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Personally Speaking ~ We Are Family ~ by Mary B.


I just watched Rebecca Granet’s interview with our guys on the program, The Trend, and I am thrilled and touched by what they had to say about their American fans.

Rebecca’s question to Ignazio:  “What are the United States fans like?  How are they different from other folks around the world?”

He answered that “they always give standing ovations. They are really proud of us.  It’s like having an uncle or an aunt in the audience….like our family.”

Gian interjected, “We are like a big family with our American fans….it’s like having a family in every theater in every place.”  And Piero added, “The American audiences, they tell you everything.  When you finish a song there is like silence and someone screams from up there, “How do you get that note?”   Ignazio: “We like that.”

Well, guys, we like hearing that you feel like WE ARE FAMILY.  Of course we are….we adopted you way back when you had your first USA tour.  You immediately captured us and we took you to our hearts.  That family feeling has just  continued to grow, and how sweet it is to hear you affirming it in your own words.

As you travel across the country on this tour, we know that  you will feel the love that  we have for “our boys.”  You will see it in the standing ovations and see it on our faces.  As soon as the current tour is over, we will immediately start to dream and plan for when you will come again….how many concerts each of us will be able to attend.  Some of us may have to cut back on basic necessities, but that’s okay–you have become a basic necessity to us.

What a sweet miracle that over these years when you have been becoming well known and loved all around the world, you have kept your humility and your special affection for your American family.  We’ve always known it was there, and we felt it emanating from you, but how sweet it is to hear it straight from your own lips.

Welcome home, dear ones–your American family is waiting with open arms.

~~ Mary Bohling ~~