It’s Been One Year Since Il Volo Filmed “We Are Love” and “Buon Natale!” Can You Believe It?



Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater

A lot has happened in our Il Volo world in one year. March 26 and 27, 2014 marked one year since Il Volo filmed “We Are Love” and “Buon Natale” Live at the Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater. I can’t remember how many times they have been to Miami since, but for me and I know for a theater full of other fans, the two nights were exciting beyond words. I had never been to a live filming of anything much less an Il Volo concert! The cameras, the lights, the re-takes – Ignazio, Gainluca and Piero – intoxicating!

During a “We Are Love” re-take – I followed the bad example of others and took this little clip



It’s funny when people come together who share a passion for music it’s a magical experience. I met a friend while waiting impatiently at a light across the street from the theater, it would not change, it was between me and the experience I was so eager to begin. I picked a hotel within walking distance and it turned out to be a good thing, as Jeannie from New Mexico walked up to the same light. While we waited we learned we had both been commenting on IlVoloMusic and she recognized my name. By the time we finally crossed the street we were exchanging email addresses. To make a long story short, we did email each other and – yes, you guessed it, last September we attended two “We Are Love” concerts together, Philadelphia and Boston, where we stayed in the same hotel as Il Volo!

We never saw the guys, except we recognized the gym in a tweet from Ignazio. However, we did see Piero’s father, Gianluca and Ignazio’s mothers and Barbara, as well as many band members in the hotel lobby. You can’t imagine how unreal it felt when the Il Volo bus pulled right up to the front of the hotel and the parents, Barbara and the band began loading their bags. We were eating in an open restaurant in the middle of the lobby, the front of the hotel was all glass – what an interesting lunch that was! I rode the elevator with the moms and Barbara but I did not say a word – not wanting to intrude – but later I thought I should have at least said “Can’t wait for the concert tonight” or something! Oh well, maybe next time! That was a digression – what I meant to say was, now Jeannie and I are planning to attend yes, you guessed again, the June 2014 concert in Philadelphia and maybe – a lot of things have to come together – like me getting off work – but maybe, just maybe we will go to Taormina too!

Then there is my Il Volo Flight Crew Board friend, Elaine, who, like I did, moved heaven and earth to get to the concerts in Miami. It was Elaine’s busy season at work, we only learned about tickets at the last minute, but she managed to get she and her daughter to Miami for both concerts. I managed to “work remotely” and we were there, under the same roof for both concerts – seats not far apart – but we did not know each other yet!

Little did we know then, we’d write of our “magical” time in Miami on IlVolomusic and in less than four months, we’d undertake our “Il Volo Flight Crew ~ Share The Love” blog with a few other devoted fans; Kelly, Linda and Marie. Elaine now thinks we were sitting right across from each other, I was on the side and she in the middle. She thinks this because before the shows began some lucky people got to move down to fill up the front rows. The first night, an usher took me and 3 others to the front but the seats were filled when we got there, so Elaine remembers us coming back to our seats. What a disappointment, but it did not last once the concert started! At Buon Natale, I was lucky, 4 of us got moved to the front left. When you see the guys coming out in the beginning of the DVD, I was right there, I could have reached out and touched them! I was just behind the lucky lady that Ignazio sang to in the aisle! It was a fabulous seat! I could see Ignazio’s dimples.

Elaine says March 26 and 27, 2013, were two of the best days of her life! I agree, they were two pretty great experiences, I am going to say it again, I think for the third time, they were two really magical nights.

PhotoGrid_1396581994971  PhotoGrid_1396590336675

Elaine, with Piero and Ignazio’s help, took the photos above after the concerts!

IgnazioHappyBirthdayJeannie snapped this quickly after the “We Are Love” concert when she heard a defiant cry!  Jeannie says, “it was the tiny lady’s birthday, and people where trying to push her away.  When Ignazio heard her say “but it’s my birthday”, he turned around and said “whose birthday is it” and just gave her the biggest hug.”




I was afraid to take a picture, but I took this during BN !

Many Santa’s celebrated Christmas in March!

SAMSUNG  Fillmore

It was all over… walking back to the hotel – I stayed in the Raleigh, the hotel with a famous pool – I took the following shots of the night to keep the magic going, I didn’t want it to end!

??????????????????? SAMSUNGSAMSUNG












 The moon at 6 AM, March 28, 2013, and a dark Fillmore – the day the music died!

???????????????????      ???????????????????




The following are just a few pictures I took between the Fillmore and my hotel – just two blocks apart.

SAMSUNG   The Delano        ???????????????????

                                    Across the street from the Fillmore

















From my room with a view in the Raleigh!

