IL VOLO grinds out successes and continues their journey between the US cities.

The public seems increasingly enthusiastic and finally American fans are also involved in singing and dancing, together with Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero.


February 11: BETHLEHEM




February 11 is also the birthday of Gianluca, 25 years old !!! Celebrated on stage by friends-brothers Piero and Ignazio. ❤️❤️





And here is the photo of Gian’s cake.


A mix of songs:

Some videos:





SURRENDER (sorry this one is sideways! 😯)

Beautiful photos from the concert:

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)


February 13: DETROIT

DET 01

DET 02

Thanks Deborah Georgini Beaupre, what a wonderful theater!

Few and very short videos from “Volomusic”, it seems that security is uncompromising.
It doesn’t matter, they still give us the taste of the evening.

Mix of songs: 

But how beautiful and elegant are the guys in this video with our dear Jana in the front row. You can see her at about one minute into the video.

In a vote from 1 to 10, I would say 10 with honors. ❤️

Jana, how lucky to be right in the front row, so close to them.

We await your other photos and your impressions.😉

DET 03

DET 04

DET 05





Still some nice pictures of the evening:

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)

And here are our friends in the Meet & Greet, with our beloved Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.


DET 11

ROSEMARIE PALIOBEIS  😘 with her granddaughter.

DET 12


DET 13


DET 14


DET 15

Even in these two stages, everything is fine.

How many friends are enjoying these beautiful concerts and we are still only halfway there.

Another nice thing, are the meetings between fans, before and after the concerts …. there is a long thread that binds us, beyond linguistic differences, culture, distance …. it’s called IL VOLO.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

7 thoughts on “IL VOLO WORLD TOUR: BETHLEHEM and DETROIT by Daniela”

  1. Daniela,I realize this is a very odd question I’m about to pose, but here goes. When they are on tour doing concerts back to back and traveling constantly for weeks on end, how and where does their laundry get done. Certainly they don’t do it themselves? When would there be time?
    Another thing I’ve noticed that I wonder about is, very often while performing Ignazio reaches with his left hand to the left of his back side and seems to make some sort of adjustment in the area of his pocket there. Is he fine tuning some sort of technical device or trying to keep his pants from falling down?

    1. Mark, really interesting questions, and I will answer you with what is my thought.
      As for the laundry, you know that they travel from one side to the other on a bus that also offers beds for sleeping, a small kitchen, a sitting room, it could also be equipped with washer-dryer. But I remind you that once they arrive at their destination, they go to the hotel, therefore they could use the hotel comforts.
      I also remember that with them, on travel, there is always at least one parent.
      As for Ignazio, I definitely think he is making volume adjustments.
      These are nice questions, Mark

    2. Mark, you bring up memories from my past. When we were out on the road, we had a Frontman who was always days ahead of us taking care and securing all that was needed for our success. We also had a wardrobe truck that was always filled with fresh things we would need. In other words there were many invisible hands work ahead of us all the time to secure our ability to do our best and present the most successful show.

  2. Thank you so much everyone for all the photos and videos. I was at RCMH and it was unforgettable! Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca looked so pleased, and the audience showered them with love! I believe it was a great idea for them to save Volare until near the end. They asked everyone to stand and you couldn’t help wanting to dance and sing along with them. They then ended with Grande Amore, and many were singing with them again. I know I was singing and dancing! I was also at the soundcheck and that was a very nice experience. I’m so grateful and pleased that they are doing these for their fans.
    I then attended the concert Tuesday in Bethlehem with my son Michael and I went to the soundcheck by myself. It is such a great idea and even waiting to be allowed to enter, it is so nice to speak with other fans and share our experiences and love for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. It was especially nice because it was Gianluca’s birthday. Our seats for the concert were good but not quite as good as RCMH. It was another great show with much enthusiasm from the audience also. The security was very strict and they actually came to various people near us who they thought were videoing too much of the concert and told them to stop. They were constantly walking and standing on the side aisles where we were seated. They also would not let you go near the stage at the end which was disappointing. I thought the concert was almost the exact same as RCMH, but I’m pretty sure that Ignazio didn’t sing his second solo “Tonight”. It was lovely to see them bring out the cake for Gianluca and we joined in singing Happy Birthday! A few times Ignazio kidded that he would listen when Piero and Gianluca wanted him to go “rest” while they did their duet. He said since it was Gianluca’s birthday, he would leave. While mentioning their ten years together, they thanked the fans in the US for being so loyal through the years. Gianluca mentioned that it really was in the USA that they received so much love and support from the very beginning which was lovely to hear!
    It’s hard to describe how you feel during their concerts. You never want them to end and you don’t want to leave! For days, I just thought about how wonderful their concerts were and how fortunate we all are to have them in our lives and if possible to see them in person. I listen to their music all the time but nothing compares to hearing and seeing them in person! Of course, then you have to hope that they will do another concert tour without waiting too many years. They are a blessing and gift from God!

    1. Margaret, you wrote some beautiful things and I thank you.
      Having an opinion from those who are at the concert and therefore directly involved is a delight.
      I am happy for you that everything went according to your expectations. When everything arrives and ends, the sweet taste of what has been seen and heard remains.

  3. I’m sure Barbara Vitali takes good care of her “sons” like any mom would while they are on the road. . Also Gianluca’s mom Eleanora is traveling with the guys. RCMH and Detroit were fabulous concerts, those are the two I have attended so far. The mayor of Detroit had a representative give the guys the Key to the City of Detroit. They said they have a real love for Detroit and the beautiful Fox Theater. Thanks to Deborah for the great photos too!

    1. You’re completely right, RoseMarie, Barbara is almost a second mom for them and will certainly follow them in all their needs.
      Beautiful evenings you have had all of you, dear friends !!

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