Personally Speaking~What’s Next??~ by Mary Bohling

The boys have been teasing us a bit about what is next on their recording agenda.  It seems that it will have a Latin flavor since they are working with their friend, Emilio Estefan.  And remembering how we, the fans, love the  tantalizing Latin beat of “Volare,” it would seem that we would embrace that style.  But, just for fun, let’s consider some other styles of past musical icons that they might choose to emulate.

Since our boys have such a propensity for the beach, maybe they would like to try the Beach Boys’ style, one that has stood the test of time with its’ catchy tunes, captivating rhythm, and great harmony.  The guys would really get into spirit of fun following in the Beach Boys footsteps.




Wouldn’t it be great to hear Igna  taking the falsetto part of the Jersey Boys’ repertoire?  He would be so good at it.  He did some improvisations with the high notes of “Somebody to Love” that blew our socks off, plus he has the added asset  of his adorably endearing facial expressions (those eyes!!) to go along with the voice.


Jersey Boys Poster


Remember the Ink Spots?  Most of you probably don’t.  You might  want to look them up.  Their harmony and rhythm were so contagious they always left you wanting more.  Remind you of Il Volo?  Gianluca might have to dig down a bit to match the low notes, but hey, that guy can do anything he sets his mind to, right?  They recorded some beautiful songs that would be great for our guys.


Ink Spots Billboard 3.jpg


Speaking of great trios, let us not forget the Nat King Cole trio.  Talk about sweet and mellow–just the style for Il Volo.  Is anyone more sweet and mellow than our boys?  Gianluca could easily handle Nat’s romantic solos with his own brand of style and panache.


Nat King Cole (Gottlieb 01511).jpg


And “sweet and mellow” brings to mind the Williams brothers, mainly Andy.  Imagine Gian doing “Moon River”  what a treat that would be.  Piero, being the more dramatic sort, doesn’t often show us the softer side of his vocal technique, but he sings with such passion and expression that we know he would be breathtakingly spectacular doing some of Andy’s romantic songs.


Image result


Well, we will have to wait and see what the finished product of the most recent endeavor will be, but  we know that it will be all in true ILVOLO STYLE.  You can’t improve on perfection, and perfection is what they are.

So stay calm and get out your dancing shoes…..Tango, anyone??

il volo tennis meets fashion milan 02
Credit to all owners of photos.
~Mary Bohling~


38 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~What’s Next??~ by Mary Bohling

  1. Such beautiful words. I would love them to do it all. Cannot wait for the new CD. Am in such withdrawal knowing they are not touring next year. Went to my first concert in March and I was in Heaven. Love these boys but my special one is Ignazio. Will be waiting to hear their new CD with all my heart. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Mary, you hit the nail on the head!!! The could call the album “DREAM ON ILVOLOVERS” and it would top the charts! And yes, I’m one of the ones who remembers the INKSpots! Thanks a bunch!

  3. Such a fun article, Mary. Gets me all the more anxious for their next CD. Love the fact it will have a Latin theme to it.
    Those photos sure takes one down memory lane!
    Thank you!!

  4. Thanks, Mary!!! Love all your ideas for the new album! The Boys did that interview giving a hint of the new music!!! It had English sub titles so we understood what they were saying! Piero was on the left & never said a word (odd). It was great!!! I also know who the Ink Spots are. Loved all the groups mentioned! Let’s hope a lot of these old songs are included! In the interview they expressed a fear that the U.S. audience would be disappointed that it will be more or less a Pop Album!!! We will love that & Latin music is beautiful!! No worries , Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!

    • Hi Anne, I always love your remarks. Glad to hear that you are settled in at your daughters’ –what a lovely place to be. I think that you and I are about the same “vintage.” In fact, didn’t we meet in Las Vegas?