Il Volo Flight Crew was born about four months after PBS filmed “We Are Love” and “Buon Natale” in Miami Beach, and continues to grow. We have participants around the world and we now know each other as FRIENDS!  This June 2014, many of us are going to concerts together. I am going to at least four concerts, and I am happy to say with friends I met because of Il Volo’s music, Il Volo’s magic!  Four of our five board members will be in Chicago!  We can’t wait!  We can’t wait to hear about all of your concert adventures too!  I hear a huge contingent of Il Volo Flight Crew ~ Share the Love – friends are meeting in Nashville, I am sorry to say that is one concert I can’t make, but I can’t wait to hear from you, Helen!  Every single little detail!

Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason Theater

Delano Hotel Miami Beach

The Raleigh

Photos credits – Elaine, Jeannie and Michele


61 thoughts on “It’s Been One Year Since Il Volo Filmed “We Are Love” and “Buon Natale!” Can You Believe It?”

  1. I will be going to Nashville concert June 17th. Hope to meet up with some Il Volo fans for dinner!! These young men are so awesome!! This will be only the third concert of theirs that my husband and I have attended but we watch at least one of their PBS specials everyday that we have recorded and play on,y their CDs in our vehicles! They have certainly changed our music preference and we are 77 and 72!! I will be wearing the Il Volo Flight Crew badge at the concert in Nashville. Hope to see ALOT of fans doing the same!!!

    1. AnnaB.
      My husband and I will be going to the Nashville Concert also. You just reminded me that I still need to get our badges made. This will be our third time to see the boys in Concert and I can’t wait until June 17th gets here. I fell in love with their voices when I first heard them on PBS within a few minutes and that did me in. Can’t wait to meet as many Flight Crew members as I can either.

      1. Jeanie, I left you a message on the preceding page about dinner in Nashville before the concert. Have been in touch with Linda P. and I think we have agreed on a place to eat. I hope it suits you!

        Also, I will repeat—Anna and your crew and anyone else who is going to Nashville, let me know, and I will call and make reservations for us. We may be a fairly large group, hence the reservations. The name of the restaurant is Demos’ if you want to look it up. It was recommended to me by a Nashville native. We’ll have to eat early because of picking up M&G tickets!

    2. Fantastic – we can’t wait to hear all about Nashville! Someone please take a picture of all of you together and send it to us so we can post right away!

      1. @4thforbridge,
        Helen, I have read both of your messages. I checked out that Demos’ Menu and it looks like it would have something for everyone. Put us down as a “Probably.” My husband and I will decide for sure when you all decide when eating early is going to be. We really do want to do some sightseeing while we are there also, like I said previously. I did not buy the M&G tickets, so I won’t have to be at the Venue as early as all of you have to be. I will be watching for further notice from you. One way or another, I know where you are sitting and Linda P. is in my row, so I will at least get to visit with you there. Carlie is close by also. I am not sure where Anna and her husband are seated, but the Badges will help us spot each other. I will also watch for others who are planning to be at the Nashville Concert also. Guess I had better start a list to keep track. Thanks for posting this info.

  2. I can’t believe it, Michelle…so much has happened and time has gone so fast. It’s hard to believe that I was still a newbie when it came to Il Volo last year. So glad I accidentally ran across their “Il Volo Take Flight” special. Such beautiful music and souls. 🙂

    1. We are glad you ran into the PBS special too! In some ways Kelly it feels like we have been at this blog for a really long time too!

  3. Wow these stories are amazing…This year I will be going to 2 concerts; L.A. and San Diego! I can’t wait!

  4. Thanks for sharing all of this, Michele. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Anna, I am also going to the Nashville concert which will be my first. Can’t wait to meet you and other Flight Crew members. It’s gonna be so much fun!

    1. AndreaL,

      Yes it is going to be fun in Nashville for the Concert. First Concert, you are going to love it.
      Hope to see you there. Be sure to print out your Flight Crew Badge to wear at the Concert. The link is on the left hand side if you have not seen it yet.

    2. Andrea… Your name is in the pot to join us for dinner before the concert. Will give you details later, but can’t wait to meet you and my other fellow Texan, Linda P.!!!

    3. I am happy you enjoyed the post – and that you will be seeing Il Volo for the first time! You will be addicted – immediately!

  5. I loved reading your story about seeing the guys a year ago this month. I only discovered I Volo last Jine on my local PBS station showing We Are Love Special. I have had a wonderful time since that speical catching up on the fellas history and what a beautiful ride it has been. I am so glad you put The Flight Crew together you are doing an amazing job. Thank you so much. It is fun to know there are other people who feel the same way I do. about IL Volo.

