Fridays Flashback in English

Here, for your pleasure and better understanding, are a few Il Volo songs with English lyrics.

This is my all time favorite Il Volo number:

My newest Fav:

One of “the worlds” favorites:

The “greatest love” song for many of us:

I really wanted to give you Nessun Dorma, but couldn’t find an Il Volo English translation.  However, here it is by a man our Boys regret they never met.  Luciano Pavarotti died in 2007.  Our Guys would have been 11 or 12 then.  Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio wouldn’t have heard of each other back then either and never would have thought of the words Il and Volo connected to them. They couldn’t possibly have dreamed of the fame they someday would achieve:

He would have loved our Guys.

English lyrics, all but one, beautifully sung in Italian by three stupendously talented young men.  We are so lucky to know them.

35 thoughts on “Fridays Flashback in English”

  1. Oops, if you received this in your email you have the wrong Il Mondo. Look above for the correct one. Sorry. It was Jana’s fault somehow. Or Jane’s….Yeah, Jane’s fault…that’s the one. Could have been Jill’s fault. I know the name started with a “J”.

  2. Thank you Rose Marie.

    It’s so great knowing the face that belongs with the comment. Really enjoyed being with you in Detroit.

    Aren’t you glad your name doesn’t start with a “J”?

    1. The other Rosemarie and I were thrilled to meet you and Leelee, like meeting long time pen pals friends. I’ve been playing and watching Notte Magica for months now and I was missing their older songs. So thanks for reminding me how big and beautiful their repertoire is.

      P. S.please just don’t call me Rosie. Not that there is anything wrong with Rosie.

      1. Ok…I’m changing my name.

        Thank you, Cynthia. I have seen them sing Maria many times. They must have sung it hundreds of times and still (ancora) they put every bit of emotion into it as if it was the first time. Amazing and wonderful!

      2. they sing, “the most beautiful sound i have ever heard… Maria… Maria…. MARIA!!!!!!!”

      3. you/re welcome, Marie, from my heart
        and yup, they’re fully present each time and every time
        they don’t sing, as one director put it, on ‘auto-pilot’

      4. Marie, I know you have seen it countless times, much more than me!
        But when you wrote above, “… just don’t call me Maria…”
        The first thing that came to mind was – their voice – ”… the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard… Maria… Maria…. MARIA!”

    2. I am so dense, I just got the “J” thing. Duh! Anyway, Jill already confessed.

  3. Marie, grazie mille! Sometimes the heart is willing, but the body does not follow. I have no idea what you are talking about, the il mundo? But did not listen, at work.

    By the way, still recruiting new fans and sales for the guys. Did you know you can’t get their CD DVD combo anywhere now? Like it’s out of print. All I could find was one for $40 on Amazon. Both us and Italy say import? Odd must be a copy from China or something. I found one on eBay for normal price, but only 4 left!


    1. for Jana –

      Il Volo
      Yesterday at 3:19am ·
      Domani in edicola con Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni e Chi Magazine troverete il nostro cd+dvd #NotteMagica a Tribute to the Three Tenors. Un’ottima occasione di ripasso per il nostro #NotteMagicaTour 🙂
      Tomorrow in kiosk with Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni Chi Magazine and you will find our cd+dvd #nottemagica a tribute to the three tenors. An excellent opportunity to review for our #nottemagicatour 🙂
      Rate this translation

      Lo trovi a soli 15,90 € su, la tua edicola
      (scroll down until this post shows)

      1. Thanks, Cynthia – never heard of those places. Actually, it is for a friend of mine in Germany. I actually have both of them US & Italy version! 🙂 I will check them out though…..

  4. Wonderful, Marie!! Thank you. All my favorites!! Anything they sing become my favorites! I love the first music but also feel like my heart will burst with the beauty & magnificence of the new songs! I am so grateful that these young men are a part of my life!!! They share love & happiness where ever they happen to be!!! Amore a tutti!!!

  5. Excellent Marie. Music, their singing, your comments all made my day. Of course everything pertaining to our wonderful young men makes my day. Its a wonder they don’t get tired of singing the same songs over & over again everywhere they go. I am looking forward to their new Cd & Dvd & new concerts & seeing their faces up close & personal. Have a great day.

  6. Anne, you couldn’t have said anything more complimentary than, “They share love and happiness wherever they happen to be.” Thank you for your beautiful words.
    And thank you Marie for the English translation songs. They’re perfect.

  7. The most beautiful soundI ever heard is Gianluca and Ignazio singing “Maria” It’s a cello and violin in perfect Harmony and emotion. Outstanding performance, nothing comes close. Thank you Cynthia and Marie. To hear “Grande Amore” and “Maria” is a true musical delight. Marie also enjoyed the history and all Team IL Volo’s songs you posted. Bravo!

  8. Love, love, love the songs! Made my day oh so much sweeter.

    Trying out my new “face” Marie. Never can have too many looks at the beautiful canals of Venice. By the way that’s your picture. I figured you wouldn’t mind me using it seeing as I got blamed for something I slept through in the first comment! 🙂

  9. Hi Penelope, what beautiful songs you put.
    ……. oh sorry, only one can call you Penelope ha ha ha.

    These songs are really beautiful.
    Yesterday the boys had an important conference and said that they will very well treat the lyrics of the songs of the next CD.

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