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But where do Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca find their strength, to make concerts with such close dates?

Every time it seems impossible to us, yet as usual, they are succeeding in this endeavor.

But let’s go in order.

Saturday 8 February: ATLANTIC CITY

AC and WASH 01

AC and WASH 02

AC and WASH 03





And here are the nice pictures of Susan, who was present at the concert.

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)

And here is Susan Medal at the Meet & Greet. What a nice quartet !! Susan is the one who designed and sent to the boys, the puppets depicting Il Volo !! ❤️

AC and WASH 09

Great success also in Atlantic City, but not even time to rest and go, but went immediately to Washington !!


Sunday,  9 February: WASHINGTON

AC and WASH 10

AC and WASH 11

And here are the videos sent by Donna Pothier who was at the concert:






And here are her beautiful photos: Thanks Donna!

AC and WASH 12

AC and WASH 14

AC and WASH 13

AC and WASH 15

And here, Donna with Janis! 😘

AC and WASH 16

And here is Donna’s review.

Ok , so I met Janis and 2 other ladies, Maria and Karen, ar National Harbor. This is a Casino and Theater at Oxen Hill Maryland near D.C. we went to Soundcheck which was really nice. They rehearsed a bunch of songs, fooled around some as usual and then one by one came down and said hello to everyone . No hugging , because of all the germs floating around. Gianluca says DONNA! ciao! Because he knows me which always makes my stomach drop…lol. Next was dinner, not very good for such a well known place. Time for the show. We were on the right side, unusual for me. So that with no pictures or videos allowed, made it hard to get them but many of us did it anyway🤣.They open with Nessun Dorma. Then songs like Surrender, Volare, Il Mondo, and quite a few solos. In between a couple of funny conversations, always teasing each other. They had the audience participate in Volare and Grande Amore. They did not come down at all, or have anyone up on stage, except for Piero during O Sole Mio. I think because of flu and the coronavirus scare. Really great concert. Their voices are all so great, and you can really tell a difference in now, and a few years ago. When Ignazio sings Memory, it is with so much expression. Wish I could go to every single one!!!! I will be in Taormina …in the center! and get good videos there! Have a great time everyone! ….Donna P.  

And how beautiful these photos taken from above by Debora Georgini Beaupre.
Thanks Deborah!

(Please click on each photo below to view at a larger size.)

Atlantic City and Washington have also been done.

 We now know their song program, but it’s always nice to see their performance.

The feeling is that everything went well so far on the tour.

But the next stage will be very special, because in addition to a nice concert, there will be

Gianluca’s birthday !!!! ❤️❤️❤️



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

Il Volo Professional ~~ DC and CT




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Massimo Messina, good friend of Il Volo, posted a couple of pictures of the concert.  Thank you, Massimo for sharing!


There is no sound in the beginning, but you get the idea.  Thanks, LisaJoy for posting Piero’s video.



Il Volo wants to know:

Silly question!! Of course we are!!  Just listen to the crowd!!


Just a reminder.  We want to hear from you!  If you are attending these concerts, and you want to share with the rest of the Flight Crew, please send your experiences and/or photos/videos to flightcrew.nottemagica2017@gmail.com.



If you are attending the Chicago concert, one of our Flight Crew members, PAT, out of the kindness of her heart, made silicone wristbands in remembrance of the beautiful evening you all will be sharing on Saturday, March 18th.  If you would like one of these wristbands (and I can’t think of a reason you wouldn’t) she will be seated in the front row to the right of the stage.

IMPORTANT! Please bring your Flight Crew badge to show her and she will gladly provide you a wristband.

~ Leelee


Madeline Vitella in D.C. & Maria Leps in Easton, PA.


THE SHOW OF SHOWS! Tonight’s concert at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts was another sold out event! Il Volo put on another fabulous show for us and the crowd went wild with standing ovation after standing ovation. The solos were nothing but perfect and the duets were amazing. The crowd enjoyed the banter among the boys. The Maestro was enjoying the concert as much as the fans did. Here are a couple of pictures you might enjoy!

madeline dc 6

madeline dc 7





Easton State Theatre, 2/22/16
IL Volo Concert shared with my son Steven Leps

Maria 1A great evening shared with my son Steven, 40, who is a graduate musician with a major in classical guitar, and has had several small bands through college and even recorded 4 CDs. This is just the background so you will know how wonderful it was seeing IL Volo again through his eyes. Of course he has heard me go on and on about them for the past year and a half and lived through my tales of my trip to Italy with the Granny Groupies (Madeline Vitella, Joan Brenin and Deborah Georgini Beaupre.

We had seats 15 and 14 first row in the stage ‘pit’. We were so close our knees touched the stage! As we sat there and the excitement mounted he explained all that the orchestra and IL Volo’s personal band was doing to prepare and how all the technical equipment was set up. Gianpiero Grani waved to me and Giovanni Granaro, Lead Guitar, also waved to me and pointed to Steven saying hello to him. I had told him at the Kennedy M&G that I would be bringing my son to Easton and he remembered!

Then I received a tap on the shoulder from a lady who asked me if I was Maria Leps who had written for The Flight Crew! She reads The Flight Crew all the time and loves it and that morning had read my article that Marie Crider had posted regarding the Borgata concert. She said she loved reading it and knew all about the Granny Groupies and would I write more. My son said ‘Mom you are famous’. It made me feel so special.

Then the concert started with their famous intro by the orchestra and band. Throughout the show Steven said many times ‘Mom, they are fantastic, they have such powerful voices’. He loved their music and songs. He explained the lung power they must have for these high notes and hold them so long and the fact that they have perfect pitch. We, like the entire audience gave them tremendous applause and innumerable standing ovations. As a musician himself, he loved being close enough to see everything they were doing. It was so special sharing this with my son and the fact that Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio recognized me and gave me a smile and wave as they looked right at me while they passed by on stage.

So now, for sure, IL Volo have another ‘younger’ fan to their credit, my son Steven.