IL VOLO to Storie Italiane by Daniela

Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero, are once again guests online, I translate briefly.

Eleonora Daniele, leads the program on RAI 1, Storie Italiane (Italian Stories), announces the arrival of Il Volo online, with these words:

“Italian artists, known all over the world, are three young, very young, who started from RAI 1.

They represent the new generation of great artists, but not only that, they have made very important appeals for the cities where they live. They are three and only Il Volo: Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio.”

After the greetings, Eleonora asks the boys, how they are experiencing this moment and what message they want to give people.

Gianluca replies that it is a difficult moment for everyone, something that has never been seen, and they try to be an example for young people by giving this message on their social profiles: to be strong, to stay at home, to be responsible, because nobody is immune. There are many people who are suffering not only in Italy, but all over the world.

They also had to cancel concerts and return ten days earlier to stay at home with their families.

So you all have to be responsible, respect above all for many people who are suffering, but also for doctors, nurses, who are saving lives and risking theirs.

Piero says that every morning we wake up looking for good news and this morning we start to glimpse a small light at the end of the tunnel.

This is thanks to our doctors, to the people who are helping us, but also to all of us, in the commitment that we are putting into all this.

The commitment of us artists, thanks to the notoriety, is to spread the messages like that of staying at home.

Piero confirms that Sicily is not well equipped in his hospitals, therefore he has proposed this fundraiser with other artists in order to purchase what is needed.

Ignazio says it is a moment of solidarity.

A great praise to all the doctors and nurses who are helping, they are showing great love, helping many people not knowing them, because they love their job and love their neighbor.

Italy is now more unique than ever, we have to be careful, stay at home, not just think about ourselves, but also about others, altruism is the key in these times.

Eleonora plays the song Hallelujah sung by Ignazio.


Then she asks the boys to perform a small song sung by them, and although there are small differences in connection times, the boys sing a verse of Grande Amore.

Ignazio wishes Eleonora well (she is going to have a baby) and she says that she will be a fan of Il Volo, as Mum is already.

Below is the photo of the victory of Sanremo 2015.

A big success.

Piero says that their way of exulting (jumping) is exaggerated and they laugh at this.

Ignazio remembers that at the Billboards, Gianluca was a grasshopper that kept jumping.

Gianluca says it is difficult to control emotions.

In the interview is shown the video of the victory of Sanremo and Eleonora says that they made Italy’s dream come true at that moment.


Piero says that they owe everything to the Italian cultural and musical heritage.


Eleonora introduces the video of Sanremo 2019, MUSICA CHE RESTA.


So she shows the videos of the American tour.

IL VOLO San Diego

After the video, Eleonora asks if any of the three found love.
Piero asks if she has another question …..
Ignazio says it’s nice to go around and sing …..
Gianluca does not speak, only a small smile. 😁

Last message from Piero, who publicly asks all people who arrive in Sicily, to communicate to the authorities their presence and to undergo quarantine (15 days) in isolation. This is very important and they also did it when they came back from America, and it is a fundamental thing.

Eleonora thanks Piero for remembering this, then thanks and affectionately greets Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio. She then announces the event that will be tonight, a concert with the online presence of many singers including IL VOLO.


….. and what about this beautiful Ave Maria that Piero gave us yesterday?

Thanks Piero. ❤️

And what about this video posted today by Ignazio?

“I wish that together we would remember, but above all we would not forget, who will not be able to see the end. It is only a minute and a half to pray together with you, in the way I prefer.”

Soon it will end….and a hug, a caress, a kiss will be the most PRECIOUS that life gave us.


Simply ….. you are UNIQUE !!!



Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

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  1. Pat and Daniela, thanks to both of you at this time when we are so tense about Italy’s situation, our “boys”, their families and also our health. I saw the damp eyes of all 3 as they spoke of many things. I keep all of us in my thoughts, actions and prayers.

    1. Kay, it seems that the situation here in Italy is improving, they said that we are at the peak of infection, so then, it should be better.
      I’m afraid the worst is yet to come for you.
      Stay safe

  2. Dear Il Volo ‘guys’–you are always in our prayers. I see the tears in your eyes as you talk about this “hidden alievlien”–COVID19. We are all suffering together, and we will all get through it together. The light is but a tiny speck now, but it will get brighter, and we will ride through the end of this long, dark tunnel, smiling and laughter again.

    When I am very sad, I play your great music, especially, “Smile.”

    Congratulations, prayers, best wishes to Eleanora–when is the blessed birth of your baby due?

    Let’s remain cautious, follow the guidelines, and stay home!

    With my love and unending devotion, your forever fan, Elisa Marie
    from America.

