Oh NO THEY DIDN’T!!!!!!!!!!

oh no

Oh yes they did!! Flat out left me alone! Marie, Michele, Kelly and Elaine just packed up and went on a three concert tour. Kelly promised she’d be back after Elgin, but the others, GONE!!!

To be fair, I couldn’t go this year (did you check out my sign with the three Guys?) πŸ™‚ Β so I’m here holding down the fort. The ladies have all promised e-mails and texts during their travels, so i’ll be sharing them with you every day. Keep checking this post, I will be adding to it as I hear from the travelers!!!

Marie and Michele checked in from the road yesterday about noon.Β  They got into Detroit about 4 and just as they got in a big thunderstorm rolled in!

DSCN0183 - marie

Elaine flew from San Francisco early yesterday morning, didn’t get to Detroit until about 7 pm, now THAT’S a fan!!

DSCN0133 - marie

Kelly isΒ on vacation starting today and will leave FridayΒ for Elgin. Kelly also thinks she may be getting a cold, so medicate and drink fluids, Kelly!! We need you well to go to this concert.

Il Volo rode te bus from Nashville to Detroit yesterday and were pretty quiet. Gianluca did tweet that he was watching the World Cup. Prehaps today we’ll hear more on what they’re doing!!

For Isabel!
For Isabel!

Piero did tweet “Detroit!” Isabel, I thought you would enjoy this picture!

Marie, Michele, Elaine and Elaine’s husband met for dinner in Detroit last night and a good time was had by all!!

Check out this great review of the concert at Wolf Trap. Thanks to our friends at All Things Il Volo. http://dcmetrotheaterarts.com/2014/06/14/il-volo-wolf-trap/

Don’t forget to check this post periodically for updates on the concerts and the adventures of the concert goers.

*****This just in from Marie this morning!

Good morning, Linda,

Well, Michele left for our trek from Wash. D.C. the night before last. Stayed the night in Pa. And picked me up yesterday morning in Ohio. We made it to Sterling Heights by late afternoon. After checking into the Hampton and driving around the building to make sure there was no bus with a picture of 3 young Italians on it we found we were close to the venue. We drove there it is an amphitheatre. No bus there either. We figure the Boys had to come north the same road we took. We went back to the hotel and waited for Elaine and her husbands plane from San Francisco. They arrived and we went to dinner. What do you suppose the dinner topic was? Everyone shared pictures of their previous concert. I have now “met” 4/5 of the Flight Crew Board!

Β ***** Just in from Kelly at 4:30, she’s getting her mani/pedi and then getting her rental car!! The color for her nails, All lacquered up! You go kelly!!

*****Just in from Marie at 7:45pm, met Flight Crew members, Donna May and her daughter Chris, also met Joanne and Diane. Concert about to start!!

****** Update from Marie on Detroit concert, says it was fabulous!!

******From Marie early this morning (Friday at 6:30am) On the road soon to Elgin, following the Boys!

******From Elaine 11:20 this morning: Elaine T (@ElaineYYTse) tweeted at 11:10 AM on Fri, Jun 20, 2014:
Road trip…Sterling Height to Elgin #ilvolosummertour2014 http://t.co/dZK7pFdtGZ

******From Kelly on her way to Chicago for Elgin Concert!

Good Morning!
Got a pretty early start today (6:15ish), making sure to have my #1 Road Trip necessity: sunflower seeds to keep me awake!
I have about an hour to go; just taking a rest to stretch my legs (the nurse in me always worries about DVT). It’s a wonderfully cool breeze right now. If it stays like this, the night will be perfect!

*****Just in from Marie at 2pm. Marie, Michele, Elaine and Elaine’s husband are caught in Chicago traffic. Kelly is hanging out at the venue hoping to get a glimpse of “The Guys”!

****** Just in at 8:30 from Marie at Elgin! Marie is with Kelly,Michele, Elaine and Ann. They met Loretta and Irene and were introduced to 2 members of the Elgin Symphoy Orchestra!! They’re having a beautiful evening, kelly is enjoying a srawberry vodka lemonade and sent a photo, but I couldn’t download it, darn!!

