So, ya think ya know ’em?

So who’s tied to who (whom…whatever)?  Can you make the matches?

G = Gianluca
I = Ignazio
P = Piero
A = Connects to ALL of the above
N = Connects to NONE of the above

Connects with….
(you get extra credit if you also know the names)































Answers tomorrow!

24 thoughts on “So, ya think ya know ’em?”

  1. Doesn’t look like I’ll get 100% but here goes:
    1. Since I can’t see your face I’ll guess it’s Marie Crider
    2. Piero’s brother Franz
    3. Gianluca’s Nonno Ernesto
    4. Justin Bieber – none of them unless you count that Gian likes him or did
    5. Martina Secondini – Gian
    6. I’m guessing Myron Heaton – all of them
    7. Igna’s Mom Caterina
    8. Michele Torpedine – manager – all of them
    9. Igna’s dog Franz
    10. Giampero Grani – pianist – all of them
    11. Have to take a pass – all of them
    12. Piero’s Dad Gaetano
    13. Igna’s sister Nina
    14. Luciano Pavarotti – all of them
    15. Gian’s mom Eleonora
    16. ? Looks like he’d be Gian’s cousin

      1. I got mine written down on a piece of paper. Now all I have to do is remember where it is when you tell the answers!

      2. 1. I (Loretta Foley)
        2. P (Francesco Barone)
        3. G (Ernesto Ginoble)
        4. N (Justin Bieber)
        5. G (Martina Secondini)
        6. A (Myron Heaton)
        7. I (Caterina Boschetto)
        8. A (Michele Torpedine)
        9. I (Franz)
        10. A (Giampiero Grani)
        11. P (Mary Bohlings)
        12. P (Gaetano Barone)
        13. I (Antonina Boschetto)
        14. A (Luciano Pavarotti)
        15.G (Eleonora Di Vittorio)
        16. I (Fabio Ingrassia)

        Nice test, I hope I have put them all right

      3. But with the extra credit I believe I’m 14+ so I can move in with Gian once his house is habitable!!

  2. I am making my list of answers to check against real answers coming tomorrow.
    I think I am close but a couple are pretty tricky. Fun game.

  3. A fun game, Marie! I’m too late to play it now.😿😹 Most folks here would probably think I’m absolutely crazy or worse, but if I had to choose between kissing Ignazio’s face or his doggy Franz’s face (OMGoodness, what a beautiful, darling, sweet spirit) I would just have to kiss….. little Franz! 🐶😂😹😍😀

    1. Yes, Laura…crazy or worse. I just can’t think of anything I would rather kiss than the dog owners face! Can’t complain though…that’s one woman down and only 999 thousand to go.

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