Personally Speaking ~ We Are Family ~ by Mary B.


I just watched Rebecca Granet’s interview with our guys on the program, The Trend, and I am thrilled and touched by what they had to say about their American fans.

Rebecca’s question to Ignazio:  “What are the United States fans like?  How are they different from other folks around the world?”

He answered that “they always give standing ovations. They are really proud of us.  It’s like having an uncle or an aunt in the audience….like our family.”

Gian interjected, “We are like a big family with our American fans….it’s like having a family in every theater in every place.”  And Piero added, “The American audiences, they tell you everything.  When you finish a song there is like silence and someone screams from up there, “How do you get that note?”   Ignazio: “We like that.”

Well, guys, we like hearing that you feel like WE ARE FAMILY.  Of course we are….we adopted you way back when you had your first USA tour.  You immediately captured us and we took you to our hearts.  That family feeling has just  continued to grow, and how sweet it is to hear you affirming it in your own words.

As you travel across the country on this tour, we know that  you will feel the love that  we have for “our boys.”  You will see it in the standing ovations and see it on our faces.  As soon as the current tour is over, we will immediately start to dream and plan for when you will come again….how many concerts each of us will be able to attend.  Some of us may have to cut back on basic necessities, but that’s okay–you have become a basic necessity to us.

What a sweet miracle that over these years when you have been becoming well known and loved all around the world, you have kept your humility and your special affection for your American family.  We’ve always known it was there, and we felt it emanating from you, but how sweet it is to hear it straight from your own lips.

Welcome home, dear ones–your American family is waiting with open arms.

~~ Mary Bohling ~~

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  1. Dear Mary, that was beautiful. We do feel as though we are their extended family. The American fans love them for their marvelous talent, their character, the joy they bring to us. You write what we all feel, I hope they see this. I imagine by tomorrow everyone will have a comment posted. Looking forward to seeing more from you as the tour continues.

  2. Jana Thanks for publishing this wonderful article.
    What about Mary, you have focused in these beautiful phrases all the affection that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have toward their American fans. Since you feel like home, it is a beautiful bond of mutual affection that binds you.
    Even in interviews, we Italian fans we find that they are much more relaxed and loose that here in Italy, where the interviewer is not always so sincere and attentive.
    Is just like a nice big family.
    Also GRAZIE for translating their words.
    Mary your affection feels every word you write of them.

  3. Thanks Mary for your wonderful post. It really is great to know that the Boys feel so much at home here in the USA, and that they are so pleased to know of our love and appreciation of them, and that they feel we are all part of their fabulous family . Bravo Boys and thanks for all your kindness.

  4. Thanks, Mary, for making me understand why I need Il Volo music every day. Why I spend money I cannot afford to go to a concert. Why I have to see them every morning to start my day. They are “a basic necessity”. Just like breathing. It’s that simple!

  5. Mary, this is such a wonderful post. We know how much family means to our guys and to say their American fans feel like family to them is such a special thing! Thank you for your beautiful thoughts.

  6. A beautiful post Mary!!! So great to know the feelings we have for our Boys are mutual & that they feel our love flowing toward them!!! The three of them have been wonderful to me! When I left the CD signing table at the Grove in Dec. they said in unison, “Goodbye Nonna, see you in March.” Thank you, Boys for considering us Family!!!

  7. I too, was thrilled when they said we are like their family. We on this site have always felt like they were part of our families, but it was especially sweet to hear they feel the same way!

  8. I have felt for a long time that Piero, Ignazio, ;and Gianluca were a part of my family. Almost like my Italian grandsons. It is so special how they grab your heart and spread so much love. Thank you, Mary, for a wonderful posting.

  9. Does anyone know where the guys are of if they are performing on March 10th any new you can give me is appreciated

  10. Jane, thank you for finding this interview for the Flight Crew. Yes, I
    adopted Il Volo as soon as I found them online. Their singing just
    touched my heart the first time I heard them and I listen to them
    sing every day. They just make my day. What a thrill it is to know
    they consider the USA fans their family. They couldn’t have paid
    us a greater compliment. It sure was not hard to bond my heart
    to their heart, I just love them and their voices and music. I have
    been to one concert and meet and greet and it was absolutely
    wonderful. Gianluca was the first in line and I told him I couldn’t
    believe I was actually getting to hear them in person and also
    that he was my hero. All three of them hugged me. I asked
    Ignazio how his shoulder was and he said, it is better. This
    was after his fall in Tampa, Florida. It is just grand knowing
    they feel the special love they have for the USA fans. I would
    like to be their nonna anytime.

    1. Gale, just want to let you know that Mary Bohling actually found the interview and wrote this wonderful post on it. I only take what she writes and post it on the site. I know that is confusing to people as my name appears at the top of the post automatically as that is how the site is set up. If the post is actually written by me you will also see my name at the very end of the post. If you see Mary’s name then you will know she actually wrote it. That being said…your comment was wonderful!

      1. Mary C. Thank you for helping me.
        I was confused. That said, I went to
        Il Volo The Trend Rebecca Granet
        and listened to this wonderful
        interview. The guys were in great
        form and I really enjoyed it.
        Thanks again

  11. Thanks for this post Mary. It was nice to hear their comments about their American fans. I think the interview by Rebecca Granat was very good. She actually knew a lot about them and went to the trouble to pronounce their names and concert correctly!
    I think I am having Il Volo withdrawal. After going to the beautiful concerts in Easton and at Radio City, I couldn’t help wishing I was in Philadelphia seeing them again this evening. Of course, I am grateful to have seen them both evenings but you can’t help wanting to see and hear them again and again!

  12. Dear Mary thank you for putting into words how I think most of us all feel about Il Volo. I hope the boys realize how much we really to love them so.

  13. Just saw them for 3rd time in lol ole easton pa. Absolutely live these boys and their tremendous talent. Somethings been bugging me tho …I wonder how they stay healthy and keep their voices in good working order when they’re traveling so much and singing so often. Can someone answer this for me please?!

  14. Roseanne I wonder the same thing. They keep such an amazing schedule and this year especially with the difficulty of the repertoire they are performing.

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