But where do Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca find their strength, to make concerts with such close dates?

Every time it seems impossible to us, yet as usual, they are succeeding in this endeavor.

But let’s go in order.

Saturday 8 February: ATLANTIC CITY

AC and WASH 01

AC and WASH 02

AC and WASH 03





And here are the nice pictures of Susan, who was present at the concert.

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)

And here is Susan Medal at the Meet & Greet. What a nice quartet !! Susan is the one who designed and sent to the boys, the puppets depicting Il Volo !! ❤️

AC and WASH 09

Great success also in Atlantic City, but not even time to rest and go, but went immediately to Washington !!


Sunday,  9 February: WASHINGTON

AC and WASH 10

AC and WASH 11

And here are the videos sent by Donna Pothier who was at the concert:






And here are her beautiful photos: Thanks Donna!

AC and WASH 12

AC and WASH 14

AC and WASH 13

AC and WASH 15

And here, Donna with Janis! 😘

AC and WASH 16

And here is Donna’s review.

Ok , so I met Janis and 2 other ladies, Maria and Karen, ar National Harbor. This is a Casino and Theater at Oxen Hill Maryland near D.C. we went to Soundcheck which was really nice. They rehearsed a bunch of songs, fooled around some as usual and then one by one came down and said hello to everyone . No hugging , because of all the germs floating around. Gianluca says DONNA! ciao! Because he knows me which always makes my stomach drop…lol. Next was dinner, not very good for such a well known place. Time for the show. We were on the right side, unusual for me. So that with no pictures or videos allowed, made it hard to get them but many of us did it anyway🤣.They open with Nessun Dorma. Then songs like Surrender, Volare, Il Mondo, and quite a few solos. In between a couple of funny conversations, always teasing each other. They had the audience participate in Volare and Grande Amore. They did not come down at all, or have anyone up on stage, except for Piero during O Sole Mio. I think because of flu and the coronavirus scare. Really great concert. Their voices are all so great, and you can really tell a difference in now, and a few years ago. When Ignazio sings Memory, it is with so much expression. Wish I could go to every single one!!!! I will be in Taormina …in the center! and get good videos there! Have a great time everyone! ….Donna P.  

And how beautiful these photos taken from above by Debora Georgini Beaupre.
Thanks Deborah!

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)

Atlantic City and Washington have also been done.

 We now know their song program, but it’s always nice to see their performance.

The feeling is that everything went well so far on the tour.

But the next stage will be very special, because in addition to a nice concert, there will be

Gianluca’s birthday !!!! ❤️❤️❤️



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

14 thoughts on “IL VOLO WORLD TOUR: ATLANTIC CITY and WASHINGTON by Daniela”

  1. We were at the show in National Harbor. It was beyond belief that the ushers were telling people coming in that they could take non-flash photos but once the show started the security people were going after everyone with a camera. The number of security people walking non-stop back and forth across the center aisle in front of more than half the audience was a huge distraction. It really is a shame the security people were so overbearing because it was a great show, the ushers are generally very sweet, and otherwise it is a decent place to see a show. But the behavior of the security people was unbelievably obnoxious and unacceptable.

    1. Indeed, Frank, security is very, very suffocating. Even when here in Italy, there are instores, they don’t want cameras and they push us forward, often it is the boys themselves who say “wait a minute”, turning to security.
      We should all report on these unpleasant episodes, because ok, security has received certain orders, but it is the way they are executed that is not good.

  2. The security was like that in Rome as well and people took pictures and videos anyway. There were so many taking pictures that they couldn’t keep up with it.

    1. Yes, Victoria, it is true, but I noticed that the hardness is towards those who have a camera, because there are professional photographers who do not declare their profession and then invade the scene to take the best photos and sell them. In this case I understand security, but towards fans who want to take pictures of their idols with their cell phone, I frankly don’t understand it. However, at the last concert here in Italy, anyone was able to take photos and make videos.

  3. Well other than meeting the boys for the first time in Atlantic City, I did not have such pleasant experiences either. In Radio City, all of a sudden my entire row is looking around to see who smells so bad of marijuana. It was so horrible that everyone was getting nauseous. I was passing out mints and chewing gum so no one would vomit next to me. In Atlantic City I was sitting in the second row, middle section, and a lady in front of me was taking pictures on her cell phone and the man next to her started screaming at her that her little cell phone was blocking his view. This went on for about 10 minutes while they were singing! Some people!

    1. Susan, as we and I have already had the opportunity to exchange opinions, the stupidity and rudeness of certain people knows no bounds.
      I told you about my episode at the Arena in Verona, where a man smoked, right under the NO SMOKING sign and all the smoke came from us. Although we politely asked him not to smoke, he continued undaunted to do so.
      Here we say “the whole world is country”

      1. Snfd where was security while this man was smoking? Probably chasing someone with a cell phone!

  4. They are able to do what seems impossible because God and angels are with them and they have wonderful power . il volo has great talent compassion and love and determination. They are blessed. They are wonderful young men. I also thank you for information and pictures. I love you all!!!!

  5. Thanks Daniela for posting the concert news. Hope the boys are not too tired when they get to Dallas. The last time they came to Dallas iit
    was close to end of their tour and they were tired.

    1. Regina, I think you’re right, they will be tired, but the fact of being at the end of the tour allows them to make some surprises in varying the execution of the songs, very pleasant, we hope it will be this time too.

  6. I was at the MGM Washington DC show. My first IL Volo concert, wish it could last longer. I just concentrated on their singing which was divine so I was not able to take videos. I thought Ignazio look tired and I felt that this reflected on his solo (my opinion). I really hope he take care of his voice. I’m concerned because I came across a comment on you tube by OperaJH posted 2 months ago. It has upset me So much that I find myself praying for the boys voices which is a God given gift.

    I’m sharing his post:
    2 months ago (edited)
    Valerie Are you kidding? I have loved them since they were 13 and 14 years old. They were already great then! Look at Piero’s voice – from good to spectacular – that’s what happens when you take care of your voice. He has one of the finest voices in the world, with its power and beautiful timbre. Same with Gianluca – he has improved his already gorgeous baritone. Ignazio is somehow the opposite – he HAD arguably the best voice of the three and he could hit very high notes with ease. Now his voice is scratchy, he has difficulty hitting those high notes and in fact can’t hit many of them anymore. Sometimes he goes off-key. It’s difficult for him. And that’s because he hasn’t taken care of his voice well. Does my saying that mean I don’t like them? Or Ignazio? Not at all. Please don’t conflate the two. With care and a bit of curative training he might be able to achieve a new tone and re-develop his voice. Many people who know music agree with me because they can hear it too.

    I could not help wishing that Mr. Heaton or people who who are music teacher would negate this person’s opinion.

  7. I want IL Volo to sing for a long long time. There is just something about their voices and their music. I also love their Spanish songs particularly the earlier ones they recorded such as Splendida, Reloj, Non Farmi Aspettare. The last one I would love to hear them sing live just as Voce del silencio. I wish IL Volo the best… love them.

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