In the absence of any news, requests for translations continue.
Albertine, sent me a video of a small interview with Il Volo and Billboard, during the presentation of the 10 years CD.
During that time there were many interviews and I had not seen this one, I enjoyed listening to it and I think you will enjoy it too when you read the translation.
Good fun!

B = Music has been, is, and will be your life.
In 10 YEARS The Best Of, there are 19 tracks that you have selected, what were the criteria that made you decide to include these tracks, and, now, there were some tracks that were not chosen and that you regretted not to have inserted in the CD?
GIAN = We have chosen very carefully, what is our repertoire, it was not so difficult to choose the most famous songs in Italy and abroad, such as “Caruso” or an aria like “Nessun Dorma”, even unreleased songs such as “Grande Amore”. It contains our whole story, from “O Sole Mio”, which was our first single, when we were 14/15 years old, up to “Grande Amore” or “Musica Che Resta”. It is a choice of songs that represents us, I would say that it is our presentation, the identity card, even for those who do not know us, this is Il Volo.
B = You are the perfect evolution of what the Italian opera singers who preceded you were: Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli, a sort of 3.0 version, pop lyric, which is a little bit what happened to pop music that has winked, to the world INDIE, to then merge together and obtain excellent results.
What do you think of INDIE music? Is there anything you particularly like? Have you ever thought about a further indie-lyric evolution?
IGNAZIO = Indian is good!
PIERO = We are trying to follow the path, the message, that Pavarotti tried to do in the past with the famous “Pavarotti and friends”, to bring the belcanto out of the theaters, and to the general public.
Andrea Bocelli has been doing it for many years. We are three young 24/25 year olds who do something different, we can say UNIQUE, we try to bring this musical genre, which is part of our culture and tradition, to our peers, there are those who do not know it, they may like it or not, however, in our opinion, everyone must know what was born in our country and not.
IGNAZIO = Regardless of whether you like it or not.
PIERO = Absolutely.
We respect all genres of music. As for the INDIE, we listen to all genres of music, respect them and try to learn a little from everyone.
B = Let’s retrace these 10 incredible years, which probably, if, at the beginning of everything, you had been told about the success you could achieve, you would have thought it crazy.
The last crazy thing, in chronological order, you have done is the exhibition in Panama in front of the Pope, on the occasion of World Youth Day, January 26.
Before that experience, can you tell me, each of you, a moment that has left its mark on you?
GIAN = I start because a good moment came to mind: one of the best moments was in 2014 winning the LATIN BILLBOARD, and this is one of the most beautiful things (looks Piero and Ignazio in the face to confirm) or not, or am I wrong ? Nice, or not it?
IGNAZIO = Yes, of course!
PIERO = By the way, we can tell a nice anecdote…… always telling serious things ….. right in that event, all three, which nobody knows, we had broken pants, below (and he marks in the groin).
IGNAZIO = I don’t remember we had broken pants.
PIERO = All three, all three had broken pants.
GIAN = NO, we don’t sing with broken pants.
PIERO = It was a very delicate material. Since before the event, we walked on the “red carpet”, the material was a little worn.
GIAN = It was slightly worn.
PIERO = It was slightly, quite worn out.
IGNAZIO = So what was the anecdote?
PIERO = Receive the prize with the pants with holes in them.
GIAN = But they weren’t holes.
PIERO = They had holes in them, trust me.
GIAN = Yours.
PIERO = No, those of all three.
IGNAZIO = But if you had holes in your pants, why did you have to think that mine were holes too?
PIERO = Because they had holes in them.
IGNAZIO = They were your pants with holes in them!
GIAN = Okay, but tell us what’s your best time?
IGNAZIO + PIERO = The pants with holes!
GIAN = Come on!
PIERO = No, there are many moments, but I believe that the moment lived with naivety, the one that while you are doing it, you do not understand what you are experiencing, is that of WE ARE THE WORLD for Haiti, with Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie, and all great American singers.
At that moment, we looked at each other and thought: “What are we doing here in the middle?”, however it was a good experience.
IGNAZIO = I celebrated my 17th birthday, on stage with Barbra Streisand, so …… that !!
PIERO = And at fifteen, you high-fived Steven Tyler on American Idol.
PIERO = And what did you do the day before?
IGNAZIO = What had I done ??
PIERO = It’s very funny, it still makes me laugh.
IGNAZIO = But you are strange, age hurts you.
B = Let’s talk about the tour, after you returned from Brazil, where you performed in front of tens of thousands of people,  you are ready, already in 2020, to restart with the North American Tour and you will perform in 11 countries, in places such as RCMH in New York, do you have something different in mind or some surprises to celebrate these 10 years in all these places?
GIAN = Surely we will strive not to repeat ourselves with our shows, and always do something new, it is clear, the repertoire is that, we certainly add some more songs, as we did in the DVD, adding classics, we also sing individually, everyone has the his space, we also sing in duet.
Maybe there will be some guests, as we had Alessandro Quarta guest on our tour this year, a great rock violinist, very strong.
We are working on this, even with the artistic or stage production, to enrich the show a little with many things.
B = During all these years, you have seen and visited many cities, thanks to your European and world dates. Many Italian artists have decided to move abroad, or to live there for several months a year. Is there a city that has aroused this feeling in you, or the love for your country is too much, so, will you want to stay here and have not thought about this thing? 
PIERO = It is difficult to choose a city outside of Italy. I could say San Francisco, but after a couple of months, I would definitely want to return.
IGNAZIO = It is difficult, I would never think of going to live outside Italy, I would like it as an idea, ……but I am more and more convinced,  that…. I live in Bologna and I love Bologna, today I came to Milan by car and thank you, that I live in Bologna because it is a city where you can move, without taking 40 minutes to cross the city.
GIAN = During the recordings of the first album, also of the second, we can say that we spent two years in Los Angeles, we lived for months in Los Angeles, and going back there wouldn’t be bad, or living in New York for a few months ….
IGNAZIO = You go there, then we meet.
GIAN = ….. to do a full immersion, not only for the language, which we now speak, but to experience New York, to experience a different city.
B = Guys like you, who in 10 years have conquered, and obtained what many artists will never obtain, how do they find new stimuli?
GIAN = Actually it is not true that we do not miss anything, maybe this is coming, but we have many goals, and still many dreams and desires. Also because so many things have happened, our life has allowed us to mature and grow faster, but it is clear that there are still many things, many dreams to be achieved.
PIERO = The desire to make music is great, apart from today we announced our new album, but above all the next events, the next concerts in Italy, we will sing on August 30th at the Verona Arena and September 4th at the Ancient Theater of Taormina (unfortunately both postponed for Covid) and on November 19th, we advise you not to miss our concert on Canale 5, Live from Matera.
B = Perfect, thank you very much and good luck for everything.
G + P + I = Thank you, die the wolf! (it is a way of responding to the phrase good luck)
Have you already seen and read this interview?
I know there is an automatic translator, but the words are often distorted, plus many of you can’t activate it.
I hope you liked it, and made you laugh with the squabble about broken pants!!
These guys are amazing! 😁😁😁

