Il Volo Professional ~~ Gearing Up for the Latin Billboards

Hey Everyone!

The Guys hit Miami this week, first for the taping of Sabado Gigante (we expect a full report, LeeLee!  ;D ) and then for the big party,




How exciting is this? 😀   We know Il Volo has been here before.  Last year they walked the red carpet (looking very much the part, in my humble opinion) and actually performed, receiving the only standing ovation of the night. In a tribute to Mexican singer and musician, Jose Jose, they brought down the house with a rendition of his famous, “El Triste”, a song that speaks of the deep sadness one feels at the loss of a loved one.

In case you somehow didn’t get to see or hear that awesome performance, please enjoy this sound recording (just close your eyes and feel the power) courtesy of our affiliate,

Team Il Volo, here —>

Or if you really want to see the performance as well,

Click here —>  (courtesy of IlVoloVEVO)

This year, Il Volo will attend the awards as nominated artists in two categories:

1.) Top Latin Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group against:
Calibre 50
La Arrolladora Banda el Limon de Rene Camacho
Voz de Mando


2.) Latin Pop Albums Artist of the Year, Duo or Group against:
Jesse & Joy
Los Bukis

According to Wikipedia, Mana’ is the reining winner in both categories.  Is this Il Volo’s year to take the crown?

auditions-free-logoSo if this isn’t enough excitement for the residents of Miami and Florida at large (no…I’m not bitter…not even a little bit…), there was one more very exciting opportunity available to them.  A Miami Talent Agency was hired to fill a few of the red carpet fan slots for the show.  About 70 people were chosen and will be given a ticket to the show after The Red Carpet is complete.   According to the email (which contains instructions on who should and how to submit your name, and which you can view here —>  ), the talent was chosen in the week of April 8th.  Please tell me some IlVolovers made the cut!

Be sure to stay tuned on April 24th.  The show airs live at 7 pm on Telemundo.

To learn more about this years awards show,  or to read the complete articles about topics in this article, see the links below!


Jose Jose

El Triste

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Behind the Scenes Q&A

17 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Gearing Up for the Latin Billboards”

  1. Oh Kelly! How could I forget last year’s Billboard awards? That El Triste performance will stay with me forever! Musical power I have never seen, heard nor felt before! I will never forget the look on Jose’s face when he also came to that conclusion. Thanks Kelly, for the reminder.

    What would a win mean to the guys? Well, a monumental goal for them and more people will hear and love them like we do. What does a win mean to me? Not a lot. Oh I’d be proud! But, come on, we already know who they are and what they are capable of doing. Aren’t we the lucky ones?

  2. Kelly,great post!! Can’t believe it’s already a year since they gave that amazing performance!

    It will be good to see them back here again. Accrding to their tweets they have already begun their trip to Miami.

    I hope they win something this year, we all know how much they deserve it.

  3. Yes our guys are on the way to Miami! Both Gianluca and Piero tweeted – to Rome today then Miami tomorrow. As usual my dear Gian also attachs a handsome photo of himself (Wow! Yeah!).

    This is the 25th year of the Latin Billboard award. I read from in addition to being nominated our guys are also on the list of presenters. Some other names that I am familiar with and who will be at the award are Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, and Marc Anthony. It’s quit a line up and I can’t wait to see it next Thursday.

    Kelly, thanks for the throw back. Who can forget El Triste from last year. It’s legendary!

      1. You’re welcome, Kelly. Have you notice we (the Board) all commented in sequence! Ha, I think this is the first time!

  4. I could listen and watch Our Guys over and over at the Latin Billboard Awards last year. I was so proud of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca you would have thought I had something to do with it! Can’t wait to hear them again this year. (I do hope we can get the Awards show on TV here in Minnesota!) Thanks Kelly, I think I will go back and watch them again!

  5. Thanks Kelly – it was an unforgetable performance last year. Can’t wait to see them as presenters!!! They do it all with charm and style!

  6. Is there going to be a way for us to watch the Latin Billboards on our computers? I hope, I hope so!

    Last year, il Volo with Jose Jose just totally blew me away. To me he was so proud of their performance of his song and I love to watch the video over and over. Our boys did a fabulous job of sings El Triste.

    Lucky Lee Lee getting to see this. I can’t wait to hear all about her experience.

  7. @ Nashville people. I finally made it to AAA and as expected did not get the info that I wanted. I have only AAA approved restaurants. One that was pointed out was “Etch”, I think and she thought that it was expensive. I am not even sure how big of a group it would hold.

    Has anyone else found anything that would be suitable? Plus, any idea the size of a group that wants to meet? Like I mentioned before, I have never been to Nashville before so I do not know what is there, probably like everyone else.

    Everyone please keep looking for a place.

    Happy Easter to all. Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you.

    1. Jeanie: Those who have expressed interest in dinner pre-concert come to about 6 by my count. There are probably others I don’t know about. But, say 6-10 people for dinner should not be a problem for most any restaurant in the area. The “Etch” you mentioned is a French restaurant, and frankly, I’d prefer something closer to home. My budget is taking a beating so I would like to keep it more in the “family” style or similar. There are any number of places around, especially Music Row. Do a search for “restaurants near…” and you should see a bunch.
      Happy Easter to y’all, too!

      1. LindaP.
        Thanks for responding LindaP. I did not know that the Etch was a French restaurant. It was just thrown out there to me by AAA and by a young man from the Schermerhorn as being close to the Theater for Helen at her request. So, please everyone keep looking for a restaurant. I am still not sure if we will be taking a cab or driving to the theater as of yet. I

        I know what you mean LindaP. This trip is turning out expensive for us also with the wedding we are going to and really hoping to do some sightseeing also since we have not been there before. I think I told my husband that I would take my peanut butter, bread and my sweet pickles with me this trip. lol

        All I was saying is for everyone to keep looking for a place and put it out there for everyone to see what they think. I really think everything in Nashville is going to be expensive, myself.

      2. Linda P. & Jeanie…. I have already emailed you, Linda, so I will give Jeanie the same info. There is a restaurant called Demos’ that was recommended to me by a native of Nashville. It is near the venue, at 300 Commerce St. I suggest that you look it up on the net. It is inexpensive and has an extensive menu. Just a thought. Linda, I also like the idea of barbeque.
        If we have a relatively large group, we probably should try to make reservations wherever we go. Guess we’d better do a head count soon. If you read this and are interested in joining us, please comment here and tell us! We have to eat early because of picking up M&G tickets at Will Call at 6:30.

  8. Sweet to see them playing soccer!

    Can’t wait to see their performance at Latin Billboards!

    How about a stellar standing ovation for their performance and one or two wins for their nominations? Totally deserved!

    We love you, Guys! Welcome to your home away from home!
    ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  9. Nominated twice again, maybe singing, and presenting(I read,) To Andrea; and hopefully winning their catagory! May be a slam dunk for them! Whatever happens, we could never love them more! Will always continue to (WATCH THEM FLY).

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