Since they returned to Italy, Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero have not had a break.

In Turin, they did a private concert for a corporate event.

Return 01

Return 02

And here, we have a few short videos.




Then they were guests in the broadcast VIVA RAIPLAY, conducted by Fiorello.

But how are they dressed ????

Return 04

Return 05

Return 06

Of course they are THE DARK VOLO BAND😁

In this short video the boys say that only Fiorello managed to dress them like this, and they recommend watching the show if you want to know what happened.

And here is the video of the evening.


Return 07

Return 08

What to say, they were fun, in their imitation of rapper singers, they sang famous song phrases, rap style ….. hilarious !!!

Very good also in the movements and those clothes, too funny!

And what about the beautiful Queen song? “We Are The Champions”, wonderful !!!

I think the boys had a great time with Fiorello, who is a friend of theirs.

Return 09

Return 10

But the next day, in the morning, here they are guests at a radio program, RADIO2 SOCIAL CLUB.

Return 11

And here is their participation in the program.

After the greetings, the boys are asked the thrill of having their photos on Times Square, and Ignazio says that it was very exciting to see their photos there.

Return 12

The speaker, standing with glasses, is Luca Barbarossa, he is the author of the words of “IO CANTO”, which he had written for Pavarotti, but which was then sung by Placido Domingo with IL Volo, while the music is by Musumarra, which is the same author that wrote “Ave Maria Mater Misericordiae”.

Then the famous selfie with Pope Francis is remembered. Below, “Musica Che Resta” is played on the air.

On the way back, the boys sing “Arrivederci Roma” live.

The boys sang “Jingle Bell Rock” and then sang “Nel blu dipinto di blu” in Dean Martin version. Here is a video of snippets of the songs. There is no sound until about 12 seconds into the video.

In the end a good female singer, Frances and Il Volo, especially Ignazio, sang “Imagine”.

Return 13

So here they are guests in the broadcast of RAI1 “20 years that we are Italian”.

Return 14

In this beautiful broadcast, they presented a nice medley of their songs. And then, in the second part, Il Volo, along with Gigi D’Alessio sang a beautiful song by Modugno “Tu si na cosa grande”. Beautiful, all four very good.


Return 15

Return 16

Return 17

In addition, new Italian dates for 2020 have been announced.

August 30 at the Verona Arena
August 31 at the Verona Arena (new date)
September 4 at the Teatro Antico in Taormina
September 5 at the Teatro Antico in Taormina (new date)
November 26 at the Pala Alpi Tour of Turin (new date)
November 30 at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago, Milan (new date)
December 4 at the Palazzo dello Sport in Rome (new date)

Return 18

As usual, Ignazio Gianluca and Piero, leave us speechless, with all these commitments, always carried out in an excellent way, and we are all very proud of them.

Guys, you always have the gift of making us smile!




Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

49 thoughts on “IL VOLO: RETURN TO ITALY by Daniela”

  1. Thank you, Daniela for posting about our 3 sweet guys returning to Italia. The videos were quite awesome! Now, rapping—what fun that must have been. And I love that they sang that great hit, “We Are The Champions.” Il Volo, you are loved!

    1. Elisa Marie, it was fun to see them sing in rap, but they manage to do everything, on the contrary, I don’t think a rap singer can sing like Il Volo!

  2. Thank you so much Daniela for all the news. Hard to keep up!! I will look at all the videos!! Love them so much!

  3. As usual thanks a million Daniela for keeping us up to date with the Guys. I am so pleased to see that they are having so much fun in whatever they are doing. With Piero saying they are going to be doing over 100 concerts next year they deserve to have some fun. How different they look in “RAP” clothes !!
    I wish all Ilvolovers a Happy holiday, and Saluti e Auguri e Felice Anno Nuovo to you Daniela and of course Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio.

    1. Grazie mille Marion for the wishes of a Merry Christmas that I reciprocate to you. Thanks also for the nice compliments, I only summarized what they did!

  4. Ciao Daniela…
    As always, a million thank you’s for the awesome coverage of the account of events for the guys! I love seeing and hearing what they are doing. I am a Forever Follower and can’t get enough of seeing the guys. Gian is my “Grande Amore” even at my advanced age…he warms my otherwise empty heart. Thank you so very much, and Merry Christmas!

    1. Eleanor, your affection for Gianluca is so sweet, and it’s so nice to find out that someone warms your heart, at any age, it’s always a good feeling.

  5. They are like the Energizer Bunny they never seem to run down. Loved the rap performance a real fun change of pace. They were great on the Italian 20Anni program along with Gigi who performed with them Hope somewhere in here they get a break Christmas will soon be here and before you know it they will be in the air again for several more concerts MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL

    1. Beverley, I agree with gte, they were fantastic at “20 years we’re Italians” At Christmas they will be with their families, for them it is a time of family joy.

