Notte Magica – Bologna/Milan – Personal Review by Veronica!

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The following review and adventure is from one of our newest Flight Crew members – Veronica B.  You may remember me mentioning a Veronica in a few of my Florence/Verona Italy stories last year.  This is the same person!  She lives just outside of Milan and saw the guys in both Bologna and Milan.  Here is her story of her notte magica and her magical 12 hours!


On 6th May at 2:30 p.m. I went to MXP Airport to meet Daniela, after 10 long months! We were so happy!

Our trip began under a very intense rain (and rain NEVER left us…NEVER!)

After 2h 30min, we reached Casalecchio di Reno (near Bologna) where our hotel was and also the Unipol Arena, where the guys were performing that night.

We relaxed a little with a pre-dinner drink and then we dressed up to go to the show; a shuttle waited for us at about 8 o’clock!vero daniela

When we reached the Arena immediately we saw the huge stage with the beautiful chandelier and the red background, it was beautiful!

When the show began, we get back to the wonderful experience in Florence…

bologna 1The guys came in and they were so nice in their elegant blue suits!

Their voices sounded powerful and more mature than ever and the audience was enthusiastic!

Piero was very serious, more than usual 🙂piero 1

gian 1Gianluca sweet as always…

And Ignazio was absolutely amazing; beautiful, funny and with a clear, fantastic voice!

Standing ovation by Standing ovation and joke by joke the show turned to the end with Grande Amore; always great emotion from the audience,also for them!igna 1

They said hello and thank you to the audience and they went way!

The shuttle was waiting for us in order to bring us back to the hotel.

trioWe slept very well that night; tired, but happy!

The day after, our plan was to go to Bologna center to have lunch in a typical restaurant and shopping around. Unfortunately (or not maybe…LOL 🙂 it was raining…and I decided to surprise Daniela.

I was driving but my direction wasn’t city center but the place where I knew the guys were going to be – the furniture store.

At a certain point Daniela screamed, “Heeeeey Sis’…Essegistore!!! There!!!”  she looked at me driving, “YOU KNOW!!!! OHMY GOD!!! YOU KNEW IT!!!”….ah ah ah

They arrived with their cars after about half an hour and they did some fast interviews.

After that they began to get pics with fans, they were really nice and they hugged and kissed everybody in a warm way!furniture store

After that we went away in order to have lunch…this time for real! LOL 🙂

We went to a very nice place that I know very well, a restaurant called Buca Manzoni in the center of Bologna. We got Tortellini with Ragu’…of course!

After that we were ready for our “tour” in the city.

Because of the rain, we decided to go inside the shops so we would not be so cold!

Walking by we saw one Il Volover we know and we went to say hello…just 1 minute after Ignazio arrived with his car and I was like “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!?!??!?!?!”...yes…lucky me! 🙂 He was a little tired but he kindly stopped with us to share some minutes, he did a selfie with my phone, he hugged me and went away (we understood they had a meeting with all the staff inside the hotel at our back).outside store

I was SOOOOO happy; without any effort we met them 3 times in 12 hours! 🙂

And it was time to go to the airport to let Daniela catch the plane and for me to drive home!

Concerning Milano, unfortunately I do not have so much to tell you, apart from the amazing show and how they were sweet and funny…and of course talented.

Milano is a very important place for music. Record companies, important singers and VIP attended the show.milan

The most emotional moment was, of course, when Piero, after No Puede Ser, received a HUGE standing ovation and he was evidently touched…Ignazio and Gianluca were at left side of the stage proudly applauding at him.

Veronica, si, you are certainly 2 molto molto fortuna ladies!!  As well as some beautiful pictures from the front row!

Do we ever tire of meeting the guys, isn’t it always almost like the first time?  🙂


Veronica – thank you for taking the time to send me this lovely review and your day of adventure!  I’m sure our readers will enjoy it.   Until we meet again…and welcome to the crew!

Baci a tutti!




27 thoughts on “Notte Magica – Bologna/Milan – Personal Review by Veronica!”

  1. What an amazing story. You are a genius to know where they would be to see them again. And in such a everyday setting. I am so happy for you. They are so charming and generous with sharing themselves with people. I would do anything to come back to Italy and followtheir concerts. It was such a touching story and it’s true… they are proud of each other. Thank you so much for your story. We had to return to the United States yesterday and listened to their concert that my husband taped while we were on the plane. Their voices were fantastic. Bless you for telling your story.

    1. so glad you were able to make it and had a wonderful and safe journey! I’m sure it’s hard to believe it’s over already and just a memory…but you will have your tape to listen to. We’ll all hope and pray there will be a next time for all of us!

  2. Wonderful, Veroncia! What a marvelous few days you enjoyed! This Notte Magica Concert is so beautiful, it takes your breath away!!! These young men are so charming & sweet you can not wait until you see them again!!! ❤️ ❤️❤️

  3. Wonderful story Veronica! I love the way you described Gianluca and Ignazio standing at the side of the stage clapping for Piero. Such amazing brotherly love! Thank you!

    1. Honestly, I still find it amazing how much they really, truly, care for each other. They must have the most incredible bond!

  4. Oh how wonderful for you Veronica to have had such an amazing experience in a chance meeting with the guys. Just love these stories. Maybe some day I will have such luck! Ciao!!

    1. Too bad you are not still in Florida – rumor has it now, they will be in Miami the end of May!

      1. Where did you see that Jana? Maybe on their way to South America?

      2. What!! I guess I am never in the right place at the right time!! I just read your post. You are probably right that they would be meeting with Emilio Estafan. I heard that they had signed with the Sony-Latin label.

      3. If they do anything for the public at the end of May, please let us know as we will be leaving for Florida in the next few days. We would really appreciate it and I know they could fill any venue in a day’s notice. Thank you for the information. We can always hope.

