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Answers to yesterday’s “So ya think ya know ’em”

So who’s tied to who (whom…whatever)?  Can you make the matches?

G = Gianluca
I = Ignazio
P = Piero
A = Connects to ALL of the above
N = Connects to NONE of the above

Connects with….
(you get extra credit if you also know the names)



1.  A/I – It’s Loretta!  One point for “All”.  Two points for “Ignazio”.


2.  PPiero’s Brother, Francesco Barone.


3.  GGianluca’s Grandfather, Ernesto.  (Jane and I met him in Montepagano.)


4.   N – Justin Bieber.  Just…No.


5.  G – Martina, Gianluca’s gal.


6.  A – Myron Heaton.  Is there another Fan Fare in our future?


7.  IIgnazio’s Mom, Caterina Boschetto.


8.  AMichele Torpedine, Manager, mentor, friend.


9.  IFranz, Ignazio’s dog. (You’re a good boy.  Yes you are.)


10.  AGiampiero Grani.  Il Volo’s Pianist, arranger, friend.


11.  A/P – Our Mary Bohling.  Take partial credit if you said All.  One point if you said Piero.


12.  PPiero’s Dad, Gaetano Barone.


13.  I Ignazio’s sister, Nina.  (Yep, Jane and I met her too).


14.  N Luciano Pavarotti.  One regret of the Guys is that they never met him.  He died in 2007.  The Boys were 12, 13 and 14 then.  They certainly would have won his heart too.


15. GGian’s mom, Eleanora Ginoble.


16.   AFabio Ingrassia, artist and friend.  Fabio drew the Boys picture on stage during several 2016 concerts.


14+ correct – You can move in with any of them.  They won’t notice you’re not family.

11- 13 – You can move in but they will wonder why you’re there.

8 – 10 – You can live next door.

5 – 7 – You can buy pizza from Nina.

3 – 4 – Just stay in your own country, at home, in your room.

0 – 2 – you are on the wrong website.

Well, How’d ya do?




Hi Everyone,

It’s been a long and wonderful week for our “Guys”!!  Finally in their home country of Italy, they have been recognized for the stars that they are!! Fans came from far and wide to see their 2 concerts in Taormina. All their friends and family that were unable to see their concerts in other parts of the world, were finally able to see them perform live!  As we have seen here and other fan sites the videos and photos show the happiness of Il Volo during these spectacular concerts. How wonderful for Piero to be able to sing “Mamma” to his own mom. We have seen videos of Ignazio and Gianluca sing to their moms before, but not Piero. I also loved the video of Gianluca hugging his brother, Ernesto. After the concerts in Taormina they flew to Riga, Latavia where they were invited to sing at “The New Wave” music festival. Il Volo, all three of them,  flew to Rome where they traveled to Gianluca’s home in the Abruzzo region. That must have been an interesting 2 days for everyone. Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca were together at a party with some vey attractive young ladies. We also see a picture of Ignazio playing a video game with Erny, Gianluca’s brother. They all stayed because they were to attend a press conference in Pescara where they are appearing in concert in September. Ignazio tweeted early yesterday that they were back home.

Ignazio returning to Sicily, "We're Back"
Ignazio returning to Sicily, “We’re Back”


Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio make us breathless at concerts and make our hearts race at Meet and Greets. They also are kind enough to share some of their free time with friends and families and we must always be respectful of that. I thought we’d look at some pictures of their free time.

Having food together in Abruzzo. Credit "All Things Il Volo"
Having food together in Abruzzo.
Credit “All Things Il Volo”
Pool time in Taormina
Pool time in Taormina
Ignazio and Erny playing a video game!
Ignazio and Erny playing a video game!
Piero exploring Latvia
Piero exploring Latvia










I love these pictures, love seeing them relax and love that they share these with us, their adoring fans .   Thanks Guys!!

Partying in Abruzzo
Partying in Abruzzo

This cute picture Marie sent me!!! Look at Ignazio’s face!

Cute, thanks Marie!
Cute, thanks Marie!

Piero, Gianlua and Ignazio will be headed to Mexico next week. I can imagine how excited their fans are!!

We’ll be following their every move to bring you the best moments.

Love and Luck, Guys.