And in the blink of an eye, here is IL VOLO again in Mexico.

They participated, as guests, in the television program of LA ACADEMIA, on Mexican TV Azteca Uno.

Here is their beautiful performance, they sang “EL TRISTE”, in homage to great Josè Josè.

IL VOLO sings “EL TRISTE” – Click here for a better video

For those who don’t know what kind of program La Academia is, here’s a nice clarification comment by Mahuli Liliana Maresca.

Thank you so much for your kind words, Liliana!

“This is one of the most important shows of Mexican TV. THE ACADEMY is a school of art of music and performers.  A weekly competition in which students are evaluated and must attend the hard daily training. The results are shown in the Sunday exhibition of judges , teachers and public evaluation. I am sure they have been invited as an example of professionalism, moral values, respect and, finally, what dedication can lead to their careers. I have said it many times, they are making the youth, the world, tremble – touching the hearts, creating a change, The Era of IL VOLO.”

Academia 01

Academia 02

Academia 03

Academia 04

Academia 05

Academia 06

Academia 07

Even this beautiful experience has been made.

Come on with so much strength guys !!!

💪 💪 💪



Credit to owners of all photos and video.

13 thoughts on “IL VOLO to LA ACADEMIA by Daniela”

  1. Such an honor for the Guys , creating the Era of Il Volo and for the students of La Academia. who will go on to create their own style. The pictures of the Guys are great, they get more handsome every day !!! (If that is possible ).Thanks once again Daniela for keeping us up to date.

  2. Thanks again, Daniela. These guys never age and get more handsome every day. What a great performance in Mexico!
    I wish I could hug them. I am waiting for the PBS show on November 30th. PBS has been so good to them and they return the kindness,
    The promotion the boys get on PBS is incredible.

    Sincerely, Elisa Marie

  3. Thank you Daniela. You are so blessed to see so much and then share it with us. The boys are sooooo handsome……an aside that they are talented, they are wonderful to look at.

  4. I watch everything posted about these three, sure wish i knew the Italian
    language but i enjoy just listening and watching them. They make you feel so proud of them for what they stand for and their awesome voices Still waiting for February to come when I will get to see them Thanks again for sharing

  5. I like very much the sentance of Mahuli: …” I am sure they have been invited as an example of professionalism, moral values, respect and, finally, what dedication can lead to their careers…” so seldom in todays world and showbiz… funny, what should be “the standard” is currently superspecial and extraordinary…
    el Triste is very beautiful song, very sad … perfectly much to my mood now …
    kisses from Poland and all the best to my US friends for Thanksgiving celebration 😉

    1. Alicjia, I also really liked Mahuli Liliana’s phrase, which is why I reported it, it seemed very beautiful and appropriate.
      Don’t be sad, look at Il Volo and rejoice.

  6. I have VIP tickets for the Toronto concert on January 28th. Something has come up and I have to go to the US the following morning. I don’t think I will be able to stay for the M & G (And I had a whole list of questions I wanted to ask them!). Is there anyone going to the Toronto concert that can use the M & G? I don’t know how they are going to do this–in past concerts they gave a bracelet or some other thing for the VIP ticket holders to get them into the M & G. I have to pick up the tickets at the box office, so if anyone is interested let me know and we can meet before the concert at the box office.

      1. I hope you are right! Can anyone ask them how they chose the songs for the 10 Years album? Some years are not represented at all—I am thinking of We Are Love for example. I also wanted to suggest a disc of solos—it would be awesome! Someone ask them and post the answers!

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