3rd Who’s Going Where and other questions…

Hi – I’ve been getting loads of questions on the soundcheck and meet/greet, etc. from some newbies!  🙂  Here is a quick rundown of answers…..

Sound Checks DEFINITELY sign up for these, even if you have meet/greet.  If you are computer savvy, it’s fairly easy.  If not, you may have a few issues.  Sign up for the digital membership.  It comes to just over $18, or so.  You need to go to:  www.ilvolomusic.com and click on the “shop.”  Purchase the membership. That is the easy part!  You will get 2 emails.  One is your confirmation receipt and the other contains your activation code (read this email very carefully, and be sure to click “here” where it says)If you don’t get both emails, check your spam account.  This happened to one of our group.  This can be tricky – you will need to answer questions and put in your info and code, etc.  Sometimes this other window pops up and you can’t enter your code.  Play around with it a bit…  after you are activated, you will see you can get into the fan site and see the “facebook like” conversations.  This is where they will post the upcoming soundchecks.  They only post about 2 or 3 days ahead of the concert.  When you see your city is posted, click on the link to register.  More questions, etc.  When you are done, it will say “print registration.”  Click this button, even if you are doing this on your phone.  It will bring up the picture confirmation of your sound check.  Do a screenshot and save to your phone, or print out and take with you.  You are done!  Then, you wait until the day of the concert until they post the time/place to meet for the soundcheck.  They did not post Detroit til narly 1p!  However, I called the box office on another matter about 11a and asked if they knew when the sound check was, and they did!  🙂 

During soundcheck, was pretty cool for Detroit (more details later), but there were maybe 30 of us?  And they did come down and greet everyone and were allowing hugs.  Many people, including myself, gave them items during this time.  Again, they also stressed no photos during soundcheck.  OMG VIP also hosts the soundcheck, John, our favorite photographer, will take a group photo at the end.

For meet/greets:  Gotten a few questions on gifts, timing, etc.  Guys always appreciate gifts, but would suggest keeping it small, or tokens.  Remember, they have to fly back on a plane and we’ve been told, by them, that although they appreciate everything, many things are donated to charity, etc.  Also, if the future meet/greets are anything like Detroit, we only had about 15 seconds, I think!  They did not say no hugs, but it was basically go up there say 2 or 3 words to each of them, smile, snap, and you are on your way.  A very nice, but expensive photo!!  (but more about that later!)

For getting your VIP info, each venue is a bit different, but basically after you clear security (nightmare at Fox) you are allowed to find the VIP OMG table and you can check in.  They just need ID and you get your lariat with pass and likely a wristband and a bag with a few goodies in it.

OK, on to Who’s….. hope I did not miss anyone, this will take us to the end of Feb!  Also, for anyone attending the Indio concert, Kay Roseff has offered accommodations in her home for up to about 3 or so persons.  Please let me know if you are interested and I will put you in touch with each other.  🙂 

Vegas pre-show gathering to eat:  Please be sure to send a note to the IlVoloTour2019@mail.com so Jeannette can add you to her list. She checks it every so often and has been sending out “blind copy” to those in attendance.  But, remember, she is attending a few concerts as well, so give her enough time for her to respond to you.  🙂

Chicago – Feb 15
Jeannette Giglio
Maija Zaeska
maria danille/figiel-krueger
Susan Tafanelli
Annette Simonini and daughter

Atlanta – Feb 17
Norine Korvink
Sara Hunter
Lucy Buzzee
Diane Fusco
Irene Edwards
Susan Johnson
Christine Wolff

Join us at Maggiano’s Little Italy, 1601 Cumberland Mall SE, Marietta, GA 30039, to meet and share IL Volo stories. Those attending the concert with you are invited as well. The more the merrier!
Reservation is made under the name of Il Volo Fan Dinner from 4-6pm
The Cobb Energy Center Box Office opens at 3pm, concert at 8pm (usually doors for seating opens 1 hour prior)
Maggiano’s is approximately a 10 minute drive to the venue.

Please let us know by February 7th if you would like to join us by saying “YES” below in comments with the number of attendees.

