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Il Volo Professional ~~ Wrapping Up the Latin Billboard Awards

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been reading comments since Thursday night, and I can tell that we’re all still completely stoked  about The Guys’ win the other night.  And why shouldn’t we be?  It was so amazing!  I know we’ve all watched and re-watched this video more than once, but I think we need to have a special place for it here, don’t you? 😀


Thank you to, PauLina SaLcido


I was so proud of them from the beginning of the night to the end.  Looking so handsome and being so genuine and in the moment….



Thank you, Billboard


Thank you, LasGringasBlog


Yahoo_music_en-US_f_pw_119x34_2xIn fact, they made enough of an impression that Yahoo Music wrote an article that I was easily able to find at the top of Bing’s search results,

https://music.yahoo.com/news/il-volo-speechless-over-honor-billboard-latin-music-215542243.html <— Click Here

and they were named on “The Heartthrobs of the Night” list by Telemundo.

Click here —> http://msnlatino.telemundo.com/entretenimiento/Premios_Billboard_English/photo_gallery/2014-04/2014_latin_billboard_music_awards_the_heartthrobs_of_the_night_photos

English Simulcast; mun2.tv
English Simulcast; mun2.tv

ILVolovers the world over did their part admirably during the show, tweeting #ElPulsoBillboard for @ilvolo to keep them at the top of the list of “Most Tweets” for the night.  My lovely hosts commented on it more than once, saying, “OK.  The Il Volo fans have got this.  It’s not even a contest, and they are winning!  It’s not even close!” There was a brief moment when they mentioned that Il Volo had dropped to number three on the list, and well…let’s just say that ILVolovers took care of that! 😀 Way to rock those tweets guys!


Another honor of the night–in my opinion at least–is that they were asked to present an award as well, which they did for Latin Pop Song:

Thank you, Caty Corraliza

To me, asking Il Volo to present an award and having them walk away with a win shows an acceptance that goes beyond their adoring public.  It means that the industry has taken notice as well, and that is something that can take their already amazing career to the next level.

When I think about that, I have to think about how far they’ve come in such a short time, and have to wonder what is going through their minds.  From thinking that Ti Luscio una Canzone would be it and that they would go back to their regular lives, to celebrating their first industry award in five short years…what a journey!

And how fitting that they have come full circle…appearing on Ti Luscio una Canzone again yesterday, singing, “Il Mundo,” fresh off of such success.  I’m guessing they were an inspiration to every contestant that is currently on the show, a living, breathing example that dreams can come true.

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Pictures of yesterday’s performance were provided by Alessandro La Vela on his Facebook page,

here —> https://www.facebook.com/alessandro.lavela.77/media_set?set=a.10152359049622487.1073741853.802957486&type=1

and rough cuts of video can be found on the page of our afiliate, All Things Il Volo ,

here —> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=465091623620764&set=vb.132912800171983&type=2&theater

and Team Il Volo pointed us in the direction of this one

Thank you, manos de gianluca

Congratulations, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca!  We love you; we’re so proud, and we wish that so many more of your dreams come true!


~~ Kelly