As we are all waiting for news from the boys, and for the moment everything is silent, I thought to translate this article that appeared immediately after the victory of Sanremo in the newspaper IL CORRIERE DELLA SERA that has so titled:


On January 15th they made the filming of GRANDE AMORE, the video shot in Stezzano. 


Some find them snooty for the classic style, the tuxedos and the voices set. Those who meet the three singers of Il Volo, triumphers in Sanremo, tell us instead that they behave like any three teenagers. At Villa Caroli Zanchi, in Stezzano, the trio spent a day, January 15, for the filming of Grande Amore. The video of the festival’s winning song has already totaled over three million views on YouTube. “They sang, sang classic arias, joked with models,” says Loris Olivato, managing director of the estate. There was the atmosphere of a happy company.


The movie (video) opens in the central hall. The boys are standing and light beams filter through the windows. It is a scenic effect because that day it was raining heavily. In the other rooms the scenes that shoot famous love films have been shot. There is Ghost with Ignazio Boschetto, the tenorino with the goatee, Bolognese, 20 years old, grappling with the processing of the terracotta pot with a girl who reminds us with the haircut, of Demi Moore. And to think that, six years ago, when they were launched by Antonella Clerici in Ti I leave a song, he was chubby, not at all sexy. “On the day the video was shot, he ate one tangerine after another,” says Olivato. They worked without interruption from 9 to 22.


A Gianluca Ginoble, from Abruzzo, 20 years old, has had the task of impersonating Spiderman.  The superhero descends from above, upside down, to kiss his beauty. Since the first is never good, he had to repeat the scene several times.


Piero Barone, the eyewear of the group, Sicilian, 21 years old, met the greatest difficulties. His piece, which recalls Back To The Future, was shot late in the evening under water(rain).   He can be seen, glistening and with a bow tie, while he comes across a rival to get his woman back.


The crew of IL VOLO for filming in Stezzano consisted of 35 people. To accompany them there was also the father of one of the three and their agent. On that day some students arrived at the villa and asked the singers for some autographs.  And  Olivato says they have proved to be very friendly. “They promised me that if they won Sanremo, they would come here to celebrate. Now – says Olivato – I was waiting for them to keep their promise.”


Our golden guys are always kind and available.

For your information the video of Grande Amore was made by Oblivion Production in the beautiful  Villa Zanchi.

Villa Zanchi is located in Stezzano, a town in the province of Bergamo, which is the city adjacent to Brescia !!


Translated by Daniela

Credit to all owners of photos and article.


  1. Thank you ladies for a nice article. Miss the boys and hope when the CD comes out they will be more visible.

  2. Thank you, Daniela & Jane!!! A very nice article written favorably about the Grande Amore video!!! To meet them is to love them!!! I hope we get the release of the new album soon.

  3. The Grande Amore Video was one of the early Il Volo pieces I found on YouTube. I think I’ve watched it about 10 times or more because I’ve been so taken with the moody atmosphere of the opening scene where the guys look sophisticated in a moody and ancient atmosphere. Then my attention is caught by the scene with the girl at the potters wheel with Ignazio, Gian with the amazing Spiderman outfit and the whole of Piero’s scene with the rival. The scenes grab both attention and imagination. Thank you for the back story of the filming. I will now go back and watch it yet again.

  4. Our boys are magnificent in how they dress, what they are singing, how they present themselves, how photogenic they are. They are the handsomest men alive hands down. The most beautiful voices in whatever they are singing in the world. We love these precious sweethearts with all our hearts. No other man can compete. No other entertainer treats their fans with the respect that Il Volo shows us. WE LOVE ILVOLO

  5. Thank you, Jane, for reminding me of this video. I have always loved it, especially the scene where Piero recreates the scene from “Back To The Future”. Hope we hear soon that their new CD will be released! Need some new music to perk up my winter blues! – Allene

  6. Thank you for the nice comments and a huge thank you to Daniela, for with out her we would not be able to understand so much of what our darling boys do and say!

    Loretta, I agree with every word you wrote. Considering the vast number of hours these boys have a camera perched in front of them…you see nothing but genuine respect, dignity and authentic talent displayed. They are teaching many by their actions how we should all live in this world…with love and respect.

  7. Thanks to all for the comments, we are all in withdrawal symptoms and so we have to distract ourselves with something waiting for new songs of the boys.
    No Penina, I’ve never been to Villa Zanchi but I have to tell you that I did not know that it was here near me, it was a surprise but I think at the first opportunity I’ll go see it, rather look at the beautiful interior.




  8. I love your articles and translations, Daniela ,. The background of events, photo shoots etc is wonderful to hear about, thank you

  9. Hi Jane, hi Daniela! thanks for remembering this article. I did not know absolutely that the video of Grande Amore had been shot in Bergamo, in the Zanchi villa. Now the three million viewing have become more than 100 !!!! what a celebrity for that villa, one of the many beautiful Italian villas!

  10. Sanchi Villa is magnificent, that is a place I would love to visit. Thanks Daniela & Jane for the lovely pictures & information. Daniela with the wonderful pictures you show us from & about Italy my yearning is getting stronger & stronger to visit there. Now waiting about concerts, so many delemas.

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