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Radio City Music Hall – New York! March 4, 2017



Pictures courtesy of the guys’ Instagrams, Leonora, Vincent, and Barbara.  Thank you!

Also, thanks to “Nankat” – we have the link to the concert on YouTube:

videos by Nankat: 

I also saw some wonderful clips of the concert on Instagram and Barb Vitali said “Goooo Boys! On stage now!”  Guess they’ll always be her “boys” as well! 

We just got a few emails on last night’s show, so I will include them here….thanks for staying up so late to send them!!

From Barbara…Of course it was wonderful. I’m spoiled however having been in Firenze for Notte Magica last summer. But I was thrilled they did sing Grande Amore! The orchestra was great, the first violin wonderful but no programs were provided so other than the conductor no one was mentioned. They were funny and ever adorable.  Voices get stronger and stronger. A beautiful evening but there was nothing like that Notte Magica last July in Firenze.  (Barb – awesome you were there as well!)

Great Performance!  A full house of ILvolovers  rocked Radio City music  halls Saturday night. The boys were at the top of their game, standing ovations were everywhere and the cheers of love and approval were loud and strong, with “I Love You” going to IL Volo and back to the adoring crowd. A real Love fest. There is no Super Bowl, World Series  that I enjoyed  more  this outstanding concert. Three cheers and many Bravos to IL Volo and the symphony musicians that did such a wonderful job.  Vincent from Brooklyn, NY

A big thanks to those that have sent in pictures, quotes, and reviews!  Please remember to add your city/state/country, to your name.  Keep them coming.  We try to get our reviews posted within a day or two of the concert, so you have about 24 hours to send in your emails.  Again, the email is:  FlightCrew.NotteMagica2017@gmail.com.


Ten days and counting til they are here in Detroit!