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As promised, I am posting more reviews of the concerts. They are shorter than Leena’s and so I thought I’d put them together in one post.
The first review was sent to us by email, the others that follow, are comments to the concerts and perhaps not all of you have read them.
Everything that has been written reflects exactly our feelings towards Il Volo, therefore reading these beautiful words makes us relive special moments of lived concerts.
Happy reading, I await your comments : Daniela 🤗

Let’s start with the Clearwater concert review sent to us by Judi Edwards.

Ciao Daniela & Pat,
Another wonderful concert for our guys, and the full-house audience with some Latinos and Italians in attendance was extremely enthusiastic and appreciative—with partial to full standing ovations on most of the songs.  My sister and I had fantastic seats – 3rd row, but with no one in front of us—a few steps and we could have grabbed a foot or two!  Slightly different repertoire, with Here’s To You and Nella Fantasia replaced by El Reloj, Historia de Un Amor and El Triste, pleasing the Latinos—and me too.  I was so happy also to hear Would She Even Know My Name as well—so beautiful!  Plus I have to mention the excellent orchestra of about 30 musicians.  Ignazio was his usual lively self, and at one point, when he was introducing My Way and wanting to sound like a boxing match announcer, he dropped to the floor when the other guys surprised him with a mic coming down from the ceiling (flies).   I had my first Meet and Greet (this is my second concert) and it was a thrill, but there were estimated to be over 100 of us—obviously there are a lot of serious fans of our guys!  I hope you like the photos from my sister Kathi–sorry we were too busy soaking up the glorious performance to take videos.

Toronto concert, review from Dolores.

I’m 90 yr. old, this was the third time I’ve seen them, twice at their earliest shows in Canada and then on September 7th in Toronto. My step-daughter and I took the train to Toronto from outside of Ottawa, and got a hotel room close to Meridian Hall. We had seats in the 7th row, with me sitting in an aisle seat.
When Ignazio came down the aisle he sat on the knee of the woman directly behind me, so I got an exceptional view of that wonderful guy and heard his voice like you wouldn’t on a CD!! The whole concert was unbelievable and the Meet and Greet afterwards was super. I told Gianluca and Ignazio it was my 90th birthday present to ME!! Got Piero to sign a CD insert for my good friend, Roz from the UK, who I’ve been writing to since January (meeting through your Flight Crew columns)..
This was an experience I will remember if I live to be 100 yrs. old. and, hopefully, I’ll get to go to another concert before I check out of this world!!
Hugs to you all!

Phoenix concert, review from Martha Lukaszewski

Daniela and Pat, Thank you both for your joint efforts in bringing us all the spectacular highlights of the US tour. I saw the Phoenix concert and I witnessed their growth and maturity as artists and performers.
As a group, superb harmony. As solo performers and
in duets, they have reached new levels. Piero’s voice has matured and the audience was in awe. Gianluca’s “If I can Dream” was an emotional ride with a physicality, that showed a confidence in movement. As a soloist and in the duets, Ignazio shines. But as the “Ringleader of Merriment”
he is an original. The contrast from 2 years ago allowed the time to grow, and mature as men.
We are all in awe. We are here for them for years to come.
Grateful : Martha

Maryann Schlessinger wrote this nice thought:

Only heard them for the first time about 1 year ago, but I was hooked immediately! I need to have my IL Volo fixed every day, so I have many of their songs on my playlist. Saw them in concert recently and they were just wonderful. They are so talented, so beautiful, so generous, so humble, so filled with love & joy that it comes through in all their songs. I am so glad to have found them & will love them forever.

…… and to her,  replied Jil Shaw

Maryann Schlessinger you sound just like me. Heard the guys first last year – instantly obsessed with their beautiful voices. I saw them in Melbourne – have all their CDs and listen every single day. Don’t know what it is about Il Volo that is so special but there is something unique – in their voices, their affection for one another, their sense of fun on stage and I am just so glad I found them!!!!!! 💙 💙 💙



Credit to owners of all photos.


There is a lot of talk these days about the benefit concert on October 9, but first there was another concert.


The concert goes well, as usual, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca wear their blue suits right from the start.

The vocal performances are always excellent and the audience is more and more in love.


O Sole Mio – Click Here




Another beautiful stage of the tour is done, but the thought is immediately to the next concert, there is a lot of anticipation.
As announced by Il Volo, the concert, to be held in SUNRISE Arena, will be broadcast live streaming everywhere, and the proceeds will be donated to charity for the victims of Hurricane Jan.
Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca had a big heart to propose this initiative, born from their own ideas, and  for this cause, they also publicized the event, participating in various broadcasts:
They were interviewed by Camilo via twitter for Spanish CNN.

