In these days we have all seen articles published concerning the definition in the first instance of the complaint for the dispute between RENIS-TORPEDINE and the subsequent declaration of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

So let’s try to do a little order.

This article, published in Bologna on 30 September 2019, informed us that there was a dispute with a subsequent complaint by Tony Renis, against Michele Torpedine, for the management of Il Volo.

la Repubblica – Bologna Article 2019 – Click Here

I translate the article:

BOLOGNA – The dispute over the management of the earnings of ‘Il Volo’, the trio of singers who surprisingly won the Sanremo Festival in 2015, ends on trial and causes two big names in Italian music, once partners and also friends, to fight. The Prosecutor of Bologna has in fact sued the music producer Michele Torpedine, former manager of Zucchero and Lucio Dalla, among others, for mismanagement of earnings or wealth.

It all stems from a complaint filed four years ago by the lawyers Antonio Cappuccio and Tiziana Zambelli, defenders of Tony Renis, aka Elio Cesari, and who will now appear as a civil party “for due compensation for the damage.”

So, the complaint was made in 2015.

I read  also in another article of 2018 that Renis filed the complaint in September 2015, the year in which in February, Il Volo wins Sanremo and in May is at Eurovision.

The quarrel goes on in the Italian courts. Initially, archiving  is requested , because some documents from those years cannot be found, but Renis’ lawyers oppose and the controversy continues, until a couple of days ago, when the court issues the first instance sentence, which we all have read.

la Repubblica – Bologna Article 2020 – Click Here

I translate for you.

The dispute over the management of the earnings of ‘Il Volo’, the trio that won the Sanremo Festival in 2015, ends in the first degree, with a one-year sentence for the music producer Michele Torpedine, accused in Bologna for patrimonial infidelity.

The criminal case was born from a complaint presented by the defenders of Elio Cesari, aka Tony Renis: Torpedine was originally the director and Renis was a 50% shareholder of Rentor, the company that managed the trio exclusively. The investigations disputed a conflict of interest linked to a contract that in 2014 Torpedine entered into an exclusive agreement in favor of Family Srl, of which he was sole director. With this deed he would have caused Rentor damage equal to the loss of the exclusive rights and the compensation related to the trio’s activities.

The court also sentenced to civil compensation, ordered an executive provisional for Rentor, constituted a civil party with the liquidator Marzia Chessa, defense of the lawyer Gabriele Bordoni, of 50 thousand euros and 20 thousand for Renis, defended by the lawyers Antonio Cappuccio and Tiziana Zambelli, plus 10 thousand in court costs. Torpedine was defended by prof. Gaetano Insolera.

So, for the moment, a verdict has been issued that sentences Michele Torpedine to one year in prison and to pay 80,000 euros.

This quarrel has been going on since 2015 and 5 years have passed, and in all this time, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, have NEVER given their opinion, but at the publication of the verdict, Il Volo made this publication:

Michele, sometimes truth and justice need time. We know you well. You have been by our side for more than 10 years. You defended us from everyone, you fought for us, you taught us so much and above all you love us. You always made us understand who we should trust and who instead preferred to use us for their own interests and personal glory. We are proud to have chosen you and to have renewed our trust, for ten years, day after day. This is a truth that no sentence can hinder. For the rest, just have patience: in the end the truth always comes. In life and also in the courts.

Really beautiful words, which express all their solidarity and their affection for the one who has always followed them and who has not forgotten them in moments when notoriety was tarnishing, but, like a good father, has always kept them holding hands and indicated the way to follow.

Susan De Bartoli has published a beautiful writing, which many have already read and which summarizes what we all fans of Il Volo feel in our hearts.

Grazie mille Susan, for expressing so well in words the feelings of all of us! Here it is:

An Open Letter to Michele Torpedine:

These three families gave you their sons because they trusted you and believed in you! What you have done for these young men over the last 10 years has helped them to become the fine young men they are today! You always gave them the best advice and they trusted you and believed in you and that is why they are at your side today! You are proud of them as you should be because you helped make them who they are today!

