Final US dates for Notte Magica movie!!

Ok, this is a drop everything, grab your girlfriends, husband, etc. and run to the theatre if it is near you!  There are 4 final US dates for the showing of Notte MagicaTHREE of them are all on the same date – Wednesday, November 15 – yes, merely 2 days away!

Thanks to a heads-up reminder from Marion!!  Our dear “behind-the-scener” on this site – she is always looking out for us!  🙂

There is one date in Wilcox, Arizona on December 8, TWO in Florida (Naples & Coconut Creek (Boca), and one in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, all on November 15.  See map below!

Those of us north of the Mason-Dixon line, could surely use a little warmth right now.  It barely got to 30 degrees here in Detroit on Friday!  Brrr…!  Although a slight warm-up is headed our way.  So, get online and find some cheap airfares.  I hear it’s still in the 90s down there in Florida. 

One last time – for the guys…. 🙂 


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  1. I’ve almost stopped muttering under my breath now and settling down to the fact that our little Grandaughter is expectingus us at her gymnastic meet that weekend.. oh and 90° weather. That is just cruel. Our Grandaughter came in 3rd in one event and 5th overall, out of 33 girls – some of them 13 years old. And she is 7 years old. We were so proud or her. Please let us know how the turnout is. I would be there if I could. Enjoy and I hope everyone can find the time to go.

  2. How annoying! We just got back from Florida two weeks ago – I would have got my husband to drive me to Naples or Boca to see the film. I am sure it will not be shown here in the UK. Have to wait and see if it comes out on DVD.

    1. Kathy, I am so sorry you missed the screening but I think you can still get the dvd of the show from Amazon.

      1. Hi Marion, I do have the DVD here and in St. Augustine but it would have been great to see the concert on the big screen.

  3. I know all who can make it will enjoy seeing our 3 favourite men on the big screen. I am certainly looking forward to the show on Wednesday, and yes, we still have wonderfully warm weather. Enjoy. !!

  4. I have my ticket bought for the showing of Notte Magica here in Naples on Wednesday! So looking forward to seeing it on the big screen!! I have a group of four other ladies joining me and yes as Marion said the weather here is wonderful in mid-eighties today!

    1. Good morning Annette. I was hoping you would see the info as Spotlight over here had the program on, then off , then nobody knew anything until finally I received an e-mail last Wednesday to say that the show would be held this week. I hope you and your friends will enjoy.

      1. Thanks Marion! I had this date on my calendar since it was announced a number of months ago! Kept checking to make sure it was still on the agenda. It will be interesting to see how many will be in attendance! You enjoy the concert as well!

  5. Thank you Jana for posting the info. I hope many will be able to attend the screening wherever is closest to them.Of course Florida would welcome all Flight Crew members, should they be able to make it.

  6. Thanks, Jana. I would love to have seen the Boys on the big screen but none of the showings were near me! I am hoping that they do a CD signing in the States for the new Album!!! I will go back to the LA area for that!!! Probably not in the cards but I can hope!!!

    1. I also cannot see the film as it is nowhere me. I would have loved seeing them on the big screen. But I have a secret hope that they will do some concerts in the US next year to promote their new album! I think it could happen, and I know Flight Crew will keep us up to date if/when there are any plans.

  7. reading the tour schedule I find that I am not happy with the plan for Australia. They are going to sing only a few songs for a CAR RALLY ? ? ?
    UGH ! ! I remember early in their career that they were forced to sing in some unfortunate “dives” and only do two or three songs. Il Volo is way beyond that now. I have friends in Australia who have been waiting for years to see a FULL CONCERT in their home country. Also, If Il Volo is going to all the expense and work of going all that distance they should be singing in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth at least and then go to New Zealand.

    To my friends down under, I sure wish they would do more while they are there.
    This is a management problem which I hope gets fixed. I know the boys want to go there and do it right.

    1. Hello, Myron! I left you some of my thoughts about your good comment. Please see below. (I’d forgotten to hit ‘Reply’, lol). 😊

  8. Just wondering if, perhaps, Piero, especially, might actually be excited to be there to sing and see all the world’s finest, vintage rally and road cars, as well as the Ferrari cars? I know that the multi-day event is normally held in Sicily and that Piero is very interested in good, cool cars. I presume they are going to be very handsomely paid for showing up and increasing attendance there, no doubt. Let’s hope that this will serve as a prelude to bonafide, all-out, Il Volo Concerts in ‘The Great Down-Under” within the next two years. I agree with you, Myron: IT’S TIME — for their many fans in that region of the world have been willing and waiting for such a long time now. It makes me feel sad that they must often feel ‘left out.’ (Same thing for their devoted fans in countries like Slovakia and Holland who can’t afford to travel to other countries and who repeatedly request a visit from Il Volo. It would be wonderful if Il Volo will ‘fit them in’ next time, even if it means shortening the extensive U.S tour for the sake of all those who never got to see and hear Il Volo in person. Fingers crossed for their dream to come true, too). 🙏🏽💚

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