Gina’s Long Distance Adventure!!!



“It’s finally here. Mom is so excited!!!”

These were the words of my daughter Kim telling the Facebook family about my “Life with the boys”.

When this year’s US Tour was announced I checked the list of cities that Il Volo would be making and right away knew that they would not be coming back to the “Wild West”.
Two cities jumped out. New York and Radio City and Las Vegas. I had lived in Manhattan years ago. Years before the boys were born but always loved the memory. It just seemed so far away now. Vegas seemed closer to Waco so I just casually announced to my family that someone should take me there. I knew that Kim 8 had the most flexible work schedule and was used to “corralling” her mother thru the Airports. It was early so the idea sort of died until we got a call from my 81 year old sister in law in Lubbock. “I want to go. I want to go”. I knew that Jo had never heard of Il Volo so I kept saying “are you sure”? Well in the end she was talking about IL DIVO but insisted that she would love Il Volo and wanted to go. The trip came back to life.
We finally got the tickets, hotel and airline tickets. I WAS GOING ON MY LAST LONG DISTANCE ADVENTURE.

The time flew by and we were getting excited about this trip. ONE PHONE CALL put a damper on the trip. My sister in law JO died in her sleep. A few weeks later my husband fell and cracked the knee cap of his already bad leg. Then my son wound up in the emergency room with terribly high blood pressure. By this time I felt there was a sign that maybe I should stay home. Everyone told me to GO. I found a ‘baby sitter” for my husband and asked Myron to find someone that might enjoy the concert and use Jo’s ticket. He did and her name was Ronda.
A lovely lady that had not been a fan but I know she is now.

I will not bore you with the trip to Las Vegas. It is not easy for a 81 old lady with a daughter that was protective and always wanting to put me in a wheel chair.
I was using a cane and got some perks to get thru faster in the check in line. One person yelled at me “do you have metal, pacemaker or other artificial item” so I told him “no, I still have my own parts”. I did get to go thru some faster check in.

ARRIVED VEGAS. Took a taxi to Monte Carlo motel. MY FIRST trip to VEGAS. I was in shock to see the masses of people checking in and checking out. The hotel is under renovation but the PARK Theatre had already been redone. A taxi driver told us that once the hotel is completely renovated they will rename it to “Park”.
We arrived THURSDAY morning and walked three miles on the strip. Friday we went downtown to the old VEGAS on FREEMONT STREET. Another three miles. Kim has some device that counts your steps and converts into miles. TIRED is the magic word.
SATURDAY the day of the concert we did not leave the room till it was time to go to eat at d. Vino Italian Food and Wine Bar – Monte Carlo.

Myron had mentioned that it was right across the Park Theatre and a nice place for Il Volo fans to informally meet and have dinner. I turned over my extra ticket to a friend of Myron’s who later turned out to be Rhonda.
The Park Theatre has an unusual (to me) seating arrangement. We where slightly elevated after the “Orchestra” section and had a great view.
Finally the orchestra came out, played and THE BOYS APPEARED. So handsome, confident and professional. I saw them in Dallas on their last US Tour and they were boys and this Saturday to me they became grown men.
My Dallas concert was AN EXPERIENCE because it was my first time seeing them live. It takes a while to transfer your VIDEO images to LIVE so I had a special experience in Dallas. NOW I could sit back and just listen. Their voices changed so much. It is amazing how far they have come only in such a short time.
As soon as I get my house back in shape and get enough sleep I will get back on YOUTUBE and close my eyes and listen to the concert from Radio City.
They will always be “boys” to me but I am so proud of the grown young men.



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  1. Thanks, Marie, for posting my trip to Vegas. My legs have rested and I keep wondering if there could be another trip in my ‘Life’s journey’.

  2. Don’t give up, Gina, of course there is another trip for you. I’m 87 and every time I go to a concert I tell Marie it will probably be my last Hurrah! And then there is another and another!! Seeing the boys in person is such a great motivator we can always rise to the occasion and be rejuvenated.

    1. Gina, thanks for sharing your adventure with us! Wish I could have been there too! To Mary, Don’t give up, I’m almost 86, I’m already thinking about their next USA tour! Come walkers, canes, or motorized wheel chairs…..we’ll be there! From South Texas. …Dot!!

  3. Me too Gina. I hope to see you at another concert in the future. It will keep us young.Joanie G

  4. Gina, your story is wonderful! I’m sorry for the loss of your sister in law. You are a trooper!! There is nothing quite like seeing them in person! They have a way of keeping us all young at heart. 🙂

  5. I would not mind going in a car. That way I can pack and pack. At my age I carry enough pills to take a good size bag. I am grateful to have made this far. Made it thru cancer and for that I want to thank the man and keep going.
    My dream is that Il Volo would do a concert in Lithuania and I could make it.
    Some one wrote “no matter what each day make a plan for the next day, next week or next year.”

