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Translation:  Rest of the Patriots, not nationalist! The Patriot loves his country, imperfect and with its flaws, while the independent nationalist poses above all things their nation despising the rest. Be proud of Italy, respecting but all other countries and their citizens.

Triumphant debut world tour at Radio City Music Hall in New York

Trionfale debutto del tour mondiale al Radio City Music Hall di New York

Thunderous applause, standing ovations and repeated firing of flowers have marked the concert of Italian trio of pop-opera, The Flight, at Radio City Music Hall in New York, last Saturday, March 4, the first leg of a tour that will take them to perform in 15 American states before landing in Italy and Europe.

Impeccable in their dark blue tuxedo “Made in Italy”, and for the first time accompanied by a symphony orchestra, the trio of young, composed of tenors Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto and baritone Gianluca Ginoble, they warmed with their powerful voices and passionate performances the hearts and souls of fans of all ages, including many young people, flocked to the debut of their formidable tour.

Radio City Music Hall, which Americans call “Showplace of the Nation”, is not just a New York theater, but it is “the theater,” the temple of music and entertainment par excellence. Since the ’30s has entertained generations with concerts, radio and television programs and shows of all kinds; on its stage you have played the likes of Frank Sinatra, Aretha Franklin, Pink Floyd and Liza Minnelli.

The members of Il Volo are among the youngest artists ever to have achieved global success as to be able to perform there for three times selling out. Their first concert was held in 2013, the second a year later. The three boys still in their twenties, with their amazing voice and acting ability, had literally enchanted the audience of more than 6000 spectators and impressed music critics, helping to further spread their fame throughout the continent.

And the magic was repeated this time.
On a cold night in New York, with their “Tribute to the Three Tenors” and the tickets were already sold out in November, and a sophisticated repetorio including opera arias and songs in Italian, English and Spanish, The Flight has inflamed the audience of RCMH who bestowed their enthusiastic standing ovation after each run. To attend the concert many Americans have faced grueling car trips to other cities and even from one state to another. The pages of the social groups have been invaded by photos of fans who found themselves in the bars and restaurants of New York for a quick snack before the concert, friendships made, and flourished online thanks to a shared passion for the flight, people willing to pay $ 400 per ticket to capture a brief encounter post-concert with the young members of the trio.

Many of them, after you even embark been to several concerts in the USA, in May on a transatlantic flight to attend more concerts in Italy and Europe. On the website of the American fan club “The Flight Flight Crew you can find the lists of fans who will be specifically to Italy to attend their concert in Rome, Verona and Taormina. But this astonishing dedication and passion for The Flight is not only a prerogative of the American fans, some are prepared from European cities excluded from the tour and even from Canada and Japan, as had happened on the occasion of their concert in Taormina Pompeii, where many of the spectators had come specially from abroad.

Some will continue then to London, where, next, May 23 the trio will perform on another “stage for the world’s biggest”: the Royal Albert Hall. Since its inauguration in 1871, the Royal Albert Hall has been carefully built an impeccable reputation. Here they performed the greatest international artists, conductors such as Leonard Bernstein and Herbert von Karajan, orchestras such as the Vienna Philharmonic, and even pop groups performances were hosted such Beatles, Rolling Stones and more recently Coldplay and Stereophonics. Only 7 Italian artists have performed since 1871 to date. In addition to Ludovico Einaudi, the great pianist and composer, Pavarotti and Zucchero (which six concerts holds the record of attendance of an Italian singer), four other great artists of Italian music are performed, Umberto Tozzi in 1988 (also registering an album the same name), Claudio Baglioni in 2010, Laura Pausini in 2012 and Luciano Ligabue in 2012 and 2013.

May 23, 2017, The Flight will not only become the eighth Italian artist to have the rare privilege of performing at the Royal Albert Hall but, with their age between 22 and 23, will be the youngest ever to have trod the prestigious stage. Before them only the Beatles and Bob Dylan, who was 23 when she gave her first concert, have managed to reach a global success that other artists usually obtained after 15-20 years of career.

