Answers to yesterday’s “So ya think ya know ’em”

So who’s tied to who (whom…whatever)?  Can you make the matches?

G = Gianluca
I = Ignazio
P = Piero
A = Connects to ALL of the above
N = Connects to NONE of the above

Connects with….
(you get extra credit if you also know the names)



1.  A/I – It’s Loretta!  One point for “All”.  Two points for “Ignazio”.


2.  PPiero’s Brother, Francesco Barone.


3.  GGianluca’s Grandfather, Ernesto.  (Jane and I met him in Montepagano.)


4.   N – Justin Bieber.  Just…No.


5.  G – Martina, Gianluca’s gal.


6.  A – Myron Heaton.  Is there another Fan Fare in our future?


7.  IIgnazio’s Mom, Caterina Boschetto.


8.  AMichele Torpedine, Manager, mentor, friend.


9.  IFranz, Ignazio’s dog. (You’re a good boy.  Yes you are.)


10.  AGiampiero Grani.  Il Volo’s Pianist, arranger, friend.


11.  A/P – Our Mary Bohling.  Take partial credit if you said All.  One point if you said Piero.


12.  PPiero’s Dad, Gaetano Barone.


13.  I Ignazio’s sister, Nina.  (Yep, Jane and I met her too).


14.  N Luciano Pavarotti.  One regret of the Guys is that they never met him.  He died in 2007.  The Boys were 12, 13 and 14 then.  They certainly would have won his heart too.


15. GGian’s mom, Eleanora Ginoble.


16.   AFabio Ingrassia, artist and friend.  Fabio drew the Boys picture on stage during several 2016 concerts.


14+ correct – You can move in with any of them.  They won’t notice you’re not family.

11- 13 – You can move in but they will wonder why you’re there.

8 – 10 – You can live next door.

5 – 7 – You can buy pizza from Nina.

3 – 4 – Just stay in your own country, at home, in your room.

0 – 2 – you are on the wrong website.

Well, How’d ya do?


43 thoughts on “Answers to yesterday’s “So ya think ya know ’em””

  1. Daniela, you actually nailed it, girl!  The only things you missed were #14 has to be an “N” (trick question) and Mary’s last name doesn’t end with an “s”.  I know…I had to get picky, you were too good.  So good that you may immediately move in with either the Barone or the Ginoble family!

    1. OK, Mary’s surname is really hard for me to write !!!! But you were really devious with Pavarotti’s question.
      But I did not understand why I can not go to the Boschetto family ???
      I also wrote the exact name of Nina, I can go to their family !!

  2. Thanks for the quiz! It was a learning experience and I gathered up 20 points on the way, especially since Mary B. and I had lunch together awhile back and talked Il Volo to our hearts content. So, I guess I’ll just move in once in a while.

  3. OK, I got 15 out of 16! Could not for the life of me remember that cutie Fabio’s name! Since it sounds like the Boschetto house is getting rather full, I will gladly go to Gianluca’s home. Loved his sweet village and friendly people there especially the owner of our B&B, Daniela! Besides, I know I would get stuck between the buildings in Naro when attempting to drive up the hills and Marie would have to come with the jaws of life to rescue me! (Jane) 🙂

    Such a fun post idea, Marie! Grazie!!!

    1. This was fun!! Since I am not up on pop music I didn’t recognize Justin Bieber! I only see Il Volo I guess!!! I haven’t heard anything about GG’s Martina, I thought she was GG’s cousin Christiana!! Otutside of that I did well!!! Back to Gianluca. I am happy they are still together! Have a great Wednesday. Amore a tutti!!!

    2. You did very well, Jane. I threw Fabio in to make the quiz a little harder.

      Next time we attempt Naro, Jane, we’ll have to rent a couple of Vespa’s. Problem solved.

    3. Jane I must tell you that my claim to fame is having a beautiful note from that cutie Fabio that reads “A Ineke un grande abbraccio” and his very artistic signature followed by a little heart. I wonder if Marie still remember that experience we had on our holiday in 2016.
      Also Jane, you will have to race me to Gianluca’s home in that sweet village.

      1. Ineke, lucky you to have something from that cute guy! And yes, I guess we will have to race to Gianluca’s, but as I recall there is a very steep hill to get to his village…you will probably win as I can’t run UP very fast. 🙂 (Jane)

  4. Ok I’m moving in with I. I said P and I for the Beibs because of the funny clip they did about his song “Sorry”. That should count for something. Martina and Gianluca still a thing?

  5. Don’t complain dear Marie you can’t stop the progression of age anymore than I can. I’ll send you a copy of a gorgeous picture of Ignazio resting his head near mine. SIGH, SIGH.

  6. You remember that I am the one who lives closer so I quickly reach their homes !!!
    Loretta you tell lies, you’re not already at the Boschetto house, I would have seen you.

    1. So fun to see and hear you back in the mix Marie. Your posts are always fun and interesting. And if the Boschetto and Ginoble homes are getting crowded, that clears the way for me in the Barone home. Yay!

  7. Daniela I wouldn’t call it lies just spoofing just to throw you off. Marie I like sparing with you & I hope you have as much fun as I do. Ignazio would have a fun time to choose between either one of us. Can you imagine if he had a date with both of us at once. It would be the last date he would ever have with us & possibly throw him off dating completely.
    Looking forward to more fun times.

  8. I am a little late in reading this posting, but I can say – without too much bragging – that I did very good on the quiz. What fun it has been reading the bantering going on about Ignazio’s and Gianluca’s homes. It seems to me that I have a clear field in moving into Piero’s home. So Loretta and Marie you will have no competition from me. – Allene

  9. Gosh, everyone, these comments were precious! I have to admit, I was stumped on a few, but I think I got most. I think Igna has a king size bed, right, Marie? 🙂

    Thanks so much for this bit of fun Marie! 🙂

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