Il Volo Off Stage: Traveling, Being Healthy and Quiet Moments


Can’t Go To New York Without Going to Central Park

Gianluca = This morning we make a walk in Central Park, it’s a wonderful day today, no longer as cold as the past few days.


Ignazio = The long road 9.7 kilometers surrounding the park


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Gianluca = And after the sushi, the ciurrascheria, meat, fish, now finally a nice plate of pasta as it should be, guys, it’s important.


Have you wondered about the lapel pins that they guys are wearing?  Daniela say: “Is the stylized image of a flower and is the symbol of Lardini,” WHY THE FLAGSHIP IS ALWAYS SIGN LARDINI BADGE “(Lardini quote)”


Traveling with Sleepy Bus

From today we are traveling with the Sleepy Bus with a new traveling companion our Conductor Joseph Modica

From Piero



Get Some Rest

Ignazio wrote:
And when that last reddish light beam will leave the horizon comes the night to keep us company waiting for the same beam of light there is to do new company ..


It’s Hard Work Being Healthy on the Road

Piero=What have you done
Ignazio = 1 time
Piero = How Many Calories
Ignazio = 612
Piero = Are you still alive
Ignazio= Uh, more dead than alive


Bonus Footage~~Grande Amore

The song is covered during a wedding in Germany, again making someones special day perfect


5 thoughts on “Il Volo Off Stage: Traveling, Being Healthy and Quiet Moments”

  1. What a grand entrance to that wedding! That couple has great taste in music.

    Much credit to the guys as they work to stay in shape along the road they travel. It must feel great to work out after hours of sitting in planes, airports and sleepy buses.

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Italian fathers!! 🙂

  2. It truly is a wonderful idea to use GRNDE AMORE as an introduction to the marriage.
    The only flaw is that they have sung in Italian, and the words are very crippled.
    Of course no comparison with our boys, but we appreciate the gesture.

  3. Unfortunately, I cannot stop comparing other singers to our Il Volo. Our boys are still #1, in my opinion of course.

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