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Updates on our boys.


He obtained his superior diploma.

Here he is photographed with his teachers who have written really nice words about our dear Piero.

Waiting 01

Istituto Tecnico “Federico II di Svevia” – Naro – AG

As many as 32 students have reached matriculation at our Institute this year.

Among them, also Piero Barone, tenor of the trio of “Il Volo”, who showed his brilliant preparation, supported by a fine and lively intelligence, combined with a spontaneous and enviable simplicity.

Already a student of our Institute, Piero had to abandon his studies to devote himself to the preparation in the singing art that led him to deserved international successes, which did not upset his character honesty and sincerity of mind.

Both the students and the commissioners were happy, as well as proud, to have carried out the operations of the state exams together with the famous young tenor Narese (from Naro).

Waiting 02

Congratulations Piero, we had no doubt . . . but to see you so happy and to read these beautiful words about you, makes us especially happy!

Piero can now relax happily at the sea and in his Naro . . . and indeed, here, at Naro, he met the beautiful American ladies who are doing the tour of Sicily.

Piero was photographed by the good Suzana Gutierrez of AAIV.

Waiting 03

Waiting 04

But who do I see in the front row ????

Our ROSE MARIE PALIOBEIS, wow wow ….. how wonderful, a coffee with the company of Piero! We envy you a lot, Rose, no indeed, we are very happy for you!!


Even our Gianluca got a good result, his driving license.

He bought a small Smart Cabrio car, now he can reach the beach of Roseto, whenever he wants. Surely, will be very happy with this result, even Mr. Ercole!!

Waiting 05

And here is Gianluca, happy driving his car.

Always very nice, our Gianluca !!

Waiting 06

Congratulations Gianluca, you too have reached a good goal, your longed-for driving license.


As usual, of Piero and Gianluca everything is discovered, while instead, Ignazio leaves no trace of himself.

In this photo, this girl met him while he was taking a flight (nice pun), but where was he going?

Waiting 07

Surely in his beautiful Sicily.

But when he arrives in Sicily, Ignazio becomes invisible.

This video, posted by him, makes us understand that he is in Favignana, the beautiful island in front of the coast between Trapani and Marsala.

Certainly he went to relax, in complete tranquility, before facing the concerts.

Let’s imagine it like this, just like when he was in Lampedusa, only on the rocks looking at the sea.

Waiting 08

Ok Ignazio, we respect your privacy, but sometimes show where you are, otherwise we are worried about you.

Ok, guys, holidays is enough, it’s time for concerts, it’s better if you come back to start the rehearsals.

Waiting 09

Waiting 10

And here is Ignazio and Piero on the streets of Bologna.

See you soon guys! 🙂


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.



Finally there is news on the film UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE, where Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca also act!

Federica Andreoli, producer of the film, has sent this new, beautiful video, which I’m going to translate for you.

He also said that the film will be released by MEDUSA and will be in cinemas from September.

Un Amore Cosi Grande 01

I asked Federica Andreoli, if it will also be distributed in America and she immediately replied that it could be distributed there too, we cross our fingers.

Here is the video and the translation.

C.De Mattheis (director): The story of the film is the story of Valdimir, a 25-year-old boy, a boy like many, is Italian but who has lived in Russia and arrives in Italy in search of his father.

Di Maggio (actor):  In the film I play Vladimir, who is a boy who lived in St. Petersburg, with a mother who has always taken care of him, and who in the past was a great lyric singer. He has has lived with a great soprano and therefore, inevitably, there was this massive presence of music in Vladimir since he was born.

F.Andreoli M.Calì (producer): We can say that we were the first to give the first film CIAK to the guys from IL VOLO. They had never acted in a film. We are satisfied with how they worked, we were fine, they had a great time with us and we are happy with this.

Un Amore Cosi Grande 02

Di Maggio (actor): As for the boys of IL VOLO, I had a great prejudice at the beginning, because they are international stars, and I thought they would behave like a star. In reality it was not like that, in the sense that they are very nice and very available guys, and they are busy doing this job. They interpret themselves, but their characters, give to these stars, these VIPs, a great humanity, in the end they are boys and this is evident in the film, and it is very nice.

C.De Mattheis (director): The choice to make this film is certainly due to the fact that in this film, for the first time in my career, I have the opportunity to talk about my great passion, the Opera.

Di Maggio (actor): I had great difficulty, at the beginning, above all, because I inevitably had to take singing lessons, and a very technical lyric song. We sang extremely difficult arias, and we had to concentrate on this and also Russian lessons, because the scenes acted in Russia are acted in Russian, with Russian actors.

