As promised, I am posting more reviews of the concerts. They are shorter than Leena’s and so I thought I’d put them together in one post.
The first review was sent to us by email, the others that follow, are comments to the concerts and perhaps not all of you have read them.
Everything that has been written reflects exactly our feelings towards Il Volo, therefore reading these beautiful words makes us relive special moments of lived concerts.
Happy reading, I await your comments : Daniela 🤗

Let’s start with the Clearwater concert review sent to us by Judi Edwards.

Ciao Daniela & Pat,
Another wonderful concert for our guys, and the full-house audience with some Latinos and Italians in attendance was extremely enthusiastic and appreciative—with partial to full standing ovations on most of the songs.  My sister and I had fantastic seats – 3rd row, but with no one in front of us—a few steps and we could have grabbed a foot or two!  Slightly different repertoire, with Here’s To You and Nella Fantasia replaced by El Reloj, Historia de Un Amor and El Triste, pleasing the Latinos—and me too.  I was so happy also to hear Would She Even Know My Name as well—so beautiful!  Plus I have to mention the excellent orchestra of about 30 musicians.  Ignazio was his usual lively self, and at one point, when he was introducing My Way and wanting to sound like a boxing match announcer, he dropped to the floor when the other guys surprised him with a mic coming down from the ceiling (flies).   I had my first Meet and Greet (this is my second concert) and it was a thrill, but there were estimated to be over 100 of us—obviously there are a lot of serious fans of our guys!  I hope you like the photos from my sister Kathi–sorry we were too busy soaking up the glorious performance to take videos.

Toronto concert, review from Dolores.

I’m 90 yr. old, this was the third time I’ve seen them, twice at their earliest shows in Canada and then on September 7th in Toronto. My step-daughter and I took the train to Toronto from outside of Ottawa, and got a hotel room close to Meridian Hall. We had seats in the 7th row, with me sitting in an aisle seat.
When Ignazio came down the aisle he sat on the knee of the woman directly behind me, so I got an exceptional view of that wonderful guy and heard his voice like you wouldn’t on a CD!! The whole concert was unbelievable and the Meet and Greet afterwards was super. I told Gianluca and Ignazio it was my 90th birthday present to ME!! Got Piero to sign a CD insert for my good friend, Roz from the UK, who I’ve been writing to since January (meeting through your Flight Crew columns)..
This was an experience I will remember if I live to be 100 yrs. old. and, hopefully, I’ll get to go to another concert before I check out of this world!!
Hugs to you all!

Phoenix concert, review from Martha Lukaszewski

Daniela and Pat, Thank you both for your joint efforts in bringing us all the spectacular highlights of the US tour. I saw the Phoenix concert and I witnessed their growth and maturity as artists and performers.
As a group, superb harmony. As solo performers and
in duets, they have reached new levels. Piero’s voice has matured and the audience was in awe. Gianluca’s “If I can Dream” was an emotional ride with a physicality, that showed a confidence in movement. As a soloist and in the duets, Ignazio shines. But as the “Ringleader of Merriment”
he is an original. The contrast from 2 years ago allowed the time to grow, and mature as men.
We are all in awe. We are here for them for years to come.
Grateful : Martha

Maryann Schlessinger wrote this nice thought:

Only heard them for the first time about 1 year ago, but I was hooked immediately! I need to have my IL Volo fixed every day, so I have many of their songs on my playlist. Saw them in concert recently and they were just wonderful. They are so talented, so beautiful, so generous, so humble, so filled with love & joy that it comes through in all their songs. I am so glad to have found them & will love them forever.

…… and to her,  replied Jil Shaw

Maryann Schlessinger you sound just like me. Heard the guys first last year – instantly obsessed with their beautiful voices. I saw them in Melbourne – have all their CDs and listen every single day. Don’t know what it is about Il Volo that is so special but there is something unique – in their voices, their affection for one another, their sense of fun on stage and I am just so glad I found them!!!!!! 💙 💙 💙



Credit to owners of all photos.

47 thoughts on “REVIEWS AND COMMENTS by Daniela”

  1. Wonder article about our guys! They are phenomenal and deserve all the praise!❤️❤️🎶🎶🇮🇹🇮🇹🥰🥰

  2. Thank you Daniela and Pat for collecting all these wonderful reviews. I’m so happy reading beautiful words about our guys. Every Il Volo’s concert is an unforgetable experience and beautiful memory until the next concert, in the next year I hope. Grazie mille 😘

