider that a commercial move that would eventually dilute the “purity” of their Bel Canto and Italian cultural messages. My dilemma is that I am extremely biased towards anything Il Volo does in Spanish as I was born in Colombia and my ancestors came from the Basque provinces of northern Spain. The fact that these guys made the incredible effort of becoming fluent in Spanish and having forged so many connections with their Latin fans during the past 10 years differentiates this from a purely commercial venture. Hearing them sing “Granada” or “No Puede Ser” or “Aranjuez” or “Amame” creates a special emotional connection for me that only someone with an Italian heritage feels when they sing songs from their homeland. It is obvious that their appreciation of Latin culture is genuine and meaningful to them and for this I applaud and support them.

    To Irene: Unfortunately, as the years have gone by the quality time of their M&G’s has diminished as the popularity of these upgrades has increased. There are simply too many fans participating in these events and yes, at the last one in Boston my total “time” with them lasted about 30 seconds, making it very important to be prepared in order to maximize the experience. Remember to look them straight in their eyes. Introduce yourself by name as I have done at all my M&G’s (while pointing to my unique military haircut which they seem to never forget!) Thank them and make physical contact. After my time was up, I did manage to chat with Barbara V for about a minute or so. You can also maximize the experience by hanging around if possible to watch the interactions with the other fans which can be funny or touching in their own ways. As I mentioned in my “novel” above, participating in the soundcheck is now as important to me as the Meet & Greet as it provides another opportunity for a meaningful interaction. Enjoy it!

    1. I enjoyed the soundcheck (Foxwoods) even though it was short. Not sure you will see my other comment. I was sitting right next to you at Foxwoods. Thx again for letting me out to get to the stage.

    2. Hi John,
      It’s me again. I’d like to clarify an aspect of my thoughts I gave the other day, that I didn’t express all that well, and you answered, thank you. When it comes to Bel Canto, I’m sure there are plenty more Bel Canto style Spanish selections that the guys could add to their repertoire, as well as some more Italian selections and this would be great. My point was meant to be, that if IL Volo gradually phases out of Bel Canto, in an attempt to cater to the much younger 18 and 20 year olds, that this could spell their demise as a brand and as a trio. Trying to sell more CDs and DVDs styled for this much younger group, just to fill concert hall seats could be futile. The younger ones can like something one day and 3 days later hate it. I admit, in my selfishness, I want to keep hearing Bel Canto Italian and Spanish songs for a long time to come. For what it’s worth, thanks. Mark

  19. Hi John, how does one join the fan club. I’m going to the concert on 2/22 in Sunrise, Fl. Would love to do the sound check because I have a gift for them and would be easier to give it to them rather during the meet and greet which I’m going to.

    1. I’m almost 75 myself and my grandchildren refer to them as my Italian boys! 🤗 Everyone is mentioning the sound check. I have wondered why no more fans registered for sound check. It’s FREE. There were 17 registered at MGM National Harbor and some extra few were included. I’m pretty sure Gianluca’s mom was a few rows behind us. We were in the second row and saw lots of funny moments and serious work Then they jumped off the stage and shook hands and talked with each of us. Many fans had gifts. Wow what a great time. We left after and returned in time for the show. !!! Fantastic.

  20. OMG, I sat right next to you at Foxwoods. Didn’t know I was sitting next to someone famous. Thank you again for letting me get out of my seat to get to the stage.

    1. Joan, the funny thing is that as I was making my way down to my seat, I kept wondering if I was going to end up next to one of those crazy Flight Crew fanatics; instead you were a very charming seat mate. I’m glad that you leapt up to give them their standing ovations, as I did. Hope our paths cross again. Take care.

      1. I have to tell you, that I was so happy each time I saw you stand up. Thinking to myself, throughout the concert,this man is really enjoying the show, loving the guys. As I said I had no idea who you were. I wish I had spoken to you, my friend says I talk to everyone. Anyway I was calm that evening,unusual for me. I also hope or paths cross again. Thank you for replying to my comment.

  21. One more question about M&G… pictures are done by their pro photographer or we should bring our IPhone and do selfie, or both? Will see them in 3 days, need to know quickly…..

    1. Irene, they do not allow private pictures at the meet and greet. Only the professional one by their photographer. At least that is how it has always been.

      1. Laura is correct, and additionally, I suggest the following: Right before the official photo, straighten yourself out so your clothes are in place; they provide a table next to the photographer where you can place your heavy coats and hats and scarves so you don’t look like an Eskimo at the side of the boys. Remove or add you “VIP Badge” as you see fit; consider how it will drape on your chest. Look at the CAMERA, not into Gianluca’s eyes. Remember to smile and relax so it doesn’t look like a mug shot. The camera will fire three short bursts with flash to eliminate any “blinking” photos. After the photo, try to get one last hug or handshake. Sometimes Barbara V is off to the side and you might be able to stop by and chat with her, as I did in Boston.


