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Hey, Everyone!
So, Carli is out of town this week, but sent her story because she is so excited to have us hear it.  I’m not going to say any more except that at some point during the evening, I’m guessing her father had a little moment of panic, because…well…he’s a father, and that’s what they do when it comes to their little girls…  😉  Enjoy!

Sing, My Angles Of Music

…There came the turquoise smoke with the first notes of “Un Amore Cosi Grande” and then, as a phantom, appeared Gianluca, wrapped in the swirling mists of light. The crowd roared. Then a few moments later, Piero, and then Ignazio, to the same lively crowd…
* * *
June 17th, 2014, the long-awaited day had finally come when I would set my eyes for the first time upon three boys whom I had come to love. The first pleasant surprise of the day was when I was at the store getting last minute things for Il Volo, and all of a sudden, What did I see? but red glasses! Not sunglasses with red rims and not reading glasses, but just stylish red glasses! I almost shouted as I said, “Piero Glasses”! They looked very similar to his older pair of red glasses, which I adore almost as much as the face that wears them. I had never found such a perfect pair, and they were a very good price! I was almost ecstatic! I would now have a pair of Piero Glasses to wear to the concert! Later my dad told me he saw Piero smile when he noticed me wearing them.
After we got to the venue, we went in to get my wristband and then walked around the building some. It was absolutely gorgeous! I was so excited and could not believe that this dream to see Il Volo was about to come true! Then–oh, I’m getting chills just writing about it!–We entered the concert hall… I just about started to cry!!! Then I saw my seat!!! IT WAS SOOOOO CLOSE!!! As I had not been able to make a sign before this, and I had brought paper and a few markers, I hurriedly wrote “Piero, Sing 2 Me” on it. I had this on my lap for much of the time. While I was waiting for the concert to begin, Jeannie, I think, waved at me and I waved at her, she also pointed to someone else, but I could not hear who she said. Sadly I did not get to meet her or any of the other Il Volo Flight Crew members there. I did were my badge though, and had a couple people ask about it, and I told them about you all.
The lady sitting next to me during the concert said that she heard that you were allowed to take photos, just as long as you didn’t use the flash. This was good news for me as I thought from what I had seen, that we weren’t allowed to during the concert; and I was already planning to try to sneak a few in, so now I didn’t have to sneak. I was able to get some pretty nice shots, although my camera batteries started to die part way through because I had forgotten to charge them. I stopped taking photos to save some battery for M&G.
So, the concert itself. As the band members walked on stage, the audience started clapping and chanting “IL-VO-LO, IL-VO-LO, IL-VO-LO…” We got so pumped up! It was great! And then, the lights went… off as our “flight” began. There came the turquoise smoke with the first notes of “Un Amore Cosi Grande,” then, as a phantom, appeared, Gianluca, wrapped in the swirling mists of light. The crowd roared. Then a few moments later, Piero, and then Ignazio entered to the same lively crowd. As they stood amidst the fairy lighting, it was breathtaking. There stood the loves of my life, who are among the people I adore most in this world, and there they stood right before my eyes.
Oh, how do I describe the concert? Words such as “phenomenal,” “sensational,” “stupendous,” and “breathtaking” really don’t do the job, but for lack of a better means of describing this event, I am forced to use such words. Only those who experience it for themselves can understand. Il Volo’s voices were out-of-this-world, especially Piero’s! I have to agree with everyone else that they sound even better and look even better in real life! I heard later that the Nashville Schermerhorn Symphony Center was either one of the best or the best venue for sound quality in the world! Ignazio did seem to have a little trouble with his voice, but not to much. The lighting crew was good too. Only once can I remember when Gianluca was singing in the dark. It was so cute, he was motioning with his had to have the light on him! They were endearing on stage, as always. I loved it when Ignazio played the drums during one of the songs. Later, while sitting on the piano, he kept turning on and off the light for the pianist! It was fun to watch them interact with the band members. It was a wonderful performance and there were several times I started to cry. It was a most stunning performance!
I was privileged to be on the front row and got a lot of interaction with them! I can’t remember if Piero or Gianluca responded to me first, I think maybe Gianluca. I threw him a kiss, and he smiled at me! But then… so yeah, I blew Piero a kiss, and he blew me one! I just about died! I can’t remember, but i think maybe he did it more than once. Several times he looked at me and smiled! In another song, I went up and touched Gianluca’s hand and kissed it. That was the first time I had ever kissed a guy, but I’m not sure if I want to count that exactly, you’ll see in a little bit why.
During “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You,” I saw Gianluca pointing to someone behind me, and I pointed to myself to see if I would get a reaction, and I did! He looked right at me and winked! There was also another time I got to touch his hand, I think. And then Ignazio! He was perched atop the piano, and I blew him a kiss, he blew one back to me! Then he shouted, I think to me, “What is that for?” I shouted back “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!” Another time, Ignazio messed with Gianluca’s hair, and I gave Ignazio a disapproving look, and he scowled at me! Hehehe! I hope he took it in fun!
Anyways, I did save the best for last, and that is when Piero sang to me! He sang part of “Beautiful Day” to me! He came to the edge of the stage and held my hand in his beautiful hands and looked into my eyes and smiled as he sang to me! I stood there gazing into the most beautiful dark chocolate eyes that ever have looked upon this earth and sang along! When he was done, He kissed my hand, and I kissed his! Piero was the first guy to ever kiss me! But that’s not all! Later after he took a drink out of one of his water bottles, he threw it to me! (So I was really upset with myself later when I grabbed it instead of my own bottle, and took a drink out of it. I wanted to never open it after he had opened it and used it.)
It was such a marvelous night, and the wonderful crowd gave standing ovations for most or all of the boy’s solos, plus a standing ovation to at least one other of their songs they sang together, not counting the encores. Il Volo’s final exit was so cute, there were curtains that were opened at the end, and after the concert was done, the boys jumped down and behind! Like a perfect ending, if an ending of Il Volo can be perfect.
After the concert, we then headed to M&G. While waiting, I got to say hello to Barbara and Gianluca’s mother and take a picture with them. Gian’s mom and I both had on a red dress! She is so beautiful! I said, “Grazie” to her, and she said, “Thank You!”
So back to M&G though, I didn’t drool. lol. My mouth was so dry from all the screaming at the concert, and plus it was really warm were we were waiting to meet them. I thought that possibly it was so hot because the boys were there. But kissing was a different story. When it was my turn I ran and jumped into Piero’s arms, screaming “PIERO” while I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around me! HE WAS HOLDING ME!!! My feet were off the ground!!! I then started kissing his cheek like crazy! He was the first guy I kissed, if you don’t count me kissing Gianluca’s hand. I lost myself in his arms, and while I was kissing him, he was chuckling to himself! It was so adorable! He smelled so wonderful!
He asked “What is your name, What is your name?” in his sweetest voice, and I had to stop kissing him to say “Carli.” Then I motioned for him to kiss me on the cheek but he wouldn’t. I kept pointing, but he kept turning his cheek, maybe he wanted more kisses! I was getting a bit desperate. But then, the most memorable and magnificent thing happened! He turned his delightful face and looked at me with a kiss on his lips, and motioned for me to kiss him! Of course I could not deny such a wonderful offer request and… WE KISSED!!! He had initiated it!!!  I don’t really remember how it felt, the last think i do remember was going towards him to kiss him. And the best thing about it was that I wasn’t asking for that kind of kiss either, he asked for it! (he didn’t verbally, but you understand) Just being in his strong arms and seeing him look at me with his lips ready for a kiss is one of the most charming and surprising sights I have seen in my life. I got to touch his hair a little bit too! Then he put me down.
When I think back to this, I have a hard time believing that it really happened. I then said hello to Gianluca and touched his hair, and he smiled. We took two pictures, both of which only Piero was looking, (but he was smiling!) and then the M&G people were trying to get me out. I said I had not gotten them to autograph my shirt yet. They let someone else go next while i got my shirt for them to autograph. They signed it, and then I had to go. I was too excited to be stubborn about leaving. I didn’t even get to really say hi to Ignazio, and I didn’t get to give them the gifts I had brought, I had to give it to the M&G people. I hope the boys got it. Later I realized I forgot to give them the Nutella for Gianluca.
Although I spent most of all my time short time with Piero, and didn’t get to tell them what I had planned, it was well worth it! Piero is the most darling thing! Needless to say, I had the time of my life, and the sights and sounds of that magical night are forever etched in my mind! I can not wait until the next time!