  3. My husband and I drove out of the hurricane ravaged area of Southwest Florida to attend the concert in Sunrise, FL on October 9th. We had already purchased our tickets and there was nothing we could do for our house except wait for contractors, so we drove the 3 hours across the state to Sunrise. I thought their beautiful voices would take my mind off the mess and destruction left by the hurricane. But, when the boys began singing Smile at the souncheck, the tears just started to flow with worrying about what waited for us back home.
    I sat beside a lovely young woman named Rosario who also was an avid Il Volo fan. Her enthusiasm helped to distract my thoughts and we thoroughly enjoyed the concert! My 76 year old husband was as excited as I’ve ever seen him! The venue, an ice hockey indoor arena, was freezing! Igna was complaining about the air conditioning but it was actually ice under the metal floor that caused the chill.
    Their voices are perfection! Their humor is infectious! Their humility and generosity is to be admired! The entire concert was live streamed through and the proceeds donated to Red Cross for the victims of the hurricane. They are very simply just beautiful human beings.
    We love them for all their good qualities but also for the way they don’t hesitate to demonstrate affection for each other. They are truly brothers!
    Thank you,
    Nina Miragliuolo Pieculewicz

    1. They are truely the best three angelic voices one soul. True brothers and so great and loving to us their fans. They make me so proud of my Italian heritage❤️🇮🇹🥇

    2. Nina, you wrote beautiful words. It’s all true, we love them because besides being good artists, they have very good qualities and we like this a lot.

  4. I was so surprised to see my comments about our dear sweet Il Volo posted by you, Daniela. Thank you, so much!

    As I may have said before, they were so kind, courteous and patient with all those waiting to have our photo taken at the Meet and Greet in Toronto after the show. If I were to have the choice of having them as grandsons, I would accept without a thought!
    Hugs, Dolores

    1. Dolores, we all would like them as children, grandchildren, brothers, husbands, they are lovely.
      On the facebook page, a woman wrote that your example gave her a strong boost!
      A hug to you from Italy

  5. Daniela, thank you for all your stories. I discovered them when a friend send a Facebook clip to me 20 months ago.I listen to then daily. I also agree with all of Jill’s comments. I attended the Connecticut and Boston concerts which were wonderful, came home to New Jersey and wanted more. Some tickets freed up in Bethlehem, Pa, and I bought a ticket, planning to go by myself- very unusual for me. I baked a good bread for Ignazio’s need and was on my way. The friend who accompanied me to Ct called as I was driving and said she purchased a ticket and would join me there after work. We are 1.5 hours away. What a surprise, we stayed over as I no longer can drive at night. Another wonderful day of Il Volo. They make me happy. I don’t think I’ve been to three other concerts in the last 30 years. And I want more. I hope they return soon. They are outstanding in all ways. Keep it up guys, we love you!

    1. Joyce, when a concert ends, we would like to immediately attend another, and then another. They are addictive, but it’s so good, because as you say, they make us happy.

  6. Love all the stories you snd others share . Sadly I couldn’t get to their concerts here in Australia but absolutely love them I’m almost 70 and they are just wonderful human beings full of love snd compassion to each other their families snd fans .
    Outstanding ❤️Thankyou for sharing 🙏🥰

  7. Thanks for posting my review, Daniela, and I enjoyed reading all the others. I have a question regarding a Youtube video I saw the other night. The guys sang Ecstasy of Gold in a lovely garden setting with a small audience. Wondering where and when that was done. Also saw on Instagram something coming up on Rai Channel 5. Looking forward to your posts telling us all about this year’s Il Volo Christmas.
    Grazie mille, Daniela, Pat, and all the Flight Crew gang.

    1. Judi, regarding Canale 5 there are several news and you will read them in my next post.
      For the video, I have not seen anything like you describe, if you write the link here so that I can see it, maybe I can answer you.

  8. I attended the Sunrise Concert with friends who were so impressed with Piero’s voice and the whole concert in general That was my 2nd concert and could not believe how their voices were so perfect and how they had matured Listen to them everyday and watch them on you tube every night for a couple of hours. I can’t wait for them to come back, this time I will be in the front row hopefully Thanks again for the wonderful posts Loved the photos of the guys that were taken at the concerts

  9. Dear Daniela and Pat, you know I went to Taormina and 6 concerts in the states, I had the time of my 83 year old life. I saw many Il Volo sisters, some with their husbands. It’s like a reunion of friends each time. Even some younger new friends. It was a whirlwind, flying around the country by myself mostly. Never in a million years would I have thought to do that except for our boys. Sound checks, dinners, even a lunch in Phoenix at the hotel with 13 ladies who didn’t know each other was so much fun. I was lucky enough to have a couple of conversations with Piero at the hotel. He is such a gentleman. And yes he even knows my name. I thought I would faint when he said hello to me. I’m looking forward to the next tour, God willing, I’ll be there, somewhere. Ciao for now.

    1. I’m so glad you got to all those concerts, Rose Marie! My goal is to do the same in the future! .😄

    2. RoseMarie, I’m so glad you went to so many concerts. Remember last year you told me “who knows if next year we will be able to see them in concert”, the Covid situation was serious …… but this year there has been a great return of concerts and we are all happier. Yes, everything that revolves around Il Volo is pleasant and fun and their fans are unique !! Piero wrote beautiful things in the new book!

