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~ Il Volo – C’e Posta Per Te ~ Medley Notte Magica

Many thanks to Victoria, one of our Flight Crew, who  sent in this beautiful video clip that her 90 year old Il Volo fan friend sent to her!  Victoria was wondering who the woman with the dark hair was and what was the story behind this video?  So, I turned to our faithful and ever ready Italian Correspondent Extraordinare,  Daniela, who gave us the tender story.


The story is simple.  There are six children, 5 females and 1 male.  The woman with the dark hair is their mother, who has made many sacrifices for them.   Four years ago they lost their dad who was a sailor.  They were not wealthy, but led a simple life,  but always cheerful and their dad was always there for them.  These children had promised dad to take care of  their mother, but for 4 years she is always sad.   

So the children, to reward her, take her to this program to show her all their love.  To surprise her, they called IL VOLO,  knowing how much she admired them.   Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca, gave her nice words of support, a bracelet, and sang for her.  The whole family was invited to the concert in Rome.

 The presenter is Maria De Filippi who in Channel 5 is really an important person.  In this video you will notice that she looks admirably with the boys as they sing.

Credit to owner of video. 

SHARING A MEMORY ~ by Victoria

 My Sister and I went to the concert on 6-7-14 at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. I managed to get 2 tickets in Row A, but a little to the left of the stage. I’m sorry I don’t remember the songs when this happened, but I was taking pictures, as we all were. Piero came to the left of the stage where we were. I was trying to get him on my phone to get a picture. He seemed to know I was having a problem, but he looked at me and stayed there until I snapped the picture. He then pointed his thumb at me like “You got it?” and I pointed to him, “thumbs up“! I was thrilled. Later, Gianluca came and faced where my Sister and I were, and, again, I tried to take a picture and I snapped the camera, and Gianluca blew me a KISS!!! I blew him one back and I almost fell off my seat. Later on, Ignazio came to our side and he had 2 of the drummers sticks and threw them to our side. Unfortunately, they went over my Sister’s head and the woman behind my Sister caught them. I had the best time and wished I could have met some of our flight crew members. I have to say that was the best night that I have ever experienced. I had been listening to them since 2011 and never thought I would have gotten such great seats. I really hope and pray they will come back to Los Angeles so that I can see them again. They are so talented and so handsome and God has given them Angels Voices and they make us so happy in a world that needs something in our daily lives to make us smile.
Victoria Litizeto Blue


For you Victoria: