~ Il Volo – C’e Posta Per Te ~ Medley Notte Magica

Many thanks to Victoria, one of our Flight Crew, who  sent in this beautiful video clip that her 90 year old Il Volo fan friend sent to her!  Victoria was wondering who the woman with the dark hair was and what was the story behind this video?  So, I turned to our faithful and ever ready Italian Correspondent Extraordinare,  Daniela, who gave us the tender story.


The story is simple.  There are six children, 5 females and 1 male.  The woman with the dark hair is their mother, who has made many sacrifices for them.   Four years ago they lost their dad who was a sailor.  They were not wealthy, but led a simple life,  but always cheerful and their dad was always there for them.  These children had promised dad to take care of  their mother, but for 4 years she is always sad.   

So the children, to reward her, take her to this program to show her all their love.  To surprise her, they called IL VOLO,  knowing how much she admired them.   Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca, gave her nice words of support, a bracelet, and sang for her.  The whole family was invited to the concert in Rome.

 The presenter is Maria De Filippi who in Channel 5 is really an important person.  In this video you will notice that she looks admirably with the boys as they sing.

Credit to owner of video. 

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  1. Thank you Daniela. What a wonderfully touching story. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero always step up and help whenever they can, they are truly 3 great guys. I am sure the family will never forget the mini concert that was performed just for them. Bravo guys !!

    1. Yes, Marion, I also believe that the mini concert will not be forgotten. Who knows if they went to the concert of Rome.

  2. Ciao, Daniela….Thank you, this was a beautiful story. Very, very touching to see all the love and tender emotion. I do remember seeing it on FB some time ago. Our guys never disappoint. Hugs and kisses to you..and to Kelly!!! ♥

    1. Ciao Harriett, it’s really a touching story and our guys always delicate and lovable.
      Hugs and kisses from Italy to you!

  3. Thank you so much, Daniela for all your wonderful translations!!! These precious young men are always there to sympathize & encouage any IlVolovers who are having health problems! You only need to see the beauty of their time spent with the handicapped fans!!! Their amazing music has healing powers for the heart & body!!!

    1. Thanks to you Anne, our golden boys always have an affectionate attitude with those who were not really lucky.

  4. Thanks, Jane et al! I remember seeing this at some point, but had forgotten about it! Just another reminder of the love and caring shared by our “Boys”! They are simply the best! <3 <3 <3

  5. Victoria made a big oops. My dear friend is 90 years old and that’s a typo. I apologize for my bad typing. I am so embarrassed. I was so impressed that my friend found the story. The story is grand and I believe Daniela did all the terrific research on it. The boys have real heart and I think there are many stories out there. I’d like to know more about how they were involved playing basketball with the team in wheelchairs. If any knows about that? It’s on the intro to the Eurovision contest video.

    1. I cannot supply any special details. However, the organisers of the Eurovision Song Contest wanted to introduce the individual countries’ participants in a way that revealed something about their personalities. If we were looking at a characteristic to describe our young men, my choice would be their humanity. In addition, they are very interested in sport and quite competitive. So the wheelchair basketball fitted their personalities as well as anything could have done. I was impressed – but not surprised – when I saw it.

      I also saw “C’è posta per te” when it went on air. It was a lovely story. As Daniela has said, Maria de Filippi is a really important personality on Italy’s Canale 5. She and her husband, Maurizio Costanzo, could be called the “Golden Couple” of Italian television. Even though she works almost exclusively for the private Mediaset network, she was joint host of the Sanremo Festival 2017, alongside Carlo Conti, for the state broadcaster RAI 1.

      Here is a link to the English version of her Wikipedia entry https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_De_Filippi

      1. Yes, Bernard, all you just wrote. I have to tell you that lately I know that Maria when it comes to IL VOLO looks at them with great admiration and affection.
        Yes, humanity, it is what our boys express with their attitudes, especially towards the less fortunate people.

    2. Victoria, you were asking for news about this video that was recorded almost a year ago. Have you seen the other three videos as well?
      By the way, congratulations for the results of your niece’s gymnastics.

