~Personally Speaking~ Tribute to Ignazio via Cappiddruzzo di Ricotta!



I am so happy to say, “We did it, we did it!!”   Penina and I made our first ever “Cappiddruzzo” di Ricotta…a Tortello in honor of Ignazio!

Jane says…

It was not hard.  The recipe is very easy. (See earlier post from 11/6/17 for recipe.)  I used the pre-made pizza dough you can buy in the refrigerator section at your grocery store.  I have to add a correction to the original recipe…roll the dough out to 1/4 inch thick, NOT 2-3 cm!    The ricotta-chocolate chip-vanilla-cinnamon combination is delicious.  I think they taste best just fresh out of the oven!   Besides sprinkling the finished top with sifted powdered sugar, I dressed it up a little more with a drizzle of melted Nutella…all the while listening to IL VOLO serenading me in the back ground!

Tortello 4 (1)


Penina says…

I found it very easy. The dough that I had came in a big thick rectangle. I was able to pull it apart into two thinner rectangles because the dough looked layered and I just turned up a corner and started pulling. It was a lot easier to roll it out that way as it was already a lot thinner. I started out doing what it said–folding it over twice.  Then I had a lot of filling left, so I went back and cut off the parts that were just empty dough and re-rolled them and made a couple more to use up the filling. I have plenty of ricotta left–I may try it again with the pizza dough in a few days (after we eat these up!).

If you have bought dough this is a no brainer.  How hard is it to stir up the ingredients? My grandkids could do it (okay, two of them couldn’t!).  The hardest part is rolling out the dough.



Now we are ready to sit down with a cup of Lavazza coffee, and feast on our creations!  The only thing missing is YOU, our fellow Flight Crew members.  How we wish we could all sit together at the same table and share our friendship in person, while enjoying a special treat in tribute to Ignazio, (and of course we can’t forget his brothers, Piero and Gianluca!)


2017-11-10 22.08.02




Credit to owner of Ignazio photo and to Nina, for the inspiration of the Tortello!

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  1. Ok Jane if you can do this, I’m going to see how I can adapt this because in America I cannot eat gluten. In Italy I can eat Anything. That seems like a hint I should be living there, doesn’t it. I can play around with substituting everything in the recipe for things on my food list and I should put on some weight anyway. I’m in no way impying that this is high in calories. If you make it while listening to the boys – as I am at this very minute – I think it burns excess calories just because your metabolism is so high on their music. I will give it a shot with your recipe. You are a wonder.

  2. Grazie, Jane and Penina. I think it’s just wonderful that the love of Il Volo and their beautiful, wonderful music has inspired you and others to express your creativity in many ways and to have fun. How sweet that you express the desire to be able to share your special, edible creation with all of your fellow Crew members. Such a heart-touching wish. May I admit it here to you that I very much enjoy listening to a variety of music from my personal record collection, but even so, I can’t go long without listening to the one and only, outstanding IL VOLO. Well, your heartfelt wish caused me to suddenly think of the name of one of my favorite 1958 records entitled, “So Far Away” (recorded in 1958 by four U.S. Airmen (with a back-up soprano-range singer) who formed a group they called “The Pastels” (!) while they were stationed at a U.S.A. Air Force Base in a foreign country at the time (Greenland). I think it’s a hauntingly beautiful little song, although not that many people now would probably have ever heard of it, Anyway, it will always remind me now of you and your dear Ignazio and of The Flight Crew and the love of and for Il Volo, here and everywhere. 🌍💞🐾💙🎼

    1. Laura that song is on YouTube sung by the Pastels. In 1958 my Father was working in Greenland. This site just brings so many memories back from the oddest places. It is a haunting song. I have just found the song Recuérdame and it has not been sung by Il Volo except on a Spanish version of Grande Amore. The words are gorgeous and I’d love to see them sing the song in a concert. I love their expressions when they sing such beautiful words. Thank you for the memory your words brought back.