Tune in for more!

******This is the e-mail from Marie, this morning 6/21!

met so many Flight Crew members and soon to be members that I can’t begin to list them all! However I have most of there names and some pictures of them I’ll share when I get home.

The concert was, once again stupendous! Piero received a birthday cake from an audience member and blew out the candles. Ignazio jumped off about a six foot stage to mingle during Maria. Him getting back up on the stage was pretty comical. Meet & greet was fun. Gave that kiss to Piero for Isabel and got Ignazio’s OTHER dimple real good for me!

When we were driving away we saw a few people standing by the back gate. So, of course we stopped and got out. Pretty soon Piero came out and chatted. A few minutes later out came the other two! All four of us were able to have actual conversations with them! I can’t say enough how wonderful these Guys are! They talked about being pretty tired, yet stood there leaning on the fence talking to us. Oh yes, I have pictures. Following the BoysΒ to Milwaukee in the morning!

Marie and Michele have reached Milwaukee, Marie texts at 3:45 today:

“Made it to Milwaukee! Yay! The theatre is just outside my hotel room window! Big picture of “our Boys” on the front!!”

From Kelly his evening!

Well I’m home, and already needing reasons to go back to my happy place from last night (getting back to my own car from the rental place was a huge fiasco that had me exhausted, over-heated and aggravated beyond belief), but being home with my mom to fuss over me has soothed that over. An immediate 2 hour nap helped too.

An amazing time with some great stories which I will write soon…some I will keep to myself for a little bit. Winking face I wish I was in Milwaukee…one concert seems like not enough when they can’t get to my neck of the woods too often.

Thanks for doing this, Linda, and I hope our readers enjoy it.

*****Update from Marie and Michele, 6/22/14Β Β They are in Springfield, Ohio! They are spending the night and will be home tomorrow. They both seema bit weary from their marathon concert attendances and all that driving. WHEW!

Love and Luck tomorrow, Il Volo!!Β  cropped-a-tluc-mat-2.jpg



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  1. Oh what I would give to be part of this group. I so want to see another IL VOLO performance…and another…..and another. Saratoga just was not enough. Okay, I admit it, I am addicted!
    I smiled when I read the Wolf Trap review , the writer said ” they have a sound like THUNDER” Did I or did I not name Piero correctly! ” THUNDER BARON!”

    1. We’re all addicted here. If you’re not, you soon will be! And yes, you definitely came up with the PERFECT nickname for Piero! What does that make us, the Piero girls? Thunder Girls? Baronesses?

      1. Ooooo Baronesses, that really suits my evil little larcenous Pirate self!.
        But hey, I can be humble too and just go with Piero girls

    2. It’s a terrible feeling when the concert is over, isn’t it Pirate. I just wanted to go with them. Oh (sigh) Saratoga was wonderful. I’m still mad at Mountain Winery about the photo policy though. Love to hear about other concerts. <3

      1. Gerri, Yeah it gets me too…its like Saratoga is the ONLY place that has no record of their concert. I’d give just about anything to have recorded that exchange Piero and Ignazio had about the wine-drinking patrons on that upper deck. It was spontaneous and hysterical…but now gone. πŸ™

  2. Without question, Piero has the most beautiful, most adorable smile in the ENTIRE wooorrrrlllllldddd! πŸ˜€ Thanks so much for thinking of me! Would I sound crazy if I said I had a whole file on my computer of photos of that smile? Because (*guiltily clears throat*) I might have one. Just maybe. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yeah Isabel, I can join you there with a few, uhemmm, photos of Piero on my computer, no maybe about it!!

      1. “Photos of Piero” huh? Photos of how much of Piero? I know you Pirate. You better hide that file from Ms. Crider! She’ll tell you off for being naughty again! πŸ˜‰

      2. Pirate and Isabel, I love you two! πŸ˜‰

        Linda, thank you so much for sharing the tweets and emails. We are blessed to have such a loving, creative Board!