Can’t wait to meet you all! Debbie Sanders Folds and Christine Wolff on Facebook

Orlando – Feb 20
Joan Brenin

Sunrise/Ft. Lauderdale – Feb 22
Marie Crider
Joan Brenin
Marion Ferrari and friends
Kay Jones
Joanne Mekeel
Beverley Foster

Tampa – Feb 24
Rose Marie Paliobeis
Joan Brenin
Annette Simonini and family
Allene Shipman
Vicki Marsee and granddaughter
Lia Marsee

Dallas – Feb 27
Jackie Lewandowski and sister
Judy Fierro
Karen McClure

Gina Hanna

That’s all for now, folks!   If there is anyone else going to these cities, let me know and I can try to update the post, or you can just comment on here.




24 thoughts on “3rd Who’s Going Where and other questions…”

  1. Going to the Tampa Concert on Feb 24, Sebrinia Davis, Gina Davis, Lynda Couey, Cathy Maiorana and two others.

  2. Appreciate your comments and insights so much. I already belong to the Fan Club as of October 2019. Have the card with the guy’s photo and OFFICIAL FAN CLUB IL VOLO. Does this qualify for the SOUNDCHECK? or do I also have to buy the digital one? I have VIP tickets to the San Rafael concert March 11.

    1. the card really means nothing, since there are no dates on it. Your membership is good, you just have to register for the soundcheck when it is posted.

      1. Thanks, Jana. Not sure how I get the soundcheck posting since I am not digitally registered. Do they send out emails to ALL the ticket holders about the soundchecks? I will join “digitally” if that would guarantee e-mails about the soundcheck. Let me know if I should.
        Love your posts–I have been listening to Il Volo just about every day since Detroit. I never tire of their music.

  3. Thank you for posting about the pre concert get together for the Atlanta concert February 17th. There is a time change to the event at Maggiano’s. We are now meeting at 1 pm in hopes of a soundcheck prior to the concert. Everyone who has contacted us earlier is aware of the time change. If you would like to join us and haven’t responded, please contact Christine Wolff or Debbie Sanders Folds on messenger. Thank you for all you do for Il Volo fans, Jana.

  4. Hi Jana. Thank you for the great info! My friend Anna Rogers and I, Andrea Luttrull will be attending the Atlanta concert on Feb 27.

  5. I’m a continuing member of the official fan club and never received any emails about sound checks for Dallas or San Rafael. They wrote back about the email, but I don’t know how to receive one. Terribly confused here.

    1. Hi Katie–I, too, am going to the San Rafael concert and am also a continuing member of the official fan club. I have not received any of the e-mails about the sound checks. Now I am wondering if we also need to join the digital fan club. Have you heard back about how to receive an email? I am also confused about this!!! Lynn

  6. Ok all! After that first email about the soundcheck they are not sending any more emails. You need to go in and check the site. I just noticed today the soundcheck is open for registration now for Atlanta.

    If you can go in and see the newsfeed, you are ok.

    Their system seems pretty slick. If you need to reregister, it will let you know. 🙂

    1. Hi Jana,
      Good thing I just went into the fan site, my subscription had expired. I was looking and looking for the activation code and also found it in with the spam mail!
      How are we all going to be able to go to each event in Las Vegas( dinner, sound check, meet and greet, and concert)?
      PBS is still telling me the meet and greet will be before the concert, but they don’t know what time yet.🙀

  7. I would love to be able to afford to be a part of the elite crowd! Just very blessed to have a ticket this year for the concert in San Diego!

  8. Atlanta I was the only one there both at the vobb energy center and the restaurant. I am mad and disappointed. What if it was your 75 year old Grandmother in the cold. No one was there. I really think someone has let me down. Someone needs to make this up to me

  9. I am angry. There was no reservation I waited a long time. I am 75 this was a hardship for me. I cannot even find anything on Instagram, you owe me that. I have done what I was tols

  10. Please do not insult my intelligence. I followed the instructions there was no reservation at the restaurant. You did not post pictures or list songs. I was so upset and still am. I am 75_ would you be happy if your Mother or Grandmother was mis treated???? You need to make this right. The guys love Elvis, he knew how to make things right

  11. Jana, thank you for all the good information. I have tickets for the Feb 27th concert in Dallas. Followed Il Volo since 2010, but my first time to see a live concert. One of the few things on my Bucket List. I am 78, and my daughter is flying down from Chicago to accompany to the concert & Meet and Greet. Please list me with the Dallas attendees if you can.. Appreciate your good work. Diana Heath

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