Personally Speaking~Across The Miles~by Mary Bohling


To our darling sweet Italian boys,

Keepers of our hearts, our joys,

While you’re away you keep us guessing

About new projects you’re addressing.

A new CD would be so neat,

A DVD would be a treat.

You’ve been busy, that’s for sure.

Broadcasts, photo shoots demure,

Modeling, getting new wheels,

Making contacts, sealing deals,

Since staying fit’s high on your list,

Trips to the gym cannot be missed.

We search each day for what you’re doing,

Wondering what surprise you’re brewing.

We know it will be something great,

Anticipation makes it hard to wait.

We fell in love–you’re our addiction,

Lots of Il Volo time is our prediction.

A heavy dose both day and night

Will help to keep us feeling right.

We love to see your charming faces

Smiling back from distant places,

Tempting us with looks beguiling,

Teasing with Il Volo styling.

It hurts us, though, not knowing when

You’ll come back to us again.

And now your tour is on it’s way,

Back to work–no time to play,

This schedule puts you to the test,

Doing what you love the best.

But  we can only wait so long

To see your faces, hear your songs.

We will be brave, but nevertheless

Please keep us posted, we confess

We need to see you every day,

Though Internet may be the way.

Your future calls to spread the word,

Throughout the world your voices heard.

But we will wait for your returning,

To satisfy our ardent yearning.

So patiently for you we wait,

Eager to see that special date

When you’ll return to us once more,

Bringing  us the music we adore.


~~Mary Bohling~~

31 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Across The Miles~by Mary Bohling”

  1. A great one, Mary. Every word is perfect…except…the line, “we will be brave.” You be brave for both of us, Mary. I’m already whining. I plan to start kicking and screaming any time now and to continue whining, kicking and screaming until they are back on U.S. soil.

  2. Mary. Your. Thoughts. On. Personally. Speaking. Are. So. True. And. Beautifully. Written. We. Will. Continue. To. Look. Forward. To. Seeing. And. Listening. Our. Beautiful. Guys. Even. If. It. Is. Just. On. U tube. Can. Not. Wait. Until. They. Come. Back. To. U. S. A. We. Love. Them. They. Should. Stay. Healthy. And. Strong. God. Bless. Them. And. Keep. Them. Safe

  3. Beautiful Mary. Couldn’t have said it better. No really. I couldn’t. Can’t RYTHYM worth a darn. I love reading all your posts. It brings warmth to my heart and a big smile to my face. It somehow brings me closer to where our precious boys are daily. I would like to wish each and every mother on this site, a wonderful “MOTHER’S DAY”. I hope you all enjoy time being pampered by your loved ones. You all work so hard on this site and I for one, thank you.

    1. Mary- your poetry is ingenious! Your talent is great! And it speaks for all we feel about our delightful gift from God – !l Volo ! Gracie Mille!

  4. Beautiful, Mary! Your poetry is wonderful saying always what is in our hearts!!! Thank you!!! I am awaiting any news that gives us a hint when our precious trio will return to the USA. Until then we wait & listen to their music, videos, & Utube!!! Also FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Amore to all this lovely May 4th.

  5. Thank you Mary for your talent and expressions about….IL VOLO….
    I can’t imagine having to wait until 2019 for them to come back in
    concert to the USA……However, I know they are planning some
    wonderful songs for a CD for 2018…..Maybe if we all whined, kicked,
    and screamed like Marie, we could get them to speed up their
    schedule to appear in concerts in America. Love them bundles.

    1. Good idea, Gale…Let’s organize a whining, screaming, kicking protest march loud enough for therm to hear all the way to Italy….now when? where?

      1. I’m in! You know me…I don’t need a bullhorn.

        NOW EVERYONE…let’s begin with slow pitiful moaning and work our way to manic foot stomping.

      2. I’m laughing too hard to moan, Marie! But I’ll be happy to kick. Improves the circulation!

  6. I love this Mary! You have such a talent for writing!! Just let me know where the protest march will be! 🙂

  7. Very nice, Mary! Eight years of joy from these now young men…but yes, boys rhymes better with joys. May they remain in our lives many more years.

  8. Oh, Mary, I really smiled and felt so warm and fuzzy as I read your amazing poem. You always speak from your heart about our wonderful, dear young men! I, along with all the above ILVolovers, share the same deep feelings you wrote so beautifully. Grazie!!!!
    Another thing…☺ Sorry I can’t join the march, but I will wave an IL Volo Hurry Back flag! ☺Happy Mother’s Day! Hugs!!!! ♥

  9. Mary,you are a extremely talented writer and I love all your post’s.🙂
    Marie need a bullhorn? I think not!
    I was not able to attend the last concert in Las Vegas so I have had a lot of practice in whining, kicking and screaming. I will definitely be there to march wherever it is!

  10. Can we scream loud enough so they won’t get mad or upset. They won’t hear us because the younger kids are screamng.
    Can we write a letter to let them know how we are pineing?. They would probably get a good laugh. Marie if they can hear you then please let us know so we all can make it louder.

  11. I love your poem, Mary. I wish each of our guys would get a copy and keep it close by them. Then every time they read it, they would know we will be keeping them in our hearts until that glorious day they return! In the ;meantime, we will have to be satisfied with listening to our CDs and watching our DVDs. Please, please Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio come back soon! We will be waiting with open arms!

  12. I too love your poem Mary. I read it quickly the first time because I couldn’t believe how much all your poetic words and thoughts rang true. As I was reading it a second time, this time slower, my mind was saying Yes Yes that is exactly how we feel for our Italian boys. With each beautiful word, I was able to imagine visually everything you described them doing and everything that we look forward to them doing. Thank you for your incredible poetry; this poem is a keeper and I intend on printing it and framing it!

    1. Mary, I can only echo everyone’s comments. Your work is beautifully on the mark. Your words speak for all of us. I love your poetry! I have sorely missed it.

  13. Mary thank you for your wonderful poem, Your deep feelings of love for Team IL Volo is so special. Your beautiful words touched the hearts and souls of so many of the Flight Crew Family. The pouring out of love and longing from all the wonderful post is quite a testimony of how much your poem was needed at this time. This will be the start of 2018 being the year of IL Volo’s returnlng to our shores.
    Wishing all you incredible ladies a Very Happy Mother’s Day.

  14. Wow, what a great poem! Spot on Mary!! You said what everyone is thinking and feeling…

  15. Mary I love the poem!!! You are so talented!!!! You can count me in on the March!!!!

  16. Mary, what beautiful words you wrote, are born directly from your heart and fly to the paper.
    The wait will be long but will surely be enjoyed by so many photos and videos and many so many wonderful thoughts of true affection that will be published on this beautiful site.

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