        The best part was the Guys’ photo with the missing Linda Snyder sign!

        You are well represented here!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. I wish I knew how to post pics. I had the opportunity to ask Piero to take a selfie of him and I. I sure do treasure it!

      1. Hey, Gerri,

        Don’t know if you’ll see this, as I think you missed my 2 other attempts to connect with you. (I’m still catching up on my reading!)

        For the selfie of Piero…
        You could email the Contact Us page and ask how you could get the photo to the Board (as they are the ones who post photos).
        Or if that doesn’t work, you could email me directly
        and I’ll send it to them from you with whatever you write in your email.

        Also, I have a lovely photo of you and your friend in Saratoga. If you email me, I’ll send it to you.

        I’ll feel as you! I have never been a “groupie” or fan girl, and I am so uplifted by Our Guys. I totally feel the Love!

        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    3. What is this thing, this spell I’m under. I’m not the type to be a “fan” I enjoy music but this is different. My heart is full of love for these Italian boys. ?????? <3

  3. Ms. Snyder, do you know if anyone in the road group has Meet & Greet tickets for any of the concerts?

    1. The road group has meet and greets everywhere except Milwaukee.They’ll will attend a total of 3 meet and greets, the Guys will think they joined the tour!! Wouldn’t the road group love that??

  4. Gee, Linda. Somebody has to hold down the fort and this go around it’s you. Don’t worry, though, you know your time will come. I hope one day you ALL can get together at the same time. In the meantime, you can be our Daily Reporter, and we know you will do a GREAT job. Next – News at 11 – or maybe sooner in case they find those 3 Italian guys before the concert (forget the buses).

    1. Hi Leelee, yup news at 11, if I don’t doze off!!

      I hope for the sake of those 3 Italian guys, they don’t find them before and save their hugs and kisses for the meet and greet.!

  5. Hi, This is Nancy in Milwaukee! #Ilvolover. This will be the 4th time I will be seeing the boys in concert and doing the M & G. I am wondering if any of you will be at the concert. I would love to meet you also! Have a great time, Nancy Kovacs @NancyKovacs1 (Twitter)

    1. Hi Nancy, Marie and Michele from the Board will be attending Milwaukee along with other Crew members.

      Check for the Il Volo Flight Crew Badges!!

    2. Nancy, You can watch for Allene, Jane, Mary B., Suzy, and Laura Lee for sure. We are coming from the twin cities area and will be wearing our badges. Also doing the M&G.

  6. Ms. Snyder, I have a huge favor to ask. Since those lucky girls on the road trip have multiple Meet & Greets (so envious!), could you ask one of them to give Piero a birthday kiss on the cheek from me? I know the chance is small, but, I thought I’d ask anyway. Thanks!

  7. Hi, Linda….. Thought I would go ahead and post my comments about the Nashville concert here and now before I forget details!! This may get a little long, so please just bear with me.

    The concert was FANTASTIC!!! ALL I HOPED FOR AND MUCH MORE!!!! It was so strange… I felt as though I was watching a HUGE video of The Boys….. We were just 4 rows back and could almost reach out and touch them!

    I’m not going to talk about the concert because most of you have or will see them or see many reviews. Instead I’m going to talk about the M&G!!!

    While we were in line to see The Boys, I spotted Barbara and Mrs. Ginoble and headed straight for them because I had gifts to give them (instead of Our Guys). I spoke to Mrs. G. while handing her the gift and card, telling her how much we all appreciated the great job she had done in raising Gian. She smiled very broadly, seeming to understand, although I have my doubts…especially with this Southern accent of mine!! But she thanked me and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. She is SO pretty and very tiny. Then I spoke to Barbara, who is much prettier than her pictures.. She has a beautiful, sweet smile…she’s also very short…and I told her how much we all appreciate the good care and attention she gives to The Boys. She also thanked me , gave me a big hug, and kissed me on both cheeks, Continental style.

