SHARING A MEMORY ~ by Victoria

 My Sister and I went to the concert on 6-7-14 at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. I managed to get 2 tickets in Row A, but a little to the left of the stage. I’m sorry I don’t remember the songs when this happened, but I was taking pictures, as we all were. Piero came to the left of the stage where we were. I was trying to get him on my phone to get a picture. He seemed to know I was having a problem, but he looked at me and stayed there until I snapped the picture. He then pointed his thumb at me like “You got it?” and I pointed to him, “thumbs up“! I was thrilled. Later, Gianluca came and faced where my Sister and I were, and, again, I tried to take a picture and I snapped the camera, and Gianluca blew me a KISS!!! I blew him one back and I almost fell off my seat. Later on, Ignazio came to our side and he had 2 of the drummers sticks and threw them to our side. Unfortunately, they went over my Sister’s head and the woman behind my Sister caught them. I had the best time and wished I could have met some of our flight crew members. I have to say that was the best night that I have ever experienced. I had been listening to them since 2011 and never thought I would have gotten such great seats. I really hope and pray they will come back to Los Angeles so that I can see them again. They are so talented and so handsome and God has given them Angels Voices and they make us so happy in a world that needs something in our daily lives to make us smile.
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For you Victoria:

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  1. What a beautiful story about our “Angels of Love.” When I gave Piero a birthday card last year, he put his arm around my shoulder as I talked to him. Luckily for me, someone took the picture! Then I gave Gianluca a Sinatra book and Ignacio was looking at me wondering why I didn’t talk to him yet. As the guard at the meet and greet was pulling me away as there was a big crowd waiting behind me, I looked at Ignacio and said “I love you too.” I got this group picture and it is my treasure of these special boys that make us so happy with their gift.

    1. It was a great night. Hopefully, someday I will get to meet them as many of you have and hug and kiss all 3 of these “Angels”.

  2. Beautiful story, Victoria! I know that memory will stay with you forever. You were so lucky to be up so close. I hope you get to have more connections with them like that in the future! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Maryjane. I also hope I will have more connections with them, but hopefully next time I will be able to go to a Meet and Greet!!

  3. Hi Victoria. I was at that concert also. My seat with my daughter was forther back. It was a magical evening. The Greek theater itself is special and then put the guys into it and it is heaven. I also wished I could have seen some flight crew gals. I,m still hoping for Las Vegas. Joanie G

    1. Hi, Joan. Wasn’t it fantastic? I really hope that they come back to the Greek next year! I’m getting excited just thinking about the possibility! Take Care.

    2. Hi, Joan. I was just AGAIN thinking of the Greek concert. Do you remember when the “Angels” were teasing each other about the name of their girlfriends and each girlfriends name was Maria? (From Westside Story) Remember the girl who had both arms around Piero and refused to let him go? He then kept looking at his watch. That was so funny and it was like an octopus had wrapped the arms around him. I really wish that could have been me and Ignazio. (Sorry Marie!) It was hilarious. Lucky girl! Take Care, Joan

      1. It was hilarious. That video is on youtube somewhere. The poor guy didn’t know how to get rid of her. What was worse was the audience laughing! I felt sorry for poor Piero!

  4. What a beautiful story and how lucky you were to get in row A! I am a little jealous that you got to see them so close up and you were able to get pictures of them. I bet you were on Cloud 9. I wish they would come back to the USA but closer to the Mid-east Coast. They are extending their tour into next year and I haven’t seen anything for the USA. 🙁
    Every time I see them in videos, you tube or a small snip-its at the Italy concerts makes me want to see them and listen to them more than ever. <3

    1. Hi, Barb: I really was lucky because I didn’t get the tickets until it was almost the end of May and the concert was June 7th! I just looked at the computer screen and couldn’t believe my luck!! I think I was on Cloud 199! (Is there such a cloud? If so, I was on it) And of course, Ignazio was literally making me drool. Oh My!! Take Care

    2. Me too, Barb! Me too! Doesn’t matter how many times you see them you still want/need more!

      Victoria, Nice story! Nice Seats! I’m sure they will be back. They love LA. I love LA.- Born and raised there.

      1. Marie: NO DROOLING???!!! I Am trying to be nice in my response, BUT I will fight you for drooling rights!! Okay?

      2. I’m ready!! I’m assuming you no longer live in the L.A. area. Otherwise I would be right over with my brand new boxing gloves. lol

      3. Okay, Marie. I know you are bold, but not stupid. But you know what? I love bantering with you!

  5. Look at the promotional photo : ttps://

      1. Thanks Lydka, but I thought I read somewhere that they were all “Persons of Your Lifetime.” Maybe I made that up.

        How honored he and his family must be. It is wonderful to be known all over the world, but even more special when you can bring that pride home.

      2. Marie, my “Person of Lifetime ” is my dear mom. <3 <3 <3 She had difficult life, but she coped well with all challenges and she remained good and honest person, who tried always helping others. In my childhood I had health problems and my mom was my protective angel and great emotional supporter, and selflessly took care of her sick parents, my grandmother six years fought with the incurable disease and my mother gave strength to her, the will to live, even though she knew it would never be better….My grandfather had a difficult form of Alzheimer's in the last months of his life. She is such an earthly angel, a lot of people told her it, that meeting with her ,was for them a godsend … 🙂 She has many talents , but she had no opportunity to develop them , because of the difficult life circumstances…, but she is a beautiful and strong woman. She never studied singing, but can sing nicely, she does not think so, and she says that if she was young again , maybe she would chose a career of opera singer. 🙂 Therefore, I like classical music and listen to it from my childhood. 🙂 If I did not like this kind of music, I'd never known Il Volo….
        I think all the boys have been honored as a great ambassadors of their hometowns for their great representation , they make good name of his country and Italian culture at home and abroad. 🙂 They deserve it. 🙂
        Gianluca 's honor will be presented at a charity dinner in support of the Italian Cystic Fibrosis League at the Bella Vista Hotel. Tickets are open to the public, so I published it, if it will read Italian fans maybe they could be able to make reservation and go there.. 🙂 I like to do people happy ! 😉

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