IL VOLO in the US by Daniela

IL VOLO is in the United States!

After the photo shoot in New York, they flew to Miami.

Here is Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca at the South Florida PBS for the special recorded in Matera.

Let’s enjoy these short videos.





US 01

US 02

US 03

US 04

Then they were guests at the Despierta America television program . . .

 . . . where they received a beautiful cake for their 10 years.

US 05

But how beautiful they are! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

US 06

They also sang “GRANDE AMORE”.


And yesterday they were at the PBS in Chicago.

(Click on each photo to enlarge it.)

(Thanks Judy Paullin Thurman, for publishing these beautiful photos of Diane Laske Varsek and Christine Nelson)

And now, they’re already in Atlanta!! 😁

US 18

And what about this beautiful rediscovered friendship?

Thanks Richard Jay-Alexander for your post with these beautiful words. 😘

(He was the producer of the first special PBS We Are Love and also of other events.)

US 16

About Last Night ….
THE BOYS of IL VOLO are in town and we got to have a lovely dinner and catch up at Morton’s in North Miami. Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio are looking great and singing better than ever (LIVE) as they are now in their early to mid 20’s. I first learned of them and worked with them when they were teenagers. Also, their longtime road manager & friend, Barbara Vitali was with them and it was nice to catch up, reminisce and look to the future. They have now been together as a group for TEN YEARS and have a new PBS special that you should look for … IL VOLO: Ten Years. CHECK YOUR LOCAL LISTINGS. I LOVE THESE GUYS and the foundation of our work and our friendship was rock solid, which is why we still stay in touch and see each other. Hey … BTW …. New York!!!! They’re playing RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL in February and are almost SOLD OUT … so get your TIX! They are the REAL DEAL!

US-17.png(Image made by Xinjie Wang)

Ok, will there be a next stop over Atlanta? We’ll see.

Moreover, many of you, will be seeing the Matera concert on television, write me your comments, for better or for worse.



(Credit to owners of all photos and videos.)

27 thoughts on “IL VOLO in the US by Daniela”

  1. They were on PBS in Albuquerque last night. When they started singing I got goosebumps. Their singing is beyond compare

  2. If anyone has a clue when they’ll be in Minneapolis, please let us all know. I’m searching for their PBS and haven’t found it yet.

    1. Victoria, I looked at the program guide for the Minneapolis pbs Il Volo concert but I didn’t find anything for the last two weeks when pbs stations were having their “Sweeps week”.Maybe they didn’t show it.
      We had ours here in Hawaii December 3rd, and I noticed most of the pbs stations have already shown it.☹️

  3. I too watched them on PBS last night in San Francisco. My only wish is that they sing only the Italian songs. I don’t need to hear My Way People
    I want to hear L’amore si muove per the ci sari we are love e la Mia vita just to name a few
    By the way. I already got my tickets for their concert here in the Bay Area

    1. I totally agree. Thank goodness for YouTube, so we can see them sing the songs they do for the Italian and Spanish speaking audiences.

  4. Finally, I could see my boys in my own town, now only on TV, I have to wait till February to see and meet them live! What a trill, live interviews in studio and I was wondering where, now i know, it was from Miami. Boys looked great, at ease, Igna funny as always, they were interviewed individually and than together, sometimes making fun of each other. Thanks to PBS, they introduced IlVolo to us 10 years ago, and continue to do so still. Matera concert is absolutely beautiful, I already ordered DVD and CD, hopefully get it before Christmas.
    Merry Christmas Daniela, please continue writing.

  5. I emailed my local PBS station and they said they would be airing this concert on December 9 at 9 pm. They have aired their PBS concerts after each of II Volo’s performances, in spite of the fact that no one in my town has ever heard of them. These young men have graced us with their beautiful music, not only in their Italian songs, but in other languages as well.

    1. I agree with you Kaye in that PBS watchers are the ones that see and know of them. My wish is that PBS who have the archives of all their PBS shows, would play them throughout the year as they do with some of the other shows.

  6. Their voice and beautiful personalities clean entertainment makes Every One SMIlLE! Love their talent……keep it going….Thank God for their beautiful voices……BRAVO IL VOLO!!😍😍😍👍

  7. The boys seem relaxed and having a good time, I was hoping that when they went to Miami some one there would propose some project where the boys sing Spanish songs like the last CD “Amame”.