    AHHHHH! Now we get to Our Guys!!!! First thing, I said to all three, “I came for hugs!” AND I GOT THEM!!! Piero is SO HANDSOME!! He has a killer smile and flawless complexion. I told him how much I enjoyed the concert and he very warmly thanked me. Then on to our Marsala Prince!
    I asked him why he sang only one solo and he said something about a bad sound track… I said he sounded so beautiful, and I hoped nothing was wrong, and he replied, “No, No, I’m fine, I’m fine!” and flashed that famous sparkly smile.
    But NOW….On to Gianluca, in his spiffy red jacket, looking like a world famous male model. Too good looking to be true!!! I said, “Gianluca, I hope you will include a Jobim song soon in your repertoire.” His face lit up with that beautiful smile, and he said” Jobim! I love Jobim!” and he started to sing a couple of phrases of a Jobim melody! And I said, “and ‘Meditation’ “, and he said, “Ah,yes…’Meditation!’
    And we had to stop because our group picture had to be taken, and that was it! Much too short, but the best 2 or 3 minutes I have spent in many a moon. For you youngsters who are not familiar with Antonio Carlos Jobim, he was a beloved Brazilian composer who made Bossa Nova music famous back in the 1960’s and 70’s. Bossa Nova is a form of the Samba with very intricate rhythms and harmony…Just unbelievably beautiful, at least to Gian and me!!! Sinatra recorded a whole album of Jobim songs.

    Before I close this saga, I want to say that I met the most fantastic Il Volovers on this trip!!! I will try to name a few, because you probably will recognize some names: Linda P., of course, Andrea Luttrull, Anna Breeding and her sweet husband (Charles), Jo Longstreth, Beverly Olson, Karen Springer, and about 4 more whose names escape me at the moment. All rabid fans who know more about Il Volo than you can imagine! Beverly says she has a PHD in Il Vology and I believe her! One of the best experiences of my life from beginning to end. I’m melancholy-happy…melancholy because it’s over, but happy that I have such wonderful memories to keep me company!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your piece of Heaven with us! I am so happy for you that you finally got see them in concert and meet them!

    2. Helen, I’m so happy for your meeting. I hope I have the same tomorrow. That was great that you mentioned Jobim. Wish Gian would sing his songs. He can sing anything.

    3. Oh, Helen, I am so happy for you. Even though it is short, it is just a thrill to be in their company and how wonderful they all are. I know EXACTLY how you feel as Vienna was the only concert for me this year and my first time meeting Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio. Let’s hope it’s the start of many more for us.

      I wish I had gone to Nashville as I know so many of you wonderful folks were there. I had the pleasure of meeting Anna and her husband, Charles in Orlando. They are wonderful, aren’t they?

      Glad you had a great experience – Sweet dreams!

      1. Not Helen, LeeLee,

        I wish you would have gone to the Nashville Concert also. I would have enjoyed meeting you also. It was just great, except for the inside person (usher/guard, for lack of what to really call him) telling people to stop taking pictures with a flash on. Well, some got told, including me, but he let others go about their business, including some sitting right in front of him. I don’t think I can turn my flash on and off as it seems to be an automatic feature that comes on when it is needed. I have never encountered this problem before with taking pictures of the boys while at their concert.

    4. Helen, you had a great M&G! I am so happy for you. You were clearly ready to make an impression on the guys but weren’t you smart to start with Mrs. G and Barbara! We never saw either one of them at Saratoga. Like yourself, I too feel a bit melancholy that its all over for now but then I go back, look at my photo with them and remember that I finally got the opportunity to meet them, to breathe thes same air….and that God willing, I will get the chance to do so again some day and hopefully you will too!

      1. Thank you , each and everyone…Isabel, annacruise, Leelee, Linda S., and Connie, for all the kind words. It truly was an experience I will TREASURE forever, and I am SO GLAD I went!! I just hope and pray that they come to Texas next year!!! So sorry I haven’t had the fun of meeting all of you!!