Un Amore Cosi Grande 03

I personally have a great desire to see this film and also to see how Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca work in the role of actors . . . and you?

I will keep you informed about the development.


Un Amore Cosi Grande 04

Credit to owners of all photos and video.

Golden Boys by Daniela

We are in July and the summer concerts are approaching.

The guys are releasing videos and interviews for the various concerts and I have seen and read what they said about the concerts of Taormina and Marostica and I found them very interesting so I will translate them for you.

This video is dedicated to the Taormina concert.

I translate:

P = Saturday, July 28 we are waiting for you in the splendid setting of the Ancient Theater of Taormina, for a special evening to which we hold a lot, that is fundraising to support the AIRC (Italian Cancer Research Association) Sicilia committee, for research on pediatric tumors.

I = We all want to no longer have to talk about cancer, especially when we talk about the little ones.

This is why we need to support researchers who are looking for the most effective treatments to treat 100% of children.

G = All together we can help AIRC reach this milestone as soon as possible.

We are waiting for you in Taormina on Saturday 28th July, tickets are already available on Ticketone.

We give AIRC researchers an overpopulated Ancient Theater and we all say together:

P.I.G. = Against cancer, I am here!

Golden 01

This article, speaks of an interview made to the boys on the concert of Marostica, published by IL GIORNALE DI VICENZA.

Il Volo a Marostica in Piazza Scacchi

Il Giornale Article – click here

(I translate the most important points.)

On the wave of success that accompanies them for years without interruption, “Il Volo in concerto” will be one of the key events of the “Marostica Summer Festival” in Piazza degli Scacchi in Marostica on the evening of July 19th. The appointment with the three young ambassadors of Italian music is at 21.30 for an evening nominated to remain well impressed in the memory of the public.

Your success is international, but you will also be touring a small town like Marostica.

What is the value of small centers for you? “We were born and lived in small towns where we can truly appreciate the right human dimension, where everyone knows each other and, like in a big family, there can be friendship, solidarity and all those values ​​that have allowed us to face the world together. without fear. So it’s essential for us to return to the atmosphere of the city”.

Golden 02

One of your historical performances was the “Tribute ai Tre tenori”, Pavarotti, Carreas and Domingo. Are you going to be their heirs? “It would never be possible to compare ourselves with the three, unique and true tenors who transformed the lyric into a language for the general public. Ours was a simple tribute. A reminder of our historical moment with our voices.”

Your success is indisputable. Why are the Italian song and voices so loved? “Perhaps because the history of Italian music is fascinating in itself. Or because the music speaks Italian and among the great voices, the most famous are born in Italy.”

And to those who criticize your “lyric-pop” what do you answer? “That everyone has the right to love the music that is most congenial to them. Clearly, not everyone can appreciate such a particular genre. We ourselves when out of the scene listen, love and sing all different music. We only have twenty years. Criticizing is a right. But denigrate not so much. If, then, there are those who do it, we can not but shrug. In Marostica it will be a unique, magical concert.”

In ten years, where do you see yourself? “For the moment we have already arrived, at ten years of career. We hope to go the same way and always have this great audience because everything happens thanks to the people who love you and support you.”

Golden 03 copy

What to say, the video message is admirable, these guys really have a heart of gold.

And the interview in the newspaper? They said that Marostica will be a special concert, I cannot wait!


Credit to Mollysianna for all images.

A STATUE FOR IL VOLO ???? by Daniela

This interesting article published by Optimagazine, appeared a few days ago:

On arrival the statues of the winners of the Sanremo Festival from 1951 to 2018

Sixty-eight new statues scattered around the town of Sanremo: this is the project of the Municipality!


Wow, davvero interessante, ed ecco la traduzione dell’intero articolo. (Wow, really interesting, and here’s the translation of the whole article.)

And if by mistake we turned the corner of a street and we were faced with some of the winners of the Sanremo Festival? If you live in Sanremo it could become a routine!

In fact, a project is underway that aims to build the statues of the protagonists and the winners of the Sanremo Festival. The statue of Mike Bongiorno, located in Via Escoffier, is present since 2013 and is one of the many attractions in the Ligurian town during the period of the Sanremo kermesse. It is probable, therefore, that soon the statue of Mike will no longer be the only one in the city center!