  5. Thank you, Veronica, for sharing your wonderful experience. Just seeing and hearing our guys makes for a “magical night”! ~ Allene

  6. Veronica – thanks again for sharing your story! I hope you are able to attend a few more?

    Ciao amica mia!

  7. Has there been any notice of where they are playing in the States when they return. I saw above about them being in Miami end of May. Was wondering if other bookings are schedules for US concerts nearer the border. At least I could try for the concert nearest Canada.

  8. So sorry for the tease ladies…. was reading on someone’s FB page they will be in Miami to sign some contract with Sony Latin or arrange something with Emilio Estefan for their upcoming “pop” Latin album. There were a few upset people responding that they wished they’d do things in English, etc. They said it was going to be on May 25, I believe…. but no concert or anything like that. Probably just a “fly in for a day, fly out the next.” As far as I know, nothing has been said about any concert tours for next year. I think we should believe them for now and at least wait until this one is over and they’ve had some time to rest before thinking of next year.

    1. Thanks Jana I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a thing regarding our precious young men. I was more hoping they would go home to rest but we never know how spontainious they will be.

      1. True – you almost never know where they will pop up next! It is nice they tell us though with a tweet or instagram! I’m sure they hide when they want to. Like Igna often does.

  9. Thank you Veronica for sharing your story with us. I’m sure the concerts were magical and how lovely to get to meet them unexpectedly. Living in Italy, it is a bonus to see them at their various appearances at stores and other events such as signing their CD’s. I do hope that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will get some to rest after all the touring they are doing this year. I still feel they would miss performing any concerts for a whole year. They truly seem to love singing and their audience.

  10. How beautiful these stories, Veronica, welcome and I can tell you all the Italian ….. that ass ….. sorry …. you had to meet them casually, Ignazio then, Jana, you’re not jealous.

    1. No, I could never be jealous! I know Igna is Veronica’s favorite also. I think he has a very loyal following. 🙂 It’s a good thing the guys don’t seem to get jealous of each other. But each time I see Igna, I whisper in his ear that he is my favorite. Of course, it’s pretty obvious in the pictures! Lol! I would like to get one with Gian once though? Maybe next time? But I’ll be sure to put my hand on Igna…. 🙂

  11. You are just so very very fortunate my dear!! Jana and I follow the guys around the globe and hardly ever get to see them off the stage. I am very fond of their blue suits, much nicer and “suits” their personalities. The only way all of us were lucky was when it didn’t rain at all last year when Jana and I were there. Italia gave us perfect weather except when we went to Montepagano where it rained heavily and scared me off the road! The hills were just too steep for me.

    I’m giving my new friend Dina and my choir teacher their fill of Il Volo; many of the songs that are not heard so often. The choir teacher is impressed and can’t believe how well they sing when they are so young. You must know that it would be Jana’s dream to run into Ignazio on the street and he would let her take a selfie. When we were in Atlanta, Georgia, USA we could see the outside of their hotel but were never able to identify it.

    YOU ARE JUST SO LUCKY!! Can’t wait to be back in Italia but I’m going to stop in Sicilia as well when I go back. I was there twice when I was in the US military. I was in Italy too, but the only place was Naples (and one time in Genoa). Thanks for writing the wonderful story for all of us to dream about tonight’s notte magica!

    Sono proprio così molto fortunati mio caro! Jana e io seguiamo i ragazzi di tutto il mondo e quasi non riesco a vederli fuori dal palco. Sono molto appassionato dei loro vestiti blu, molto più bello e “adatto” alle loro personalità. L’unico modo in cui tutti noi siamo stati fortunati era quando non era piovuto tutto l’anno scorso quando Jana e io eravamo lì. L’Italia ci ha dato un clima perfetto tranne quando siamo andati a Montepagano dove pioveva pesantemente e mi ha spaventato dalla strada! Le colline erano troppo ripide per me.

    Dà il mio nuovo amico Dina e il mio insegnante di coro il loro riempimento di Il Volo; Molte delle canzoni che non vengono ascoltate così spesso. L’insegnante del coro è impressionato e non può credere a quanto cantano quando sono così giovani. Bisogna sapere che sarebbe il sogno di Jana a correre in Ignazio per strada e l’avrebbe lasciata prendere un selfie. Quando eravamo a Atlanta, Georgia, USA potevamo vedere l’esterno del loro hotel, ma non erano mai in grado di identificarlo.

    VOI SEMPRE FACILE! Non vedo l’ora di tornare in Italia ma mi fermerò anche in Sicilia quando tornerò. Ero lì due volte quando ero nell’esercito americano. Ero anche in Italia, ma l’unico posto era Napoli (e una volta a Genova). Grazie per aver scritto la storia meravigliosa per tutti noi a sognare la notte magica di questa notte!

    1. Wow, Lorna, in Italian, too! 🙂 Yes, Veronica is una fortuna bella signorina…. my only little excitement was when we saw them getting into the van in Florence on the way to the concert, but that was literally split seconds and I think Igna was first in….just caught the tail end of Piero!

  12. Grazie mille!!!! These stories are great and what precious memories!!! I have to wait until 2019 to make new memories. I’m grateful to have my memories from last year and hearing all of my new family’s memories. Abbracci e baci a tutti voi!!!

  13. ciao to All! Thank you for your warm welcome…and be patient with my English! LOL:)

    Yes, I’m very lucky: I met the guys many times and I saw lot of shows…and everytime I see them, they are even better!

    I’m leaving to Verona now and unfortunately the weather is not good at all 🙁 …hope not to take a “shower” tonight 🙁

    I’ll keep you informed 🙂

    Baci from Italy!

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