  6. Thank you, Victoria, for sending us this touching story and thank you, Daniela, for telling us the story! It is a beautiful reminder of just how passionate and caring these three young men are. They and their music bring comfort to many.

      1. You are the BEST! Thank you so much for fixing my darling Trish (Tricianna’s age). What a faux pas on my part. I’m catching up today with my il Volo emails. I’ve spent 2 days helping my Russian friend confront Cosco for the smoked fish full of worms – her family ate raw. All Cisco did was give her money back and handled it badly. I wrote to Channel 9 investigative news. They jumped on the story and they came out today and filmed my friend Katya. I was there for moral support as her English is not good. She is sweet and kind and everyone said I’d make something happen. The story will be on channel 9 news Monday night in Minneapolis/ St Paul. It was so much work because Katya was smart and took pictures and videos and could not send them to Channel 9 so I did it for her. (Cosco never removed the smoked wormy fish from their refrigerators – even after a week.). There is always something to do, I guess. I’m pooped and everyone will learn not to eat Cosco smoked fish. The pictures are creepy or I’d post it for you. Back to my il Volo emails. Hug!

    1. The boys never disappoint. Their many generosities keep assuring me of who the boys are in their heart.

  7. Thank you all. It was a beautiful story, the broadcast was long and told all the story and affection of the children to the mother left alone.
    I’ve been able to find three more videos of the episode, they are very beautiful, in one we see the guys in the backstage and the other two during the broadcast.




    I hope you can see them, good vision

    1. Daniela, thanks for sending these videos. They are beautiful. Was able to see all 3. What loving children this dear mother has. I love the way Gianluca gave her several more embraces after the first. You can just feel his love when he wraps his arms around her.

  8. If any of you want to ask me questions about what they say in the videos, ask me as well.

    In the first video, Maria shows to mom, 3 pictures of small children and asks if those are her grandchildren and she answers no.
    Then Maria tells her: “This is called Piero, this Ignazio (and mom understands that they are IL VOLO) and then Gianluca, they were cute but really tiny, now you see how they are grew up” and enter Piero Ignazio and Gianluca.

    1. Ciao Daniela,
      I am curious to know what Ignazio said to the mom after he hugged her.
      It is a lovely story that shows what thoughtful men our boys have become. May God bless them all the days of their lives. For a moment I thought one of the daughters could be Alessandra’s twin sister. Do you know which one I mean?

      1. Hello RoseMarie,
        I think you mean in the first video when Piero Ignazio and Gianluca go down the stairs and go to embrace Mom.
        Ignazio says “but why when Maria said Ignazio, you laugh?”
        and Mum responds “because I undestand who you are”
        and Gianluca jokingly tells the audience “She hugged Ignazio saying – hello Ignazio – as if she were her son” and everyone laughs.

        The girl with the white blouse is one that reminds me very much of Alessandra, her hair.

  9. Daniela, after the 3 videos played, my screen went right into a Gialuca song I had never heard him sing before. I opened it in YouTube and could not send it to myself for saving. How can that be that I missed a song any of them have sung. It’s been driving me nuts all night. I’m devouring their music tonight since I’ve been so busy for the last few days. I’m in heaven and whomever said what was so special about them was their HUMANITY. Tears started running down my cheeks immediately. HUMANITY – that’s the word that completely describes them. It hit me so hard that I know nothing else fits them as well. Jay said “you cannot sing about such deep love every day without it turning you into love.” I think that also is true. What you put in the brain makes you who you are. BERNARD you nailed it. I’m certain someone has said something similar and what you said in the comments touched me in a place that made me realize how gifted we all are to be living with them in our world. Blessings to all of you.

    1. Victoria, with regard to “humanity”, I completely agree with Bernard and with you.
      I’m looking for Gianluca’s video,for you, I hope I can find it.

  10. a loss for words. that’s why this post is late. just watched. in awe. (though i saw this earlier this year.) in awe again.
    Magnificent. Grazie.

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