    1. It is true Elisa, the light, for now, is only a small speck, but then it will expand, we are sure of it, but we must be united, observe the rules and stay safe.

      I believe Eleonora’s baby will be born within 1 month and her name will be Carlotta.

  3. I admire each of them for his own gift of talent and love of humanity. Each outstanding in his own way and making them extraordinary together. So happy to see them through technology. Met them at MGM Maryland Feb 9. I was pretty nervous, kind of a flake I must say, haha.
    So inspired by them. Thank you,Daniela. Peace to everyone.

    1. Ann, I’m glad you got to see Il Volo at MGM.
      Technology has been accused of isolating people, but in this bad period, it is thanks to technology if we can be more united ……. and we can also see our boys.

  4. Ciao Daniela, I had seen the notice on Twitter about this interview, and I was hoping you would translate it for us! Grazie mille–what would we do without you?? It was a lovely interview, and I really enjoyed all the video clips as well. All the best possible to you and all the Flight Crew.

    1. When I saw the interview, I thought “how the hell does Judy understand ??” …… joke I thought of all of you and I translated immediately!
      Thank you for your compliments.

  5. Hi Daniela Love that the guys are on Facebook so often now. It makes it just a lot easier to be in isolation. The interview was happy and sad These guys are so caring. Loved when Piero and Ignazio facetimed They looked so happy and it was so much fun to watch them It was like it was just the two of them and they were oblivious to the thousands that watched them. Stay safe and healthy everyone Prayers for everyone

    1. Yes, Beverley, in fact, this situation of isolation is giving us many lives of the boys and this makes us very happy.
      Yes, they are caring guys.

  6. Thank you so much Pat and Daniela for all the videos and translations. I really look forward to seeing them. Over and over again, they share their lives and also show how loving and caring they are. I have listened very often to Piero’s Ave Maria and Ignazio’s songs. They are beautiful and much apppreciated. I have watched Piero and Ignazio’s video a few times and it makes me laugh to see them having fun, laughing, singing and playing music. Not only are they love, they are music! Hopefully soon they can get back to doing what they do best, making beautiful music!

    1. Yes Margaret, the Ave Maria di Piero is very beautiful and I also liked Ignazio with the electric guitar.
      These guys have a lot of external contact via skype and of course, I try to translate, what is most interesting. Between Piero and Ignazio there was a nice joking phone call, pleasant even just to see, but nothing new has been said.

  7. Thanks a lot dear Daniella for the translation. You are always amazing in spreading IL VOLO news. Much love ❤

    1. Hi Dima, how are you? How is the virus situation on you? Here it seems that the worst has just passed, but I think there are still many days to wait, luckily my family is ok.
      Thank you for your compliments. A hug and stay safe.

  8. A wonderful interview with the guys, still in quarantine at their homes…They look relaxed and tranquil and that is a good thing, for them to be preparing for more concerts and work in their new albums…..Thank you Pat and Daniela for translating, you are the Best!!..

  9. Thanks a lot Daniela and Pat. How wonderfully that you are. Thanks to all these beautiful posts and translatins we can feel so close to these precious boys and Ilvolovers. Ave Maria sung by Piero is really beutiful.
    Thanks again. Take care of yourself.

    1. Thanks Jolanta, it’s nice to know that what I did is appreciated.
      It is also nice to translate what these guys say, because they are always positive and mature things. Yes, the Ave Maria is very beautiful.

  10. Thankyou so much for the translations, because of health issues I have been in isolation for 3 weeks so far, love the English translations but even though I cannot unstand Italian I find just watching their expressions and hearing them makes my long days go quicker. I pray that Italy is seeing light at the end of this pandemic, we here in Australia are just starting on this terrible journey. But if everyone abides by their Authorities advice we will come through stronger and better than we were. God bless from Australia🇦🇺😘🇦🇺😘🇦🇺😘

  11. Roslyn, I hope you are better and be careful, because if the virus does as we do, in a few days we have had a great contagion.
    Stay at home and spend time in the company of our guys, relax your mind, but follow the rules.
    Here it seems that things are going a little, but only a little, improving.
    Stay safe.
    A hug from Italy

    1. Thankyou, doing everything as our authorities say. Thankyou for your reply unexpected but so appreciated. Have been ll Volo fan for many years through the internet, came upon then by accident and loved them ever since. God bless stay safe 😘🇦🇺😘🇦🇺😘🇦🇺

  12. Daniela thank you so much for the translations. Their videos are really great. I love Piero’s Ave Maria. Even in isolation they are still keeping in touch. I thought I saw a video of them together today, but I could not u understand what they were saying. But they were together??? ..Donna

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