Il Volo Professional ~~ Philadelphia, PA



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Grazie Philadelphia PA🇺🇸

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Found the following videos and pictures posted by Stephen Clyde.  Thank you, Stephen, for sharing!

…and the concert begins!



Thank you, MaryEllen, for this beautiful picture.


The following photos are credited to Deborah Georgini Beaupre!  Thank you for the fantastic pics, Deborah!

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If anyone reading this was at the concert at the Kimmel Center, we would love to hear from you!  Tell us your experience!!


30 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Philadelphia, PA”

  1. Thank you LeeLee. I look forward to your posts after these concerts! Getting me so pumped for my concert on the 20th!! Grazie!

  2. Thank you for the great post. I noticed that the boys voices in the Stephen Clyde videos were very strong and forceful ! Oh, the pleasure we have to look forward to, as their voices continue to mature. Waiting with anticipation for the future posts.

    1. You are so welcome. I only wanted to listen to two seconds of each because I want to be surprised, but by the same token I couldn’t help myself because listening also made me realize how soon I will be hearing the whole thing!

      1. I think the thought of our next actual concert that we will attend is keeping us all going. Really looking forward to April Fool’s Day. I hope it is not a joke !! !LOL

  3. Marion: It didn’t occur to me until you mentioned that the Miami concert is on April Fool’s Day! What a horrible joke that would be but maybe the guys will have a good surprise since the American tour will be almost over. I hope to see you there!

    1. Annette, where are you coming from ? I will not have my tickets until 2 weeks prior as I ordered them thru PBS so at present I do not know where in the arena the seats are. Will u be in Miami or are u coming from Ft Lauderdale , Deerfield or even Boca Raton ? Hopefully it’s not a joke !!! LOL

      1. Marion: I will be driving over to Miami from Naples the day of the concert. My friend Karen purchased the tickets and we pick them up that night at will call. We are on the FL 1 Row 3 seats 29 & 30! Hope you are near by! Obviously, we will be staying overnight. I will look up the name of the hotel we will be at!

  4. I had been wondering if the guy’s were traveling by bus again, and then saw a video from Gianluca showing the inside of the bus. Piero also showed a picture inside the bus of himself and the maestro.
    I wonder if they have the same bus driver as last year. Jeannette introduced me to him in Las Vegas last year. He had to be at least 6’8″ tall, and is from Scotland, a very nice guy.
    Getting back to the standing ovation in Philadelphia, it looked like the concert was sold out!
    What a beautiful theater they have in Philly!

  5. Thank you Leelee , I’m reliving the excitement of IL Volo’s Radio City triumph. They are so loved and respected for their great voices and for the special young men they are. The power and harmonies are so perfect. They are the truly the very best. A Flight Crew member in a recent post said “IL Volo is a phenomenon” I’m so proud to be a part of this special group of fans. I enjoyed the photos and videos nice job guys!

    1. You are most welcome, Vincent. Thank you as well. Soon I’ll be able to join you with the excitement of reliving memories. I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos and photos. It’s as fun for me to receive as well as hunt for the experiences of our fellow Il Volo fans!

  6. I just read something at “All about Il Volo” that say’s the guy’s will not be touring in 2018! They say that in 2018 they will stop to reflect, rest, and study to work on a new album.I am so upset, I know they need to rest, but I was hoping to see them next year.
    If they do any concert’s in Italy, we will all have to go there. Look out Daniela!

    1. Maybe we could fill a plane and turn up at 1 concert en masse !!! Start saving Guys and Gals.

    2. Hello Jill, but certainly you all come here in Italy, I’ll wait with open arms.
      Jill, I believe that the texts and not only the arrangements should definitely work well to the next record because they have said they want to take care of very well.
      Surely everyone expects a disc many unpublished and little cover.
      But I see that interested you the driver of the guys, I send the photo.

      I hope you see…..

      1. Thank you Daniela for the picture of the bus driver. It is a different one this year. I liked the joke about the pizzeria’s, and theater’s!😊 Daniela, you and the guy’s are a precious part of Italia to us, and we would love to see you anytime, anywhere.(Beppe too)

  7. How nice your post LeeLee, always expect to read some comments of those who were at the concert to feel all the emotions that he experienced.

    I read this comment and it seemed very nice and I want to share it with you:
    FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS !!! Didn’t want the night to end. I brought my 15 year old daughter who only listens to rap and todays pop AND even she was blown away, she loved it, was so happy she went. If you get a chance to see them GO!! Bring your kids..because THIS is what beautiful music sounds like.

    They’ll be in concert in Washington, in another beautiful theater and will be another success.
    About theaters, here in Italy long ago were told that our guys were singing in pizzerias, and we every time we see pictures of your beautiful theaters say “another good pizzeria” ah ah ah

    1. Thank you, Daniela, for finding and sharing this experience with us. The first three words sum it up: “FABULOUS”. Can’t wait!!!

  8. Leelee: Thank you for the beautiful post & videos. I commented on the last post as to where I live. I am not sure you saw it. I was chuckling because I was telling you what beautiful weather we have here in Naples not realizing you are in West Palm Beach!!!! Maybe there is a possibility of meeting before or after the Miami concert!

    1. Sounds like a plan! Maybe we can get Marion on board, as well. Now I wish I was going to the Miami concert, too! That’s okay. I’ll take whatever I can get.

      1. Annette gave me her seat numbers in earlier message 2.57 p.m As I have not rec’d my tickets yet i do not know where I will be, but if close to Annette then I will certainly say Hi. I have not been to the arena before so I am not familiar with layout, but Annette’s tickets sound great.
        Read the same article that Jill read in All about Il Volo and it certainly looks like no tour or concerts in 2018. So sad !!!

  9. Thank you all for the wonderful posts. Cannot tell you all how precious it is to have you as my friends and fellow lovers of Il Volo. They are just getting better and better as the years go on, but still keeping their charm, wonderful personalities and of course their exceptional talent. Does anyone know what the lapel pins represent, maybe its personal between our guys but I was just wondering. Thanks again for all you do to keep us all united, Country to Country, City to City, Community to Community and Person to Person. Love to all and safe travels to Iganzio, Piero and Gianluca. Take Care!

    1. Its the logo of the suits they are wearing. If you notice it’s been on all their new clothes. It’s probably attached and can’t come off.

  10. Lynn, Daniela answered that question a few day’s ago, and explained it is in recognition of Lardini Tailoring who made their new clothes for this tour.
    ( I am talking about the lapel pin)

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