On many occasions I have heard them praise you for all that you have done for them. They said you taught them everything they know but, above all you taught them to stand on their own two feet and to deal with everything that has been thrown at them over the years. You never left their side! You always defended them! You are a second father to them! And you went above and beyond to teach them everything you knew. You love them and they love you!

We believe in you and thank you for what you have done for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca! I know you always acted in their best interest! I stand with you! The truth will prevail.

It is only at the first degree sentence, therefore Torpedine will certainly oppose.

But I wonder why the complaint was made in September 2015, after the excellent results of Sanremo and Eurovision and the upcoming concerts?

By the admission of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca themselves, who returned from America, here in Italy and in Europe, they were not known.

They might have been a flop, and in that case they wouldn’t be interested in anyone anymore, but Torpedine has always believed in them, and therefore, with the new notoriety comes the fight.

It goes without saying that I’m on Torpedine’s side, and I think I also interpret the thoughts of all of you who love Il Volo. 

The dispute will continue and we will read the various results, then the law will be able to put an end to this unpleasant situation.


Credit to owners of all photos and articles.

54 thoughts on “TORPEDINE-RENIS, LET’S MAKE THE POINT! by Daniela”

  1. Daniela, Thank you for the translation and the history of the issue. Susan’s letter to Michele was perfect. I also side with Michele Torpedine. I do believe that truth and justice will prevail. It is heartwarming and certainly not at all surprsing, to know that Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero continue to stand by Michele their “second father”.

    1. Mary Jane, I believe that Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca are on the side of those who have always followed them, even when, after the US period, they returned to Italy and were quite unknown. When they won Sanremo, they said they hadn’t heard from Tony Renis for two years.

  2. Thank you for further explanation. I hope that common sense prevails, the timing and time factor is taken into account and this is settled asap As far as I can see Michele Torpedine has nothing but good for Il Volo.

    1. Valerie, in one way or another, common sense must always prevail, don’t you think?
      Yes, Torpedine has always indicated the right way to Il Volo.

  3. It is sad that the possibility of money make some people loose their dignity. Unfortunately these type of lawsuits are not uncommon in show business. I hope that in the end Michele Torpedine gets a fair conclusion to this case. I am sure it has hurt the boys to see this happen to their mentor.

    1. Regina, I also believe that the boys were hurt by all this and luckily, when the events happened they were very young.
      It is evident that the boys are very attached by true affection towards Torpedine, as if he were a real family member.

  4. Sabrinia, maybe we don’t know well all the facts behind this quarrel, but you, especially in the entertainment world, have you ever seen arguments that didn’t lead to money?
    I too wonder: if Il Volo had slipped into people’s oblivion, would there have been this quarrel anyway?

    1. Daniela,
      Penso che tu abbia esattamente ragione. Se Il Volo fosse svanito, e non ci fossero molti soldi in gioco, questo non sarebbe successo.

  5. Thank you Daniela. Interesting that this came about when the success of Il Volo was apparent. (money). We stand behind them and with them 100%.

  6. Thank you so much Daniela. I love and support our guys and Michele. He guided our very young boys through their vulnerable teen years and beyond with sound advise and love and still does to this day. He has been like a second father to them and is very loved by the boys and their families. We don’t know everything about this on going case but I’m hoping for a happy outcome.❤️

  7. Thank you for clearing up all that has happened in connection with this dispute between Tony Renis and Michele Torpedine in court. I am a 100 percent behind Michele because he is a wonderful Manager for Il Volo.. So sad for him and our guys to have this unpleasant situation.!
    Please keep on giving us updates on what is happening with Michele and Il Volo. It will be very much appreciated Daniela.

  8. I am a newcomer, only since October 2016, and still I know the heartbreak the boys felt in the early years at not being known and loved in their own country. They put themselves out there at San Remo to be a potential disaster, but we all know the love Italy showed for them. The love that was there just waiting. Michele stood by them, knowing their hearts and instincts were good. Michele, not the other. I pray this all gets resolved. Will Renis get money? Probably, but hopefully not much for doing nothing in those years. Should Michele go to prison for guiding these three to the delight of all the world? That would be insane! With all love and support!

    1. Karen, like you, we all hope that the conclusions of this quarrel will end in a fair and benevolent way on both sides, I think this would be of great benefit to our boys.