The Flight is the only Italian company able to collect the sold-out concerts all over the world, reaching a diverse audience whose age ranges from 5 to 80 years and beyond. For this reason, they represent a unique phenomenon and atypical in the international music scene.
The Flight has more than 4,000 fan clubs scattered in different countries, from Singapore to Serbia, from Brazil to New Zealand, from Australia to Norway; their CDs out simultaneously in more than 57 countries and quickly climb the top of the charts of best sellers.

Ambassadors of their respective regions in the world, not just exporting the Italian music and “bel canto” abroad and among the younger generation, but embody the best of Italy, one that manages to establish itself thanks to the talent, dedication and all ‘ commitment. Represent an added value for our country and deserve the attention and acclaim not only the media but most of our institutions, if only for the extraordinary role they play in promoting the Italian language and culture (not counting the fans who claim to study or want to study Italian to understand and sing their songs) and even in increasing tourism, given the number of people who come to our country just to attend their concerts or to visit their native countries three young.

Language, conveyed through music, has a seductive power without equal and can help to increase the attractiveness and prestige of a nation in the world. The Americans and British have long understood. And ” soft power ‘call (soft power), that is, the ability to attract, receive acclaim, improve reputation and desirability no need to be a great economic or military power.

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  1. Thank you, Patrizia for another wonderful, on-target review!

    Funny that translated from Italian “The Il Volo Flight Crew” is “The Flight Flight Crew”. Cracks me up whenever I see that translation.

    1. That made me laugh, too, but that is the way it translates! As for the article, WOW. The truth is pretty impressive. Our guys are pretty impressive!

  2. This is SO WONDERFUL!!! I hope everyone, especially in Italy, gets to read this article. THANK YOU, Patricia!❤

  3. Wonderful, Patrizia!!! Our Boys continue to delight all audiences with there amazing voices!!! Their Bel Canto warms the heart, stirs the soul & surrounds us with Love & Happiness!!!

  4. Great review Patrizia, thank you very much. The Boys as you say are certainly wonderful ambassadors for Italy and their own particular regions.

  5. This was great read. Altho I knew some of these facts, it was good to read again. Very impressed that they are one of just a few to perform at Royal Albert Hall. Il Volo never fails to exceed all expectations

  6. How wonderful it is to read such a glowing report. I am counting the days (impatiently) until March 20th!

  7. Another great report from Patrizia. In the past Queen Elizabeth has attended many concert’s at the Royal Albert Hall, these were performers that she has enjoyed in the past, and were asked to perform for her and other member’s of the Royal Family. I think because of her age she does’nt do this anymore, but I know that Il Volo would be asked to perform for her. She probably has heard them sing before, and I know that she does love their kind of music!

  8. Marie, did you see that the guy’s are not touring next year?No Vegas, no nothing! I suggested that if they do a concert in Italy, that we all go over there to see them! I can’t imagine them going a whole year without a concert. They would miss us😊

    1. Jill, Jill, Jill…That’s like saying there’s no Santa Claus.

      Besides, I’m still pretending I don’t know that. Keeps me away from banging my head against a wall.

      Book that plane!

      1. Consider it done!
        By the way, you were joking about the Santa Claus remark were’nt you?
        I can’t take two huge disappointment’s in one day!☹️

    2. I have already said that I wait you with open arms.
      Jill you think to make your heart work well because the road from there to here is much longer.
      Marie and all the friends will be happy to accompany you.

      Marie is a little stubborn, I keep telling her to come but she pretends not to hear

      1. Daniela, I think sometimes Marie turn’s off her hearing aid’s, so she does’nt hear us!
        She must close her eyes at the same time, so she does’nt read our comment’s!
        Yes Daniela, Italy is such a long way from here, but I will get as healthy as I can possibly be, so I can be there!

    3. I can understand them wanting to take a year off. It must be exhausting to travel as much as they do. Not to mention missing their family and friends. On the other hand, I think they would miss performing. At the concert in Easton, I couldn’t help thinking they were smiling so much and looked so happy to be back singing and loving the audience response to all their beautiful songs!