  5. Yes Jane & Mary I remember them all. Now thats telling me age. And out of them all Nat Cole & Johnny Masthis were the ones I reviered. But pretty well they all had a velvet sound to their voices. I feel our guys have a different & more powerful sound which they also can change to the softest melodic sound. I have always thought Gianluca is the best crooner ever even surpassing Frank which I am dieing to tell Gian. I also think Ignazio can come up with the softest note & I love the scales he does as well as the power he can dig down for. Also the power Piero has which can be reverted to soft tones as well. So all in all how I see them our precious sweethearts have it all. And girls I agree with everything you have said. There are no other singers like Il Volo.

  6. Hi Mary, I have no patience when it comes to waiting. I want that CD NOW. I hope they read all these wonderful remarks about them. We have got to be the strongest & best fan club of theirs. Or is that asking too much.

  7. Hello Mary, I agree with your wonderful suggestions of great singers’ tunes from years past. Our guys would sing any of these songs beautifully, and we would all be in heaven! ☺ The new Latin CD will be great, I’m sure. I miss the fun and excitement of making plans for going to a concert in 2018, but am thankful the boys share so much on FB with us. Also, happy for each of them to have a great summer break relaxing and being at home with family and friends. Thanks again, dear Mary. Hugs. ♥

  8. My favorite piece of music, other than IL Volo of course, is the Pearl Fishers by Jussi Bjorling and Robert Merrill. Would love to hear it by IL Volo, especially my dear Piero.


  10. Nazio I just heard that song Al De La by Jerry Vale. It was wonderful & I would love our precious guys to sing that. They would be tremendous, Wasn’t Jerry Vales voice tremendous??

    • I love your words…I need him to sing to me all day! Reminds me of the Andrea Bocelli song with the words…”Heaven, I’m in Heaven…” Yes, you would be in heaven!! 🙂

  11. I think igna fans have the most competition here! We are certainly the feistiest! 🙂

    Love all the old songs, but hope they guys don’t sing covers forever!! I’d love for them to sing some original music by ignazio.

    I have a idea brewing….

  12. Mary, you brought back so many memories for me. I had Al Martino singing “Al Di La”
    I love that song, and like so many other’s I would love to have the guy’s record it.
    Back in the early 60’s, I loved Paul Anka.
    He had Gianluca’s hair style back then😊

  13. My curiosity has gotten the better of me and found the boys are involved with a movie. Could someone tell me what it is all about?. I found this on YouTube and an article on Google about the movie and so much is in Italian. Could someone enlighten us please?

    The boys will be in Mexico for all of September and we cannot go. Perhaps some other fans could make one of the concerts. Then it is on to other countries in South America. Then it will a year without them. That will be very difficult.

  14. Oh my! The songs… the songs take me down memory lane. I loved the Beach Boys, I still listen to them when I am cleaning closets or other repetitious cleaning tasks. They still can energize this old Baby Boomer!

  15. Mary, beautiful this post that compares good singers of the past with our guys.
    It is true that Piero Ignazio and Gianluca can sing any song and do not disappoint, because they keep the spirit of how it was conceived and sung while modernizing it in executions.
    I agree with Jana, there must be little room for the cover in the new disc. Here in Italy they are quite criticized because people say they do not have their own product.
    The covers will always be part of their repertoire, the guys have always said, but in concerts or discs dedicated to cover, now they must have their own repertoire.
    We cross our fingers, we will always be here to support them.

  16. When they released We Are Love back in 2013, the guys were quite proud of the fact that there were only 4 covers and 8 original songs. No one ever talks about that anymore. I wonder why.

  17. Ohhh gimme some Latin music! This pirate will be dancing all day across her deck as she sambas and rumbas and even does a tango with some lucky swabbie! Right now I can envision a very nimble and oh so sexy Piero dancing along with me! Ohhhh bbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaabbbyyy!!!

    Thanks for the great post. Cheered up my day!

  18. Hi Mary, I follow your fan page but have never posted before. Gianluca said in the interview ‘this new album is not for ‘The Americans’ they want to hear music of ‘the 3 tenors”.

    • There is a translation out there. Have you tried YouTube? It was so great to see and understand the fun with the translation

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