Madeline Vitella in D.C. & Maria Leps in Easton, PA.


THE SHOW OF SHOWS! Tonight’s concert at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts was another sold out event! Il Volo put on another fabulous show for us and the crowd went wild with standing ovation after standing ovation. The solos were nothing but perfect and the duets were amazing. The crowd enjoyed the banter among the boys. The Maestro was enjoying the concert as much as the fans did. Here are a couple of pictures you might enjoy!

madeline dc 6

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Easton State Theatre, 2/22/16
IL Volo Concert shared with my son Steven Leps

Maria 1A great evening shared with my son Steven, 40, who is a graduate musician with a major in classical guitar, and has had several small bands through college and even recorded 4 CDs. This is just the background so you will know how wonderful it was seeing IL Volo again through his eyes. Of course he has heard me go on and on about them for the past year and a half and lived through my tales of my trip to Italy with the Granny Groupies (Madeline Vitella, Joan Brenin and Deborah Georgini Beaupre.

We had seats 15 and 14 first row in the stage ‘pit’. We were so close our knees touched the stage! As we sat there and the excitement mounted he explained all that the orchestra and IL Volo’s personal band was doing to prepare and how all the technical equipment was set up. Gianpiero Grani waved to me and Giovanni Granaro, Lead Guitar, also waved to me and pointed to Steven saying hello to him. I had told him at the Kennedy M&G that I would be bringing my son to Easton and he remembered!

Then I received a tap on the shoulder from a lady who asked me if I was Maria Leps who had written for The Flight Crew! She reads The Flight Crew all the time and loves it and that morning had read my article that Marie Crider had posted regarding the Borgata concert. She said she loved reading it and knew all about the Granny Groupies and would I write more. My son said ‘Mom you are famous’. It made me feel so special.

Then the concert started with their famous intro by the orchestra and band. Throughout the show Steven said many times ‘Mom, they are fantastic, they have such powerful voices’. He loved their music and songs. He explained the lung power they must have for these high notes and hold them so long and the fact that they have perfect pitch. We, like the entire audience gave them tremendous applause and innumerable standing ovations. As a musician himself, he loved being close enough to see everything they were doing. It was so special sharing this with my son and the fact that Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio recognized me and gave me a smile and wave as they looked right at me while they passed by on stage.

So now, for sure, IL Volo have another ‘younger’ fan to their credit, my son Steven.




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  1. I too love, love reading everything posted on the Flight Crew site. What a special time each of you ladies had! My excitement is building even more after your reports. Dallas, here I come!!

    1. Mine too Andrea! My concerts are all in March! Stories like Maddie’s and Maria’s…”perfect solo’s and amazing duets”… give me goosebumps in anticipation.

      Maria, what a grand experience you were able to share with your son. Sweet memories to last both of your lifetimes!

  2. Beautiful post! I love reading stories where new IL VOLO lovers emerge, like Steven. Having a musical degree makes it all the more interesting to learn what he thinks of our fantastic guys. Great review by all!

  3. I’m reading these post and getting more excited for March to roll around. I know how special IL Volo are and their concerts certainly are magic to me the atmosphere they create is incredible and they keep getting better year after year.

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S THUMPER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s one of the writers from Flight Crew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Nice one Lydka. Thanks.

      I have to say…I have heard Gianluca speak at least a hundred times, but it is still mesmerizing. There is something really beautiful about that baritone voice even when he just speaks!

      1. Marie, you got that right. Even just speaking, Gianluca ‘s voice is so mesmerizing. His voice is so deep and his English pronunciation, perfect. Love that boy so much. Can’t wait to give them bear hugs, well soft ones at least. Just to be in the same building with them gives me a great feeling of love. See you in Vegas.

  5. Marie, apparently Igna’s girlfriend is on tour with them…he’s probably a little “extra” tired, huh? 😉

    1. INTERESTING! Ignazio’s Mom was sitting across the aisle from me at Casino Rama. Next to her was a young woman. I couldn’t get a good look at her, and I though perhaps I was mistaken and it was Gianluca’s Mom. But maybe I wasn’t mistaken! And maybe that was Ignazio’s girlfriend.
      Marie, How much would you pay me to tell you what she looked like? 🙂

    2. I wrote Marie Crider that Ignacio at the Cleveland State Theater Wed. 2-23-16 announced he has been INLOVE for 2 months. I thought he looked tired and distracted.

  6. Thank you Lydka for letting us see and hear the interview at
    Jacksonville. Like the lady said, every word is more beautiful
    when spoken in Italian.

  7. Thanks Maria & Madeline for your beautiful stories!!! Lydka, love the interview from Jacksonville! Now can we all say Jacksonville with a Sicilian accent??? I can’t get enough of all the wonderful times everyone is having at their Concerts! The guys are looking great!!! Agree Ignazio looks a bit tired. Maria, what a fantastic nite with your son! Vegas, see you soon!

    1. I didn’t know that Ignazio’s girl friend was with them when I wrote my post! That is very interesting. Must be serious! Yes, I guess he might be tired!

      1. I wrote Marie Crider that Wed. 2-24-16 at Cleveland State Theater Ignacio said he has been “In Love ” for 2 months as of this night- so that would make it Xmas Eve.

      2. and yes ,he was looking tired and distracted. I was sitting Front row center seat and could see and hear all.

      3. I wish I could tell Ignacio that they both need to LIKE each other first.
        Physical passion can be taken away in an instant [ illness, accident] so LIKING each other will help a marriage endure.

    1. Thanks again, Lydka. This review is very interesting too. Yes, we knew we were seeing young men, not boys long before others noticed! I am on this journey for as long as God leaves me here & I can’t wait to see what unfolds down the road! It’s a Grande Amore trip.

  8. Thank you Madeline and Maria! I just love all these concert reports. February has just drug its lazy self across time this year and now I have the entire month of March to live through before I get my turn! I have to remember what my Grandmother used to say “Connie, don’t wish your life away!” Okay, okay Grandma, I finally get it!” Anyway, love all the reports and I am tickled that Maria was spotted! Now you are famous!
    Oh yeah,…so who has a photo of Ignazio’s chickiepoo?

  9. Madeline, Maria,

    Thanks for sharing your excitement! My first concert was 2 weeks ago but reading about your experiences keeps it fresh in my mind, and in my heart.

  10. Madeline and Maria, this is great!

    Thank you so much, and I even got to read some comments and enjoy some laughs. Ahhh… I sure missed you all!


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