    Visit the following site:
    There are two steps: Obtaining your “Activation Code” and “Sign Up”.
    First, get your code by clicking on “BUY IT NOW”.
    There are 3 language flags at the top of the page: Italian / English / Spanish. There are two types of memberships: Digital Membership & Card Subscription. The two are identical but Card Subscription will provide you with an official membership card which will be mailed to you from Italy. Digital membership costs 16,31 euros (approx.$17.75). Card Subscription costs 28,81 euros ($31.34). There is a yearly renewal. Once processed, you will receive an email to activate your account. Go back to: and click on “Create an account” and follow the steps.

    Is it worth it? To me, the most important benefit is that you get notified ahead of time when a concert is announced and you get the opportunity to purchase your tickets ahead of everyone else during the “FanClub PreSale” days. Since I purchase 1st or 2nd row seats up front, this is very important for me as these seats tend to sell out within minutes, especially in Connecticut where I live.

    The second most important benefit to me are the Soundcheck invitations. I know of no other way of accessing these events other than through the fan club.

    Finally, there are the Fan Posts similar to those on Flight Crew but honestly I visit these here much more than on the fan club.

    Hope this helps those interested.

    1. P.S. Don’t click on the link above, it never links properly. Instead, type the address manually in your browser’s address box.

    2. Jonh, I have to tell you that he never attended M&G, but I made 3 soundchecks and, I assure you, it was not like yours. Maybe because there were at least thirty people here in Italy. The boys never came down to say goodbye and talk to us and it was often a very short thing, compared to the long queue under the scorching sun. You are probably having precious time, as perhaps the first people who did M&G years ago. I also don’t understand why the official fan club doesn’t want the group photos taken at the souncheck not to be published outside the fanclub page. However I am very happy for you, for this close contact with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.
      For the rest, I agree that joining the fanclub offers you a lot of opportunity to buy the most beautiful places for concerts.

      1. Daniela, Unfortunately I have read about some of the negative details about the soundchecks in Italy as well as a few complaints about the Official Fan Club site, but for my purposes they have served me well. I remind everyone thinking about soundchecks in the US: They clearly advise you that there is no guarantee you will meet with the guys; from what I have read, all the soundchecks in the US so far involved this precious meeting. Who knows how long this will last.

      2. Yes, John, and as long as it lasts, take advantage of it !!
        To be honest, I must also say, that being part of the official fanclub, here in Italy, I also had these other advantages:
        1) I went to Milan where I attended a mini-live (only for a small group) and I was able to ask questions to the boys (I told them that in the US you wanted happy songs to dance at the end of the concert).
        2) I went to watch all the live footage of the concert broadcast by Radio Italia (wonderful).
        3) A friend of mine was selected to assist in Capri during the filming of video A CHI MI DICE.
        therefore, we can not complain!

  23. John, thank you for so much information given by an Il Volover to Il Volovers. It was given with so much feeling an addressed so many of us who just love music and have been through so many genres. How does Il Volo balance their Italian Bel Canto essence? I just don’t know. The world has developed such a short attention span. I agree about the comments on their essence and I agree that they have to be inventive to have careers together into their 50’s. I will follow their voices either way. As for the Latin/Spanish market. My opinion is that It is almost inevitable for several reasons. The culture loves, worships and honors their artists till death. The music is beautiful. The lyrics are beautiful. Bel Canto songs like those of Luis Miguel are plentiful. He is turning 50 this year and Il Volo can be the young Bel Canto singers to refresh these songs. They have already refreshed many Bel Canto songs from other countries like France. They honored the 3 Tenors, so maybe they could honor Luis Miguel and or Jose Jose. What to do, I don’t know, but I definitely don’t want them to lose their stated goal and their essence.

  24. I have to disagree about the fan club. I joined. About halfway through my membership they changed something and I was no longer able to access the website. I contacted them numerous times about the problem which was never resolved. They obviously couldn’t be bothered and I feel like I was ripped off.

  25. John, I have gone to the M/G of every concert I have attended. Your advice is spot on. Relax and enjoy the moment because it is just a moment but an unforgettable one. I attended my first soundcheck in Verona last year. We waited in line for over an hour, got seated and watched the guys and crew rehearse. There were well over one hundred of us and the guys could not possibly interact with so many. In the states it has been a different story. There have smaller groups, at RCMH there were 28 of us and even though we were told the boys may not have time to greet us they absolutely did, and individually. They spoke to each person face to face. It was above and beyond what I had expected. It’s especially exciting when they remember you! Our young men of Il Volo have given me more than I could ever give them, their respect and love for their fans is matchless. By the way, I love Cielito Lindo the first song I learned as a child. Love when they sing it. I wish they did more Spanish songs, maybe the next tour. Oh, and the Amame music, although GG said they will never sing it, wonder what happened there.

  26. John, what a great review! No one could say it better. I was in Boston and National Harbor. !”I have followed them since my 88 year old father told me about the first PBS special. They are super nice guys, and I also have been to many M&G’s and here and in Italy , and ha e met their families. I have also met their beautiful families. Never have I loved an artist this much.Thanks again for that great review

  27. Great John $ everyone comenting on our presious ILVOLO singers as I have always said they are the best singers on the planet NO ONE CAN COMPETE WITH THEM. i hope they can rest for a while now & look forward to other concerts in the future & any other endevour they decide to do. God bless them always. Loretta Foley from Canada .

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