2 thoughts on “AC and WASH 04”

  1. Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero: you love to sing for your fans and it shows in the energy and joy you derive from seeing the joy on every face in the audiences at all your concerts. You get your strength to perform night after night always singing your hearts out because you live to sing. God bless you. Elisa Marie

  2. 3 men,one voice. 3 hearts,one beat,3 personalities,one soul.You fill us with joy and love. Cannot thank you enough Piero for fulling a dream for
    me when you extended your hand to me to help you onto a chair and I will add the young lady in the same row that you were gracious enough to take a picture with in AC.
    Your voices never disappoint us and your smiles are genuine. Thank you
    for the gift of you.

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