    5. Okay, after reading above, MY name must “escape” you Helen. I was in the room for the Meet and Greet and I see this lady’s name badge and it says Helen Bridgeforth and I introduced myself to you! Helen you are such a nice lady and listening to you talk in your Southern drawl was a real hoot. Helen told me she tried at the Meet and Greet to talk Gianluca into recording some artist from Brazil who does Bosa Nova type music and Gianluca seemed to already know all about him. Helen and I met in Nashville, by the way and it goes without even saying how wonderful they were in concert. They were so warmly welcomed. I am positive they will return to Nashville because of the strong ovation they got there. There was also a rave review written by a Nashville paper about the show.

      1. Christine….I feel such a fool!!! OF COURSE I remember you!!! We had a great conversation and you were so nice and sweet.
        We really had a stunningly beautiful concert, didn’t we, and let’s hope they come close by somewhere so that we can repeat this fabulous “adventure” again! Surely do hope we will meet again some day!

      2. Christine: What paper had the review? I bought a “Tennesseean” the next day, but found nothing.

      3. When we meet Il Volo who remembers ANYTHING
        I met so many lovely ladies in Saratoga. Enjoyed it so much but GOSH its a blur. Connie, Elaine, Jeanine, the younger lady ( can’t remember?!) who gave me her badge. I do want to get to know you all more

      4. Christine P.

        I did not know that you were going to the Nashville Concert also. I would have tried to look you up to meet you, if I had known. Sorry!

    6. Hi Helen,

      My name and my husband’s name must have escaped you also. lol We did not make it to have dinner with the group, but I did stop and say hello to you and Dolly on my way to my seat. Then I saw you again on your way to the elevator for the Meet and Greet.

      I am so glad that you were able to fly and make it to Nashville and see the boys this year. I remember how disappointed you were last year.

      Hope you enjoyed Nashville a little bit also.

      Take care,


    7. Totally wonderful, Helen! Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful details.
      I’m listening to Jobim on iTunes right now! Very cool.

      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  8. I love hearing about everyone’s concert experiences!πŸ’• I too have sadness that my concert is over & do not know when we will meet again! But I am a Pollyanna person & will simply hold close in my heart the wonderful memories of the hree timesI have been with them!! Question for Isabel, where do you live? Anywhere close to me & I will try to get you with us the next time we get to see the Boys! I am praying for aCD signing at Santa Monica Mall sometime before Christmas!! I live in the high desert off Route 15 in SOCAL.

    1. Thanks so much for the thought, I really appreciate it! However, I live in Ohio, so I don’t think I’d be able to make it. Sorry! Next tour though, I’m going. If it’s next summer, I can make it a pre-college present to myself!

      1. Sorry, Isabel, was out today & on the phone with family off & on for a few hours after I returned home! If our boys come around for any reason, close to you, we will make sure you have a chance to meet them! Buy you a ticket or find anIlVolover who is able to take you to whatever is happening! Hope they don’t disappear into their own country after the Latin Tour! It was so nice last year that they had the house in LA & we knew they would be making appearances here & there promoting their CDs! You must get to see them! I love each one with a Great Grandma’s love!! Each one is so special & together they give us music of The Angels!❀️❀️❀️

  9. Nice article! I have an Il Volo story I’d like to share but I don’t know if my message went through. How do I share it?

  10. Hello everyone! I would say that I wish I had been in Nashville, but that would be pretty selfish! Glad you folks had a great time!

    Isabel, got you covered. You got a big long distance smile and thank you from a guy with red glasses!

    Pictures soon gang!

    P.s. I’m so tired!

    1. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ CAN THIS DAY GET ANY BETTER?!?!?! THANK YOU MS. CRIDER FOR PASSING IT ON AND A THANK YOU PIERO!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      1. Way cool….now you will have to set a goal and get one on your own!

    2. Well Marie,

      If I am correct and I really, really think that I am, I am certain that you would have been very thankful that you were in Nashville.