IL VOLO San Remo Trophy

The idea of ​​the municipality is part of the projects of promotion and boost to tourism in the city. The Municipality of Sanremo is studying a project together with the organizers of the Global Education Festival and foreign financiers, in order to realize another 77 statues: 68 which will represent the winners of the Sanremo Festival from 1951 to 2018, from Nilla Pizzi to Domenico Modugno, passing through Toto Cutugno and Massimo Ranieri until the last winners Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro.

The new statues will therefore represent all the winners of the Sanremo Festival of the past and of the future, so much so that in the project 9 other statues have already been included for the winners of the coming years. It is not clear whether statues will be made of other protagonists of the Festival, such as presenters who have distinguished themselves.

Grande Amore Gold Plate

Currently, in Corso Matteotti there are already the plaques of the winners of Sanremo, particularly appreciated by tourists, with the relative singers and triumphant pieces for each edition.

Now, in addition to the plaques on the Via Matteotti route, the statues will also arrive. They will be placed not only in the downtown area and in the streets adjacent to the Ariston (the theater where the Festival takes place), but could also be hosted in non-central streets, so as to involve all areas of the town, and spread out over the territory. A project that in the increasingly social era in which we live, could only benefit tourism, especially during the period of the Song Festival!

IL VOLO pics

Here, the original article.

Optimagaine Article – Click Here

So, what do you think of this idea?

I immediately said that it seems a little exaggerated, but I admit that I would like to turn the corner during a walk, and find myself in front of Piero Ignazio and Gianluca, but I also admit that I would prefer to see them “in meat and bone “.

I am ready to hear your opinion !!!


Credit to owners of all photos.

Beautiful News by Daniela

Hello everyone! The presentations of Torpedine’s book, were seen in the towns of Marsala, Agrigento and Roseto degli Abruzzi with the presence respectively of Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca in support of the project. But remember, the entire proceeds will be donated to charity.

Some gossip had been heard, but as long as there was no official voice confirming, I did not want to anticipate anything for not feeding you false hopes.

But the news has now been confirmed, and by the authoritative voice of Michele Torpedine, therefore absolutely reliable.

IL VOLO photo

But let’s go in order.

During the presentation of the book in Agrigento, Torpedine was interviewed by a local television, TELEACRAS, the video that I attach immediately, is long enough and at the beginning the questions are always the same, and concern, the motivations of having written a similar book .

There is the presence of Piero, who, as you can see, is always kind and affable with people who stop him for a photo or an autograph.

After all the long questions, of which by now you know the answers, we reach the minute 4:00 where, of Torpedine the program for the year 2019 is asked.

It’s coming, even if it will seem a little strange, the ten-year career of IL VOLO.

We will start from January with a big special of RAI 1, a world tour from Radio City New York to Italy, there will be a film.

It will be a whole year dedicated to them.

Abroad they appreciate the important voices, the bel canto, the opera, the true singers, we say, not the rappers or these things here, because they have the originals in America so they will never take J-AZ, Fedez (two Italian rappers), leave them to us, pity, they could also take them.

IL VOLO photo 2

Then? It’s really wonderful news!

It has been said by the mouth of the “boss,” therefore it is founded/true.

A beautiful special on RAI 1 (the last one was UNICI) a world tour that will start from Radio City, and a movie, it is not clear if the film will be that of UN AMORE COSI’ GRANDE or even a film about the career of IL VOLO in any case, it is a beautiful program.

Are you happy?

What is your opinion?

I await your comments!


Credit to owners of photos and video.


IL VOLO TO “AMICI” by Daniela

Really with very little notice, this news appeared two days ago:

Canale 5 IL VOLO photo

Immediately followed by the announcement on the official page:


Ieri alle 15:45

Piero, Ignazio e Gianluca saranno ospiti speciali al serale di Amici di Maria De Filippi domani sera! Tutti sintonizzati su Canale 5 dalle 21.10.

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will be special guests at the evening of Amici di Maria De Filippi tomorrow night! All tuned to Channel 5 from 9.10pm.

It seems that two of the girls finalists will have a duet with IL VOLO, in an elimination trial. The two girls are Carmen and Emma.

Here we are at the evening.

Amici 01

And here is the performance with the two girls: 


Amici 02

Amici 03

In the next video, Maria de Filippi asks the guys what they are doing in this period and Piero answers as follows:

“We are working on new projects.”

Ignazio intervenes, joking:

“I’m learning to dance because I do not want to make a bad impression with Celentano (dance teacher), even if I’m not in shape, but I’ll try”.

Gianluca continues saying:

“We are working on many projects, especially for next year there will be many surprises, perhaps even unexpected.”