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25 thoughts on “Carli in Nashville”

  1. Thanks for posting this for her! Carli has become one of my best friends thanks to Il Volo, we talk almost non-stop on twitter! I would love to share my concert experience as well if you’d like me to. Is there an email I should send it to? Grazie!!

  2. Carli,

    I just saw your story that Kelly must have posted while I was writing on the other page.

    WOW, just WOW is all that I can say.

    Yes, it was me, Jeanie yelling and waving at you. I really wish that I had motioned for you to come down closer to me since you were in the front.

    You are as cute as a button. I loved your red glasses and dress. I think that you forgot to mention that you were so very close to being pulled on stage with Piero. I really thought that he was going to take you up there also. I bet after your experience at the M&G he wishes that he had pulled YOU up there.

    You did a very good job telling everyone about the Nashville Concert. I just relived it again reading your story, with tears in my eyes.

    The young man next to my husband just kept smiling and laughing at me while I was trying to get your attention. I told him that we were from the ilVolo Flight Crew and we just had to meet. My husband is used to me, at my age, no less, yelling and clapping for the boys throughout the concert. I get so excited to see them again.

    Thank you for posting all of your pictures, especially the ones of you up at the stage and at the M&G. Great pictures. You will have your memories for a lifetime. I am so very happy for you.

    I can’t wait to tell my husband about your experience at the M&G when he gets home from work, I guess later today.

