A couple of days ago, a photo of the maestro Alessandro Quarta appeared on Facebook, whom we all remember he accompanied with his violin the performance of “Musica Che Resta” on the fourth evening of Sanremo 2019, very special photo, because it portrayed him in a bed in the hospital.
Here he is.

Accompanied by this, his comment:
TORNERÒ più Forte di Prima, questo è SICURO!!!!!
Dovevo togliere qualcosa di troppo nel mio corpo, qualcosa che non era gradito!!! Ma sto bene, anzi…più forte di prima!!!
Un grosso abbraccio a tutti amici miei e vi terrò aggiornato quotidianamente

I WILL COME BACK Stronger Than Before, This is SAFE ❤ !!!!!
I had to remove something too much in my body, something that was not welcome !!! But I’m fine, indeed … stronger than before !!!
A big hug to all my friends and I’ll keep you updated daily. ❤

Many of us wished him a speedy recovery, thinking of some small intervention, even Michele Torpedine commented:
Mick Torp:
Hi Alessandro I can’t imagine how much you will be stronger than before … given the previous level !!!!!! A lot IN THE MOUTH OF THE WOLF !!!
Today Alessandro published a video, which moved us very much, and left us all speechless, and which I translate for you.
As you can see, I am about to be discharged from the Bolzano Hospital.
What happened? I’ll explain it to you right away. A tumor of 8×5 cm, here, located between the vascular bundle of the neck, and the cranial nerves, as well as at the point where the violin rests.
In the last three years I was struggling to hold the violin (he means still on the neck), it escaped me and it had never happened ….. to try to keep it still I made movements with my head (he makes the movement and it feels bad and then he says) ouch, I have to make it slower (the movement, otherwise it causes pain), because I felt it (the violin) escape from the neck, as if someone was pushing it away and it was this “Easter egg” in here.
I was very afraid,…. yes, however,…. “what does not kill us strengthens us.”  Nobody knew.
I thank Professor Luca Calabrese, European luminary, for face and neck cancers, the Bolzano hospital who treated me and where everyone pampered me in a wonderful way.
And then I thank all of you, you have been many, many, many, many, you have been close to me, you have given me courage, strength.
Who stops Alessandro Quarta?
I’ll come back stronger than before, guys, the lion of the savannah will come back, the pirate … call me whatever you want …. nobody stops me.
I am tired of Covid, I want to return to you, we hope that this Covid disappears as soon as possible, I can’t take it anymore.
I want to live again.
I don’t give a damn about money, I want to live, I want to play in front of you (wipes a tear).
What the hell do you do with money if you get cancer and die!
Thank you, for being close to me, and see you very soon, strength!!
“What doesn’t kill you strengthens you.”

It was really a great shock to see this man, who looks like an indestructible rock, get “naked” and thank us for giving him strength and courage.
Alessandro, the warmth of your audience has arrived.
You’ve been through a tough time, but we’re sure you’ll come back strong and confident to what your home is also, the stage.
We will all be there to applaud you, because you are good, but also because we LOVE YOU !! 
We are waiting for you, “lion of the savannah”.

Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

28 thoughts on “THE LION OF THE SAVANNAH”

  1. God has blessed you with a beautiful talent and us with being able to enjoy your music I pray that soon you will be able to preform onstage again so we may enjoy listening to you

  2. A quick recovery to a remarkable man who opened up to everyone something a lot of men tend not to do when they are facing the unknown.I hope many of the male population read his amazing story and it gives them the strength to talk openly about their fears when faced with the big C it is not a sigh of weakness it’s a sign of courage, we look forward to hearing you again with Ii Volo boys in the non to distant future.

  3. My Italian is about zero but I actually got the drift of his message, thank you confirming and filling in the blanks. Much appreciated. Best wishes for a full recovery and look forward to Allessandro doing what we love with the unique Il Volo.

  4. Yes, the Savannah Lion shows his tender side….
    🙏 Total well-being to you Alessandro. We wait for you…

  5. So moving and inspiring!
    What a passionate man and artist!

    Agree. Happy to donate to a gofundme if needed- please inform. Grazie.

  6. Such a brave and beautiful message from Alessandro! Keeping him and his family in my prayers. God bless him.

  7. I was moved to tears by this gentle giants wordy. I have you in my prayers dear Ale and wish you a speedy recovery. I too have battled the Big C and you are so right when you say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. May God Bless You and keep you safe.

  8. Just yesterday Jeannette and I was talking about these photos and this video, and hoping that someone would let us know what he said. Once again we thank you Daniela for translating! Best wishes to Alessandro for a fast and full recovery so he may return to his great passion!

  9. With the grace of God, and prayers of all who enjoy your music,
    you will be back, healthy, and doing what you love soon.
    Thank you Dr. Calabrese for your expert care.

  10. A brave and beautiful message from Alessandro. I will keep him and his family in my prayers. God bless .

  11. Why is Alessandro called the Lion of the Savannah? It’s a great name, and it fits his smooth, yet aggressive, playing style. But I never heard where the name came from.

  12. Thank you Daniela and Pat and any who gave us this today. His awareness that we love and appreciate him warmed me. His openness about the struggle to play and his condition, warmed me. His desire to repair and go on warmed and strengthened me. He has much love to share.

  13. Daniela, when I saw the video the other day, although I thought Alessandro may have had tumor removed, and I could understand some of the words, I was wishing I could understand his message. Thank you for this translation. My heart goes out to him. Alessandro has a positive outlook and that will really help him through his recuperation. I have no doubt that he will come back stronger. Until then, sending positive thoughts and prayers to him

  14. Once again I thank you for an informative translation. I guessed that Ale had a tumor removed and hoped it was benign. I trust they removed it all and that it did not spread. With his professionalism I don’t think anyone had an inkling of how uncomfortable he felt during his magnificent performances. He is a brave man to share his story. Prayers for his swift and complete recovery. We all look forward to seeing him perform with Il Volo very soon. Blessings to him for good health.

  15. I thank everyone for the nice comments you wrote for Alessandro.
    He is back home and, on his facebook page, in a comment, I attached the link of this post and I wrote to him to read how much you love him, even on the other side of the world. I really hope he reads your comments and they can be of comfort to him in his recovery. Thank you all.

  16. Wishing total healing to Alessandro, for his sake and so we can continue to hear his amazing music. I hope the cigarette in his photo was his last one.

      1. Oh, I’m so relieved to hear that! I was out of line, but super sensitive as my partner of 28 years died 0f COPD after 50 years of smoking.

  17. Thanks for this information, Daniela. My prayers that he will soon recover and be better than ever – along with the vaccine for COVID – so he can play again with a live audience. He is so very talented! Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, WA U.S.A.

  18. You would not think by looking at him that he could be afflicted by these medical emergencies. He appears so strong & healthy. But he will bounce back stronger than ever with everyone’s prayers & love! He will appreciate life more than ever. Can’t wait to hear him play again. God speed, Alessandro🎻💕

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