Below you will see a test of lip syncs to which the boys had to undergo.

Prepare to laugh!

Here is a second video where you can hear the Bee Gees song if you are unable to hear it in the one above.

Amici 04Amici 05Amici 06Amici 07Amici 08Amici 09Amici 10

Luca Tommassini, dancer and choreographer, had this to say about working with IL VOLO on the show:

“It was wonderful to embrace Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca, after many years … nice to remember their first / our first tour in the United States of America … the long bus rides … the first dialogues tried on stage …

I dressed them with my clothes … the many laughs with their parents who discovered America … the first applause …. I love them!” 

Luca Tommassini with IL VOLO
Luca Tommassini with our guys

This video was recorded in the backstage of the program, where the boys joined the chorus of wishes to celebrate the birthday of one of the participants.

Really very nice.

Ok, the lights go out, the program is over and has made the record of plays, consider that on another channel they broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest.

It seems that the guys had fun, they were at the game and they made people laugh.

Honestly I would have preferred to hear another song.

We fans cannot get enough of them!


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.


The sales of Torpedine’s book go very well, he wanted to thank everyone with this message:



Feltrinelli Screenshot

Certainly it is a great satisfaction, considering also the beneficial purpose of selling the books.

Several newspapers have written reviews of the book and there have been many interviews.

This, which I translate, is taken from the article of Optimagazine, written by Red Ronnie and explains very well why this book was made.

“Why did Michele write this book? Perhaps because he was tired of having to reply to artists who told events that concerned him by distorting or inventing parts, perhaps to close the chapter of the past and “fly” again very high, but above all to tell that those who take care of people who climb on a stage he is also an artist to whom not only the money of the percentage he collects is enough, but he would also like gratification.”

With whom Michele has re-found gratitude and the desire to move on?

You have some doubts?

But of course with Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, in a word IL VOLO!

Michele and Guys

In an interview, Torpedine was asked if the guys at IL VOLO are grateful and he replied that not only the boys but also their parents, to the point that he had to ask to stop thanking him.

But here’s what he wrote about them when it all started.

“My new creature (creation), IL VOLO,  is challenging, of course, but it’s too fascinating to be able to invent, try, throw themselves together in projects that seem impossible and instead all are realized: theaters and arenas sold-out in every corner of the world; fans of all ages, because with them concerts come, whole families. “

We know that all this is true, during the concerts of the boys it is possible to see from the children to the grandparents, generations mixed in enjoying their music.

Eurovision RAI photo

Another very significant piece written by Torpedine, where he talks about the guys is this:

“They always follow me, even if they do not fully share the idea. They trust me. Finally someone has understood that it is not the gain that interests me, rather the satisfaction of showing that in music I can also make mistakes, but very little, very little.”

How true Torpedine is, you have not made a mistake in your judgment of the boys. Pearls rare, very rare, and you recognized them, even if they were crude.

Crew, what do you think of this? Michele had a nose?

Radio City Music Hall

But the boys grow up and the difficulties arrive and Torpedine writes about this:

“Yet the difficulties were not lacking even with them: they came, above all, when the world realized that he no longer had three prodigy children, but three mature artists aware of their potential. Suddenly, we almost had to start all over again. , with great perplexity of the media and professionals, and we were not afraid to roll up our sleeves. 

We really have to thank Bruno Vespa, it was he who bet on IL VOLO on TV at a time when it was not so easy for us.”

Radio City Music Hall2

But I have to tell you, crew, that the piece that has me a little shocked, was this, and I would like to read your opinion on this.

“Nicoletta Mantovani (wife of Pavarotti) was the first to comment very negatively about IL VOLO, my last creature (the last artists created Michele), aiming to destroy the opinion of these guys, instead of encouraging them at their beginnings.

Obviously it is impossible, not only risky, to compare them to Pavarotti. Who does this is crazy.

Today, however, she also recognizes that they are unique guys: they sing well, they have passion and they believe in it.

Recently, all the media have documented that she strongly desired them at the inauguration of the Museum of Modena dedicated to Luciano.”

What to say, they did not deserve this, they were just kids … but maybe she did not know them and when she finally got to do it years later, she changed her mind.

In fact we say that, “Those who know them can not help but love them.”

Guys with Pavarotti Foundation

I think Michele really loves Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca and it is widely reciprocated by the boys.

I believe that the difficulties have not been few and will continue to be there, but the team is strong and the road, even if tortuous, can be leveled.

Surely talent, education and gratitude are not lacking in our guys.

What do you think?

Credit to owners of all photos.