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The above link has 10 short questions on it.  Let’s hear from you!  I will leave this open for several days and post the answers in the next few weeks.  All questions are optional and anonymous, unless you give us your name.  Last name not required.  🙂

Hope everyone is having a great summer.  August is quickly passing us by, but the sooner it goes, the sooner they will come back to us!

Us crew members here are really liking the weekends off in August.  How about you?

Anyone go on any exciting summer getaways?  I just went to Florida to see my mom in July.  I know a certain person just got back from Sicily?  🙂  Where are you heading?

Wherever you go, stay cool with Italian Ice or gelato, and stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

Ciao!  Please take the survey, it will be fun!  🙂




25 thoughts on “Tell Us About You!”

    1. I made up the questions last night at like 11pm! I was going to put that range, or maybe a write-in age. But so far, the majority is over 65! lol! Of course, like that was any surprise? 🙂

      1. That’s because recognition of true quality about most everything usually comes with age — from experience! 🙂

  1. There is no better singing group than Il Volo & no better fan club to follow them, I am in the right place. Thanks for all you girls working so hard for this site.

  2. Thanks, Jana, and all the Flight Crew….you are appreciated more than you will ever know. This little survey was fun!! Look forward to reading responses when you share them. Hugs…enjoy the rest of the summetime.

    1. I will tell you, that Ignazio is winning over the other two, for those that actually chose one of them! 🙂

  3. Ciao! Wow, looks like this went over pretty well! I wasn’t sure, but had wanted to do something like this for quite a while now. Maybe we’ll do some more of these. Currently, this is free through the Survey Monkey, but to keep it free, I can only have 10 questions, which is plenty, and only 100 responses. So far I have over 70 responses and just about everyone answered all of the questions. I have some lovely answers on the open-ended questions on favorite Italian meal, songs you want to hear them sing, and anything else you wanted to add. Will help me make several posts out of it. If I get to 90 responses, I’ll do another one and post it on Saturday, same questions, so be sure not to do it twice. 🙂

    As I told Rose Marie above, for those of you that actually chose one of the 3, Igna is winning by 2:1, which proves what I said yesterday – I think our crew likes him best. However, the majority have said they don’t have a favorite and love them all, winning by 3:1 – lol! Of course, Marie may be stacking the deck here, not sure….if I get a lot of anonymous from Ohio and Igna’s numbers go up, we will know – lol!

    Ok, on to the next post! 🙂


    1. Yes, I love taking surveys! This one was fun! Thanks Jana! I think I’m more partial to Gianluca although I did choose all of them. I love them all for different reasons! But Gianluca’s dreamy baritone voice does something to me. 🙂

  4. I replied, I also have Ignatius in preference but I put all three. They are really unique.
    Funny this poll.

  5. Hi Jana! Don’t know if you’ll see this. I’m usually one of the last to get to read and post here. Haven’t had time yet to do your fun survey, but will try it tonight. Meanwhile, here’s a pretty, 4 minute Flight which you, Marie, or someone else might enjoy (if you like flying and R&B/Soul music, that is.) 🙂 It’s on You Tube: Night Landing in Los Angeles (cockpit view) Music by Barry White “Never Gonna Give You Up”. (It was published there by Ct Thomas. My mother’s initials and my father’s name :).

    1. Laura – yes, I am seeing this! Just to let you know, no matter when you comment on a post, even if it is months later, whomever did the posting will get an automatic email of the comment in their email! Pretty cool, huh?

      Ok, I will check it out! That is for sure, we’re never gonna give them up! 🙂

      1. Thanks, Jana; that Is a pretty cool thing and you’re right: We’ll never, never give ’em up! ( Barry White kills me — sometimes those lyrics! –😂, but I like his music and voice a lot!). 😅

      2. Jana and Marie, Just to clear any possible confusion: That’s not a pic. of one of us on the page with the night flight video. (That’s the good man who posted it). I Iike flying and planes, jets especially. ( My father’s the pilot who could fly ’em; not me! I’m not ‘tech headed’ enough! I just got to ride in ’em for many years, got to ‘check out’ the cockpits, learn some things about planes, etc. Miss it).🌹 ✈️

    1. yep, even though the majority “claim” they don’t have a favorite, those that do, chose Ignazio! 🙂 Got some very interesting answers… will be fun to post! I know Gina is always wanting to know where people are from. Even had several from other countries. The most unusual was from Israel, but born in the United States.

      1. Hi Jana, Just me again! If my answers to the survey went through ok last night and you see a name, “Ocean Of Tears”, that’s me. I wasn’t sure what the owners of SurveyMonkey do with personal info., so I used one of my aliases! ( I added a confession there that my favorite still has to be Piero ! ). 💘

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