  9. Thanks so much for today’s clarification of the law suit. I read that Tony Renis aka Elio Cesari had the idea of blending the voices of Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero after he heard them sing on the Italian TV show Ti Lascio Una Canzone in 2009. When the boys won in San Remo they were very surprised, excited so very emotionally thanked Michele Torpedine but Tony was hurt that his name was not mentioned. Tony and Michele were dissolving their Rentor partnership either in 2014 or 2015. There is a criminal suit and a civil suit. Obviously I am not familiar with the Justice system in Italy but a one year prison sentence seems harsh; I am not so sure about the fairness of the monetary amount Michele was ordered to pay. When Michele set up sole directorship with Family Srl, wouldn’t whoever drew up the lgal papers tell him if what he was going to do would be a confluct of interest or illegal, unethical or immoral? I hope Michele appeals his sentence. The truth will come out. Il Volo’s success comes from their unique talents and Michele’s excellent management skills. We are behind him 100%.

    1. Of course it was over greed and money. Roberto Cenci, who discovered the boys and put them together on the last night of “Ti Lascio Una Canzone,” also ignored the boys for those 5 years before San Remo and did not get thanked personally, either. But he did not sue Michele or bring criminal charges. Renis saw a chance to make more money. I also hope Michele appeals his sentence.

      1. Exactly JoAnn, Cenci and Renis have sensed the potential of these guys, but who has always followed them was Torpedine.
        Surely Torpedine will appeal the sentence.

    2. Doris, the guys did not mention Tony Renis during the Sanremo victory and were heavily criticized for it, the newspapers wrote that they were ungrateful, but during the interviews, Piero said they hadn’t heard from T. Renis for some time. As I repeat, we do not know the facts, but surely the relationships were already broken.

  10. Thank you Daniele for this article which helps to clarify the timeline and intent of both parties. We stand with Michele and the guys as it is clear that the original intent is to reap financial gain due to the phenomenal success achieved after Sanremo Music Festival, 2015. We expect that truth will win!

  11. How about we ALL go to Italy and have a. BIG protest? Picture a few thousand American women of a certain age raising hell in an Italian court. We could rescue Torpy!!

  12. Yes, I do want truth to will out and for Michele to continue to manage Il Volo for at least 5 years till they are more secure in their age. They have not had a normal life since they were 15. I feel they still need his and Barbara’s type of mentoring regarding their world traveling and the Entertainment business. You are seeing this nasty business right now with this suit against MT. I love them all and want the best for their future success.

    1. I agree-they may want to branch out eventually and go their separate ways-five years is reasonable, when they are all over 30, and with 15 years under their belts and plenty of exposure and success their paths into the future would be more defined, Thanks for the discussion. Il Volo rules!

  13. Kay, I too believe that Il Volo still needs Torpedine’s guidance and I hope that this bad court situation does not go on too long, because this fight has been going on for 5 years already !!
    But the Italian justice, unfortunately, has a very long time!

  14. Thank you Daniela for translating this article. It is sad but some people do everything for money. For Renis it was not the good of the boys that mattered but how much they could earn for him. Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca trust Michele, they know that he wants all the best for them. I believe that everything will end well. I will be waiting for more news on this matter.

  15. Yet another very interesting behind the scenes expose from Daniela. I hope, in the end, the situation involving courts and lawyers will not have any negative impact on the boys and their manager/producer as they go forward with future endeavors. It does seem obvious that Renis became a lot more interested in IL Volo after their talents and achievements became abundantly obvious. Thankfully Mr. Torpedine helped bring us an incredible amount of enjoyment with his wonderful creation that is IL Volo.

    1. The exact dynamics of the facts, only those directly involved know it, Mark, but as you understand, the revenge on earnings is only in case of earnings !!

  16. Thank you Daniela and Pat for detailing this unfortunate situation! I too remember the bad press our guys received for not thanking Renis after their win at Sanremo. It certainly wasn’t warranted.Through the many published photos of our guys with Torpedine a mutual love is evident. I don’t believe he would ever take advantage of them as others might have. He appears to be more of a second father to them than manager. It is unfortunate that Renis has persued this issue. I hope the courts reverse this decision !!