  6. Thanks Daniela. I hope they sing more new songs in the future. They seem to be able to do anything that is thrown at them. Love the boys.

  7. Thank you Daniela for keeping us posted on the boys. They always look like they are having fun.

  8. The joy they bring! So much joy! And goodness knows we all need some. Grazie Daniela for sharing all this … otherwise we would not have it. Grazie mille.

    1. Nancy, thank you, but there are so many pages that talk about them, that sometimes I think that you will surely already have seen and read everything.

      1. Daniela, don’t worry about too many pages. Not everyone has the ability to see and hear “our boys” in the same way. They are a world phenomenon. I appreciate all you do to bring me all you can. That Rai appearance was just another place where the boys showed how talented and versatile they are. Since you sent it to us we can watch it over and over. You are a blessing.

  9. I just got back from Radio City Music Hall seeing Christmas Show, but could not stop thinking about February 6, when I will be back with my Granddaughter to see our boys in their wonderful concert. I’m trying to buy tickets for Rome concert December 4, 2020, I got the fan letter to buy tickets on presale, but it did not go through … can you find out why?
    And again, thank you for writing, keep doing it!!

    1. Irene, you’re fantastic, go to a show, and think of another show … anxiety of waiting.
      The only thing for which the presale may not have worked is just that you haven’t been at the scheduled times. Many of my friends have bought without problems.

  10. Thank you Daniela and Merry Christmas to you and all of my Il Volo followers. Again, they show their creativity, talent and willingness to share themselves. They are very special. They deserve time off to be with their families.

  11. Lovely photos and reporting but I did not see a single smidge of a videoe of any sort. I really wish I could have!

    1. Hi there
      I have the same problem as not seeing any videos at first, but if you scroll down to the bottom and click on Comments (read all the fab comments) and then scroll up to the top of the report the format will change and the videos then become able to be watched.
      Have a go and good luck!

      Thank you to Daniela for keeping us all up to date with all stuff IL VOLO. I have managed to purchase tickets on line to the very recently announced second concert in Taormina Sicily – now we will see them on the 4th and 5th September 2020 – can’t wait. Just have the long haul flights from New Zealand again. Well worth the effort of see them in Taormina – the wonderful venue with the wonderful IL VOLO. This will be our third trip to Sicily to see them! Highly recommended!
      Merry Christmas to one and all from Downunder xx

      1. Quite a few of us going to Taormina, from the States. Don’t forget to wear your Flight Crew badge.

  12. Dear Daniela! Thank you very much for the regular information on our favorite Boys. I am from Bulgaria, we do not have Raj -1 there is only Mediaset, Kanale5 is also not.You are blessed by me because you publish the most important thing for me! I live with them, they delight me, they touch me. Merry and peaceful holidays to you, to IL VOLO, to Mikel Torpedin / and everyone who is on stage and behind her at concerts /, to all the fans of our boys. !!!

    1. Antonela, I’m really happy to have been helpful. We are a big family that we love Il Volo, it’s so nice to have contact with anyone, from all over the world.

  13. What a great post Daniela and Pat! I especially enjoyed their appearance on Rai I !! It appears that the audience was enthralled by their performances! As others have mentioned, it is hard to keep up with them! They are the greatest!!

  14. Thank you Daniela for the updates. The boys are amazing can’t wait to see their show her in Laval January 30,2020.

  15. Always fun to see them on Rai1. They and the host were great! I would love to see this at a concert,Thank you, as always, Daniella.

  16. I think I work for wrong company… when I imagine to have il Volo as a star of X-mas dinner…. Daniela do you know which company it was? I have to apply 😉

  17. Thank you Daniela for the videos and translations especially now when I am sure you are very busy with Christmas coming soon. They really look like they are having fun and Fiorello always seems to get them fired up so to speak. I believe they can sing anything and they did a great job with We Are the Champions. I do hope they will soon have time at home to rest and be with their families and friends for Christmas.

  18. Merry Christmas and a wish for peace, joy and blessings to all the Flight Crew and to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!

  19. Hi Margaret,
    Have you received any Flight Crew Posts (new) in the last two weeks? It’s been at least this long since I’ve received one and I checked, I’m still a blog member and I can access the Fanpage on facebook. Just wondering-your message was the last one I saw on this particular post of late. Dec. 26th. Thanks, Mark

      1. I am in touch with Daniela, she has been very busy these past couple of weeks with the holidays and family. I am sure we will hear from her soon. The boys are relaxing for a short time, so not much to report.

  20. Thanks Rose Marie, I was worried that there might be something wrong with my email account or that I may have been kicked of the blog!! I don’t mean to pressure Daniela in any way, as it is, she spoils us with so many great posts.

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