In this interview, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also answered questions asked by the fans.
In this short video there is a question asked to Ignazio, and exactly:

Camilo =  A good question:  Hi I want to know which one of you has a girlfriend and how you can have a long distance relationship.
Did you understand Ignazio? (He laughs)
Ignazio = The first part I did not understand.
Piero = (he explains in Italian to Ignazio) If you have a girlfriend, how do you maintain a long-distance relationship?
I had the girlfriend, I had.
Long-distance love is not easy, but if you want, everything is possible. Some things have a beginning and we don’t know when it will end, when it is the end, and we have to take advantage of each day as if it were the last, and I am a person who always does this. Then, I have no regrets in my life. Well, I’m happy like that.
(This definitely makes us understand that the relationship between Ignazio and Ana Paula is over. Ok Ignazio, we just need you to confirm that you are happy.)

They participate in the broadcast DESPIERTA AMERICA where, after talking about the live streaming concert for charity, they perform IL MONDO and EL TRISTE.


Then to the EN CASA CON TELEMUNDO program.

To the EL GORDO Y LA FLACA program, with Lili Estefan.
(Have fun reading my translation, I do not know Spanish but it is clear that being Italian I understand it enough and then I try to interpret, I hope I have interpreted well.)

At the beginning Piero explains that they will do a concert at SUNRISE, and it will be broadcast in live streaming and the donations will be in favor of the people affected by the hurricane.
Lili says it’s nice that three young Italians have this feeling towards the locals.
Ignazio explains that they know they have some influence and it is right that they use it to help people, he says that they have always been well received in South America and have a good connection with Florida.
Lili says to send a nice message to the fans.
Gianluca says that fans have been following them for 13 years, and for them it was a privilege to have made their passion their job. He says that the last two years of Covid have been tough and at this moment the hurricane has also come, and therefore as Piero and Ignazio said, they must help.
Ignazio explains that there are not many words to say, whole books can be written, but their, the artists, must think about how to help people, that is, by buying the ticket.
Piero says that on their social network there will be all the details, it will be very easy, something that even his grandmother could do.
Lili goes on to say that it will be enough to click to donate.
The other woman asks the guys how they have this great connection with fans everywhere, and Ignazio replies:
Because we are Italian”. 😁😁😁
Then Piero tells that in the morning they woke up and he asked what they had to do promotion that day and then they told him that in the afternoon he would meet the love of his life (he is being gallant with Lili ….. exclamations of all)
The other woman says that if she (Lili) is the love of your life, you need to clarify.
Lili asks if they are all still single, because she hasn’t seen them for two years and she is a little lost.
Piero confirms that they are single. (at that moment Gianluca points outwards, probably Eleonora is there, and he intends to point her out to Lili).
Lili asks, again “Are you all single?”
Piero says he is single, then adds that he is single in Italy, in Miami he is not single (laughter) and then Piero confirms that in Miami he is not single, in the rest of the world he is single (he continues to be gallant with Lili ).
Lili says they (the staff) told her there was the interview, but she didn’t know it was with them (Il Volo).
Gianluca says that the surprise is the best thing.
Lili confirms that this is so and then she returns to the topic of the Sunday concert, and asks Il Volo to sing a piece for them, the other woman also asks to please do it and Il Volo performs a piece from IL MONDO a cappella. (applause) 🤗