  17. I am so angry that anyone should attack Mr. Torpedine. He has always seemed so helpful to the IL Volo boys and has indeed shown them so much. I pray that the truth will prevail and that he can still manage the boys with his always excellent guidance. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington, U.S.A.

    1. Dena, everyone knows that Il Volo was born and well raised, thanks to the advice and affection of Torpedine. Let’s hope this fight ends soon, it has already lasted too long.

  18. Thank you Daniela for clarifying the issues behind this unfortunate situation. I’m sure Tony Renis has not made any friends over this. Mr. Torpedine has our support and appreciation for all that he has done for Il Volo. That will always shine whenever anyone thinks of him. Let us hope for truth and justice to prevail.
    Boston girl, Thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

  19. Thank you, Daniela for explaining the situation between Renis and Michele.If all this started after the win in San Remo it seems that Renis became more interested in the boys because he knew their monetary value would rise and he wanted his share. I don’t believe he cared anything about the boys. Michele has always been by their side and had their best interests at heart. I wish him all the best. I’m sure that now the boys are older this is much harder on them. They love Michele and will always stand by him. As they said in the end the truth will prevail.

  20. Wow, a year in prison!! These Italian courts are tough–makes me think of “The Merchant Of Venice”. Still, I can’t help thinking about how excited Tony Renis was about the boys–saw this on a couple of different videos, and of course, I believe he was a producer on the first two cd’s and dvd’s. So it’s too bad it went this way, but hopefully Michele will win in the appeals court. But it’s very stressful–and expensive!
    Okay, now–how about that huge, new tattoo Ignazio is showing!!

    1. Judy, of course it’s a shame it ended like this, I wasn’t expecting it either.
      As for tattoos, I’ve always said I don’t like them, especially the very large ones. Now that Ignazio, my favorite of Il Volo, seems to have done it, I will not retract my thoughts. I don’t like tattoos at all. Ignazio really likes tattoos and I’m happy for him, but I won’t say “wow that’s great!”

      1. Daniela, I take back what I said about the pants with holes and rips in them-that was nothing compared with the tattoos. I agree with you completely. I don’t think they are attractive on women or men and they are permanent. If I had Ignazio’s good looks and youthful, athletic build I certainly wouldn’t deface my body. Does anyone know what the theme of the tattoo is? It looks to be a sizable tattoo.

      2. I agree Mark. I don’t understand why people think tattoos enhance their God given beauty. I for one, don’t think they add anything–I think they detract.

      3. Mark and Penina, my thoughts are like yours and I must tell you that, personally, when I see a footballer with his arm completely covered in tattoos, I immediately think, “it’s a pity that he has so disfigured his body”, I don’t like them, it’s more strong of me. I tolerate the small ones, Ignatius already had 8 but all small and not very visible. I repeat, too bad, but I respect those who appreciate them, everyone is free to express their opinion. That’s right Mark, you can take off pants with holes, but tattoos, not really.
        It’s true, Penina, they don’t add anything.
        The video and the photo are not very clear, I cannot understand what is tattooed there.

  21. When we go to Italy, we tell il giudice that 17 yr. old boys are wild animals whether or not they can sing! Torpy earned every dime while Renis had his driver take him to the bank in his Rolls.

  22. Daniela, I think I’ve indicated that Ignazio is my favorite also. And I also hate tattoos, although I didn’t mind his little ones hidden here and there. But this one is terrible. I’d also like to ask you if you ever hear from the guys after their birthday tributes from the Flight Crew and us fans. You all put so much work into it and do such a great job!

    1. No Judy, the last time the kids were seen, they said they were making something, and it looks on TV. We hope that there are agreements and that this event can be done.

  23. As for tattoos, I cannot imagine why Ignacio, with his incredible good looks, would want to spoil things with tattoos. I hope he does not continue to deface his body in this way. I understand that they are painful to remove. I find his charisma will perhaps not be diminished, but I hope he does not continue to ruin his appearance in this way. He was the one that I was most drawn to, especially when be sings the high resonating notes. Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington U.S.A.

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