      I was in the third row. A lot of seats were empty in the second row. I happened to look at a girl sitting in the very last seat of that row that was not there when the concert began. I really, really, really think that it was Ignazio’s girlfriend or just friend from last summer, (2013), I think. The one that was always in the pictures with him that year along with his sister in them. She looked like she had a special badge on. She was smiling and taking pictures of him. Then I noticed that she was wearing a large, man’s watch. I looked at Ignazio’s arm and he did not have his watch on, but Gianluca and Piero did. If you had seen her, I know that you would recognize her. I can’t come up with a name for her now.

      Joanne, was sitting in front of me in the second row. I told her what I thought and ask her to take a picture of the girl and try to post it on here. I had been told to turn my flash off and I don’t think that I can do that on my camera. Just comes on when it thinks I need it. If Joanne post a picture, I just know that you will recognize the girl.

      I mentioned it to Helen and she thought that it might be Gianluca’s friend that Helen said he had picked up at the airport. But it was not her.

      Just to let you know. lol

    1. Victoria, you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!! They ARE the best singers in the worrrrrllllldddd!!!! I feel so very thankful that one of the great wishes of my life has been fulfilled!

  11. someone finally put out the whole version of Ignazio singing “Memory”. and it is simply gorgeous!! before I could only get the cut of version. for anyone interested, type in: Il Volo – Memory – Sterling Hts,ML2014 You Tube. it’s the one uploaded by Lois Hutchinson

    1. A very nice lady, Pamela Skillicorn made some beautiful videos of Il Volo in Concord last year. They are on youtube. She gave the DVDs to each of the guys in Saratoga. I hope they saw them because they are excellent quality and sound.

  12. I’m not sure where to leave this comment, but I wanted to share my experience with you. I wanted to hear them in Buffalo, 30 minutes away, but I’m a chorus teacher and my spring concert was that night. I did consider trying to change our concert date. I thought of getting tickets to Toronto, but they were sold out. My German exchange student and I were going to NYC and staying in Newark. Guess who just happened to be performing around the corner? So, I bought tickets on StubHub. The tickets were not as they were advertised so I got a refund (and lost the tickets). I ended up with better seats at a better price.

    The concert was amazing, as you know. Many times I would just close my eyes to let myself be totally engulfed by their sound. Of course, I had to peek as they are just so cute. Piero – his voice is bigger in person than on the cds. Gianluca – his voice is like a hot knife through butter. So smooth and a just a sweet smile. Ignazio – so entertaining! Even my German boy ended up enjoying the concert a bit.

    I wanted to do the Meet and Greet but was torn after hearing how rushed it is for a lot of money. I decided not to do it. I had my picture taken with their picture on the program and was grateful for a wonderful evening.

    Back at the hotel, I forgot to do my lesson plans. So, out of bed in my pajamas I went into the hotel lobby to work on the computer. Out of the corner of my eye I saw red glasses. Could it be? No. Red glasses. I must check this out.

    Sure enough! Piero!!!!! I casually went up to him at the check-in and told a very tired Piero how much I loved the concert and his music. I decided I should probably go back to my work when I just about bumped into my Ignazio!!! Wow….I was babbling about something when I noticed Gianluca! So I chatted with the guys and had my picture taken with them. They were obviously tired and wanting to get to their room, but were tolerant of the crazy lady in her pajamas. So, I ended up with my own personal meet and greet in the hotel lobby in my pajamas. I am a lucky girl!

    So…next time they are in Newark I will stay at the same hotel and camp out waiting for their arrival. In the meantime I’m still trying to get tickets for Toronto and watching/listening to their dvd.

    1. Jill that is a GREAT story! I am so happy for you and I am just so touched at how even as tired as they were, they had time for one ore fan…and it was a fan dressed in her pajamas no less! These young men are just so amazing. I can’t even begin to imagine the average famous person being that accomodating. I love them so.