    1. Regina, My idea is for them to record a tribute to Jose Jose and Luis Miguel like they did for the 3 Tenors. What do you think? South Americans love and honor their singers all their lives. Maybe primarily for the South American Market,with others having a choice to purchase them also.

  8. Greetings Daniela and Il Volovers. I watched the PBS Matera program last night. It was wonderful and the highest quality. I have my tickets for the California presentation. I was especially pleased that Ignazio used his unsurpassed vocal ring to his voice, round whole like a flute or bell (lyrical). I especially like when they blend their voices with the harmonies. It can bring tears to my eyes. The Italian words and Italian melodic music is what they are all about.

  9. Hi Daniela I was at my Dad’s near San Francisco and I was looking at their local PBS station and guess who I saw IL Volo, What a wonderful surprise that was. I’ve seen it three times already and will be watching it again on Friday night through my local PBS station in Fresno California.
    I loved seeing and hearing them live again but they seemed a bit reserved at this concert if you watch their other concerts they usually are more talkative and interact more with the audience.
    I’ve got my tickets to see them In Las Vegas where I last saw IL Volo at the Fan Fair in 2016 that was such a blast I had to go back this time.
    As far as the upcoming concert in the states I know there are so many songs for IL Volo to choose from to sing it must be so hard to choose I know a lot of my favorites probably won’t be sung but I know whatever they choose to sing will be amazing.

    1. If you have seen other PBS concerts you will realize that PBS edits out the interactions between the boys among themselves, and with the audience. They seem to prefer just the songs. In fact I thought this Matera concert had more interactions between the boys than previous PBS concerts. If you have ever attended a live concert you wil know this is not the way they perform–just going straight from one song into another. And I am sure people who were at the live Matera concert can tell us that there were a lot of interactions that were cut out in the DVD.

    2. To continue–This is why I like the first PBS DVD the best–they hadn’t thought to edit out those interactions, so as far as I am concerned the first PBS show, Live at the Detroit Opera House is the most authentic PBS concert. And they were so young and cute!

  10. My apologies to our boys and all Italians! They made a sort visit to the Atlanta PBS studios who embarrassed them and all their fans by insisting on calling them El Volo all night long (you could see them cringe every time). They NEVER introduced them or called them by their individual names, always EL Volo. On top of that the visual introducing the program said “Il Volo live from MATERNA”. The boys did make them correct that mistake. How embarrassing! Atlanta has two PBS stations and always before the other one did the promoting; they always did their homework and knew how to pronounce all their names. These people acted like they had never heard them before. Very sad representation if our city. No wonder they left less than 24 hours later.

    1. Victoria and others from Minnesota – I was informed by our local TPT / PBS station that Il Volo was not in their Programming schedule. That was so disappointing! i suggested that they show the Il Volo concert in January, before the guys come on their USA tour. Perhaps, if others would contact the station and make the same request, they might reconsider. I know the northern Minnesota PBS station did show the Matera concert on Sunday night.

    2. Sally, I watched the program on PBSSOCAL a few days ago. The boys did their part. They were gracious and even answered phone calls ahead of the donation person. I talked to Ignazio first then he transferred me to Stephanie.
      HOWEVER, the hosts were like uninformed robots and did such a poor job of presenting and interviewing the Boys. You would think they weren’t interested in donations. They did the same with Michael Buble’. Something is happening at PBS. Some kind of transition. If they are short of money this did them no good. Stephanie assured me the whole donation would go to Il Volo programming. I will support them in any way necessary. This was so disrespectful, when they travel all over the world and are known all over the world to be treated with so little respect.
      Thank God we all love them.

  11. We have been very lucky here in S Florida as two of our 3 PBS stations have been running the Matera concert several times. Needless to say I have watched every one no matter what the time !! Such joy !! On the first showing I called in to WPBT to get tickets and who should i speak to but Piero .the kind person answering the phone called him over and as always ,he was so polite. Just extra luck !! Now looking forward to February 22nd. I wish all IlVolovers Best Wishes for the holidays and a Happy and Healthy New Year. Buon Natale e felice Anno Nuovo a Gianluca ,Ignazio e Piero.

  12. Hi Daniela , hope you are alright. Miss your postings. Even though there is Facebook. There is nothing like your updates.
    P.s. will be watching IL volo on Feb. 9 MGM.

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