Radio City Music Hall – New York! March 4, 2017



Pictures courtesy of the guys’ Instagrams, Leonora, Vincent, and Barbara.  Thank you!

Also, thanks to “Nankat” – we have the link to the concert on YouTube:

videos by Nankat: 

I also saw some wonderful clips of the concert on Instagram and Barb Vitali said “Goooo Boys! On stage now!”  Guess they’ll always be her “boys” as well! 

We just got a few emails on last night’s show, so I will include them here….thanks for staying up so late to send them!!

From Barbara…Of course it was wonderful. I’m spoiled however having been in Firenze for Notte Magica last summer. But I was thrilled they did sing Grande Amore! The orchestra was great, the first violin wonderful but no programs were provided so other than the conductor no one was mentioned. They were funny and ever adorable.  Voices get stronger and stronger. A beautiful evening but there was nothing like that Notte Magica last July in Firenze.  (Barb – awesome you were there as well!)

Great Performance!  A full house of ILvolovers  rocked Radio City music  halls Saturday night. The boys were at the top of their game, standing ovations were everywhere and the cheers of love and approval were loud and strong, with “I Love You” going to IL Volo and back to the adoring crowd. A real Love fest. There is no Super Bowl, World Series  that I enjoyed  more  this outstanding concert. Three cheers and many Bravos to IL Volo and the symphony musicians that did such a wonderful job.  Vincent from Brooklyn, NY

A big thanks to those that have sent in pictures, quotes, and reviews!  Please remember to add your city/state/country, to your name.  Keep them coming.  We try to get our reviews posted within a day or two of the concert, so you have about 24 hours to send in your emails.  Again, the email is:


Ten days and counting til they are here in Detroit!







34 thoughts on “Radio City Music Hall – New York! March 4, 2017”

  1. Practicing just for me? Oh Ignazio, you shouldn’t have bothered. Just you standing there being gorgeous is enough for me. Thanks though, Sweetie.

    I was going to wait for the Detroit concert to really listen, but thanks to the excellent tapings of Nankat I had to listen to a few. How they do that so wonderfully and consistently I will never know. Thank you Barbara, Vincent, Bruce and Rhonda for your reviews! When I read them my chest swells with pride and my hands shake in anticipation!

    Thanks, Jana!

    1. Good morning
      I am sorry this post is not within the 24 hour time frame. I do want to share with our fans the glorious and thrilling night I had at Radio City Music Hall on Saturday March 4. I was literally tingling with excitement the entire day, and when I arrived at Radio City, I could feel the Il Volo love as soon as I walked through the door. When the boys walked onstage in their beautiful velvet jackets and bow ties, the audience greeted them with pure love. They looked so handsome confident and eager to share their beautiful voices with us. Every song was so perfect, their voices strong and sure. There were standing ovations at the end of each song, bravos called out along with I love you’s were ringing in the air. It was a special surprise to hear Grande Amore when they Gianluca announced they would be singing their signature song. The boys were at the top of their game for sure, and I know they felt the love of the audience for each and every song. They spoke to us, joking here and there and as always making us love them even more. I had my first meet and greet and seeing them so close was so surreal, my heart was racing in anticipation waiting my turn for a photo with them. The meet was all too brief with these wonderful guys, but they gave me a night I will always remember. Just a P.S. to my concert night, I realized that night that whenever there are IL Volo fans anywhere, each one of us is able to make an instant connection with people we have never met and instantly become friends. That is the power of IL Volo bringing people together with their beautiful souls and voices.

      1. I have to add to your comments Margaret. My son and I had some big traffic issues getting to the town in NJ where we were going to get the Path train. There was a big event there that afternoon and there wouldn’t have been any parking. We had to drive to another city to get the train which we did and I was getting a bit nervous but we luckily had allowed ourselves plenty of time and we made it to Radio City an hour before the show.
        But as you stated, you could feel the excitement and looking up near showtime and seeing this enormous Hall filled with people who loved Il Volo was amazing. I so agree about connecting with people we have never met and becoming friends. Before the show, we started talking to some lovely people sitting behind us and we were sharing all our experiences and I told them I had been to Easton on Thursday and they wanted to hear all about that. You can just feel the love that Il Volo has brought to so many people.
        Seeing them walking out on stage looking so handsome and smiling, and the audience response was so exciting! I was one of the ones jumping up and cheering after every song! I just can’t help myself! Their music touches my heart and soul. There were some changes in their list of songs from Easton. They added Caruso and Grande Amore, both of which are great favorites obviously and they didn’t sing Mama and I don’t believe they sang Non Ti Scordar Di Me. They also ended with their encore of Nessun Dorma which is so beautiful and so powerful!
        We were pretty close in the orchestra but our seats were more to the right facing the stage and they are doing their concerts it seems with them standing to the left of the orchestra so it wasn’t as close as if they were center stage. Having sat in the front row in Easton was an unbelievable experience! To see every gesture, nod and even eye contact between them was lovely! But thanks to Nanktat and her beautiful videos, it is almost like being right there. I feel truly blessed to have seen two of their concerts on this tour.