  6. Oh Michele what a wonderful post! Thank you for taking me down memory lane again. Those two days indeed are the best days of my life! I remember everything…the theatre, the sign, Lincoln Road, the stubborn traffic light, the usher who escort you down to front row, the retakes, the shouting (I love you in your video), the chaos when everybody storm down to the stage after the taping on the first night, the first time meeting Gianluca on the second night (at the back gate), the walk back to the hotel, the mixed emotions after it all ends…

    Michele I like how you said we moved heaven and earth in order to get to the concert. It was my busy season at work and I have to make up a small excuse and took time off. Well Okay I lied. But it was the best lie of my life and the best decision I ever made. Thank you Il Volo, thank you PBS. If not for you guys, I will never get to know all the ILVolovers, our Crews, and most importantly my Board sisters.

    Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero welcome to Miami again. How I wish I can greet you at MIA and welcome you with big hugs and kisses. I can’t wait for June. I can’t wait to see and hear you guys – our angels, I can’t wait to meet Michele, Kelly, Marie, Ann, Jeanine, Connie, and… anxiously waiting for more best days of my life.

    1. What a sweet surprise to see you thinking of us, Elaine!
      June 6th and Saratoga concert will be here soon! Finally… 37 hours until we can buy tickets for Saratoga!

      Lovely walk down memory lane, Michele!

      Wish us luck…
      Connie and I for the Meet & Greet!
      My family and all of us together in fantastic seats!
      A totally memorable experience for all, especially my parents for their 60th wedding anniversary!

      Feeling a little nervous about the logistics, but somehow, I think angels will be helping out with our seats. 😉

      I agree with you, Allene, about Nonno Pietro’s voice!

      Missed you all… been a wildly busy time with multiple projects and trips.

      Sweet spring to you! It couldn’t be greener out here in Oregon.
      ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Elaine, did you run across the traffic light too? I had no idea! I am so glad we went – even if we did not know each other – we share this experience! While the concert was amazing, the re-takes were so much fun – the audience was so excited – remember the guys encouraging us to clap! Remember Ignazio falling on the floor when he couldn’t say Leonard Bernstein – and he said he had been practicing for so long!

      Thank you for the pictures and your input! We did move heaven and earth to be there and I am sooooo glad we did! Can’t wait until we attend concerts in June 2014 — together this time! It will be a blast!

      1. LOVE these behind-the-scenes stories, Michele!

        On some level, it feels like the Flight Crw has been up and running for years! Memories of are now distant. LOVE this beautiful IL VOLO home you amazing ladies have created. Thank you so much!

        Soaring through Earth Day with IL VOLO and my newly-created vegetable and herb garden,
        ~ Jeanine DuBois, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. What wonderful experiences in Florida Elaine. I love hearing all the stories from smart ladies that know good music. We all feel the same way. I’ve seen our Boys 4 times – twice last year. I surprised Gianluca when I met him at Barnes and Noble and told him he WAS Sinatra. The three just looked at me as they were sitting at the table signing autographs. Then they moved us on in the line. I want my hug and picture this year with Gorgeous Gian! Can’t wait to meet you girls in Chicago.

  8. Ann, we can’t wait to meet you either!

    Michele and Elaine, I will put my jealousy aside for a moment to tell you how much I liked this article. I can only imagine the thrill you both experienced getting there and seeing our famous Boys. What a trip! I know that neither of you had any idea what the next year would bring! I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to finally giving my board sisters a hug! The love of our Boys is a magical thing. Can’t wait for June’s magic!

    1. Great article and terrific pictures my friends!! What great memories. I enjoyed the photos, especially of the pictures taken practically in my backyard. Glad you enjoyed Miami!!

      1. Thank you Linda – it was a great time! The weather was fantastic – I loved that trip, oh and the concerts!

    2. Marie – who could have guessed what the next year would bring! It is unbelievable – now can’t wait to attend so many concerts with you and all the others! June will be magical indeed!

  9. Thanks for bringing us such beautiful nostalgia!! I’m one year old in Il Volo-land but agree that it has been the most remarkable and fantastic journey to learn about such amazing talents coupled with gorgeous looks and kind hearts. These young men have captivated me to the point l barely listen to anyone else. I’m attending my first concert – in Milwaukee – and am eager to see these angels up close. I’m afraid l’ll cry for joy but maybe they won’t mind. Thanks again for such a wonderful story!!!

    1. Carol – I am glad you enjoyed reading about our adventures in Miami – just wait until you see and hear the angels for the first time in Milwaukee – I hear a number of IVFC will be there! Yeah!

  10. Keep those comments and pictures coming -Nashville is close to Athens, Ga., but not close enough – so I shall wait for more descriptions from the loyal fans who express their feelings so beautifully – it’s almost like being there…

    1. Gerri, they only aired in in Philly at 4:30 a.m. I was lucky to find it in the listings and recorded it, but I had already purchased the DVD so I was ok.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and pictures with us here. I love reading about Our Guys and hearing everyone’s stories about meeting them for the first time. I sincerely hope that someday soon, I’ll be able to do the same. Through the sharing of the Il Volo love here, I have been able to attend countless concerts and been able share in so many of your amazing experiences, so thanks to everyone here, especially our wonderful Board! Can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will bring for Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca. Hopefully and award or two! Is anyone here going to the concert in Toronto, which is on Piero’s birthday?