Credit to owners of all photos and video.

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  1. Again many thanks for us non speaking Italians who are II Volo fans and still watch all their interviews without understanding a word. You do a fantastic job with the translations much appreciated

  2. Thanks for posting the original interview in Italian as well as the translation. I started studying Italian just before the release of the first album. Il Volo’s music inspired me to push myself to study it more intensely. I enjoy listening to their interviews in Italian, English and Spanish.

  3. Thank God for our dear Daniela. You are right about the translation apps. Sometimes the words are not translated into anything meaningful. For me, Google translate seems to work well but Daniela is the best.

    1. RoseMarie, I read the automatic translation in Italian and when I read that the text has nothing to do with what they say ….. I imagine what the translation can reserve !!!
      Thanks as always.

  4. Delightful interview and many thanks for translating it to English for such as I! At age 2ish our grandson declared to his Grandpa that he was sorry for ‘his broken house’. Grandpa was renovating the dining room! So, I do understand the ‘broken pants’…the guys are just so fresh and funny in how they perceive some things…just cheers you up! I’m so glad they are not all ‘polished and starchy in their ways’.

    I had no idea they had lived in Los Angeles for two years! I’m surprised Hollywood didn’t make a grab for them.

    Best wishes always for the great musicians and people they are.

    1. They lived in Los Angeles for 2 months, not years.

      Daniela, the broken pants had me laughing out loud! They know just have to interject humor with straight faces!!! Gotta love them!!! Thank you, thank you.. again!