      2. Thanks, Margaret! I know that tingle! Your review was great!

      3. They added Caruso because March 4th is the anniversary of the date of birth of the writer Caruso, Lucio Dalla. A tribute to him.
        This song is great and I hope to sing in all the concerts.

  2. Fabulous, fabulous fabulous, thank you so much Nancat for your videos. Thank you also to the other reviewers. The Flight Crew are certainly lucky, through the members, to be able to “attend” more than the one concert in their own area. Radio City always gives the Boys a wonderful reception, and they truly deserve it !!! I get more and more excited and thrilled every time I see and hear them perform, and cannot wait for them to come to Miami.

  3. How wonderful, thank you for writing us your impressions, and thank you for the beautiful video.
    How nice that they have entered GRANDE AMORE although the orchestral execution is a little different and the short version is that Eurovision.
    Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are gorgeous and talented and funny as always, very proud of them.

  4. Wonderful comments on the Radio City concert!! Thank you for sharing this with us! Was so excited to hear they sang Grande Amore. I am hoping they will continue to sing this one at all of the remaining concerts. Margaret, I love your statement about the power of Il Volo bringing people together with their beautiful souls and voices! How true! 🙂

  5. the love we all feel for our boys keeps me going. After reading all your posts about Radio city I can hardly wait to see them in L.A. I especially want to hear the comments from my friends who will be seeing them for the first time. Joanie G

  6. Well, I must say – based upon the videos- this looks like it was a prime concert. The guys at their best. They were ready for this one.
    Great looking tuxes. They sure do look mature ! ! !

  7. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the part of the concert you posted. Seeing thier faces up close was a treat. I know each person has a special guy. I don.t see anyone but Ignazio

    1. Loretta, watch out, Marie will be knocking on your door !! You know how she feels about Ignazio.

      1. I have been around a lot longer than most people here even Marie & precious has always been mine so no contest. I understood she was looking at Piero. Plus whoever she chooses Ignazio is still mine. Everyone steps back when his real girlfriend comes forward to stand beside him, Then we are all out of luck. so then I will go back to dreaming

    1. Daniela I still cannot open either of these videos. The other one you posted opened fine but these 2 still no.

      1. Marion is true, and I’m sorry, I noticed that just posted I checked, were visible but soon something clicks which makes them not visible. Too bad because you saw Ignazio and Gianluca who embraced after a song, are very touching moments and exciting.

        The second video was made by Mrs. Leonora and resumes the entire audience in the final moment of the whole concert, and there is a beautiful standing ovation, well deserved.

    1. I will, is the sign of recognition of Lardini tailoring, is a stylized flower, and the Lardini leaders bring a showpiece.

  8. Thanks, Daniela. Their new Lardini outfits look great, of course the guys wearing them are not too bad!.

      1. I think that the boys have never looked so handsome, the midnight blue velvet jackets are just perfect for them…a great hit for Italian tailoring.!! As you say Danela even in a sack they would look good, but I always fall for a good looking guy in evening dress.
        I was able to pull up both the pics below. Piero very Italian with the coat over the shoulders. Thanks Daniela.

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you to you and to Nankat for sharing this concert with us! The guys were truly in top form and did Italy proud. And, without an ounce of Italian blood, except perhaps in a previous life, I’m prouder than ever to be a Granny Groupie for this marvelous group. It’s my day to grouse out my taxes for our Uncle Sam but being able to listen to this has truly made my day special!

  10. From all the reports and videos it seems the NY concert was spectacular. Thank you all for posting the reports and photos. It makes me excited for the 3 concerts I have in the future , 2 in March and one in May in Verona. From what i saw in NY they seemed a bit less formal than in Florence , and I did love seeing them interacting with each other, joking and interacting with the audience. I think that is one of their strong points in concert , their connection both with each other and their fans. . I hope throughout this tour they continue being less formal and give us their usual laughter and love and connection. Also loved that they added 2 additional songs. It would be so fun if at each venue the changed it up just a bit so there would be surprises at each concert as to the music. I imagine with a full orchestra you do not just decide last minute to sing something else, but adding Grande Amore and Caruso were lovely surprises. They looked so handsome as usual and they sure seemed happy to be back on stage. Born to be there!

  11. From the very beginning the excitement of Saturday nights concert at Radio City was special . Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio voices touched everyone of us from the pit seats to the top of the rafters. Margaret’s post said it all so well. IL Volo has a special magic that brings love and a unique connection to all their fans. This was a time and place not to be forgotten. Get ready for the concerts coming you way , the boys voices are in excellent form, when they first walked onto the stage looking very sharp , it was the lightning of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center this audience has be waiting a long time and we’re ready for this Happening, The first stand ovation happen without a note being sung. Just their presence brought us to are feet with cheers and applause. IL Volo responded with waves and kisses to a full house. This was truly a night to remember. A very Special Performance !

  12. What excitement is in the air for our darlings! Thank you to all who sent in such wonderful and informative comments. My heart is in a flutter wishing that I was at Radio City Music Hall. They looked soooo handsome in their tuxedos. I too watched some of Nankat’s videos and at the end of one Gianluca pulled a young boy from the audience to the stage and took a selfie with him ! How caring he is. He just melts your heart. And of course Ignazio and Piero as well! Miami is anxiously waiting for them!!!!!💖💖💖

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