  10. Thank you Daniela. It’s nice to read what others have to say about the concerts they have attended. Each one is a little different, but they’re all wonderful. I am so glad I was able to attend the Bethlehem and Conneticut ones. One thing I noticed. I attended both by myself and was a little nervous. But waiting in line for the sound checks and meet and greets Il Volo fans are so friendly and helpful. It was fun to hear their Il Volo stories.

    1. In fact, Cathy, I just wrote it, Il Volo fans are really nice and nice people and I must also say that in this site, people are lovely, it seems that Il Volo only attracts good people, isn’t it cool ??

      1. I agree Il Volo fans are special.In the previous tour before this year’s, the Toronto concert was in February, when it is quite cold and nasty. As a result, people coming early were waiting in the vestibule for the doors to open. The vestibule was packed with people sheltering from the weather–and I mean packed– like a subway at rush hour! All you heard were happy voices and laughter. I had to go to the box office window to pick up my tickets but there were so many people between me and it I was not sure how I was going to get my tickets. I just explained to the man in front of me I had to get to the window and somehow he made room for me to move up and told the person in front of him I had to go to the window. This started a chain reaction until I actually was able to ask for my tickets. The entire time we waited we did not hear one cross word, one complaint–just laughter and joking from the crowd waiting for the doors to open. I don’t know if that would happen with any other crowd.

      2. Penina, thank you, because everything you wrote confirms what I said, Piero Gianluca and Ignazio are special people supported by special fans and I am proud to be part of them.

    1. I am happy for you, I must tell you that I have read the new book and Piero has written very beautiful and moving things, of course he has a very kind soul.

  11. TY always this time great to hear everyone else’s feelings all the same of what’s in your mind and heart ❤️ they are just the most refreshing part of our lives ,I am so happy to have seen them in concert again this year .Hope I make another one next time around ? God willing .

    1. Yes Marie, it’s nice to read that what we feel about Il Volo is shared by other people, it makes us feel less “crazy”, and we are happy with this universal madness that unites us.

  12. Thanks for these special comments, Daniela. I don’t know, either, what makes them so beautiful in every way. Would love to experience a concert in person.

  13. It is the whole of Judith, we like everything about them, their skill, but also their way of being, their attachment to families, their sweetness towards children and not so young people. They are special young men.

  14. Flew from Seattle to Florida to see the show in Clearwater with my son and DIL. Was close enough to see Gianluca jump off the stage and run up the aisle to sit for a nano second with his beautiful Eleonaro (sp?) giving her a quick kiss before returning to the stage. I would love to connect with Il Volo fans in the Seattle area. Can you help?

    1. Barbara, how sweet you attended Gianluca’s rush to kiss his Eleonora.
      As for the fans, are you a member of Il Volo Seattle? Surely you will find fans of that area there.

  15. Thanks so much Daniela for sharing these reviews and comments with us. And so fantastic to realize that these guys seem to hit all of us right in the heart no matter our age or from where in the world we come.- we feek alike.
    Warmest regards from Kirsten in Denmark

    1. I agree Kirsten, it’s nice to know that there is this beautiful thread that unites us, no matter where we are there is this invisible thread that unites us all and is called Il Volo!

  16. This is further to Penina’s comment about how nice Il Volo fans are.

    After the concert, of course I had to go to the bathroom. I explained my age and necessity to the lady in front of me and she let me pass her in line, as did the next and the next one. Thankfully, I got to the Ladies room without a mishap. Yes, we are very, very nice and thoughtful people, a trait shown more than once by our boys! Dol

  17. Thank you Daniela, I loved the reviews. Very informative.

    I know he probably won’t see this, but I have to say a special thank you to Dolores and to Piero who very kindly autographed the CD cover. It was very thoughtful of both Dolores and Piero, and very much appreciated by me.

    Piero is definitely my favourite my a million miles. Not only his voice, but his entire persona. He also have the cheek to be the best looking too! I do adore Ignazio too, but that is mainly because no matter what he does, he makes me laugh. If laughter is a medicine, then bring it on! 😉

    Roz 🙂

    1. Roz, Piero may not see your comment, but I did and you are more than welcome for the signed CD cover which Piero most kindly autographed for you. He was a little confused about your name, so I had to spell it out for him.

      Such a lovely man, as you are well aware, but you may have to share him with so many others who love him, too! Hugs, Dol.

      1. Hahahaha, not half as confused as he would have been with my full name : Rosalene. I must try that on him if they get to the UK. 😉 Even better, I will get him to pronounce it. The chap on Google Translate makes it sound so much nicer than the pronunciation I usually get! 🙂

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