      1. Dr. Jay and Victoria, You’re so welcome ! How wonderful that it brought loving memories to you of your father when he was in Greenland in ’58! What a lovely and meaningful thing to share; thank you. Thanks, too, for letting me know that such an ‘obscure’ record is offered on YouTube, where I went tonight to hear it there and was surprised to see that there are quite a few of that little gem of a song! I would love to hear Il Volo sing some of my favorite songs (sigh… 😍). You mentioned having just heard their song, Recuerdame. It’s on one of their PBS Concert DVDs; I think the “Live At Pompeii” PBS concert, if I’m not mistaken. 😊 I should know for sure, though — I’ve only seen and heard it many times, lol!

      2. Laura, I’m so glad you found the gems on YouTube, the site brings so many memories back to other times. Everyone is so kind. I did find the song Recuérdame on the Spanish Cd Grand Amore on Amazon. It was a little pricey and who cares. I want the real CD and not some download. They only had 6 left so I grabbed one. I’m watching their concert now from 2016 in the Arena Ciudad de Mexico. I’ve never seen an audience sing so many songs along with the boys. A couple girls threw their panties at them and they took it in stride. They just let the audience be who they were. The boys have amazing stage presence. I’m trying to knit and cannot because the concert is so fun to watch. I’m certain the boys will get to many new songs… hopefully some you’ll recognize too. Hugs!

      3. Thank you, Victoria and Dr. Jay. So glad you were able to snag one of the last Cds with the song you love. ( Yes; some things are worth the extra expense!). As for having to look away when watching an Il Volo concert, I know exactly what you’re going through; it’s basically next door to impossible! (You reminded me of Holly Golightly’s comment in one of my favorite films of 1960/1961 – “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” – where she exclaims to Paul as she’s knitting, something like ” For all I know, I could be knitting a ranch house!” lol! ). Last night, I went to sample the sound-quality of that little, rare gem of which you found on Youtube. Afterwards, I had an idea to see if, by any remote chance, any recordings were there of a group of young teen-agers that my sister was in, about 1966 through 1968 or so. Surprisingly, there were, plus a couple of record collectors’ Blog sites, with one that I went to which features a page with them; a couple of American music history books that mention them; one of the compilation albums which include them and is still available. I should contact my sister and ask if she’s aware of that. I think it’s a hoot ! She and I could reminisce about those days and we’d be laughing again together. 😂. So I thank you and send a big ((hug)) to you, too. Looking forward to any new songs by Il Volo. As we all know, they could sing the phone book and it would sound superb! 😊

      4. Laura, you make me laugh out loud with some of your cute comments. Your wording hits the mark and I love that you can connect with your sister over past memories. What fun that will be. Jay’ favorite movie is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I can’t figure out what the charm is in that movie and it is definitely there. Last night was a night of Il Volo. It was heavenly. Nevertheless I had to rip out rows on the sweater because I couldn’t keep my eyes off the concert. And who cares, when you have that kind of entertainment in front of you. Watching them interact with the audience and let them sing parts of their songs just endears them to thousands. They are the most loving entertainers and aren’t I blessed to have them right in front of me. There is no ‘luck’ in this. It is meant to be. I think they were meant to be in our lives. I’m happy to say, “I need them”. When people are unkind, I can watch them and get my humanity back because theirs is so strong. My gratitude is profound. Gianluca is singing Bridge Over Troubled Waters. What a gorgeous face to brighen this evening. Have a lovely weekend.

      5. Victoria–If anyone ever made a “highlight reel” of outstanding Il Volo performances, Gianluca singing Bridge Over Troubled Waters in L.A. would certainly be on it!

      6. I so agree about The Bridge Over Troubled Waters. It is such a beautiful song and Gianluca does something so special with his version. Right up there is another personal favorite….. the song from Love Story. Piero’s version of that is breathtaking. I’m so glad he put it out in a real video so you could really hear his voice. We found a concert to watch last night. They are addictive and never disappoint. We have so many favorites and keep finding new ones with the help of everyone on this Crew. Blessings to all of you for adding to our collection of favorites.

      7. Yes, that one is special also! Especially when you consider how long ago it was!

      8. Penina, I feel we are spoiled rotten with these magnificent boys in our lives. We are happy with all their concerts and watching their generosity with the audiences. They take everything in stride and for their young ages, are beyond what we have experienced in so many other performers. They are charming and gracious with whatever happens. It is a terrific time in our lives to have these boys entertain us. Our weeknight is compete.