    2. Shirley, I think Gianluca meant that in the two years they often made back and forth from Italy, up to staying two continuous months in Los Angeles. They were really small and were making their way.

  5. Thank you, Daniela, for surprising us with another very enjoyable translation. By the way, you are right, these guys are amazing! They, are so talented, amusing, intelligent, caring, fun-loving, and of course, extremely handsome! The enjoyment they bring with their beautiful voices, their antics, and their professionalism is immeasurable.

  6. As always, thanks for your translations. I had heard some time before that Ignacio lived in Bologna, but I never thought he would actually leave Sicily. Maye he can be Sicilian at heart. In interviews, they do seem more mature than their peers. Maybe its the travel and the hard work!!

    1. Dena, remember that for his first 10 years, Ignazio lived in Bologna, so it was a return for him.
      But don’t worry, in his heart there is clearly Sicily and in his summers Ignazio is there, in the house they still have in Marsala. Remember that Piero also lives in Bologna but as soon as he can he runs to Naro.

  7. We are so happy to hear from them regularly. Is nice to be able to read all this, but miss the concerts. Sometimes very quiet around the boys.
    Gianluca regularly shares something on Istagram, but Piero and Ignazio much less, I understand, but still like to see something appear.
    Hopefully everything will go better next year.
    And fans keep it safe and follow the covid rules then we will certainly be able to admire them again next year.
    Greetings from Belgium, Claudine

    1. Claudine, everyone misses concerts.
      It’s true, Gianluca has always been the most social, but I think the silence of the other two means that they are preparing something and they leave Gianluca to manage the few contacts on the web.
      We hope this situation will end soon, and we hope to see them again soon in some televised event, while the time of the concerts arrives.

  8. Yes, the holes in the pants 👍😂😂😂❤️😂❤️😂… to receive the award with “the holes in thrirxpsnts@ 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️😂😂

  9. This was wonderful! I appreciate your translations, because as you said, some translations are not accurate. Also, when reading your translations I can “hear” the guys speaking, feel the cadence of their words, unlike the others. I can “see” them arguing about the pants! Thank you so much for capturing the true essence of Il Volo. Janice.

  10. Daniela I have seen this interview, but never found the translation to English! It was a joy to see this interview again, and THIS TIME was able to follow their interaction and banter with each other,
    Thank you Daniela and Pat, it was so very, very nice and I feel lucky that you found it again!!!

  11. Thank you Daniela and Pat. You give me happiness when I read your English translation. I try to watch all their interviews and the sounds of their language is always wanted and seeing all their funniest actions is delightful, then when you later give the translation is adds to my memories with pleasure.

    1. Kay, these guys are too funny and I smile thinking how much they suffer when they have to be serious.
      And we enjoy their antics and their tales!

  12. Thank you Daniela for doing these translations. They are such fun to read. It is so nice of you to take the time when things are quiet with the boys. It is much appreciated!

  13. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the translation of this nice interview. It’s always enjoyable listening to them and seeing their interaction. Apparently Piero remembers a few things differently and there probably is more to the story! As much as they have traveled, they are wise as always and realize their home is in Italy.

  14. Thanks Daniela for the translation and the pants story. Ignazio always seems to have a pants problem or is that part of the act? Remember when he couldn’t jump up on the piano because he broke his pants in Detroit?

    1. I was at a concert when Iganzio dramatically slid on his knees across a good portion of the stage at the end of a song–and tore a huge hole in the knee of his pants. But it seems to me that he started wearing looser pants somewhere around 2012-3 and only returned to a more classy look with the Notte Magica tour. If you look at videos from that time period it looks like he is wearing some version of track pants. And I bet the reason for that was to minimize “broken” pants!

      1. You remember very well Penina, in fact Ignazio wore baggy trousers, to avoid ending the concerts with pants with holes. 🙂

  15. So happy to get a response! Not to belabor the subject, but I think our Ignazio is a natural fidgeter! Pulling up pants, the ear piece, sleeves. And Armani couldn’t keep up with his weight loss in the pants department. Maybe he needs a belt? The whole package is endearing!

  16. Thank you, thank you, thank you Daniela, for your translations. They have brought my boys closer to me again after what seems like a forever time of being in “isolation”. Can’t wait for the time when concerts can be scheduled again and I can make plans to go wherever I can to see them again. They are such wonderful young men. And I say to everyone “BE Safe!” – Allene

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