    1. Yes, I should have come over to you. I was hoping to have been to the venue earlier so I could meet more of y’all. And yes, I thought Piero was going to take me up there too. I went forward because I thought he was going to sit at the edge and sing. I had seen a photo earlier of him singing to a whole group of Marias. I hope he did not think that I was being pushy by coming up. Anyway I was very happy for the girl he did take up, she is one of my friends on twitter and that meant the world to her. He made up for it by singing to me and later kissing me at M&G. It was so wonderful!

  3. Carli,

    I forgot to say that I just love the picture of you kissing Piero and Gianluca standing there smilling at you two. Priceless!

  4. Dear Carli I just read about your wonderful night with IL Volo in Nashville sounded amazing I love Piero too I can only imagine what it was like for you when he gave you that hug and a kiss. Must have felt incredible. Congratulations to a lucky girl.

  5. Carli you lucky lucky girl. What a dream come true. You will have this wonderful evening forever etched o n your heart. What wonderful sweet guys they are. They are perfection!

  6. Carli, I am so jealous of the time you got with Piero. I went to the concert at Wolf Trap but did not have M@G. I wish I would have now. He is so handsome and his voice just remarkable. I think I will look for red glasses so that the next concert I attend will be a M@G and I can wear them. Maybe I will even get Ignazio to notice me and get a kiss from him also!!! Great Story Carli!!!

  7. Carli , that is just about the sweetest story I ever read. I’m so glad you had such an amazing experience. Sounds like your “Prince” is everything you dreamed he’d be. 🙂

  8. Carli, I am so happy for you. Your story is amazing!! You will always have the glow in your heart when you think of that special night. Wonderful photos!! So, so happy for you!

  9. Hi Carli, your story was amazing. I cried while I was reading it. I was so happy for you, what a dream come true. As I was reading it, I was hoping that I could be as lucky as you when I see them for the first time in Taormina Sicily in 28 days. Not that I am counting down or nothing. I have 3rd row center seats, but have no clue if there is a M&G. I have emailed Barb Vitali several times regarding the M&G but have not heard back. I’m sure you will be flying high for a long time with the memories you have endured.

    1. Aww! I wish you good luck at Taormina! Something great is bound to happen! It always seems to with Il Volo! 🙂 Just always remember that dreams do come true!

  10. Carli, We are all envious of you. Piero is truly amazing. With all the love going in his direction; I’m sure he will have a happy birthday Also, he video is great, I am so pleased that my birthday art piece got in. I only hope that Piero got to see it for real.

  11. CARLI!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE HOW LUCKY YOU ARE!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you that you got got hear them IN PERSON and MEETING them afterward and PIERO KISSING YOU!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even know what to say or do right now! Seriously, you are the luckiest person I know! Thanks so much for sharing you story! It must have been hard to let other people in on your special moments. All three of them saw you and smiled at you! And I’m still stuck on the fact that PIERO ASKED YOU TO KISS HIM!!!!!!! He clearly has excellent taste and judgement! Also, I just wanted to tell you that you looked fantastic in your red dress! Congrats on getting their autographs too!

    1. Thanks girl! I have to also say thank you for your suggestion a couple weeks ago to have them sign my shirt! Where Piero signed is really close to my heart on the shirt! 🙂

  12. Carli..Wow is all I can say. You are obviously a PIERO girl. So happy for you. That night will always stay with you forever. I met them and got to squeeze Gian’s cheeks, hug Piero and IGNAZIO. Yes, they all smelled so heavenly. Good for you sweetheart.

  13. Carli—what a truly amazing experience you had !!!! Your heart must swell with love every time you think of those magical moments with them. Especially Piero !!! I’m so very happy for you.

  14. Carli, this experience was so phenominal! you must have felt like you were in a dream! your story is very emotional and we felt it with you because our boys evoke deep emotions. thank you for sharing with us. they have really become part of us until (as Myron says) it hurts. we love them so much

  15. Awesome, Carli!
    I’m so happy for you!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful story and photos!
    I love “@pieromantic”

    This is a “keeper” for a lifetime!

    Sweet dreams (for sure!),
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  16. Carli,
    I am so happy for you!! What a magical, enchanted evening you will treasure in your heart forever! Love that Piero kissed you & the pics are wonderful! I feel a connection with you as my husband’s name was Carl! He has been gone 11yrs now. I have a 6yr old great Grandaaughter named Carly! We IlVolovers are all just thrilled that your experience was so beautiful!❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you for sharing that! I myself was named after my grandfather Carl who has now been gone for almost 5 years.

  17. I would loved to have seen our boys in the Schermmerhorn Concert hall. That hall is the best concert hall in the south. Great acoustics ! Perfect place for them.
    I am glad you enjoyed that concert so much. Bravo !

  18. Thank you so much to all of you for your sweet comments! I enjoyed reading them all! And thanks to Kelly for posting it! My dad was not in the M&G so he did not get to see the kiss, but he wasn’t to upset when I told him! 🙂

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