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IL VOLO grinds out successes and continues their journey between the US cities.

The public seems increasingly enthusiastic and finally American fans are also involved in singing and dancing, together with Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero.


February 11: BETHLEHEM




February 11 is also the birthday of Gianluca, 25 years old !!! Celebrated on stage by friends-brothers Piero and Ignazio. ❤️❤️





And here is the photo of Gian’s cake.


A mix of songs:

Some videos:





SURRENDER (sorry this one is sideways! 😯)

Beautiful photos from the concert:

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)


February 13: DETROIT

DET 01

DET 02

Thanks Deborah Georgini Beaupre, what a wonderful theater!

Few and very short videos from “Volomusic”, it seems that security is uncompromising.
It doesn’t matter, they still give us the taste of the evening.

Mix of songs: 

But how beautiful and elegant are the guys in this video with our dear Jana in the front row. You can see her at about one minute into the video.

In a vote from 1 to 10, I would say 10 with honors. ❤️

Jana, how lucky to be right in the front row, so close to them.

We await your other photos and your impressions.😉

DET 03

DET 04

DET 05





Still some nice pictures of the evening:

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)

And here are our friends in the Meet & Greet, with our beloved Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero.


DET 11

ROSEMARIE PALIOBEIS  😘 with her granddaughter.

DET 12


DET 13


DET 14


DET 15

Even in these two stages, everything is fine.

How many friends are enjoying these beautiful concerts and we are still only halfway there.

Another nice thing, are the meetings between fans, before and after the concerts …. there is a long thread that binds us, beyond linguistic differences, culture, distance …. it’s called IL VOLO.


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

The Flight Crew wants YOUR Input!

nottemagica-headerAs the guys start off their Notte Magica Tour in the United States, we are going to follow them in a new direction! We want your input – front and center! Any and all Flight Crew Members are invited to send us your personal insights, quotes about the concert, and any personal photos/videos from the concerts that you’d like to share. We’d like to make our concert posts extra special – from you and for you!

Leelee and I will be posting about the concerts and we have created a special GMAIL account for you to send us your stuff. It is: FlightCrew.NotteMagica2017@gmail.com .   (please be sure to note the “dot” between Crew and Notte) Here’s what we’d like you to do, send us a short quote, favorite moment, and a picture of the theatre/marquee with their name on it, if possible, etc. from the concert you attend as soon as possible after the show, or after the meet/greet, if you were lucky enough to attend. We will use as many as we can, but please do not be saddened if we do not choose yours – you can still write your impressions of the show in the comments section! For the quotes, we will use just your first name and state you are from, so please be sure to include that in your email. When sending your email, please include in the subject line: Venue/City/Date. If you have any further questions or concerns, please send to email above.

Ok Pennsylvania!! You are in the hot seat now for tonight!! As everyone knows, the first concert is always the most special and we want to know all about it. It has all the surprises; everyone is counting on you to tell us all the details! Will they tease us with some of their new songs?

Of course, we all wish we could be there with you tonight. For the lucky ones at the meet/greet, be sure to tell the guys we are waiting for them in every city!

Hope you have a great day getting ready, and relaxing, and doing your hair, and nails, and having a nice dinner, and trying on your special outfit/s once or twice, or three times – all the things that lead up to the anticipation! Is this your first concert? We want to know that, too! OMG! I get so emotional, I’m tearing up with joy and anticipation for you right now as I’m writing this, and I’m not even going for 2 weeks!

Have the best time of your lives tonight and stay safe when you get there, take a moment, look around you, take a deep breath, close your eyes, open them. Do this once or twice blue-nightduring the concert. Try to imagine, or remember, the night in Florence. It was a warm night, with a soft breeze, and the late afternoon sky; tinged orange and pink by the sun, turned into the beautiful deep blue of the night…


Also, see the “news on the new CD below” and

the reminder about them on the Today Show – NBC!