  3. Thanks Jane! The dough I used was puff paste found in the freezer section. NOT phyllo dough. I did make them again with pizza dough, I cut the sugar a bit and also used less chocolate chips as both my husband and I thought they were a bit too sweet. This time we both liked the filling better but preferred the puff paste to the pizza dough. Don’t be afraid to try this ladies, it’s really easy and it doesn’t even take very long. It takes maybe 5 minutes to mix up the filling, and another 10 to roll out and make the tortelli. I had to bake mine longer with the puff paste–I baked them for 20 minutes, but the pizza dough only takes 10-15 minutes, depending on your oven.

  4. Thanks so much to Jane and Penina for sharing your culinary work. I bought the ingredients to do this but have been afraid to try this because I have been worried about how to fold them. You are pushing me closer to actually giving this a try. By the way, we are not all ladies.

    1. Sorry Frank! I did not mean to slight the gentlemen on this site.
      To fold the dough the way the original recipe calls for, put the filling in the center of your half circle, fold it over. The pointy end should have no filling. Then just fold the pointy end back over the top of the part that does have filling. Other wise just use rectangles and fold them in half to get a square. Believe me, it will taste good no matter how you fold it!

      1. Thanks Penina. Somebody mentioned double folding. I think that was where I lost the thread. But of course, it doesn’t really matter how they are folded.

      2. It certainly doesn’t! None of mine turned out to be double folded and they all tasted great.

  5. Thank you for all of your nice comments. They truly are so easy to make. You can really fold them into just about any shape you choose. Just be sure they are pinched shut tightly so the filling does not ooze out during baking. 🙂 Then just sit down with the best cup of Italian coffee you can find and ENJOY!! Grazie to Nina for the inspiration!!

      1. Frank, let us know how you like them! Would love to see a photo when your masterpiece is complete! 🙂

  6. Jane and Penina, the Cappiddruzzo Di
    Ricotta looks absolutely delicious!
    Jane, you should send the pictures to Nina, as she and Ignazio were the inspiration for the dessert😋

    1. Jill, I did just that! I sent her photos of the tortelli we made in honor of Ignazio! All thanks to her for the inspiration!

  7. Jane and Penina, congratulations to both of you, you were very good, I really got the mouth water.
    Thank you for thinking we could share everything with the members of Flight Crew, we were definitely ideally around your table as you tasted your delicious “cappidruzzo”.
    Nina would also be proud of the result and I think Ignatius would eat them in one bite, and we would have eaten him in a bite!
    Brava Jane, after this meal, a real Italian coffee!

  8. Jill, FYI…I got a “thumbs up” reply from Nina!!! She liked the photos and what we did!!! Yeah!!! 🙂

      1. You think she will mention it to Ignatzio? I wonder if she will!
        On a completely different topic, have you heard anything more on the release date of the new album? I am wondering if Amazon will have presales like they did in the past about a month before it is due to come out.

      2. Yes, Penina, I felt gossip about the release date of the new album, but for now I do not say anything because they are just rumors

      3. I thought Gianluca said it was going to be released in January. I was just wondering when we should start looking for pre-sale on Amazon! They usually have pre-sale before an album comes out around a month before.

      4. Penina ,I would say wait for the week before Christmas, however if I feel gossip that becomes insistent, I try to warn you.

      5. Sounds like a good plan! Thanks Daniela (I always want to spell your name with 2 LLs–I have a little granddaughter whose name is Daniella!)

      6. Thank you Daniela and we are all excited. We will wait patiently for word of the album. I already got the Spanish version of Grande Amore. It is lovely. The audiences in South America sang all the songs with the boys. I am going to be wicked here and tell everyone that the Italian audiences also sang along with Il Volo. The difference is that the Italians sounded like trained vocalists and so many in the Mexican audiences should really have closed their mouths. They were so off key and it was cute and comical at the same time. Bravo for the Italian voices. They sounded like a chorus. Be well everyone.

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