  6. Meant to say “The Man Upstairs” I think that I am developing dyslexia in my old age. My spelling was not great before but now I have to double check all the time.

  7. Thank you Gina for sharing your adventure with us. Sorry for the loss of your sister-in-law and other difficulties. I am so happy you made it to Las Vegas and had a wonderful experience! I’m not sure Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca realize how much they and their music have helped people in so many ways. They have given hope, and have been such an incentive, motivation or inspiration to keep on doing as much as possible or attempt doing something which may be difficult because of physical limitations or other issues.

  8. Gina, you said that what was happening to you was a sign to not go to the concert, I’m sorry about your sister in law, but I think it’s remarkable strength these guys have given you to overcome all obstacles.
    Of course IL VOLO and the whole crew will also expect the upcoming concert.
    A kiss from Italy

  9. Thank you ladies for your nice comments. It will be hard to live thru 2018 if they will not travel and work on their record. We have been so used of them coming to the US often.

  10. It is so good to read what you ladies feel and write…..I didn’t have the
    privilege of attending a concert this year…… However, I do have four
    dvds and many cds I play in my car…..They are good company when
    I am out driving or any other time, but it is not like being in their pres-
    ence in a live concert…..I am already feeling a bit lonesome thinking
    they probably flew to Italy today……On the other hand, I am so glad
    they are getting to be with their loving families again…..Also, I am
    happy for all of the Crew members who are able to go to Italy to
    attend more concerts in their home country…..What a thrill that will be
    and have fun…..I hope you write your experiences so we can have
    an account of your visit….I do so look forward to hearing from you.
    I wish the best for you…..Be safe and God bless.

  11. What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone. I am so sorry for the loss of your sister in law. Our prayers are with you and your family. I just loved how everyone supported you to get you to that concert. As we get older, we have to fight for all the fun we can get and stay in good enough shape to do it. You are an inspiration and I pray Il Volo comes back next year and we get to meet some of you delightful people. We too noticed the depth and growth in the voices we first heard when we first saw Il Volo on American Idol. They have matured into fine young men. We cannot get over how comfortable and playful they are on stage. That is such a rare quality for entertainers. Planning this trip to Italy to see them in Rome has been a marvelous adventure at our age. I am praying they plan an American tour next year as we will be going to several of their concerts. The Italy trip has shown us that we can do anything… Wheelchair, service dog, and whatever it takes to enjoy our life and see such talent. How blessed that everything is falling into place and the trip is going to be fabulous. We will return to see the Neil Diamond Anniversary concert one week later. Seeing Il Volo triggered something inside us to jump into life all the way. This site has so much inspiration and it’s been a delight to have found it. We will report in along our trip. I don’t know how to insert pictures and maybe someone will help me. Blessings to all.

    1. I’m looking forward to hearing of your adventures! I am another one who couldn’t make a concert this year, and so the videos, pictures and stories will have to sustain us until the next time. 2018 will be very dull without new videos!

    2. Dr. Jay and Victoria, email your pictures to us at along with the story of your adventure. We will be happy to share them here.

      Also…I love the sentence, “Seeing Il Volo triggered something inside us to jump into life all the way.” It is amazing and magical that those guys bring so many of us to life. How fortunate we were to find them.

  12. Gina you are fantastically energic woman who has the courage even in “middle age”to fulfill your dreams and go on a long journey.I believe that with boys and other friends you meet perhaps in the Verona arena – (this is also my dream).
    Have a great time!

  13. Thank you for such a wonderful story Gina… I am sorry for your loss and I am glad that the ticket did not go to waste… These guys inspire us to do things that we would not do normally… So many of us have stories about how Il Volo has brought love and life back into our hearts… I can see in your words that they do that for you… Save your pennies because I know you will be able to attend the next concert no matter when that may be… You are a strong and determined woman … You are blessed with the gift of perseverance and you will be cheering them on the next time they come to the USA…

  14. Gina,
    We were all very pleased that you and Kim were able to make it to Las Vegas for the Il Volo concert and our little “junior Fan Faire” at the d.vino restaurant. I thank you very much for the extra ticket that my friend was able to use. Now, I do not think this will be your last trip. Don’t sell yourself short. This experience with Il Volo opens up the vistas and expands the soul. I will look forward to seeing you again in the future.

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