      1. @ Jill,

        To see and print out the Flight Crew Badge, you just need to scroll up to the top of the page. Look on the left hand side of this page and the link for the badge is the seventh one down. Some printed it out at home and some went to an office store or printing place and ask if they would print it out for them. Then they purchased a sleeve/badge holder to put it in and maybe a Lanyard to use also at an Office Store. I saw LindaP’s badge and she made her’s a big one and it looked great.

    2. Jill, was reading thru the comments & saw your story! What a fantastic nite it turned out to be for you!! These sweet gracious acts are one reason why we love them!! You have so many beautiful thoughts about our Boys now!!πŸ’•

    3. What an awesome experience, Jill!
      Remembering your story is the one thing that could make me glad I had to get up in the middle of the night to type lesson plans. 31 years of teaching… now I get to teach when and what I want, so no lesson plans in the middle of the night! πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for sharing and inspiring us with the True Amazing Hearts of our IL VOLO,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  13. Whew!, Jill… I believe you have the best story yet!!! Talk about serendipity! I honestly believe that angels put you in the right place at the right time. You, Connie, and Penina are so right… These “Boys” are the kindest, most considerate human beings you could ever hope to meet. Their parents certainly raised them right!

  14. You ladies make me smile whenever I read your posts. I need to get back more often. Want to send a heartfelt thank you to Kelly for helping with my Twitter site while at the Elgin concert. Love You All!!!

  15. My husband and I went to the Nashville Concert. When we were on the streets of Nashville, wow, lots and lots of people. We were not downtown on Sunday or Monday night. We were there on Saturday night and after the concert on Tuesday night. I kept looking for the boys or Barbara. Then I saw a picture of Barbara and Gianluca’s mother in Nashville on another website. I am not sure what night they were there, but I missed seeing them. I also noticed that Gianluca posted a picture of the busy streets of Nashville on his Twitter Page. Oh how I would have loved to have spotted them.

    Oh YES, I would have stopped and spoke to them and totally embarrassed my husband, but so what!

    I did get to meet and say hello to Helen B and her friend Dolly, Linda P, and Joanne. I did not know where Anna and her husband were sitting. I would have liked to have been able to say hello to them also. We did not get back from sightseeing in time to make it to the restaurant to meet everyone. We took cabs to town when we went downtown and the restaurant was really not walking distance to the Venue, at least for me.

    The show was just fantastic, as usual. I just love, love those boys. The audience really, really loved them. Does that surprise anyone? The Schermerhorn was a beautiful place. We hope to get back to Nashville again to see more of it and hopefully the boys will return and sing there again. We had a great time there.

    I spotted Carli and yelled to get her attention, I hope she knew what I was saying. She needs to come on here and tell her little story, in my opinion. So, close. She looked so cute in her RED, Piero glasses.

    She behaved herself and did not kidnap Piero, at least before the concert. She did purchase a M&G ticket and I want to hear about that from her.

    Carli, where are you? lol

    1. After I posted the above, I saw that Kelly had posted Carli’s account of the Nashville Concert, while I was reading and posting also.

      Be sure to read it, because she did an excellent job in her review. I read it with tears in my eyes as I relived the Nashville Concert.

  16. I have been on a concert tour with my choral group and just got back. Pure accident that these two tours happened at the same time. I would have tried to do another Il Volo concert or two but no time. It sounds like things were fun and wild with you all. I still feel that the new promotion group is not doing publicity as well as they should nor as well as Live Nation used to. I used to complain about that company and now I wish we had them back again. The boys deserve the best.

    1. Hi Myron,

      Have you heard anything more about the possibility of an Il Volo concert in Las Vegas in either November or December?


  17. Myron…I wholeheartedly agree with you about the promotion group. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville is quite beautiful and classy— but is a small venue… Not even 2,000 seats… and it was not sold out!!! As far as I could tell, there was almost no publicity before the concert—but a lovely review AFTERWARDS!!! The Boys ‘ performance was fantastic! They really gave us their all, and again—You are right. They truly deserve the best pre-concert publicity possible and lots of it!

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