      1. You are probably correct, Margaret. I am of two thoughts on this. On one hand… I’m glad they will have a chance to rest and play and study and practice and make us a great new album. On the other hand … NOOOOO!

      2. Marie, by the time they are finished with their Asia and Australia leg of the tour it will probably be very close to 2018.

    4. I know they are busy, have a new CD coming out. Not to tour at all, I don’t feel is a good idea. They will have to keep in contact with their fans somehow, to keep themselves in the limelight. FB would be s good place. Not everyone does ,Twitter, Instagram, instastories, etc. CD should come out as early i the year as possible.

  9. It’s always a pleasure to read the articles Patrizia, always accurate and thorough, you feel that they are written with care and with the heart.
    In Italy we fans, we are enthusiastic because she interprets our thoughts.
    Thanks Trishadria

    1. Patrizia is a fantastic writer! It is always a pleasure posting and sharing her work.

      Patrizia, thank you for mentioning us in your brilliant review.

      Evviva Italia!


      1. Thank you Patrizia for posting all the beautiful and positive reviews of our guys. Il Volo fans smile with happiness when our guys are recognized for their unique and incredible gifts. I have a thought why they won’t be touring next year. If I’m correct, it will be their 10th anniversary as Il Volo. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they will be planning the most special concert to celebrate that momentous anniversary? I agree with you Marie cannot even imagine not seeing them touring next year – they are the air that we breathe.



  11. Thanks for posting that wonderful ll Volo review. Every word is true! I too had read that they wanted to take 2018 to rest and learn new music and record, but 2018 is still a long way off. I am secretly hoping that they miss singing concerts and miss their fans and they end up scheduling some tour concerts. Their tour schedule seems to usually be a bit flexible with add ons happening every year. I will be seeing them in Verona this May and not likely I will be back in Italy next year. A year without an Il Volo live concert will be unthinkable. Just hoping for some appearances in the US next year.

  12. Thank you Patricia for the very fine report of GUYS.. So happy to hear they are doing so well. I saw the youthful faces when they sang O’ sole mio , 2009 TLUC as it was on the internet. Loved them ever since. I have four albums and waiting for the newest one. Thank you again…Good to see Marie is still with us…

  13. I refuse to believe the “no tour” comment. Marie, Myron, Kelly, HELP! Screaming at the top of my voice🙀. I hear you all.
    Who uttered the “married” word ? Bite your tongue! But may God bless them both if it happens.

  14. Wow!!!!!! All those wonderful reviews and my excitement builds for next year!!!!!
    Oh wait, what’s that I hear, NO 2018 concert!!!! It can’t be. After everything preventing me from going this and my only relief and hope was next year. Well you know what that means…… more time to save even more money, could a trip to Italy be in my future???? Maybe! But I game some friends helping me locate my family in Abruzzi. Thank you to all Crew members taking their time to send use pictures and the descriptions you give I feel I was right there.

  15. I was just about to mention to Marie that I had written an article on the RCMH concert when I found out (just now) that she had already shared and translated it. Great! I’m happy you all enjoyed it. I would just suggest to put Il Volo where the translator has changed it into “the flight” lest someone who doesn’t know them should read the article and not understand who we’re talking about 🙂
    Shame that mine is the only article on their sold out premiere in New York on Italian newspapers.
    It was also published here: http://news.fidelityhouse.eu/musica/il-volo-trionfale-debutto-al-radio-city-music-hall-di-new-york-263869.html.
    Looking forward to meeting some of you in Italy. It’s so cool to meet new friends with whom you share a common passion.

  16. Patrizia, when posting your articles I am always tempted to change “The Flight” To “Il Volo”. However, I also hesitate making changes to your posts (I mean…who am I to do that?) From now on I will make that change. Thank you and thank you again for your passionate words.

    1. It’s probably due to the automatic translator who doesn’t know Il Volo (uhu!!!) and will of course translate il volo into the flight in English, so it’s not really a change but rather an adjustment. Thanks for posting it Marie.

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