    1. Isabel, I hope you will be able to see the boys in Concert someday soon also.

      I am pretty sure that Loretta and peninahonig are going to the Toronta Concert. There might be more ladies going also.

      1. Isabel does write well! Thank you Ms. Baroschettoble as in Barone – Boschetto – Ginoble – you are very creative!

    2. Isabel – I am so sorry you are not going this June – but we will all do our best to capture as much as we can! Who knows what they will allow in the venues – I hope everything! So happy to share with you and everyone!

  12. I, too, Carol, am attending my first concert in Milwaukee. I did, however, meet Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio at the Mall of America last November. They are wonderful young men, and their voices are glorious! Can’t wait to give Piero another hug!

    1. Allene – your first full concert in Milwaukee – you will love it! That Mall of America adventure was unreal! Really!

  13. I will be seeing them for the 2nd time in June in NJ. I saw them at JFK Airport at a freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee concert and meet and greet sponsored by Jet Blue Airlines in Dec of 2012 and even transportation was free!

    1. Gerri, I will be seeing them in Newark as well. I’ll be wearing “the badge” and hope to see you there. I’m sitting in Center Orch, Row A, Seats 103 & 104. This will be my 3rd concert, and then I’m going to see them in Philly on June 26, and doing the M&G there.

      Look for us in Newark!

    2. Wow! That must have been cool – I saw videos – you were up close and to get a ride to JFK – really amazing!

  14. Such beautiful stories about Our Boys from you all! Once you meet them, you fall in love with them all over again!! They are so charming & gracious!! Also very kind, you feel as tho they have a genuine interest in what you are telling them! I & my dear friend & family members have met them twice. They sang Happy Birthday to me at the PBS M & G at the Gibson Aug 28, on my 85th birthday! That nite was pure enchantment!! My memory of it is a wondrous, magical, marvelous, evening!! And I had brain fade!!! I forgot to tell them how wonderful they & their amazing voices are! We went to the Buon Natale CD signing at Santa Monica Courtyard Mall on 11/23 & I was able to tell them then. They are such fun!! I am counting the days till June 7 at the Greek. At the CD signing they remembered us from the M & G in Aug at the Gibson. They know how to treat their fans!!! I am able to attend only the concert at the Greek. We are hoping for another CD signing in Santa Monica, sometime soon!

    1. Your adventures with Il Volo sound magical all right! You are so lucky they sang Happy Birthday to YOU! What a special day that must have been.

  15. Just saw the guys on Telemundo. ADORABLE!!!! They are going to have a blast here in Miami. Good for them.

  16. Michele—- I can’t BELIEVE it’s been a year since the Miami taping of the shows! I just loved all your wonderful pictures….Miami is such a beautiful place. I can certainly see how the very thought of those concerts brought back fantastic memories for you and Elaine, just like so many of our Flight Crew have very special memories of Our Boys. And now, in less than 2 months, I can join you with my very own set of special memories!!

    1. Helen – I can’t believe it has been a year either – we were writing on the way back then! I can’t wait to hear all about your concert adventures in Nashville – the group going sounds like it is growing and growing! I really wish I could work it in my schedule – but I am afraid I just can’t this time! I know you will do a fantastic job of bring the Nashville experience to life for us!

  17. A wonderful description! Makes me even more eager to see them! I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing!

      1. Michele, thank you for the great post! I, too, had only found Il Volo when the “We Are Love” PBS special aired in the Philly area. I haven’t lived a day without them since!!! I went to 2 concerts last year and 1 M&G and I’ll be doing the same this year – first Newark, then Philly. Will you be doing the M&G in Philly? I will be there, wearing my Flight Crew badge, and hope to meet you! I just LOVE this blog. Great Board and great correspondents!

      1. I do not think that I will. But if i do decide I will let her know! Thank you for reminding me though. I hope to meet all the Nashville crew at the concert! Will have my badge on!

  18. I don’t comment on this board often, but I really love you guys. This is such a great place for fans to come. Thanks to the moderators and everyone who visits here for making this a fun place.

    But this year, I have Il Volo perfoming 30 minutes away at Wolftrap and I have to be on the other side of the planer in Asia…2nd year in a row that dates and work aren’t working. Looking forward to all your photos and videos!

    1. Oh – that is terrible Eileen! I live near DC and will be going with Marie and her sisters and LeeLee. We will do our best to share what we can with you. We are so glad to hear you come to the blog often!

      Was it you who mentioned we should get together sometime – a while ago? Someone said that from the DC area and I lost the comment – so if it is you – let’s do it when you are on this side of the globe!

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