Il Volo Off Stage: Name That Song or Movie

Happy Saturday, IlVolovers!

This week on Off Stage, let’s play a little game.  It’s like, “Name That Tune,” except in reverse.  I have already given the title; now you tell us if it is from a song or movie/television show, and who sang it or the main characters.

And no…the categories have little in common with the subjects matter presented.  They were simply things I thought of as I was putting the post together.

Thank you, Daniela, for always sending interesting things!  <3

Have fun!



Born to Fly

Gian = There is a good news, there are also the candy of the il VOLO, they make you fly, you eat one and suddenly you fly



Just To See You Smile

Photos with stylist Carlo Pignatelli


Roberto Amade

Roberto Amadè (friend of Ignazio)
You have been able to excite me in a way I can not describe. Live you are even stronger and I would advise anyone to attend your concert! It is able to transmit a positive energy that gives a smile in the face that does not go away. You are great, I say it high voices !!
A Magic Night, like every time with you



Federica Andreoli.

· May 7 ·

From left, our director Cristian de Mattheis, the boys of ILVOLO, the producers Federica Andreoli and Michele Cali have the pleasure of formalizing the friendly participation of the boys of Flight in their next film “UN AMORE COSì GRANDE”

The film will be released in theaters in February 2018


O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Piero’s Instagram

5 thoughts on “Il Volo Off Stage: Name That Song or Movie”

  1. Hi friends,
    I send you a little gift to Mother´s Day.
    I´m lucky I can live in a romantic region where there are many natural beauties and castles.Near us is small castle Humprecht on the hill,concerts are held in the hall with excellent acousties.From the tower there is a beautiful view of the region.In the waley unter the castle young husbands grow roses.It´s beauty when they start to blom during june.
    Maybe you will be pleased with some photos for all mums and grandmothers IVCF family.Especially those, who owing to health problems can´t go for longer walks.
    Let´s talk together at least in memories.
    I wish you beautiful and happy MOTHER´S DAY!

    1. Zdena – not sure what happened but we cannot view the videos? 🙁 But I am sure they were beautiful!

  2. Ok, without Googling… I was thinking Born to Fly was Springsteen, but that was Born to Run?

    Oh Brother Where Art Thou is a movie, with George Clooney and Emmy Lou Harris. I only know this because my friend Ginny made us listen to the soundtrack on Friday night – so sorry, not so into that kind of music…it was ok, but certainly enjoy the boys better!! 🙂

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