At the end of the interview, while they were taking pictures, also this happened with Lili, poor Gianluca, hit in the head by an elbow !!
Also the Italian RAI 1 news broadcast, broke the news.
RAI 1 News – Click Here
MAN = And now let’s go and meet three talents who successfully bring Italian music to the world, but first let’s listen to their music.
And here they are, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble, or Il Volo, in connection with us from Florida, good evening guys, and thanks for being with us, good morning to you, but what are you doing in Florida?
PIERO = We are in Florida, tonight we will sing here in Miami. A few days ago we had to cancel our concert in Fort Myers due to the hurricane that destroyed part of Florida. Tonight we decided to broadcast the Miami concert in live global streaming, for a fundraiser, to help all victims affected by the hurricane.
MAN = How is your American tour going?
GIANLUCA = Well, now we are in Florida, we went to RCMH a few weeks ago, and the next stops will be Phoenix, Los Angeles and then we will finish in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.
IGNAZIO = Then we will return in December doing indoor sports in Italy, on the 15th in Turin, on the 17th in Milan and on the 23rd in Rome …..
GIANLUCA = …. December, of course
IGNAZIO = For tonight’s concert we will be live around 2:00 am in Italy, on our social networks you can find all the information, the platform is called StageIt.com
MAN = A nice tour of the world, but in all these concerts … America, Italy, Australia, is there a song that can never be missing and above all do you let us listen to it?
PIERO = We close all the concerts with Grande Amore, with that melody, we open the concerts with the Ecstasy of Gold, so it is a concert that ranges in more melodies.
What do we close with, what do we do? (Piero turns to his colleagues)
IGNAZIO(Ignazio start to sings a piece of Il Mondo)…… ed il giorno verrà, stanotte amore non ho più pensato a te, a te!!
MAN = Thanks guys, thanks, good concert.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also made a video to promote the live streaming concert and donations.

Live Stream Promotion – Click Here

There is a lot of anticipation for the concert and the day before the date Arianna the Singer also joins the project.
Arianna Bergamaschi is a very good Italian singer who lives in the U.S. She already sang with Il Volo about 10 years ago, it is a pity that here in Italy she is very little known.

Arianna wrote this:
“After exactly 10 years from our last performances here in the USA, tonight with immense joy and emotion I will duet at the FLA Arena in Miami with the friends of Il Volo during their concert.
The show will also be streaming worldwide on the site
Stageit.com and proceeds will be donated to the victims of Hurricane Ian which has just devastated a large swath of Florida territory.
As a new resident of Florida I am happy to be able to give my contribution and I invite you to buy the streaming tickets and enjoy the concert thus supporting this wonderful initiative!
I embrace you all !!”
Here are Il Volo and Arianna in a video from 2012, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, really very young !!

October 9 – SUNRISE

And here we are finally on the night of the concert.

I too bought my ticket to participate in the streaming, but since here in Italy it will be 02:15 am,  I didn’t think I would see it …………… instead at 03:20 am I woke up and then I tried to connect, and it was wonderful, from My Way to the end I saw every moment, the image and the sound were perfect, I felt like I had  Il Volo singing in my  home, wonderful !! ❤
I would have liked to attach the video of the entire concert that my friend Carmen from Il Volo in Clase made, but unfortunately, the video was blocked.
There were the first images of the beginning, what emotion!!
The concert was amazing, the beautiful and large Sunrise arena was full of people in crazy love for Il Volo.
Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, beautiful in their white suits and also very excited.
The audience greeted them with a roar. ❤
The lineup of songs is slightly varied, some songs in Spanish have been included, which I really like and which I propose to you in these videos.






At the beginning of the video there is confusion, but then you see what joy and admiration among the audience.

HALLELUJAH, what emotion!

SE, sweetest, there are no words

SMILE, with the good Arianna, listen to these magnificent four voices !!! Enchantment.

Arianna wrote like this:
Thanks Miami and the wonderful audience of @flalivearena and thanks to the most powerful and talented group that ever I sang with: Il Volo, for the magical moment we shared last night !!
“You will find that life is still worth it if you just SMILE !!”
Among the audience there was also Lili Estefan and see what Piero does during O SOLE MIO.

Piero with Lili Estefan – Click Here

And Lili wrote like this:
Mute !!!!!! What can I tell you about this moment, an unforgettable gift from the universe 😃, only you my dear Piero Barone.
Il Volo, that honor ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ they are UNIQUE 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 THANK YOU

FLA Arena, too, enjoyed the beautiful concert and also wanted to join the donations. Nice gesture!!

Il Volo, obviously happy with the beautiful evening, posted this video with these beautiful words of thanks.
Sunrise was unbelievable.
We felt your hearts beating together from all over the world.
You supported us and most importantly, all the victims of Hurricane Ian. 💗
Thank you very much for helping us and for being so generous.

Sunrise Compilation – Click Here

What a wonderful evening, what a thrill, for everyone, for the public and for our beloved Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, incredible that all this has already happened, and unfortunately the end of the American tour is coming, only two concerts and then they will fly in. Australia for three more concerts.
You bring the beautiful song, beautiful voices and sympathy, beauty and harmony, a smile wherever you go.
Thank you guys!
………. and after so much effort, this also happens at the meet & greet, fantastic and good Derek !!
See you soon guys, to finish in style.
Daniela 🤗


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.